Tuesday, December 9, 2008

He Earns Every Dollar, Doesn't He?

Before we see the "couple in love" yet again at a premiere for the epic, let’s take a few minutes and salute Keith Urban for once again following the script and playing the part of dutiful husband. Yes, PLAYING the part; because as hard as he tries, he just can’t cut it, can he?

I just can’t shake this feeling that these two just don’t get along and barely tolerate one another off the red carpet. It seems all forced between them, not robotic like Katie with Tom, but just indifferent; even that kiss was boring. It was like saying goodbye to Grandma at the train station; you don’t really want to kiss her as she has that lingering cigarette and Vicks vapor rub smell but, she IS Grandma. Is Keith getting something out of all of this? Protection of his very private life? Tons of money? Personal security from not having to have to go out and have a career? Probably all of those. What Nicole Kidman wants you to think is that they have a life. They stay at home or go to their “friends” homes so Keith can play music with them. They watch young Sunday play her baby genius piano. They are so in love, so much a family. I guess because her one true love has done such a good job showing that he has moved on and has built a new foundation with the younger, prettier woman that she is compelled to do it, too. Just like Tom went to a number of Katie’s performances, Keith must attend Kidman’s red carpets. They are so together. Do you think I just made that bit up about life down on the farm? Nope! Kidman said all of that to Hello magazine.

You all can predict what is coming can’t you? Keith and the baby bonding all over the place. Why? Because we haven’t seen it yet, and Kidman always gives us what we haven’t seen. Plus Keith has a CD to shill and a new video to ‘not act in’ coming soon. Those baby daddy pictures are coming.

Yes, we are aware that Keith is nominated for a Grammy; he has been nominated at almost every Grammy ceremony for the last eight years. The speculation about the Grammy’s will be if they attend. The award will not be televised but Keith’s first Grammy wasn’t either. And, of course, Keith had to attend his wife’s photo shoot in the Outback last year, rather than attend the ceremony and receive his second Grammy. It will depend on Kidman; whether she wants the world to buy the supportive spouse bull. Or, is it about supporting the only critically acclaimed and financially successful member of the family? Time will tell. As her fame and power ebb away, and if Keith shows any kind of success, you know she will glob onto him and hold on for dear life. And that will be the time, dear reader, when Keith Urban makes his power play.


Choice said...
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Choice said...

"We were just two lonely people, and then Oh, there you are ...we just sort of fell into each other"

Please! Hand me a bucket, I can feel a vommy coming on. No-one buys this 'true love' hogwash.

Can we all remember that Keith had her phone number for 6 months before deciding to call her? Is that really a case of falling into someone?

I'm now waiting for the following words ...any day know folks:

"I'm so into Keith, and he is so into me, we have a rhythm that cannot be explained. He laughs, I laugh. He cries, I cry. He knows when I'm angry, I know when he feels like a drink. Never have I felt this strong bond with anyone. My mum told me not to overbond with my husband, but what would she know. Our relationship is completely natural, it feels so right."

This is what Baz meant about the next part of the romantic trilogy: "The Keith and Granny Love Story".

banbotox said...

Power play?
Keith has a power play?
Geez, I sure hope so and when, oh when, will it be played??

Choice said...

Not quite Keith related, but you might be interested to know that FOX are changing UK marketing plans for the film. I am sure Keith won't miss those kissing posters plastered everywhere of Drover and Lady Sarah:


onlykeith said...

I have just finished watching Keiths new DVD,how talented is this man,he is sooo hot as well.He will never need anyone to prop him up in the talent and entertainment stakes.I dont care about her,as long as she leaves him alone to do what he does best,sing,perform and write music.

Cindy said...

You poor, pitiful jealous blogging moron -- you are so insanely jealous of Nicole because she's got the man you are fanatical about. Keep on bloggin', hon, if it makes you feel better. Keith & Nicole are living their lives the way THEY see fit and there's NOTHING you can do about it (except write these pathetic rants).

By the way, what's wrong with Nicole holding Sunday sitting in the car -- the car's not moving, is it? You are such a nit picker, geez, get a life.

hoosierlady said...

What song is the Grammy for?

Thanks for the info.

Urban Myths said...

Hoosier... here's the category:

Best Country Collaboration With Vocals
(For a collaborative performance, with vocals, by artists who do not normally perform together. Singles or Tracks only.)

Kenny Chesney & George Strait
Track from: Just Who I Am: Poets And Pirates
[BNA Records]

Killing The Blues
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Track from: Raising Sand

House Of Cash
George Strait & Patty Loveless
Track from: Troubadour
[MCA Nashville]

Life In A Northern Town
Sugarland, Jake Owen & Little Big Town
Track from: Love On The Inside [Deluxe Fan Edition]
[Mercury Records]

Let The Wind Chase You
Trisha Yearwood & Keith Urban
Track from: Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love
[Big Machine]

wastedemotion said...

