Saturday, May 30, 2009

Escape Tour - Saturday, May 30th

Von Braun Center Arena, Huntsville, Alabama

Opener: Dierks Bentley

Capacity: 10,000

As of Tuesday, two seats together available in the mezzanine (upper level), close to front.

Popular country stars Keith Urban and Dierks Bentley rock Huntsville

Country superstar Keith Urban "Hit The Ground Runnin' " Saturday night and left a capacity crowd at the Von Braun Center hoarse, sweaty and completely satisfied.

The "Escape Together World Tour" brought two of country music's hottest acts in Urban and Dierks Bentley to Huntsville. Between them they thrilled the primarily female audience with 30-plus songs, and together took a stab at The Eagles' classic "Take It to the Limit," which the duo admitted they "destroyed" a night earlier in Roanoke, Va.

Bentley, in one of only three concert dates with Urban before moving on to Brad Paisley's upcoming tour, launched the show with the title track from his latest release, "Feel That Fire," and soon after sang his current hit "Sideways."

Later he recalled performing at Sammy T's club as a rising artist and also told the audience about taking his tour mate's motorcycle for a ride through the North Alabama countryside on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Bentley closed his solid 11-song set with past hits "Every Mile a Memory," "What Was I Thinking?" and "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)."

Urban's new CD that debuted at No.1 is called "Defying Gravity," but it could have just as well been called "Defying Music Genres."

The 41-year-old is a guitar virtuoso disguised as a country star who spent a handful of tunes at various locations throughout the arena - an Urban concert tradition. "Who's got the good seats now?" he asked the crowd furthest from the main stage while performing on a smaller stage set up in front of their seats.

The 20-song set list ranged from some of his earliest as a solo artist ("Where the Blacktop Ends") to the hit singles off "Defying Gravity" ("Kiss a Girl," "Sweet Thing"). Urban's mutli-talented band, solid as always, even got to display their own vocal skills during introductions with snippets of mostly rock and pop tunes (was that really Boston's "Long Time"?).

After another awkward attempt at "Take It to the Limit," this time with Urban bungling the lyrics, things got back on track as the frenzied crowd was treated to "Kiss a Girl," the anthemic "I Told You So," a stirring version of "You'll Think of Me," the always popular "You Look Good In My Shirt," - performed on riser just in front of yours truly's seats - and "Somebody Like You."

Sweat-soaked but savoring every second of the audience's chant for an encore, Urban and mates returned to the stage to play "Better Life," drawing one final thunderous ovation.

The VBC is one of the smaller venues the "Escape Together World Tour" will hit this year, so Huntsville should consider itself lucky. The sellout crowd for Saturday night's show certainly got its money's worth.

Even those of us in attendance who don't consider ourselves country fans.


maclen said...

"Attendance was 7,455 in the 8,242-capacity coliseum, slightly fewer than last year's Urban/Carrie Underwood show, which sold out the 8,426 tickets available."

From Friday, May 29th show...well, at last some concrete, tangible numbers...surely if bently were topping the bill and not just "opening" for the lackluster orb, who knows, it may just have sold out. But this attendance number matches the orbs cd sales and youtube video mash up video count...mediocre. But at least he had the crowd who showed up clapping and standing? Imagine that! Yeah and that is hilarious... monkeylanders got the shaft from monkeyland...probably tried to pawn off unregistered or unoffical tickets to the usually neglected fans!

Rotomahana said...

I know this isn't on topic... but... is anyone going to comment on the Kiss a Girl video??? I think it is THE worst KU video ever!!! Why have a green screen if all you are going to show on it is a static image of buildings.... why not just shoot the video on the roof of a building instead.... can't believe anyone will request this video on CMT or anywhere else for that matter - IMO!!!

Imahick said...

I was disappointed in the video too. It was played up like it would be some unique animation experience. I thought it was boring. They looked better performing against the green screen.

But in the end, it's been released way too late, and it will have little impact. Perhaps just as well.

notachance said...

I think this is one time the video was released too early - the opposite of what Keith usually does. The song just dropped as a single not all that long ago.

It's pretty clear no imagination went into the making of it which tells me it was a rush to get it out. Once again he falters on delivering a video that could've been something good. Even though I don't care for the adolescent lyrics of it, the video could've made up for it in actually showing it.

LightSourceYoga said...

I have read this blog faithfully for a long time, and I couldn't have agreed more about the title at the top, "Shut up and sing, we don't want to hear about your wife" I don't know her, but from what I see and hear just can't stand anything about the woman--horrible actress--we left in the middle of Moulin Rouge.
I am a KU fan and am slowly getting more excited that we may see a return to the old KU. He has had consistent great reviews at all the concerts and as far as I know he has not mentioned her once.
I have a thought for the writers of this blog. How about removing the comment "shut and sing....." if he is able to complete this tour without mentioning her? As long as I have read this most people like KU but don't like her. Perhaps this could become a bit more positive by leaving her completely out of blog? Then again, it wouldn't be as exciting if she isn't in the picture to complain about.
MacLean, I have to say that I did find it rather petty that you commented on the attendance numbers. So what if 747 less people showed up for the show? It was a great show and 747 less than last year is hardly worth mentioning.
I guess my point is, most people here do say they like KU but can't stand NK (myself included) but we are still getting negative comments even though he has stopped talking about her at concerts. What else do you want? Divorce? I do find seeing pictures of them together very awkward. I am not a supporter of her, but if he delivers great concerts and music isn't that what it is all about?

maclen said...

