Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Escape Tour - Wednesday, June 17th

BI-LO Center, Greenville, South Carolina - Wednesday, June 17th

Opener: Sugarland

Capacity: 15,000


maclen said... i just barely noticed that the cmt awards were handed out last night.., and of course main winners were swift...paisly...rascal flatts...sugarland...and of course the orb got his obligitory second banana 1/2 award backing up paisly. So tell me again why about half of those main winnners are "opening" for the lackluser orb? I get a feeling that next year...or whenever the orb tours again, the orb will be opening for the current stars of country music!

Imahick said...

I actually think he's re-establishing his reputation as one of THE top country acts ... and his performances, particularly the one with Jason Aldean, were strong.

He's working pretty hard. He's promoting his music ... lots of interviews, and fewer references to NK until asked. He has had consistently positive reviews of his shows. I'd say he's focused on regaining his status. I give him credit for putting alot of effort in. Let's put it this way, I'm optimistic that Keith Urban is back...maybe not exactly like the Keith of 2004, but still very close.

Berry Hill said...

Maclean, Imahick-- the back-and-forth of your posts is what I love about this blog site.

Sorry U-Myths but the "tour book" is getting monotonous.

Your writers are the best at crafting thought-provking posts-- I miss those.

notachance said...

Have to agree with Berry Hill - this "tour book" is not doing anything for me either. I'm wondering why UM hasn't put up a review of the CMT's? That was definitely worthy of a write-up. Or can't this blog have anything positive? Just seems to me that as HE appears to be getting back on track and giving the skeptics what they have been asking for, now there's nothing to say?

I'm just disappointed that his show isn't coming to a town near me. Hopefully he adds that second leg....

dontlikethepez said...

I agree with Imahick...he is at least trying and I have noticed that in cases such as the CMT awards when the Pez isn't around...he is more like the way we were used to seeing him (all the way down to dressing normal whether performing or in the audience) and he seems to have FUN...that has to be a switch for him. I thought the performance with Jason Aldean kicked ass and he did a great solo at the end. When the camera panned on him he was actually laughing (not the smile for the camera crap) and that was great to see as well. I think if he keeps it up he just may get his muse back and his mojo will hopefully return for the long haul. Still know he has faults but don't we all?? That isn't excusing them by any stretch, but you have to cut people some slack SOME time. I am actually looking forward to my next show which is in August and I don't think he will disappoint but if he does, I won't hesitate to be honest about it either.