Saturday, November 24, 2007

What harm could possibly be done?

Mark January 15, 2008 on your calendars. Why? Because that is the day that Andrew Morton's book on Nicole's one true love will be published. Why would that cause any worry? Nicole is over and done with him. We are hearing all about her great new marriage. How she is so in love with the hired hand and what a great mother she is. How can anyone believe she would be upset about the potential fall-out from this book?

Make no mistake about the recent upheaval of “Nicole in love” stories. The appearances, magazine articles, the sly comments, Nicole has been working her bony butt off trying to manipulate the media and public about this very subject. It quit being about the stability of her current marriage but now it is about the failures in her past marriage.

Poor Nicole, so young when she met her one true love at only 23. He was married and gorgeous; of course his marriage was strained. But they were on a film set and he took a look at her with her red hair and china doll looks and he was swept away. Nicole was equally taken with him. By December of that year they were married and for the next ten years it was bliss.

We all know the story and I don't want to spoil the book but we know thatjust before their tenth anniversary her one true love left her with the phrase, "Nic knows." She hasn't recovered since. She tried with boyfriends in various careers. She even manipulated and controlled the courtship and marriage of her current public relationship but ... what is most interesting is that she still talks about her love for her former husband. Does she want him back? Does he hold something she wants?

It was safe with him. He could manipulate the media. He helped her find roles to play. He bought her clothes and jewels and two children when pregnancy wasn't going to be a choice. They moved all over the world and went to the best parties. It was a wonderful life.

But, listening to Kidman these days, it wasn't. She suffered to get the children she has, they never stayed in one place. She had pressure from people around her who felt she couldn't be the actress she should be because of him. Today she is happy. So in love with an extraordinary man who, damn his own gifts and talent, is more than willing to drop his proverbial pants and tell the world this is hers. Her children have been spotted with her and when they aren't available her sister’s brood will suffice. She is finally getting acclaim for a role where she plays a manipulative shrew. She talks about how she is at a place she loves and yet, she could be the key to telling tales. She could be the one to confirm or deny what will be published. Make no mistake that will never happen. So keep up the “life is great” stories and don't doubt that we will hear more. Kidman is using the tools she learned from the master, only they may not work this time.


maclen said...

Well actually, I dont really see what this upcoming book about cruise is going to reveal. No doubt it will rehash his kidman years... but what new info will it reveal that's not already out there? God forbid, another secret lost pregancy? Its certain kidman is highly in anticipation of this book as she revels and basks... no more like wallows in her past marriage. I for one am not interested in any more cruise/kidman headlines. It is no wonder urban is becoming the invisible man, as she no doubts makes him feel pale in comparison herself, let alone the tabs and magazine editors. Just because kidman can get the story she wants put out there... that she puts her life over her movies... but that her recent movie has brought her back from oblivion... that she'll settle down after her next 5 movies... and on and on...doesnt necesarilly mean it is the reality. Its hard to believe, but she got critical acclaim for dogville as well, but it still faded away without any lasting memory. Just as her recent augmentations will not help in delaying the inevitable, the botox, lip injections and new breast job only helps in making her a total joke, and certainly will not get more people to her movies.

maclen said... a quick news search reveals the extent of kidmans massive PR tour since Invasion massively tanked at the box office. The big story making the news rounds is.... "kidman finds a perfect hideout... a tree!" The internet news hacks must have been very impressed with her grammically incorrect statement, " because if I can sit up in the clouds I like to stay up there." Must be they're out of any sufficiently shallow thoughts or ideas, they're reduced to these mind numbing scraps... that well of insufferable platitudes from kidman certainly ran dry rather quick, I'd say. Next I predict they will work up an animated character for what kidman considers urban best "physical feature",... his heart! I wonder, does she have the Xray of his heart framed on the mantle piece? Yes, and she'll use it to throw darts at very soon, no doubt.

banbotox said...

Interesting take on things...

I am quickly becoming bored with Kidman and her endless PR spinning.
I really don't think she even knows what is real and what is make believe anymore. Her inability to speak a complete, normal sentence is disturbing.
I really love the fact that after all of her psychobabble in every magazine that would listen-Tom has said nothing.
I would like to think that this book will drop a bombshell but I doubt it. I'm sure that the Cruisentology behemoth has made sure that won't happen.
As far as the dart throwing...I say speed it the heck up already!!