Cindy you can sling all the insults you want, others have, others continue to do so. We're not going away.
Jealous, no, she has nothing for me to be jealous of. I wouldnt want her life, or her husband if you paid me, and I could really really really use the money.
As for the car, it was moving. And the liar claims it was because she was nursing her, please, pull over go inside somewhere and bond with your child over lunch.

Choice said...

No sign of Keith last night at the London premiere. However there was a reason. Nicole wanted all eyes on her! She rolled out her favourite PR technique of them all. What will Sundae think of all this when she grows up and sees these pics:


urbanfan said...

I just looked at the pictures you were talking about.

CLASSY! Doesn't she pay people to stop her from making such an ass out of herself?

I don't get it.

realitycheck said...

Choice, Keith is in Nashville. Supposedly filming for the video of "Sweet Thing" is to take place soon. And I'm sure he's working on the new album as well.

Nicole looks stunning.

Choice said...
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Choice said...

Reality Check - that is good that Keith is not there then. Many husbands would not appreciate inexcusable wife's behaviour every second week.

Still, the latest dress is better than nothing at all:


notachance said...

RC - that dress or Nicole are NOT stunning. That is just shameful on her part. She knows full well you can see through that dress. You would think she would at least wear nude colored undergarments - not white. She knew exactly what she was doing.

notachance said...

And oh yes, Golden Globe noms are out - nothing for Australia or NK.

maclen said...

Kidman and Australia completely shut out by GG's... you know kidman is down and out, when even the overly-friendly foreign press are not interested in subsidizing her or her films any longer. The NKUsers must be absolutely "plotzing" right now...let me see...no, not yet.... they seem to still be gushing over her "skank shanks" revealing dress at the london prem. But I still see an opportunity, regrettably, for kidman to still attempt to exploit...it seems cruise was nomimated for a Globe in a supporting role...and you just gotta figure cruise be the there...so dont be surprised to read within the next few weeks that kidman will get herself onto that GG stage and onto that red carpet by getting on the presenting list at the Golden Globes!

wastedemotion said...

You just confirmed what I've known all along, you're BLIND.
Nicole and stunning, that's an oxymoron

Casse Role said...

Wasted, don't even bother with a response to her, she doesn't like to play fair, or answer any questions. She is just like NK, wants all the attention on her!

As for the dress NK wore, it's nice, but it's much too tight and much to revealing IMO.

lightsourceyoga said...

Check out www.gettyimages.com In upper right hand corner you can type in the name of a celebrity you want to see. So, I entered her name. There are thousands of pictures of her. What I found interesting and very odd....the white sequined dress was so tight, and how tacky that you can see her thong and bra through the dress. In every picture on the web site I mentioned, she is holding her hands in front of her, as if to cover herself in the front. EVERY PICTURE. Quite strange. She has dyed her hair, the gray is gone for now. I am thrilled that she got shut out of Australia. Maybe this will hurry the end of her as being an object of so much attention. Any chance she will go and start milking those goats in Nashville, then make that goat cheese? One can only hope that will be her next "career"

Choice said...

Hey LIGHTSOUREYOGA, you are being so mean! Nicole is a style icon, and would never deliberately try to show off her bra and underwear like that. She is 41, and has more grace than we give her credit for. DId it not occur to you that perhaps her dressmaker changed the material at the last minute to thinner material and forgot to tell Nic. I am certain this is the same thing that occurred at the ARIAs. It must be so humiliating for our old dame Nic without all of us adding to it. Let's all try and be more understanding, OK? LOL


maclen said...

lightsourceyoga said...
"...the white sequined dress was so tight, and how tacky that you can see her thong and bra through the dress. In every picture on the web site I mentioned, she is holding her hands in front of her, as if to cover herself in the front. EVERY PICTURE"

Ha!...yeah your right lightsource! I had noticed the topic at GettyImages...but didnt look through the pics...kind of gives the dimwit away as to it being "unintentual"...the only times in the photos she isnt covering her crotch with her hands, of course, is when she is grinding her crotch into jackman to hide her "kibble and bits"...or is it kidman bits?

don't believe the lies said...

OMG...whats with this woman? Doesn't her stylist tell her about her clothing? Or does she not care because she thinks she's hot and sexy? Now thats funny!

There's a clip over at CMT and it looks like Keith already filmed his video. It's being directed by Trey Fanjoy too! Which is some good news!

LightSourceYoga said...

