Sunday, June 28, 2009

Escape Tour - June 28th

Sunday, June 28th

iwirelesscenter, Moline, Illinois

Opener: Taylor Swift


Urban and Swift bring the i wireless Center to life

Originally Posted Online: June 28, 2009, 11:43 pm
Last Updated: June 29, 2009, 7:21 am
Feana Kotter,

The calendar lied Sunday night when Keith Urban made the i wireless Center come alive with his distinct blend of explosive and energetic music.

"It's like a Friday night in here," Urban said to a roaring audience.

The walls morphed into a fortress housing the Escape Together World Tour and its performers -- Urban and teen sensation Taylor Swift. Though there was no king or queen to speak of, both performers played their roles as one would expect in a royal court.

Swift is the self-declared princess who pens anthems scolding the foolish prince who broke her 18-year-old heart. The princess, though young and relatively inexperienced, is capable of giving an entire audience the gusto to loathe a cheater. Though her voice lacked the power of an older performer, songs like "Should've Said No" and "Just Another Picture to Burn" gave the impression of a princess who is very quickly tiring of lame suitors, also known as 18-year-old boys.

The audience was attentive and curious about Swift, as was evident by the various age groups.

Sarah Witt, of Freeport, Ill., brought her niece Rachel Riley, of Lanark, Ill., and both said they enjoyed Swift's performance.

"She was very charming," Witt said.

"One word: Amazing," Riley exclaimed.

With a few more years and experiences under her belt, Swift has a decent chance of becoming as talented as she is enthusiastic.

There was, however, no mistaking when Urban entered the arena. Thundering drums and flashing lights ushered in the troubadour -- the musical genius who travels around the room showcasing his talents.

"It took us a little while, but we made it back," Urban said.

As the beginning guitar chords for "Days Go By" echoed around the room, Urban's eyes began to twinkle. He walked around the lower bowl, methodically strumming his guitar and feeding off the audience. This troubadour is not satisfied merely standing in place.

Paula Welsh, of Dubuque, was seeing Urban for the third time and said movement is one of the best things about his live show.

"He goes around in the crowd a lot," she said. "No matter what seat you have, it's good."

Urban is a force to be reckoned with on the guitar. Whether acoustic or electric, he commands the strings like a veteran player. His searing solos were equal parts powerful and passionate and expertly executed during "Sweet Thing" and "Stupid Boy."

Don't let his Nashville-by-way-of-Australia roots fool you -- Urban's unique fusion of rock, blues and country sets him apart from any performer in either genre. Whether playing an up-tempo song such as "Kiss A Girl" or a ballad such as "Memories of Us," his fingers gracefully strum notes and riffs that seem to bring the room to life.

Though he was sweating, the troubadour played on in the fortress. His band, full of stringed instruments and heavy percussion, produced a powerful and enticing sound. Very few people were focused on anything other than Urban.

If Swift is lucky, she might learn something from such a prodigal performer.


maclen said...

So, obviously, this reviewer is a of the orb! That last line gave me a huuuuuge laugh though..."If Swift is lucky, she might learn something from such a prodigal performer."

Issue Date: 2009-07-04

#10 - last week #11 - Taylor Swift
Fearless - Peak #1 - Wks On 32

#31 -last week #29- Keith Urban Defying Gravity -Peak:1 WksOn:12

...boy, maybe paisley...underwood...rascal flatts or sugarland can also be "lucky" enough to "learn" from the orb! It seems to be really helping out the orb!

Imahick said...

I saw Taylor in 2007, when she was 17. She was already a very good entertainer. Her singing is not that great - that isn't her strength. But she had a very strong and confident presence on the stage. The problem is that she is very young and writes songs that anyone over 20 is unlikely to "relate" to. I haven't broken up with a boyfriend for quite a few years! LOL But she has an enormous following - younger kids who love what she sings about. She seems to sincerely love her fans too and that goes along way.

She's 19. Of course she has lots to learn and the impression I get is she's a sponge. She will learn from Keith. He's got 25+ years on stage. He is a great live performer. He is a talented musician and a showman ... live he is as good as it gets. He will show her new ways to engage her audience ... perhaps to appeal to a broader fan base.

I think if anyone was to ask Taylor, she'd tell you how much she learned from Keith. She's not stupid and will take advantage of an opportunity to watch a veteran.

getaholdofurself said...

i'd lay money that taylor will learn from keith. he's a veteran who's won entertainer and continues to be nominated year after year. common sense should tell you that she'll pay attention if she's smart.

Tara said...

Sorry but they reviewer was right
Taylor did a lot of hair swinging and going on about how she gets her inspiration from men dumping her. i was not impressed. I was at this show and had a great time during the Keith portion. You could tell he wanted to be there, he wasn't tired he was really working the audience. one of the best shows I have ever seen him give. I love to watch him just play the guitar and he did a lot of that and no mention of the wife at all. A stellar night!