Monday, July 2, 2012

Lainey obviously sees what we  do as far as Kidman's relationship with Bella and Connor. She has quite a bit to say about the Holmes/Cruise divorce, but this was most interesting from today:

Katie, Nicole, and Rupert

I find it pretty rich that Rupert Murdoch, who could out-sinister Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, is attacking Scientology but whatever, that’s another conversation. Murdoch, who is very, very close with Nicole Kidman, which is why none of his tabloids ever sh-t on her, this weekend about Scientology. Here’s what he wrote:

Scientology back in news. Very weird cult, but big, big money involved with Tom Cruise either number two or three in hiearchy.

Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people.

Maybe? Please. As IF he doesn’t know. As IF they didn’t try to recruit him at some point. But will this help Katie? Katie Holmes doesn’t need his help. She’s doing a great job helping herself.
Katie Holmes is the courageous mother who will fight to protect her child!
Katie Holmes staged a daring escape to save Suri from Scientology!
Katie Holmes is risking it all for the sake of her daughter!

Did Nicole?

Nicole Kidman has previously said that her children chose to stay with their father and therefore spending not too much time with their mother. Isabella and Connor have been raised as Scientologists. Theirs is the path that Katie doesn’t want for Suri. Katie is taking on the Church so that Suri doesn’t have their lives. Katie is doing what Nicole couldn’t...or wouldn’t?

In fairness, Tom Cruise was a lot more powerful when he and Nicole broke up. I’m sure she was extremely intimidated. But she was also protecting her own career. That’s one of the ways he could have threatened her. And she made her choices accordingly. What’s the answer though if you were to ask - did Nicole Kidman do EVERYTHING, sacrifice ANYTHING, for the wellbeing of her children?

The Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise split has dominated discussion the last 4 days. Those conversations have included Nicole and her kids and Tom Cruise’s custody of those two kids - which is what Katie’s trying to prevent. Of course the comparisons are inevitable. And because Katie’s such a f-ckin’ baller now, with nothing to lose, really, and not even a career because, let’s face it, she’s not winning an Oscar in 2 years the way Nicole did, in those comparisons, Nicole comes out wanting. To some it looks like Katie’s throwing down against Xenu but Nicole, Nicole she just walked away...

So why is Rupert Murdoch getting all up in Katie’s business? Well, the old bitch loves the attention, obviously, but he’s also doing it for his friend. To remind us that his friend, the poor frail Nicole Kidman, faced an evil foe, a seemingly insurmountable one, and therefore should not be blamed for not standing up to it...


Tara said...

She is going to get her 15 minutes on this whole thing. I wonder why she fled Nashville for Florida?
Is that because the press is on the hunt for her?
She knows how to play this will she
do it correctly?

How is that writing and recording going Keith?

Hatti said...

Yes Tara...she is going to be right there in the media along with TC. But really I believe KU is still recording and she is planting articles.

She is positioning herself to be standing in TC's wings. You know the mom that stayed close to her ex and their kids!! ((giggles)))

Oh yes the black widow is weaving her web. Wonder who KU is going to choose TC or no TC that is the question!! ((giggles)))

joy said...

Well, I hate to see any marriage end especially when there are children involved. But in this case I personally think it is a good thing for Katie & Suri to get away from him ASAP. Tom will be fine, he has his people & his scientology. Katie is doing this for her child & she's blessed that she had the means to do it. I've seen A LOT of criticism of Nicole that she abandoned her kids, that she didn't fight for them & that she cared more about her career than she did her kids. Well, NONE of us was in the situation she was in with Tom & the scientology mess. She chose to marry him ,yes & she stayed with him for 10 years but like I said NONE of us was in that marriage or in that home. I honestly believe Nicole has her own personal issues & that she may not have been "equipped" in any way to face that situation. Remember he left her blindsided way back when he divorced her. She had the "rug pulled out from under her". Plus she had 2 young children that she was responsible for & she just wanted them to be able to be taken care of. It had to have been very rough for her PLUS it all happened in the media spotlight. I can't judge because I wasn't in her situation. Who knows how she felt about herself after that divorce. Who knows how she was treated. I just pray for the children.

They may be "stars" but they are human beings too & I do feel sorry for anybody that has to go through this kind of thing whether famous or not. It can't be easy. I wouldn't wish that on anybody no atter who they are. It has to be life altering & has to affect them for life.

123xyz said...

Please, she had more resources at her fingertips then most women do in that situation. She didn't have to worry about putting a roof over her head or food on the table. She had then and has now, very powerful friends. There's only 2 reasons for her actions regarding the kids. Neither make Kidman look good. #1 Tom had something on her that if she went against him and/or COS would ruin her career. Which would also mean no money from Tom. or #2 She never thought of the kids as hers as they were adopted. Tom was the one who really wanted them not her. So she was able to walk away. Other then that, I can't see any Mother not fighting for their children like she didn't. When she mentions them now (which isn't often) they are an afterthought. I'm sorry but I don't see her as a victim nor do I feel sorry for her. Team Katie all the way!! Katie may have known what she was getting into when she married Tom but when push came to shove and her child was about to begin COS training, she put the child first. That's all that matters. Something Kidman didn't do then and doesn't do now. She comes first in all things.

Hatti said...

Well I believe TC has been a good caring dad. If it wasn't for him B and C would have been raised by nannies like Sunday and Maggie are.

I don't believe TC's kids have been inducted like the common folks. TC has to much power in this organization to have anyone mess with his kids.

I believe Hagmaw really didn't care about the kids they were pr tools like these little ones are. She has never loved anything or anyone but herself.

If TC didn't can her she would still be in COS standing right next to TC. I wouldn't be a bit surprised when all is said and done she don't find a way for that to happen.

Tara said...

You can add his recent interview with Aussie GQ- since it owned by Murdoch also.

53keys said...

Does anyone know what happened to the yuku negative thread? I cannot find it, it says it doesn't exist.


A440 said...

They got chucked out. Go here: