Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our heads are spinning; so many questions...

There has been so much lately in the news lately about Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman that has led to so many questions that we are going to ask.

1. When were the Hamptons beach pictures actually taken? They couldn't have been taken on the evening of the 18th; Keith was in Las Vegas - too many people saw him there. And why all of a sudden these “happy together” pictures?

2. Where did they spend Sunday Urban's birthday? She was photographed in New York City on the 7th of July yet Keith tells a reporter two days later they were in Nashville and had a little cake. Perhaps he was with Sunday on July 7th and her mother missed the big occasion.

3. Why no comment from Keith about Jennifer Nettles dropping out of the shows? Even Kenny Chesney made a statement supporting Nettles and her "vocal problems" but then again, Kenny never had vocal problems like Keith did in 2003 and 2005. Perhaps Keith knows a little more about those problems.

4. Unlike almost every other tour mate, Keith didn't invite Taylor Swift to sing with him during his show. Why?

5. Why would Biography neglect to mention that Keith won the most prestigious award in Country Music, Entertainer of the Year, and yet spend more than a third of the program explaining how Nicole Kidman saved Keith Urban? Why no mention of his womanizing? Or his long term relationship with a woman who he dedicated his first solo CD too? Why no mention of his appeal to women and the way his female fans were manipulated by the barefoot love poet persona? Why no mention of his brother Shane? His manager, Gary Borman, who was responsible for his success, and his father figure, lawyer Ansel Davis? Why only mention his Grammys but not when he won them?

6. Why would someone make a deal to sell his publishing for major dollars after he spent his first major money buying up all his material? Does Keith need money for something?

7. How did Keith get that stiff neck (pinched nerve as he called it)?

8. Why in any biography or writing about Keith Urban do they not mention his turbulent relationship with his father?

9. Isn't Keith really playing with fate by flying out to a concert on the day it is happening? What about plane delays and weather?

10. How is Keith's relationship with his parents and brother? Are they still involved in his life?

We were just wondering.


maclen said...

Yeah, it's pretty obvious by now that cletus is majoring in inept kidman PR 101 studies...a mangled tapestry of loose and non connecting strings and webs. His personal story is now to be "moderated"...and "restyled" to fit the current situation. But of course, cletus is surely forbidden to have his past "relationships" be a part of the present shilling of his music... even apparently when a past "relationship" was a part of the music...yet kidman can just as surely exploit her most valuable past "relationship"...in which she regularly...and constantly mentions in PR releases...the father's day tribute being just the latest example. Now the taylor swift point just made me chuckle...for it is so plainly evident in a couple of my recent comments...swift is at the moment in the "stratosphere" ...while cletus is huffing and puffing back...or even below the launching pad! As for the family members complete absence from the cletus scene? Well, the fact that grampa urban had to chill it out for about 7 or 8 months to eventually see his granddaughter in the flesh...tells you everything you have to know about that situation. And the "international publishing" deal...the orbs music isnt selling...he is desperate for a meaningful fanbase to keep it all afloat...so he needs to troll outside his former pool of the faithful fans.

A440 said...

No doubt that when Biography approached to do that segment, Borman made demands...as is appropriate and expected. He's there to protect his client.

I do celebrity interviews for magazines. I also edit those of other writers. When I was handed an article on Reese Witherspoon by another writer, I was told by my publisher that no, we cannot mention that she was knocked up when she finally made it down the aisle. Why? Because her PR firm said so. Nicely, but firmly, they told us that further interviews with their other stars would depend on how nice we made to Witherspoon. My publisher needs those interviews: they make up her cover stories. So we made nice.

Dollars to donuts, Keith didn't even know what demands Borman made to Biography. That's not his job and it's not his concern.

And Biography is not 60 Minutes or Real Time. It's outside of their purview to do an "expose," or to question. They are expected to put together a segment that won't offend anybody: subject or viewers.

The simple answer to that is, Biography is just a mirror of what the public thinks of Keith. He's the barefoot addict/poet saved by Hollywood's reigning queen.

Like I said: Biography ain't 60 Minutes.

KUsHair said...