CJ said...

Kidman is an expert at making sure she gets headlines the same time Tom does. Her entire pathetic life is focused on "Look at me. Look at ME. I'm in the headlines too Tom." We all know Nicole will release stories to the media when the book comes out. The only question is will it be small stuff because the book makes no waves or will it be big (miscarriage with Keith, divorce to come soon, etc) if the book makes major headlines.

maclen said...

I agree banbotox, no matter what kidman keeps throwing out there about life with cruise, he makes absolutely no comment on it. So, I'm sure she makes him rue the day he ever met her or married her at all. It certainly backs up the reality that he wanted to get rid of her no matter what... and that she really is still trying to get his attention. And cj, I'd be willing to bet that she comments more on this book than cruise does. She is desperate to pick the bones of that marriage... this book will only give her another chance to do it. but again, will there be anything that we havent heard about? This blog has been critisized for repeating the same old news... and that is a fact, there isnt anything new, but the difference here is that there is opinion, theories and conversation, and another celeb bio is just PR opportunities for the attention mongers. You certainly wont read anything from this book about how pretty shallow and manufactured their lives are, and how they all just feed off each other.

Tara said...

Maclen- I think we might be surprised
at what does come out. Morton is a pretty good writer. He had Princess Diana's cooperation and she still came off as being a very sad unbalanced person. I just wonder who talked to him. Cruise won't acknowledge anything and that worked for a very long time but that seems to have ended since the couch jumping. I don't really care at all about Tommy but I am interested in the Nicole years and what that marriage was really all about.

maclen said...

Well, truthfully tara, I just dont think that another "celeb bio" is going to add very much, no matter who is writing it... it certainly doenst impress me that Morton recently came out with a statement that he's now in hiding for fear of the scientologists over this book? I mean seriously, that sounds about as ridiculously melodramatic as anything kidman might say. Which now makes me curious if Morton 's account in the book will reflect what kidman has said recently about her miscarriages? The vanity fair article she did claims 2 miscarriages, early in the marriage and at the time of the split. But now kidman is saying the first was not a miscarriage, but an ectopic pregnancy. This was just claimed recently by kidman publicly, and so if Morton wrote in this book pretty much the same story, can people suspect that maybe kidman herself was a source... and not just about this, but other stuff? Hmmm now that makes me wonder now if kidman was also involved in this book, just as shes being accused by Fawcett of her feeding the aussie paper info that a court ruled to have defamed Fawcett? Thats something to look for isnt it?

Tara said...

Well Maclen, as a poster on many a Keith Urban message board who has
encountered one or two members of the church I can say there is nothing
melodramtic about Morton being in hiding. They are out there and aware of anything related to Mr.Cruise or
those around him. I also can't believe she would be any type of source for Morton. Not as long as her private plane is still registered to Tom Cruise.

bstnactrs said...

Unless she is not aware of Morton's intent.

She cooperated with the last author who wrote a book about her and then got all pissy when he didn't put the right spin on what he wrote.

So, she may very well have cooperated with Morton being as desperate as she is for any kind of attention - especially if it connects her to Cruise.

maclen said...

Tara said...
"Well Maclen, as a poster on many a Keith Urban message board who has encountered one or two members of the church I can say there is nothing melodramtic about Morton being in hiding."

Well, I certainly wouldnt base any possible threat to my life on a couple of ex members experiences. ( and, no, for the record, I am not a scientologist, it just doesnt concern me) And yes, Ive seen other former members interviewed on news programs to help illuminate what scientology is all about. But unless there is a credible report that scientologists have taken over a military base and are threatening to detonate a nuke, or until they proclaim there intention on overthrowing the government... it just doesnt impress me....
... as for kidman not being open in cahoots with this book, or with a aussie newspaper.... i doubt it would necessarily be in concern with losing the Jet...more likely a provision of the divorce...more likely a confindenciality clause. I doubt that either one of them would have wanted the specifics of the split out in the media. But since it very apparent that kidman is willing to pick the bones of any scraps from the marriage , I agree with bstnactrs, kidman is obviously desperate in trying to cater buzz...publicity from sources she herself in past years claimed she didnt want to get into. On example is the miscarriage of 2001, and not just that, but a previous miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy 17 yrs earlier. No I wouldnt put it over her to expect she would now want to spin another bio to her most favorable advantag..