Choice--I am not emotionally involved with NK, and am not trying to be mean, but I do have an opinion, and I was just expressing my opinion about her choice of dress. Granted, milking the goats and making cheese was somewhat sarcastic, HOWEVER, I was again simply quoting NK, which she has talked about doing for several years now. NK has been in this business a long time. You would think after the first episode of her showing her bra and thong in the short black see through dress, she would be extra careful never to have that happen again...she got a lot of press about that mistake...hhmmm wonder if there is a connection there? I thought the white dress was beautiful. The glaring display of her bra and thong took away from the dress, but not surprising. This is a top designer that did this dress, who doesn't design for the Juniors Department. I doubt that there was a conversation occurring that the designer commented. "You will love this dress because I have made it so the whole world can see whatever you wear underneath" NK has plenty of professional dressers that know how to appropriately dress her. They (she) knew exactly what she was doing. They always apply makeup specifically for the harsh lighting, and the same happens for clothing.

maclean--aren't all of those images revealing? how odd to hold your hands like that. You are so right, every picture she is like that except when she is smashing her body up next to Hugh Jackman. I noticed that too when I looked at those pictures. This woman provides endless tacky behavior to discuss, quite entertaining. Wonder what KU and Hugh's wife thought of her hanging all over him? Maybe she needed to do that because she was so cold? It really just is shocking.....as I write this, the picture of her on UM is right next to where I am typing, it just shocks me.
What is she the only person that this seems to happen too? And I am not talking about the rappers, etc.

Lisa said...

Choice- if she is such an 'icon' shouldnt she know better?

That's why ppl call her an idiot.

And for someone that is the epitome and an icon, which you claim, what's with the REALITY of her poor workmanship? What does being DUMPED by the icons make you?

Definitely not an icon.

maclen said...

Lisa said...
"And for someone that is the epitome and an icon, which you claim, what's with the REALITY of her poor workmanship? What does being DUMPED by the icons make you?"

Lisa...and lightsaber...I'm pretty sure choice was only being facetious about kidman being an "icon"...if you've been to her blogsite...she includes the link on her comments...you'll know she is not a kidman fan...or at least not unknowing of kidman's PR charade...

Yeah lightsaber, kidman is desperate...here she is "goiing out" after the premiere, courtesy of gossip flacks, GG, seemingly on her way to try and provide the paps with a "britney beaver" shot...


Nicole Kidman’s Post-Premiere Outing

and according to the other gossip hack, JJ...


Nicole Kidman is North Face Freezing

...it seems kidman has ditched failed flop Australia"s PR...and ditched the german premiere...as is her want, when it's clear her film is another debacle...

Choice said...

Hi Lisa and LightsourceYoga.

Maclen is right, I was being totally sarcastic. Couldn't help myself. Never a week goes by without Granny doing something that makes me laugh!

Nicole definitely knows what she is doing with dressing like that. She'll stop at nothing to try and get people to see her film. She should consider quitting the charade otherwise she'll catch a cold.

I've made a reference before to Nicole's style icon status on my Blog (see link below). She is no style icon. I just need to see the Urban Myths 'Tweedle Dee' photo on the right to remind me.

Don't forget to vote for Nicole's future:


hoosierlady said...

Yee Haw! This has been a fun week in the freak show! She really out did herself with the "revealing" nature of her premier!

I am soooooooooooooooo proud!!! No one could have done it any better!!! How do you say WHITE TRASH in Australia? She's a Cool Whip bowl away people! I am so loving this.

Christmas came early this year.

Funny, Funny stuff!!!

Choice said...

Hey Hoosierlady.
Yes indeed. Christmas has come early. It just gets better and better with 'Our Nic', the trailer park queen. I am pleased to report that Nicole has now found her coat:


Lisa said...

Cool Whip? I thought Cool Whip was just part of being an American?!

Cool Whip should be ok....CANNED whip cream should be the banjo basher right there.

Cool Whip can just save you from a hungry hubby to an Easter holiday!!

Dont dissss the Cool Whip!!

LightSourceYoga said...

Choice--I love it that you were being sarcastic, I totally fell for it. I haven't been here in a couple of months, and didn't remember seeing your name. I did happen to notice that in an earlier post you were obviously not a fan of hers, so I will admit I was a bit confused. It is baffliing that anyone would think this woman is a "style icon"
She does have a talent for taking a beautiful dress and ruining it with her poor decisions. Thanks for the links. LSY

hoosierlady said...

Dont dissss the Cool Whip!!

I have been trying so hard to behave. I really have, but I have to take exception with the Cool Whip.

Don't you remember Jeff Foxworthy and, "If you have a set of salad bowls and they all say 'Cool Whip', you might be a Red Neck"?