LightSourceYoga said...
"MacLean, I have to say that I did find it rather petty that you commented on the attendance numbers. So what if 747 less people showed up for the show? It was a great show and 747 less than last year is hardly worth mentioning."

It is worth mentioning if the point is to show that the orb is declining in popularity, and in his ability to sell cds. Now it may be well and dandy for you that you are once again feeling all "warm and fuzzy" about the orb simply because "he didnt mention the wife" and you and everyone else must now "adore and gush" over the orb...(just until he mentions kidman that is) then I can mentioned sagging tour attendance and declining cd sales? you also say...

"I guess my point is, most people here do say they like KU but can't stand NK (myself included) but we are still getting negative comments even though he has stopped talking about her at concerts.

...well, as for your first sentence...

"I have read this blog faithfully for a long time, and I couldn't have agreed more about the title at the top...

...I have to say you havent been reading this blog "faithfully" enough then...because I have never commented that I was a fan of the orb...or that my problem with him is that he "mentions his wife on stage too much". And you've lumped me into the group who are or were fans of his...that's your hang up, not mine...I'm simply stating that the orb is not as popular as he once do I believe it is because of his association with kidman? Of course I do...but your "liking one performance where he didnt mention kidman" is gonna help him sell another half mil cds or help sell out his live gigs...

maclen said...


...also, LightSourceYoga, you neglected to mention, so I crack about the orbs youtube fan video mashup...

...seems like the fan "Enthusiasm" for this campaign has tapped out at only 36 vids summitted...not even a hint of viral threat...but again, I suspect that 36 is about the remaining membership of "Monkeyland"... Hey lightsaber, you submitted your video yet? You know, support the team and all that...

A440 said...

Yes, the video for KAG sucks big-time. This is the end result of Keith becoming very complacent when it comes to his clips.

I get it that he's no actor and he prefers to sing/play as opposed to emote. And I have no qualm with that.

But when it gets to the point where he releases a cartoon with himself CGI-ed into it, then we've got a creatively lax fellow. Shame on him for being so lazy.

Another opportunity wasted.

LightSourceYoga said...

maclen: One thing that really bothers me is when people put words into my mouth or try to tell me how I am feeling. I NEVER said that I was feeling "all warm and fuzzy" or that I "adore and gush" about KU and I think that is completely irresponsible of you, as someone who is on this blog constantly. I have NEVER said I feel that way about him, I simply stated I was becoming more excited that he was returning to "himself" I have NEVER felt warm and fuzzy about Keith Urban and I have never gushed and adored him, as you say I do. DON'T EVER MISQUOTE ME AGAIN!!!
The point of my comment was a simple idea, the entire tone is set by the title of this blog, "shut up and sing..." I stated maybe that could be removed IF he can make it through this tour without mentioning her.

I don't even own an album. AND I haven't and won't be watching his video...he never has good videos. But he has been getting good reviews at his concerts, so what? It would be nice to hear some good music again.

I do know that you NEVER say anything positive about him or anything related. I usually skip most of what you ramble on about because everything is negative and now I believe you must misquote much of what you write, since you clearly misquoted me. It absolutely irritates me beyond belief how you always refer to him as the orb...notice that has not caught one, no one else does that.

Your response to my comment is a perfect example. I made the point that it is NOT a big deal that because 700+ less people came to this concert. You have his entire career over with solely because of NK. She probably has had a negative effect on his career, maybe that is why he isn't mentioning her this time out.
Because I had the nerve to disagree with you, you became very defensive and write on about me becoming "warm and fuzzy." Maybe some people live their lives a little more positive than you. I think your response was totally rude.
Oh, and I will correct myself, I have rarely read this blog over the last six months because of your constant complaining. I find it odd that you carry so much negativity toward some entertainer. It seems to be your life. Who knows, maybe this is how you earn your living.
I really don't care what you think about any of this, it means nothing to me, but don't ever misquote me again!
BY the way, I am NOT a member of his fan club and never will be.

maclen said...

Ha! Well, lightsaber, dont ever write that I'm being "petty"...and I won't ever write that your....well, a fan of the orb!

maclen said... am once again compelled to correct lightsources "faithful" reading of this blog...for example...

lightsource said...
"It absolutely irritates me beyond belief how you always refer to him as the orb...notice that has not caught one, no one else does that."

...although lightsource now claims...

"Oh, and I will correct myself, I have rarely read this blog over the last six months because of your constant complaining."

