Saturday, May 9, 2009

Escape Tour - Saturday, May 9th

Opening: Little Big Town?
The arena is located at Penn State University in State College, PA. 16,000 seats. As of yesterday, 8th row first section floor seats were available, two together.


tinroof23 said...

I can't believe this blog doesn't know Ticketmaster NEVER releases all its tickets when they go on sale. More often than not you can get great seats very close to the date of the show, sometimes the day of.

Urban Myths can you stop manipulating like Ticketmaster manipulates the market?

Imahick said...

From people at Mohegan Sun, there were entire sections of unoccupied seats. That is eye witness.

Has he sold out any arenas in the US?

I think the show is going to be great. I've heard some great reviews. But is it going to be a financial success? I guess we'll know when the figures are in.

tinroof23 said...

Eye witness of one skeptic. And because some ticket buyers only wanted to see Sugarland. You have to admit only some ticket buyers wanted to see Keith. Sugarland can't sell out arenas on their own, especially not in this bad economy. And the skeptics want their readers to believe every act has a bigger fanbase than Keith. Which is a massive lie.

Keith staying married to Nicole = skeptics never being satisfied.

stillhopefull said...

I think Keith should return to the smaller venues. It seemed at that time he was very happy preforming for his fans. The venue was close too or sold out which I think furthered his entertaining abilities. I would think it would have to be much more fun to play in a smaller venue that is full close to capcity rather than a bigger one not full at all. JMO

Imahick said...

I think Sugarland is doing well on their own as headliners. They're selling out arenas. So is Taylor Swift, in her own headlining tour. Taylor is huge!

As far as Keith's fan base, I don't think it's what it was. The fans are not as passionate as a group - oh, there are still some fanatics who will correct ... no attack anyone with an opinion unlike theirs. But the numbers of fans who go to multiple shows and worship the ground Keith walks on are fewer than prior to 2006.

I don't think his fan base is shrivelling to nothing, but if you are unwilling to admit that he's taken a hit in the last 3 yr, you are fooling yourself.

In Canada, he's selling out the arenas and adding 2nd shows. But that is NOT the case in the US. Why is that?

I don't think that his other openners (besides Sugarland and Taylor Swift) could fill an arena either...they need each other to pull in the audience.

But in 2005, he would sell out Mohegan Sun and every other venue in a matter of hours. Those days seem to be over. I'm sure you will have a reason for that, but if you could only be objective you'd see that his lack of focus from 2006 til now has resulted in lost momentum, and lost fans. You can blame whomever you want for that, but it isn't the skeptics fault. And you can say it isn't true, but I would advise you to open your eyes and see what is really happening.

Stop attacking the skeptics for pointing out what is so obvious to most people and open your eyes. I'm still a fan of Keith's but I'm not living in a fantasy land inwhich everything is hunky dory as far as his career goes. Why do you think he's been working his butt off to promote this CD and this tour? He's doing it because he MUST work to get the results he needs to get.

Choice said...

So looks like he wont come and tour down under if overseas sales don't do well. Sweet.

hoosierlady said...,0,1395173.story

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notachance said...

I would say a large part of the reason for not selling out, Mohegan Sun in particular, is the fact that ticket prices are unreasonably high when a lot of his fan base is out of work. Stupid Boy indeed.

And Sugarland is not playing to whole house on their headlining tour at the larger venues. I know in my area they are doing a 1/2 house show in a venue that normally holds close to 20k for a concert.

maclen said...

Boy, if there is one thing even more boring than the orb out on tour...let's see...a quick google news search...I see only 4 stories on 4 pages of results...average one story a page of 10 stories...and under "keith urban" there is a total of 1,214 total news mentions... the orb is really tearing up that celebrity buzz meter out there, huh? Oh, yes back to my original thing about as boring as the orb on tour and about as news "buzzy" is another lame inept team kidman "photo op!" And a quick perusal over at the orb's fan youtube "You'll Think Of Me" on tour video mishmash...the link provided earlier last week by ShutUpAndSing... now has, in almost two weeks of having begun, a mind whopping and stunning...37 videos? Boy, that orb is one "viral" fiend, eh? Yeah, and I'm pretty sure those 37 fans will be about the same amount that will have bought his new album this past week! So I'd wager with the weak cd sales...the weak fan response to his song video fan mish mash...this tour will be an epic could it not? But again, kidman is a useful shoulder to cry on when it comes to epic least he has that!

nomorefan said...

Thanks UM for giving us concert venue and ticket availability updates. This is intersting to watch so far! He's not sold out in my area in a couple of days, and there are lots of tickets on eBay, StubHub, etc.

maclen said...


Hey peeps... big news on the orb's "You'll Think Of Me" youtube fan video front... amount of fan submitted videos has now jumped up from last night's total of 37... to a whopping.....uh....37?....

...never mind...