Monday, May 27, 2013

Yes, we are still here! Cannes PDA warning!

So sorry for the lack of posts, but there is really not too much to say that isn't being said all over the internet about Urban and Kidman. Blind items that must be them, ridiculous PDA's on carpets, ad nauseam.

After American Idol was over, Keith flew to Cannes with Sunday (where was Faith?). He was photographed going to lunch with Kidman, going to dinner on Stephen Spielberg's yacht, and at one red carpet event (at which the PDA was to the extreme). He fulfilled his duty and promptly returned to Nashville. He was seen out to eat with both of his daughters (via Twitter). Hopefully he is back in the studio, getting that new CD ready to go. And hopefully that new CD will NOT be a rehash of the music he has produced in the last few years.

Let's just review a few of UM's favorite photos from the last few days, and be done with it.


hoosierlady said...

my dog licks my hand like that, usually at meal time; however sometimes if I have been perspiring heavily, (I think it may be the salt).

Tara said...

It is interesting that he HAD to fly over there stay for 3 days (in a separate hotel) get lots of pictures then gets a break from her. why?
Like everyone else at Cannes Nicole Kidman was selling in this case, Nicole Kidman. Because there were so many happy young couples Kidman keeps wanting to sell that she and Keith are happy that they actually are married happy when frankly all the excessive PDA did was show that they have no real chemistry. Keith could have been sticking his tongue down any actresses throat because the effect was the same. The video of the tongue kiss was quite telling because she dragged him into it. Why? She wants to look desirable. She isn't. She sold a lot of clothes she packaged herself as a movie star- regal- wait of course she is playing Princess Grace (who wouldn't have been caught dead tonguing Prince Rainer) so she can't even do that right. Lets face it Nicole- you aren't important anymore. No one emulates you, admires you nor wants to act like you- and as those pictures remind us we could probably count you red carpet husband in that list.

Urban Myths said...

Hoosierlady and Tara! Welcome back! Sorry we've been so absent, but really what else can be said about these two we haven't already said so many times over?


A440 said...

I've looked at these photos from Cannes, and others, and I'm just incredibly sad for Keith. I can't decide if he's sold out on his own, or if it's Kidman who's responsible for selling him out. Certainly HIS career wasn't helped by their display of bad theater. It wasn't a peck, or even a quickie, fun kiss. It was a drawn-out, choreographed bit of street theater, from the kiss on the hand, to the hand on the butt. And it was crass.

Keith used to be discreet in his private life, in fact at one point politely telling a journalist to jump back when he was questioned about Nikki Taylor. He point-black refused to answer. Now he's soul-kissing a fame whore in the middle of a huge film festival.

Wonder what Kidman would say if Keith demanded that kind of action...say, at the ACMs or the CMAs.

It's just depressing to consider the possibility that Keith could be comfortable with this type of behavior. That his natural reticence has truly disappeared.

Anybody hear from a reaction in Oz?

A440 said...

BTW, welcome back, Hoosier and Tara!

And Tara, as an FYI, a French poster at one BI site had KUNK at the Eden Roc hotel, but on separate floors. Apparently, filling her suite with minions, clothes racks and shoe boxes is more important to Kidman than accommodating her beloved and betrothed in the same suite.

Is it her beauty regime to not have to look at him?

Tara said...

They never stay together even in towns where they supposedly have homes.

Tara said...

Why does Kidman go to these things like Country award shows? It is obvious its for show- she looks bored when there is a candid crowd shot and her husband can't be adoring to her because he is working.
Lets face some facts here that man needs to get his butt on a stage and perform. Every performance since the ACM's has been stellar. He is at the top of his game and with the exception of the new single. He hasn't made a misstep.
Last night he was on fire. I don't get the Fleetwood Mac thing on CMT but I understand influence and all of the people involved would have been influenced- or they did that Crossroads show with Buckingham- but it was good.
Like I said that single is a mistake. Kidman was a hoot singing along to that misogynist tale and claiming to be a feminist. That is the problem with the song I can separate that Keith isn't actually singing about himself- even on the songs he claims to be. But such a sexist and degrading song .. not cool at all. My theory about this is that the Warren Brothers actually wrote this tongue in cheek
about how Keith's life isn't. In that case the humor is acceptable.

