Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From the UM Mailbag

Dear Urban Myths,
Did you see the article in the Tennessean about Keith firing his production team?

If I'm reading this right, he has fired Dann Huff and Justin Niebank, two of Nashville's most successful names in production. And these two were there, for the last 10 years, holding his hand whenever his personal life started to spin out of control. Huff especially took Keith into his family on a personal basis.

Maybe that big blowout that Keith mentioned between himself and Huff (on DG? On GC? I forget...) was a precursor. In any event, I'm fascinated by this turn of events. This is big. Nobody fires an award-winning, money-making team. Nobody.

Give the man his due for tearing everything down--again--and starting over.

If he puts together an album dedicated to his marriage and The Muse Who Saved Him, it'll tank. But if he really reinvents his music, it could be a completely fresh start for a man who'd grown stale.

The schedule for all this to be finished is problematic, tho. And the fact that after several months of writing, he has only 6 or 7 songs done. Not good. 

Urban Chat 15 shows him in the studio, writing AND recording a song at the same time. Lack of preparation?  Lack of time? Either way, also not good. And no guitar-wizard Huff to lean on. 

Or, very possibly, Huff is relieved to be gone from Keith's circle. It could be that he needed a fresh vista himself, and is now free of Keith and his needs/demands. Huff has too many other artists to contend with: Carrie, Rascal Flatts, and Faith (amongst others) in addition to new bands that he's championing, including his own daughter. He's in demand and has a full plate.  

So here's a possible correction to my first assumption: Was the split by mutual agreement? 

Or did Huff sit Keith down and ask to be released...

Who pulled the trigger?


A long time reader


Hatti said...

Well I think Dan has had enough of KU and his Moosie girl!!

Yes...Dan was a very good friend of KU's but no one likes Moosie and I believe Dan just can't take the charade any longer. Why should he...his career is fine it's KU's that's down for the count!!!

Tara said...

I am glad Huff is gone. Keith was too overproduced and Huff has a "sound" fine for GR or BH which were special for their time but its become standard and vanilla. I hope he finds new inspiration I also hope he selects good songs to cover. He is the king of covers and no one can quite do them like he can. Keith there is only so much you can say about cars, summer, and baby gurl.
I am waiting for the song about 5AM in the crack house or waking up and not knowing who is in bed with you. The journey to happy is far better to inspire than being happy.

kathydobbs said...

I like this site. Check out my site about a local urban legend from Utah.

sunny jackson said... There is a story in V magazine featuring "nic" that says that they have 2 children and Urban has a child from a previous relationship and the quintet live in Nashville?? I've never heard this before has anyone else??