Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keith on The Voice - Australia

Apparently our lad has quite taken the land of Oz by storm by his appearance on their local tellies. He's now known as "Our Keith", and his Ms. Kidman is now "Keith's wife". His long sought recognition in his homeland is coming to fruition.

The final show is coming up Monday (Oz time). Of course we expect to see Keith's wife in the audience cheering on Darren Percival. What we'd really love to see are Keith's parents and perhaps even his brother and his family in the audience, as well.


joy said...

This show was a "job" for Keith. His parents and brother can't go to see him every time he has a job even if it is in Australia. It wasn't his show but about the contestants. I'm glad he's doing the voice because he remembers how hard it was for him to get started and the rejections he had at the beginning. He's been there. He knows what they are going through. I hope & pray that Keith remembers where his talents come from and that he's always true to that. I hope we get to enjoy his music for many years to come.
Happy Father's day Keith!
Every blessing and grace to all fathers on this Father's Day and always!

Tara said...

I hope they come also because if it were just a "job" his demeanor would be different and his comments would be similar. He got what he wanted which is huge fame in the land where he was raised. I think The voice has given him something else and that is his freedom. We will see in the next few months how that part plays out. His parents not being there is significant.

A440 said...

Somehow his folks made it over to LA for Keith's last appearance on Ellen. But right now, with the last segment aired, it doesn't look like they were there. But Kidman was noted backstage on several occasions. Connection, maybe?

Actually, what I'd like to see is pix of Bob and Marienne with the girls. We've seen plenty of them with various Kidman family members. Other than the "alpaca farm" photos, it's like Bob and Marienne don't exist.

Whose decision is that? I wonder.

Tara said...

I would hope that it is the Urban's decision but I bet its Kidman's. I have also noted her parents aren't around that much this visit either. But they aren't shunned like Bob and Mum. Why couldn't she sit in the audience? I bet she was there for a few minutes and then went to where ever it is that she lives.

Urban Myths said...

Of course Keith had to thank Baby Girl for supporting him... none of the other coaches mentioned their families. He said she was backstage, but she wasn't shown. Agreed Tara, she may have made an appearance, but probably left as quickly as she could.

Without Baby Girl's support, what in the world would happen to Keith Urban?

Tara said...

I saw him on Saturday night and I enjoyed myself. He was good as he always is and while he didn't do anything new and many of the songs I have heard quite a bit- it is still a thrill to watch him up on stage. I am still a fan and I do look forward to new music maybe because I have been around since the late 90's and saw the potential and still think he is a far better artist than he is a celebrity but I still have hope and think that this new burst in him because of the voice, can only lead to better things. My one hope is that the American fans aren't sacrificed for world wide fame. I think he knows where his real home is.

Hatti said...

Well if Moosie Girl is going to be in the audience then his parents will most likely stay home. They really hate to be used by her!!!

I guess her parents are just as sick of her!! Can't blame them! :)

sunny jackson said...

Now that Katie has left Nic's one true love Tom Cruise, I wonder what Nic thinks about that? Will we see more Cruise, Nic and Cruise kids together?? Do you think she privately called to console him?? I keep wondering also, where is Mama Bear Urban and why is she never around Keith anymore? Her choice or Nic's? Poor Keith, do you really think he knew what he was getting into at the start and really signed on for it?? I just want the old kick ass, guitar playing, funny guy Keith back!!