It is that which I reference in my own Cool Whip comment defense. I'm a heavy whipping cream, little dab of sugar, use the mixer gal myself, but to each her own, and I meant no disrespect.

realitycheck said...

maclen, Nicole never said she would be specifically at the German premiere. She did mention Paris Rome, London, and Madrid. I don't think it was ever on her itinerary. Her possible upcoming appearance on Wetten Das could easily be done by satellite if that ever really on the schedule. She's done that before with Aussie talk shows.

hoosierlady said...


She's running for the hills, I'll bet you.

Sorry, but we've seen this behavior how many times now?

Some of this is becoming a little predictable, but time will tell.

notachance said...

I can't believe NK would EVER agree to Wetten Das, that show is just way too unpredictable - and fun. Two things I certainly wouldn't associate with an NK appearance.

Imahick said...

Maybe she'll pull out of Wetten Das...it is a potential disaster for NK, who appears to be unable to ad lib and "go with the flow". (just watch the Letterman interview). Without a script, she's screwed. And I don't get the impression that they use a script on Wetten das.

I wouldn't be surprised if she pulls out...cause with all the recent bad press, it could get ugly. I'm sure she can come up with an excuse...Sunday Rose has finished the encyclopedia and needs more reading material ... or ... the goat needs milking ... or ... a wild turkey has eaten her giant zucchini and she's overwhelmed with the loss.

Something will come up...

realitycheck said...

hoosierlady, were you around when Moulin Rouge came out? She didn't attend every premiere and neither did Ewan. Since she has been sighted in London, she is probably there to do some work on "Nine".

A poster on NKU said she was to be on Wetten Das but I have seen no real confirmation of that.

maclen said...

Make no mistake, just as she ditched the stepford premiere... and was perfectly fine with no premiere at all for invasion...kidman has ditched this rancid...overcooked...unpaletable rotting thanksgiving carcass decomposing on the aussie outback. And she has withdrawn to the one place she truly loves... that gives her life meaning, beyond the phoney PR marriage or PR baby...and that is the place she gets all the attention and pampering that her very narcisstic and self absorbed tendencies totally craves...and that place is on another movie set...where all cameras and eyes are directed at her...where the strongest and most advanced lighting techniques and specialized lens can guarentee she looks her "youngest" and mannequin life like as can possibly be.

hoosierlady said...

Some of this is becoming a little predictable, but time will tell.

December 13, 2008 8:12 AM



Choice said...

Hi Maclen
Have a read of this, OUCH!


hoosierlady said...

Last week, one of the columnists was lamenting poor Nicole and the fact that it was still a man's man's man's world, do you remember? OK, when I see Cate, or Kate Winslet, for that matter, and there are a few more, of course, I don't think overt sexuality as I do when I think of others. I think these women are genuinely talented.

Does anyone else out there see the glaring contrast?

hoosierlady said...

I'm confused, I need a job.

She gets to do this because she was married to TC, and she knows Rupert Murdoch. Or is friends with the latter.

I've got to be close.

Choice said...

Hi Hoosier

You are very close. I think alot of people scratch their heads, especially here in Australia, as to how she got this far without any theatrical training. Marrying Tom certainly helped. That article I just posted goes to show that alot of Aussie media are now onto Nicole and not falling for her crap anymore. These are the reasons Cate is a star in my eyes (earlier Blog):

realitycheck said...

OK, when I see Cate, or Kate Winslet, for that matter, and there are a few more, of course, I don't think overt sexuality as I do when I think of others.

Have you seen much of their work?

Cate's played a prostitute and screwed a client onscreen in "The Shipping News", bared her bottom onscreen in "Elizabeth", directed a play dealing with incest. I'm sure there's more examples you could find considering most of her work is geared towards adults, but I haven't seen every film of Cate's.

Kate Winslet has been nude in probably 9 or 10 movies, complete frontal nudity in at least one film I can recall, showing her breasts numerous times including a sex scene as a dead person in "Quills". Done numerous sex scenes, dealt with adult themes in films like Little Children. Played herself on "Extras" and did really nothing but talk dirty the entire time. And let's not forget the upcoming film "The Reader" (there will be sex scenes and probably nudity) and she recently was photographed naked for Vanity Fair.

This is directed at no one in particular, but FYI Nicole did do "Wetten Das".

Choice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hoosierlady said...


I've seen Kate Winslet's nipple.

I've seen Kate's entire body, as a matter of fact.

I was paying more attention to what was coming from her lips.

Again, I say to you, does anyone see the stark contrast?

I have to back off until tomorrow, I feel a rant coming on, and I read the rant on Anna's page one day and I felt guilty for ranting.

maclen said...

Choice said...
"Choice said...
"Hi Maclen
Have a read of this, OUCH!

Very interesting article choice... and very much to the point I know I and many here at UM have been making...kidman pales in contrast to other true A list celebs actress'... and the die is now cast with another high level flop...and again, do not underestimate her appearence on Letterman. Kidman married into the A list crowd...she recieved instant acclaim... and an oscar out of pure sympathy of being dumped...and every film she has done since getting that pity award has either been ignored...disappointing to downright catastrophic... while other celebs, such as cate blancette...winslet...witherspoon...etc...made it on their own merits and will stay or hover around till their next important movie. Kidman is done...she is being swamped by her "tabloid persona"...and image of who she keeps trying to portray to the public in the next magazine interview...the poor, depressed jilted wife...the lonely and catatonic "single mom" no one could ever love...now she's back in a "fairytale marriage" and everything is perfect again...to next, a "very hard" battle to have a baby.... THe only problem is the public doesnt care about that "phoney image" hollywood charade...either she can emote a true and genuine natural personality to the public or she will be ignored. It doesnt matter if you believe her performance in AUstralia is the greatest bit of acting the world has ever seen... it didnt register with enough critics... it didnt register with the US audience...and her PR has become pitifully stale and so apparently incompetent...so therefore she is now being ignored by the awards organizations.

Choice said...

All very good points you make Maclen. While I think alot of her fans are hoping 'Australia' will pick up speed later like Moulin did, I just don't see how it can. Baz chose the wrong lead essentially. As much as it would have been great to see Cate in the lead role, I doubt she would have signed on for this turkey. Didn't Russell bow out after hearing the concept?

On another note, I assume most of the posters on this site are female (based on a post I read here ages ago). Do you mind if I ask if you are female?

Thanks, Choice

maclen said...

Choice said...
"On another note, I assume most of the posters on this site are female (based on a post I read here ages ago). Do you mind if I ask if you are female?"

No, I dont mind...I am not female. And I am not bitterly jealous of kidman because she can fit into a size "triple" zero designer dress...or wears the phoniest looking hair extension and wigs! Actually, its never come up before...
...as for blancett... in fact, after I had read your post about her at your blogsite a few weeks ago...I had noticed blancette on a youtube trailer online...so I checked it out, and it was the trailer for benjamin button. I found the "twist" of the story to be very original and intersting... the movie seems understated and poignant. And kidman, for instance, could not pull off the blancett role, without being simply unremarkable...or deeply in need of ten minute close ups in an overstated attempt to try and "ACT"...(with her eyebrows)....she needs to be the focal point of the "gimmick"... ala Birth...fur...without those gimmicks...she's then simply the wife in "My life"... very unremarkable

Choice said...

Hi Maclen.

Speaking of hair extensions, she's brought them out again - this time for Germany. Wetten Das INDEED!


hoosierlady said...

Thank you Maclen, you are able to articulate what I moan and beat my head trying to explain.

Now I can go back to the show.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Thank you Maclen, you are able to articulate what I moan and beat my head trying to explain."

Well, hoosier, Ive been commenting on kidman online only since feb of 2006...but in those two short years she's been in 6 movies... and outside of Happy Feet..which is not a "kidman" movie...the rest have been unremarkable and pretty forgettable. And based on the previous 3 years to 2006, in which she was in 7 movies... it's not too hard to figure that her career is in total disrepair...and at a previous blog I once pondered the question, which goes to choice's question of how would have Australia fared if cate blancett were in it instead of kidman...and now my answer to my query is now firmly established...kidman's involvement in a film simply lowers the quality and even continuity by seeming lack of concern for where or how the movie is veered or ends up, as she herself has admitted she doesnt read the script..she just agrees to do the movie on a "gut" feeling about the director. And certainly her non involvment leads to the director"s over indulgance...which certainly dogville...birth...fur...and now Australia seriously suffered from...to "studio" interference or on studio chaos which stepford...compass...and again with Australia suffer from...for it is now certain, kidman has not been making very good career choices.

maclen said...

So....hey...thanks to choices blogsite Nicole kidman's Journey...which I just perused...here


...I think I may have solved the "kidman ditches berlin premiere" mystery... so stay with me....

So the berlin premiere was on dec 12, and on that same day kidman was photog'd by the paps out for a jog in London... but then the very next day, dec 13, she was suddenly in germany to be on a german tv show. Why would she stay an extra day in the UK...to get a single day of shooting for her next film...to get a very very important clothes fitting? To get some camera blocking done? At Nk's journey, there are photos of kdiman on the german show, and I thought kidman's right eyebrow looked kind of out of kilter...so I submit that kidman stayed that extra day in the UK...skipping the berlin premiere...so she could get a quick "botox" fix prior to the german tv show appearence...because you know what they say...the camera adds years to you appearence. And to further add, if you look at the pap's photos of kidman jogging in london...


...she is wearing huge sunglasses and the cap covering her entire forehead...she just needed a "tuneup!"

hoosierlady said...

