Saturday, June 13, 2009

Escape Tour - Saturday, June 13th

Philips Arena - Atlanta, GA - Saturday, June 13th

Opener: Taylor Swift

Capacity: 21,000


maclen said...

Well...all i have to say about the few on this blog who were highly anticipating these live gigs of the orb...they must have been really...really...underwhelmed!

notachance said...

I don't think they're underwhelmed, I think they're just tired of not being able to enjoy him for what he is without reprise on here.

Sorry, but I think he's working hard to be top dog. Every review of his shows have been positive and after his performance last night with Jason Alean I know he's back. Mother trucker is right!

dontlikethepez said...

In my opinion, people are not posting anything regarding these performances because quite frankly they are tired of certain people that are not fans of KU or have never even seen the man perform at a concert make snide smartass remarks that sometimes have absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand. Most of us don't like NK and Yes, most of us know that KU is FAR from perfect and Lord knows his flaws shine brightly at times, but Geez....negativity about him from some people during each and every topic or posting is really getting old. Not naming any names, I'm just saying......

Imahick said...

I agree that Keith is working hard to gain back what he's lost. When he joined Jason Aldean at the CMT's last night and played that kick ass guitar solo, I was like a proud Mama.

And he looked like he fit in with his peers, instead of looking like he belonged at an Insurance Broker convention. It's obvious that NK dresses him when they are going to be on the Red Carpet together.

I am happy to read all the great reviews. Good for him.