Oh poor Lenny - what more can be said? Subjected to Kidman surely someone could have kept them apart?
Keith was Keith if it had been an old flame of his .. well a lot of the women in the room already are aren't they..

Nothing about last night lessens the rumors about the state of the Urban's marriage either does it?

Hatti said...

Hi everyone....been to busy to post on the so over duo!!! (((giggles )))) So I hear he will be back on AI thanks to the cavernous carrying Hag!!! I'm sure he will need this to stay in the limelight his music certainly won't cut it.

Well here we are seven ugly years later and he is more mediocre than ever. Some things never change.

JeepunforKU said...

To hoosierlady, Tara and the rest, Your Lives must be hell and very boring, not to mention you have too much stupidity to appreciate Great Music and a Great Marriage but I guess you could just be JEALOUS, Yep and that is VERY SAD

Tara said...

What good music? Fuse has one or two songs on it that are good but the rest are so repetitive and exacting that you scream if another car is mentioned. Listen to The Ranch cd, The first 3 solo cd's and you can see how sad this excursion into folly is. How many references to pink lipstick? Coke (oh a sponsor on Idol??) smoking, drinking teen years activities- I quit counting.
If his current life is so dandy why not write about that? What about that deep dark addiction he struggles with? What about being a dad- he can't even talk about it in an interview its too much for him to write a song?

You do realize he is almost 46 years old not 16, 26 or even 36.

lbs5 said...

Fuse, well it went #1 in three countries at same time on all music charts just not country, plus just because you like ranch cd better dont mean rest of us has to,his earlier days he seem lost and no confident at all, drugs do that to full of confident and shows in this music(, happy) plus lboe whent # 1 already waiting for we were us also, heading that way on charts, and for idol they ask him back because people loved him unlike the other judges last year, big show like idol wouldnt keep you if wasnt likeed by viewers, he still sells out his concert and great reviews on new cd and shows, for his marriage, if you cant see hes happy your nuts think any man for fake a marrage like his, tatoo his boby and have children by a women he didnt love your crazy, and nicole still to this day is very well repeated by her peers and chooses not to work as much , and for publisty if she wanted it as much as you say why marry a country singer and move to Nashville, out of hollywood spotligth, you people just dont make sense, do you live in real world , your lifes must suck or very unhappy

lbs5 said...

Oh and by the way , he does talk about his children alot in interviews, and says his music shows where he is in his life very upbeat and happy his familys all threw this new cd, and how many artist wrigths about younger stuff than there age, kenny Cheney, luke bryan, toby keith, eric chuch, blake shelton, reba mcatire, carrie Underwood, brad paisley, alan Jackson, geoge straight,( can go on here) its ok for anoter artist to wrigth about drinking , highschool , and so on but not keith get reel, do your homework, keiths far from the only this is his livelihood, keep up with whats current, or fad out looks like hes doing a great job of keep current. Me thinks hes pretty smart.

Tara said...

So he is riding around in cop cars with a teenage girl who will dance on a bar and cook and clean?
Lets face it it was 3 years between records- he has become more famous and he is a curiosity to the public.
He says the same well rehearsed crap about his kids in every interview and the marriage. Still a contract and it will have an out date. Tattoos can also be changed- Keith being a fine example - ask about the one he got with Niki Taylor. Go back and read this site you might learn something.

lbs5 said...

Ha ha ha , me laughing at your dumb statement, his music wont cut it, Fuse#1 in three countries. But guess you know more than three countries , and close if not sold out tours, and great reviews but you know more than music critic, so far 2 #1 hits of fuse , only two out pretty good.and also you cant have it both ways say nicole is wash up.but yet has so much pull that she can make a big tv show keep keith on but yet every one let go.your a fruit loop Hatti, Tell me whats wrong with keith saying current .you tell me one bussness person who will tell you not to.if you dont stay current you fade out.ha ha ha thats keith laughing as hes heading to the bank, say what you will but hes a smart man.

lbs5 said...
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lbs5 said...

Niki tatoo was very small, nicoles his whole arm , why dont you prove all this crap your trying to know them so well and their lives prove its not a real marrage, since you guys on here know so much.put up or shut up.....