I haven't looked, but I promise I will. Has it been another 3,000 miles already?

Casse Role said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Choice said...

Thanks Maclen for the Blog plug.

The first thing I noticed when seeing Nic on that German show was the renewed Botox, and the hair extensions. She just won't learn will she!

I know Urban fans wish we would focus more on Keith, but let's remember that he has disappeared into the background since she came on board. Keith is no longer his own man.

Maclen and Hoosier: Here is a VERY interesting take on the current backlash towards Granny Freeze by an Australian journalist. Have a read and tell me what you think.

As Joan Crawford once said, "publicity good or bad is a great thing". I think she meant that any mention of your name kept you in the papers and remembered. Do you think Granny is enjoying all this negative publicity? Have a feeling she doesnt care.

Here is that article:


hoosierlady said...

I think it is calculated, I would absolutely hate to think down to the last thong, but, I'm starting to.

Maclen noted something earlier regarding the Letterman appearance, and not to underestimate it. I wondered then if she was going to spin part of the negative backlash this time as being horribly mistreated in the US press. So, who is this correspondent, and is he on the payroll?

maclen said...

Yeah, the movie pundits have always been behind the curve of what the public are interested in... kidman was never a "box office dynamo" and do agree on the premise that she is overrated... but pundits are basically a part of the movie industry PR machine... and are very wary and slow to note the reality lest they lose access to celebs for interviews. But after 3 to 4 big budgeted box office failures in a row, more and more, little by little...the pundits cant help but at least acknowledge it. But of course, I expect early next year, all the buzz will then restart about her next role in Nine, and about the huge "star studded" cast and how kidman may be ready to make a "spectacular" comeback... and of course be penciled in for "awards recognition" early on, only to have it fade when the results are actually seen and judged....that has happened every year for the past 5 years. My early take on Nine? WeinsteinCo, who are in dire straits and in tumolt financially, will of course botch the PR...or will make a bad release date for the film ultimately... so they are not in the postition to make wise choices...

hoosierlady said...

Does she actually make these choices for herself? Does she not pay someone to help her in this? I know she made the comment that she picks by directors, but we all know her actual reality varies day by day, so my question I guess would be doesn't she have advisers to help her make good solid decisions regarding films and scripts and odds about the hits and failure ratios? I ask this because of the Weinstein Co. above, if you were she, would you join with a struggling company at this point? If she were in a position to help, yes, but career wise, it would seem she needs a bang, not another potential blip.

Lisa said...

look at the backlash Tom got for a sofa and look at how far SHE goes without a slap on the wrist,even. Big difference, I'm thinking because the more serious they take these antics the more legitimate the power?

Kidman basicaly gets away with anything and look how her career is! (Isnt?)

I'm never surprised. We've been called goats, pigs and now we are puppets.

She is only as strong as her lavish jibber jabbering and wind of lies can carry her. When it's time for Kidman to deliver, she can't.

I still think it's funny though. Keith basicaly told Nashville to shove it in the beginning, now he NEEDS them desperately. Aus didnt take to him as well as he thought by courting 'their royalty'. So he didnt win Aus and he seems to wrap himself around England now. Anyone educated about such things would know what Aussie men think of English girls.

Keith is so fake I dont know why he hasnt made claims to be English now or why the "aussie" word isnt taken directly off words to describe him to go directly to NZ.

Yes I know how ridiculous that sounds, but dammit- how much more ridiculous do things have to get before they wake up???

And I dont hear ppl here ever say anything about the jabs a lot of their pics have to do with Katie/Tom? Nicole and Tom want to mirror eachother and seem to be racing? Does anyone have anything about that?

maclen said...

Lisa said...
"And I dont hear ppl here ever say anything about the jabs a lot of their pics have to do with Katie/Tom? Nicole and Tom want to mirror eachother and seem to be racing? Does anyone have anything about that?"

I know 2 years ago, when kidman and the orb first hooked up, the consensus here on the UM blog was it was a simple PR response to cruise hooking up with katie holmes...when the tomkat became engaged...kidman became engaged...when tomkat had a baby...kidman had a baby... but cruise is totally loathe to even mention kidman...doesnt reference the marriage to her...would probably be fine if the marriage was completely forgotten...but kidman still exploits the marriage for PR purposes, as late as a few months ago,...
...So checking the release date of Nine, the film kidman is working on right now, according to IMDB, isnt due to be released until Dec, 11...that's 11 months away, almost a full year... I of course wouldnt be surprised if another film was rushed into production so that it could be released prior to Nine...as they say...a full year is along time to wait after a film failure... and no doubt kidman is desperate to shove something into theaters in an attempt to keep her name...and face in the public eye...

hoosierlady said...


I think most everyone knows he's from NZ, even though he's the 'kiwi cowboy', don't worry.

