Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nicole Kidman 101 (with a little Keith Urban rolled in)

1. Always remember Nicole is the most important person in the universe.

2. Nicole will always remind you that she is the most important person in the universe: by having her contractual husband praise her to the rafters. Unfortunately the praise is not coming from her children, parents, sister nor her former lovers, co-stars and directors.

3. You must admire Nicole. No question about it, she is there for you to admire and emulate.

4. She is the only person who has ever:

a. Been a woman
b. Been a mother
c. Had her heart broken
d. Found new deeper love
e. Discovered that Keith Urban is quite musical
f. Admired her father

5. Having a baby is so easy after years of not being able to; if you pay the right price a child will be yours.

6. Is glad that she can spend some time in the backwoods of Tennessee so she can relate to the little people who want to live there.

7. Can create work for herself over and over again.

8. Nicole will never age. She has enough money to stop that.

9. Show the entire world what a secure happy marriage she has and that her husband adores her and never knew a woman before her - really, really, he says it all the time.

10. Realizes that everyone looks to her so she knows why you will understand why she doesn't like anyone besides herself.


hoosierlady said...

I checked and I can get 2 really good seats at Indy right around the time my hubby has his birthday. He likes his music, (I think, I'll have to check that), are you people absolutely, positively promising me I will not regret it if I spend my hard earned money taking my darling to this concert to celebrate his b-day? This will be the first concert since Bocephus, and that's been quite a while.

I don't know. . . . . .

Imahick said...

I think you will be suitably impressed. He is very entertaining. Put your comfy shoes on, though! You'll be dancing all night.

maclen said...

UNBELIEVABLE...the first two posts on this thread are so blatantly...so obviously off topic as to be "Positively, absolutely Undeniably and reliably"...disrespectful! Ha! but seriously, I find it not at all off putting that the orbs fans at this site have found some pleasure in catching him live since he seems to have excised the corroding image or overbearing presence of kidman. Although cynically I would mention that I had no pretense that kidman had ever, at all, any intention of going "out on tour" with the orb despite all the pre spin of his "retro-fitting" the batmobile just for his "family" to brownbag it on the road. Although it has not swayed the fact that the orb is too damaged to regain his footing in the biz. The orb has lost half his audience...and I certainly correlate it his association with the now acknowledged washed up kidman. I would say, enjoy the orb while you can, for based on the weak sales and the early dwindling of his cd on the charts, I doubt if Capitol nashville will be shelling out the dough too willingly for his next album for quite a while. Or youll have to do with the orb once again piggybacking on the backs of other stars tours once again in the near future. No doubt this time next year, he'll be "opening" for taylor swift!

frankie said...

Yes - you should definitely go to the show! You will be very happy that you did! He is a wonderful entertainer - and I agree with imachick, you will be on your feet the whole time!

notachance said...

Yes hoosierlady, go see him. If your hub doesn't enjoy it, well... IDK, but I took my hub last tour and he's a major KU hater and he had to admit that the man does play a mean guitar and put on a decent show. Took a lot for my hub to admit that to me - he doesn't change his stance for many.

Tara said...

Go see him- duh
now back to subject

did anyone else see the little film clip of our favorite couple getting out of a car in NYC last evening and appearing to be be in a little huff?

Imahick said...

Oh yes, I saw it. I don't know what was going on ... but they weren't a loved up couple. He was literally running after her and they seemed to go separate ways after in their apartment block. It looked pretty tense.

frankie said...

I didn't see that little video - I'll have to try to find it and check it out!

maclen said...

Tara said...
"Go see him- duh
now back to subject"

Huh??..... So the perception may be that kidman's pointless little photo ops are getting a little tedious...even to them...is totally believable. As for the earlier official JJ photo op of the tedious twosome out at the movies... to see bale/depp's latest flick. Being an arranged JJ photo op...I have no doubt kidman was trying to wrangle up a possible film role, perhaps with I'd guess bale. She must be very desperate for roles and the public show of going to his flick may be a tactic to help in that respect.

Urban Myths said...

Here's a link to the video:


maclen said...

So, just checked out that little vid of the bopsie twins...thanks Urban Myths. Yeah, it does seem as kidman is in a real snit...slamming the car door and the orb seems freaked...chasing down kidman, even pushing away the security dude, to almost console kidman...pretty bizzare. No doubt kidman lost out on another major role... will probably have to settle for another rag tag indie role.

frankie said...

Thank you for the link to the video - I couldn't find it on my own. :o)

She does not look very happy at all, and the way he runs up to her, it does look like he's trying to say something to her but she's ignoring it. She was probably upset because he wasn't holding her hand for one minute!!

hoosierlady said...


A440 said...

maclean, do you think CapNash will cut Keith loose? I don't think so...he's still too much of a rain-maker, despite the bills he presents to them.

A440 said...

Forgot to mention:

"No doubt kidman lost out on another major role..."

Maybe it was something bigger. Any info on the unconfirmed "confirmed pregnancy"? Bauer-Griffin said in early April that they had "confirmation." That would make her pregnant as of, at the earliest, March. Which would make her at least 4 months gone at this point.

Imahick said...

I think that children speak the truth. How many times have we read that NK is stand offish and doesn't interact with her co-stars, and of course, it's because she's shy or she's staying in character.

So...she's staying in character to film a pop commercial? Please say it ain't so. Please tell me that a professional actress doesn't have to dig deep to sell ginger ale?

Shy? I find this one hard to believe. Shy ... well I could buy that around adults, although I think she chooses who she is shy around and who she isn't.

But shy around a 9 yr old little girl? A shy adult doesn't act like that around kids, in my experience. That's more like a haughty and entitled adult, who doesn't interact with a child who is sharing her trailor because she is famous and doesn't have to. What harm might it have done for NK to spend a bit of time with this child and encourage her?

joy said...

Pretty normal "miff" for ANY couple, famous or not. At least there was no screaming in public or hitting like some other couples. These 2 are mature enough to "take it inside" and whatever the problem was I'm sure they'll work it out. If it was all love & roses they wouldn't be normal. Get to have a lot of fun making up!!!!!!!!!!!!

cricket said...

Hopefully Keith left for his tour and let her stay their and pout all alone.