...(all because of little ol' me? yeah that's believable!!) here are just two examples that lightsources statement that, "no one else does that" is wrong...

hoosierlady said...
Also, everyone, at least, my sister skeptics, of whom I am soooo proud to belong to, (I tear up each time I ponder it), (however, I am 1. disappointed I was never invited to an orgy with the orb and 2. I am disappointed you cannot get a 6 week vacation for m and m abuse),

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Nicole Kidman's Diary - Part One

doublewide said...
... that's hilarious hoosier! and can we say AIR BRUSHED???? man!
sad, maclen, about the hapless orb, but then he brought it all on himself by getting involved with her in the first place

Saturday, October 4, 2008
Who is this woman?

So lightsource, if you'd like to vasilate on your statement and change it from "no one uses it" to HARDLY no one uses my guest... but your constant vasilating makes you far from believable...and you are far from a "faithful" reader...

hoosierlady said...

Quoted by the Maclen, I'M TOUCHED.

Light Source-Roll with it, this is supposed to be 'a good time had by all'. . . . .

let's use our inside voices, our I'll have to seperate you two!

hoosierlady said...

I would like to add, however, I would still like to see ticket sales minus the Bentley. Just curious.

Ya Know?

Not being negative, just curious. I'm with A440 and complacent, I just think it may refer to the overall career, not just the videos. But who but them really knows? If you don't know them, you don't know what's show and what's not, right? Back to the fake people.

Fake people got no reason. . . .

Bet you are all too young to remember
"Short people got no reason"

anyway, got stopped by a policeman on my way home from work, my hands are still shaking, need some tea!

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Quoted by the Maclen, I'M TOUCHED...let's use our inside voices, our I'll have to seperate you two!"

Ha! Well, being chastised for being "petty" just rubbed me the wrong way, hoosier! But surely you know I would have simply ignored the swipes when it got to be too tiresome...hadnt been worked up for a few months now kidman is truly in limbo, what with the dead movie career... the tired and same ol' lame-ol photo ops...and yet another round of "expecting" rumors once again just cooling off the nets...all she has is scrounging this patch work indie film from her "production" company...what with 5 other producers...two bankrolling non entity "businesses"...and a hope of selling the thing at canne... what with no distributor. As for the ORB... lackluster cd sales...proven non sellout's going to be a long and agonizing "dog days of summer" for both kidman and the ORB!

hoosierlady said...

I feel your pain.

It's just that we DO say positive things. There were a number of positive posts regarding the new cd, a great many positive remarks about all of the concerts. I, myself, tried to find bad reviews and did a positive post regarding the fact I couldn't find one. There was the positive posts about him when he quit wearing those heels. The positive posts about how much better he looks when he doesn't wear the banker's duds. On and On and On. I think we may have even had a positive post one time when NK remembered her undergarments.

If we take away the shut up and sing, then we will just have a KU worship site.


Someone please send me a memo if we are changing to that, ok?

notachance said...

Methinks the personal attacks that caused comment moderation have a common denominator.

dontlikethepez said...

I have to say that we need to focus on the issue at very badly NK sucks!! (ha ha) I mean that is my issue...she is a control freak (learned from the best, TC)no talent master manipulator that is hell bent on taking anyone connected with her down the crapper just like she's headed. Unfortunately, that happens to be KU at this point (funny how all the other "men" that she latched onto after TC saw the light and ran like hell before she managed to suck them in) and I am hating it for KU (bless his blissfully ignorant heart) because there is no doubt the man has talent and I'd hate to see it wasted. So even being a KU fan doesn't make me blind to the facts that surround him at this time. The positive is that so far this tour...the man is putting on one hell of a show and the likes of Bentley and Aldean have helped I am sure, but he has and continues to be a crowd drawer on his on too. By the way, at the Roanoke show I was parked back near the buses and there were quite a few out there and I didn't see anything special about his bus that would look like it should be "good enough" for PEZ to schlep around in for a good leg of the tour. By the way, when he was leaving the show, he was in the passenger seat of the bus and was waving and talking to the people out there and SHE was no where to be seen or heard from. Thank God for small favors!

hoosierlady said...

not a chance-

Methinks the personal attacks that caused comment moderation have a common denominator.

I've logged many a mile.

I am brain dead.

Is it because they both agree about the probable cause for the demise of a once promising musical career?


notachance said...

I personally don't see his career quite in the shitter. He seems to be getting back on track with his shows, in as much as he is NOT mentioning her and he appears to be having a great time himself, although much is still scripted from the bits & pieces I've seen.
I think he's made some good choices for opening acts, switching things up and not going with the same opener means somemone has been listening to the fact that his fans do see multiple shows and they are not comfortable with seeing the same opener multiple times.

The ticketing problem still remains for fan club and I'm doubtful that that situation will ever change. All I can say to that is write, write, write to everyone associated with KU.

His new music? There are some good songs on the new album and while I think he can do better, there's at least some promise there. I look forward to hearing them live should he ever decide to add a city in my area to the tour.

I'm really of the opinion these days that he doesn't care about being EOTY or any other award. He's making quite a comfortable living and awards don't mean anything if the money still pours in. I am hopeful that he would rather be a member of the Opry than be EOTY. That would be a clear indication that he has "made it".