Isn't there talk in the air of her accompanying him on the road with baby Sunday this year? That will hold her ego this summer, with him having stadiums full of adoring fans paying homage at every show, sometimes musically, until the December release, don't you think? Or will she need more?

hoosierlady said...


I have to ask have you seen this first. Then I have to ask, as a citizen of the Midwestern United States, if this would be the cultural equivalent to, say, disgracing the burial ground of a Cherokee Indiana Tribe, which to me would just be wrong, but I might not, again, as a Midwesterner know where every burial ground was, but would know, as an American, it was wrong to disgrace it. Cultural Question for the Australians!!! Yeah!!!! I get to learn something new!

Choice said...


I would be totally surprised if she ended up travelling with him on the road. She yawns at his concerts, remember. She doesn't even like country music.


Keith is learning from the master on how to be fake on all levels. My advice to him is to become his own man again. Get out from her shadow, stand tall but not in those extra high heel shoes he's been sporting at premieres.

What's the bet they market NINE as a Penelope Cruz/Kate Hudson film and totally leave Kidman out of the equation. That's what I would be doing if I was in the marketing team for that job.

For those needing some entertainment:

I've pasted the link to the Wetten Das show. Check it out, it's so frustrating to watch for many reasons. Nic looked uncomfortable again, legs crossed not sure where she was. Plus she had the earplug in her ear with interpretation. Can you imagine her fright when the intepretor screeched so loud her hair extensions nearly fell off?

Here is Part 1 of Wetten Das (10 Points for working out what that means):


LightSourceYoga said...

I may have missed a comment somewhere, but where has Keith been? I never see any pictures of him, or read any articles about him, unless of course, it is him in his ill fitted 3 piece suits at one of her premieres. Is he hopefully working on new material in Nashville? I have looked and never see anything about HIM, JUST HIM..hot holding her hand at one of her events which are thoroughly documented and in my mind don't count.
Also, I work in surgery, and we do a lot of plastic surgery. Botox takes about 5-7 days for it to take effect, even if you have already had it injected. Botox lasts only about 12 weeks. Of course, I am SURE she has it done before the prior injection wears off. Also, it is used only around the eyes and forehead area now, thus the frozen flat forehead and motionless face from the eyes up. The rest of her face is "fillers" which her face is FULL of such as Juvedern, Restalyne. These fill in normal lines, and fill any areas that require "molding" a different shape. It does not cause any paralysis but does change the contour of the area injected. Her lips are shocking. Has anyone seen the Channel add in Department Stores BEFORE the lip fillers? I saw the poster, but didn't even realize it was her. I guess my point is, botox and fillers often take several days of down time, although they advertise it doesn't. Patients need ice packs for at least 24 hours and most have a lot of redness, swelling and bruising. So for her to have the fillers, (this is just a guess) it most likely would take her about 4 days of HIDING before she could be seen in public to hide the evidence. But does she think she is kidding anyone with those monstrous lips? Even the plastic surgeons I work with have laughed about her denial during surgery. The fillers and botox we use are in conjunction with a facelift or other type of plasitc surgery. she has morphed into a plastic surgery freak!!! LSY

Choice said...

Hi LightSourceYoga

Interesting points. Had no idea Botox took that long to take effect. Explains now why she is often see with caps and massive sunglasses.

I guess what you are trying tosay is that she is not completely natural afterall? LOL. I tell you, those lips completely spoilt the second half of Australia for me.

They looked big on Wetten Das too. But she needed those big lips to get around that didgeridoo, so they do serve some purpose, I guess:


LightSourceYoga said...

Choice. Yes, the hat and the sunglasses are a bit of a giveaway. The botox is injected every 1-2 inches all around the eyes and in between the eyes. It removes the lines at the corner of eyes, forehead wrinkles and frown lines between your eyebrows. Most patients I have seen have little bruises at various botox injection spots that last several days. I am sure her makeup person can hide those. The fillers (used below the eyes) are the ones that leave very very dark, black-- purple bruises. Not every time, but usually with the amount she has done, it is hard to avoid. It always leaves redness and swelling at the multiple injection sites. The fillers can last between 3-6 months, she probably has them done more often. I am sure that when she is out of the public eye is when she is getting her injections done so she has time to heal. Makeup does NOT cover the bruises from the fillers.
Interesting that she is now in trouble with the tribes in Australia because women aren't supposed to use that didgeridoo. Is she just stupid, or uninformed? Why would she do that? Is she really that desperate for attention......oh wait, I forgot who I am talking about!!

hoosierlady said...

Would the man on the street Australian know that about the didgendoo?

This is my question.

Choice said...
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Choice said...

