Friday, March 1, 2013

Keith Urban's New Tattoo


The last time Keith got a new tattoo we didn't see it for a very long time. He eventually let part of it be seen and only said it was for his wife. Since then we have seen the whole thing in it's ugly entirety.

We recently were treated to a series of photo ops taken during the Urban's last trip to Oz, but they weren't released in the US until shortly before the Oscars. Keith was wearing only board shorts (Thank God he wasn't wearing the Speedo!). There was no new tat in those shots. Last week on American Idol, we were treated to seeing the Nicole banner with a very strange addition!

Let's talk about it. Does anyone else see a black bird on the right hand side of it?


Tara said...

Pretty obvious from last nights Idol that there is something going on between Keith and Minaj.
No baby gurl last night he was singing to whole new princess in his life using her lyrics....

this is fun to watch
or is he simply following the example of his friend John douchebag Mayer- who used the power of Katy Perrys popularity to booster his sagging career
Minaj would bring Keith in to a whole new world.

Let the games begin

Whoville said...

I couldn't understand her lyrics you say he used at the end; have noticed he gives her eye to eye contact and leans in toward her more & more. He seems to enjoy her comments. She's being nicer to him each week. Could something be developing?

lbs5 said...

No games began because everyone know your a joke.7 years married now still happy, great career still, repect of their peers, and the money lots of money, say what you will but who wouldnt want to be them,

lbs5 said...
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JeepunforKU said...

Most of these comments are a joke as stated by lbs5, Keith IS in a world all on his own, he doesn't need Minaj to do that, and if you listen to his music like "Put you in a Song" & "Got it Right this Time" you would know he has all his Love for Nichole and his babies, some people must be BLIND, as for Nichole she is very beautiful and I think they were made for each other, anyone who says keith would be like J. Mayer is just STUPID :)

Angel Baby said...

there are Keith Urban lyrics with reference to the blackbird ~
And you could be a black bird
On a country street
Hiding from the world with a broken wing
But you better believe, you gonna fly with me

I totally Love Keith pay tributes to Nicole & can be a superstar and respect his family life.