Saturday, May 26, 2012

Caption This!

It's been a while, but this pic from Cannes is definitely worthy of a caption... go for it!


A440 said...

Ever the busy thespian, Nicole Kidman starts rehearsal for her next film!

F.I.N.E said...

...Huh, Yall gonna have to pay me more if I'm gonna be stuck next to dis clown!!!

A440 said...

Australian actress Nicole Kidman is photographed the moment her best friend, actress Naomi Watts, enters the room. The two departed together soon after.

Hatti said...

Well the expression must be when they told her...her movie sucks beyond the telling of it!!! Both movies actually!!

Her days of nakedness are so over. To tell the truth it never started!! ((giggles))

Here we have Snow White and the Huntsman.... that is going to do very very well. And on the other hand we have Moosie girl's disgusting sleaze. Now that doesn't take a genius to know which will get an Oscar! ;)

And really.. where is the art in relieving ones self on another!! She is soooo over board disgusting there isn't even room for her in porn pics anymore!!!

Tara said...

Keith's boy crush John Mayer is well known for his golden showers...

This whole last few weeks has been such classic Kunk
the rumors all is not well- boom pictures
the rumors that she wasn't going down under to support him boom she arrives (although she is by herself)
and the girls arrive with Nanny and Keith picks them up and not her and who released those weird photos of Keith all alone in an airport- airports are places you are rarely alone.
Not to mention all the youtubes- afraid people will forget him? Not to mention the videos of a barely lucid/composed Keith out there

Remember these two never release anything without there being a reason.

What happened to the single?

Who cares about her career?

A440 said...

Whoa, what are you talking about?

Rumors of trouble? Videos of him behaving badly?

Links, please.