I am Australian born and bred and to be honest, I had no idea that women weren't supposed to play it. However, I am male so it there is no reason for me to know considering I don't live in Aboriginal communities. Nor did we study their culture at school.

Nevertheless, Nic spent 8 months in these sort of communities while filming this movie. Clearly she didn't learn much except there were fertile waters around that people swim in. Now she has learned how to reverse that.

maclen said...

Hoosierlady, I do think kidman will be desperate to have another film come out earlier next year...as I wrote...a year is a long wait especially after a flop. As to the didgeridoo question, I've never heard of that...but as choice so hilariously mentions...

Choice said...
"Clearly she didn't learn much except there were fertile waters around that people swim in. Now she has learned how to reverse that."

Leave it to kidman to not only contradict herself figuratively...but now also literally!

So I just saw this article...


Amateurish can be a good thing, says Baz

"Luhrmann’s “risk” was casting Brandon Walters, who had never acted before, to portray Nullah, a central character around whom much of Australia is plotted and who also provides the movie’s voice-over narration.

“I’m going to go hang the whole movie on an 11-year-old boy?” Luhrmann said, recalling the surprise at his decision among executives at the movie’s distributor, 20th Century Fox."

Yes, so to complete and finalize the total dissing of kdiman's "star power"...or lack thereof...the baz has now hung the movie on a 11 yr old boy...the most popular character in his "Titanic" debacle of film...It totally makes sense.... and again choice... you are a true soothsayer...

Choice said...
What's the bet they market NINE as a Penelope Cruz/Kate Hudson film and totally leave Kidman out of the equation. That's what I would be doing if I was in the marketing team for that job."

...based on that baz article, that is the next likely move....

Choice said...

Ah Maclen. Interesting article you linked to. It also clarifies an earlier blog of mine where the UK are planning to market the film with the boy as the main photo on posters now.

I just wish Baz would stand up and be honest about his mistake. I have prepared his speech for him:

"My fellow movie-goers. I was wrong to pick Granny for the role. I should have done more research on her popularity, but my friendship with her misguided me. I didn't think you would notice the botox, the Mick Jagger lips or the three hours. I'm so sorry not really knowing my audience."
Regards, Bazzie

ShutUpAndSing said...

Keith was in Nashville and actually filmed the Sweet Thing video last week. Per a person on the set of the video..On Tuesday, after fiming, he left to catch a plane. A plane to where?? He wasn't at the London Premier on Wednesday.

Imahick said...

Just cause he wasn't at the premiere doesn't mean he wasn't in her hotel room combing her merkin.

hoosierlady said...

She usually brings her pet with her to her outings. He matches most of her outfits, and he makes it easy for her to bring accessories.

I cannot wait to see if she's left of the top billing for Nine.

Don't tease me so!

We will just postpone my birthday until that press release, then that can be my gift!

Thanks so much for the info on the didga, (I can't spell it). I was hoping she hadn't just blatantly disregarded the customs and heritage of an entire group of people for PR, but then, I shook it off and remembered of whom I was speaking, and realized that #1, she probably hadn't a clue, even if she read the Russians at age 1.5 she probably knows little of the history of her own countrymen , and #2. If it doesn't directly affect her, (megalomania), it is of no interest to her.

Choice said...

Hoosier -
it just keeps getting better and better. All your birthdays have now come at once. Fellow Australian ex-pat Germaine Greer has now jumped on the bandwagon in her role as writer for the UK Guardian. She criticises all the factual errors in the film 'Australia'. Note her comment too about how word of mouth has killed the film!
Happy early birthday to you ...


hoosierlady said...


Is the segregation situation better now? During the '60s and '70s a lot of changes happened in America, but we are just now beginning, I think to truly reap the benefits as a society. It takes a long time, maybe even a generation to weed out uneducated, or mis-educated, if you will people. Especially elderly people, and people that live in places that are less densely populated, (see if I can slip that past), are very slow to change.

Appalling. Re-writing history is appalling. It's called propaganda. Was the movie actually sold as a factual account? Until I read about the Darwin 'invasion' I will admit, I didn't raise an eyebrow, I just thought it would be a love story set in the time of WWII. I did not give any thought to it NOT being historically correct.

Americans are always accused of being so how shall I say, consumed with ourselves, to pay much attention to others, and I must concur, during this time of "employment drought" I have learned so much.

maclen said...

I read that Germaine Greer piece last night...and was impressed by it's complexity and command of the facts...certainly something the baz was apparently incapable of imparting into his film... the baz should get out the movie biz and get into the vegas or broadway show business...it apparently would suit his one dimensional sensabilities. Also I see the contoversy that kidman blows at the didgeridoo...or in kidman's case..the "didgeidon't"... is getting alot of press down under...saw this funny bit at Defamer this moring...


Yeah, it got one thing correct...kidman does blow...