#2. The jury is still out for me as to whether or not Keith was with Sunday on her birthday. Two days after her birthday when he supposedly gave those interviews and said he was in Nashville, he was actually in NYC.
#4. I'm not sure the point you are trying to make here. Keith also hasn't sung with Sugarland. Nor did he sing with the Zac Brown Band or Sarah Buxton. On past tours he didn't sing with The Wreckers, Miranda Lambert, Julie Roberts or Little Big Town either.
#5. Reasons none of that stuff was brought up, is because it was most likely put together by Kidman's people. Of course they are going to paint the perfect fairytail. Keith himself nor his people did anything to promote the show on Bio, like they do for everything else he does on his site, Facebook and Twitter.
#7. Keith said in an interview that he hurt his back during the show itself. While onstage, it happened. The neck/back is a tricky thing. When you least expect it, sometimes your not even doing anything out of the norm. You hold your arm out and bend your neck at the same time. You lift something while your body is twisted and boom severe pain.
#8. Keith's Dad. Maybe it's best to let sleeping dogs lie? Maybe bringing up the past would only make the present and future unpleasant? Maybe they are in a place where things aren't perfect but they aren't totally bad either so why talk about it. I really don't think that every aspect of Keith personal life, namely relationships with his immediate family needs to be discussed in the public. Unless of course that is something both parties involved want to do.
#9. I completely agree. I find it incrediably disrespectful to the fans. His diregard for whether or not he might not make it to the show is disappointing to me. Especially when it's because he's traveled to see her. She never goes out of her way to see him while she's working. It's always him doing all the flying.
#10. They are some who think that once he took a wife his family should have stepped back but they didn't just step back, they completely walked away. They are gone from Keith's life. Keith's parents seemed to enjoy being on the road with him. It's not like Nicole is traveling with him, so why are they not around? Some will say it's because they are private people. Well, before Nicole, Keith's Mom didn't have any problem being out in public with her son. Something definitely changed in the relationship Keith has with his family and that's ashame. You only get one family.

Maybe someday when Keith's career is in a valley and CMT has revised VH1's Behind the Music" we will get the answers to all these questions and more.

JOY said...

Wishing Keith, Nicole ,Sunday & those they love every blessing & grace & MANY happy, healthy, love filled years together.

maclen said...

Ha! So here we have more of the "strange" kidman story from Rubina Ali, the slumdog actress who was in that ginger ale ad with kidman.



"They told me that Nicole Kidman, for security reasons wanted to film only between 6 pm and 6 am.

"I didn't understand the security reasons behind this odd shooting time chosen by Nicole Kidman but Natasha Didi told me that she was a very famous star and was concerned that paparazzi would follow her.
She also didn't want to be recognised by the public, and wanted to maintain her privacy. "

..."In the evening, there weren't many people and it was less hot as well, that's why she could work in peace."

..."I found the American actress strange but then sometimes very charming. Everything was done on the sets according to her desires and mood."

...She didn't come even once during the afternoon. She just came down for her shoot and then ran back to her room.
Natasha had warned me, "She's not too well, It's probably too hot for her. She prefers to stay in her room."
I would have liked to play and chat with her a bit."

..."Between each shot, the star took big breaks, with all her assistants around her. She had so many assistants, along with a dozen bodyguards and she didn't like to mix too much with the team.

When she was present, she spoke very little. I felt bored quite quickly. The following days went by in the same way."

..."Afraid of the heat, Nicole Kidman stayed in her room all day, whereas I just walked round and round."

...clearly the self engrossed, self absorbed, frail and stand offish kidman made a rather dull and conceited impression on this still young and naive new actress. And just as surely, if this had been say someone like dakota fanning, she would no doubt had regailed a plethora of flattering and "enchanting" tales of the most fabulous kidman!...fanning's been in the biz long enough to know how to play that game! But Ali, brand new to that biz, simply described to the writer her actual impressions. And I have no doubt that this is the exact same impression that most actors who act with kidman have about her...(Ha! just ask Sean penn!)... too full of herself to make even a pleasant impression on a newbie not jaded by the usual PR BS that they all engage in to try and get ahead. Its the reason kidman is no doubt, finished in films!

Imahick said...

What a shock. Imagine...NK dictating that the work be done when it suited her...at night, even though a 9 yr old child was involved.

Imagine...NK not mixing with other actors on the set, and keeping to herself? This has been the theme on many of her shoots.

Am I surprised. Not at all. She sounds arrogant. She sounds so full of her own importance, that she dictated her working hours, without regard for her fellow actors & she didn't even bother to spend time with a child, who obviously found her fascinating. What would have been so hard about sitting down and spending a bit of time with this little girl?

Also...no mention of Sunday Rose in any of the articles regarding this shoot. It sounds like NK flew to India, stayed there a few days, leaving her 10 mo. old baby at home for several days...the baby she had yearned for for years. Yep...and all for a soda pop commercial.

A440 said...

Wait a minute.

"Afraid of the heat, Nicole Kidman stayed in her room all day, whereas I just walked round and round."

This 9-year-old can work in the heat and sun, but La Kidman can't tolerate it?

Isn't this the same La Kidman who said she so-o-o-o loved the out-of-doors and enjoys being outside?

But it's okay, however, to make a child work the over-night shift because La Kidman "wants her privacy."

Gawd, I love it.

A440 said...

Did Keith actually say he was in Nashville? I recall several interviews that came out around the same time, many of which said he was in NYC.

cricket said...

Kidman walks around with long sleeves jackets and scarves in 90 degree heat and humidity with no problem. She sits on the beach for a photo op wrapped up like a mummy but suddenly she can't stand the heat? With her block of ice heart and cold blooded nature she could burn in hell abnd not break a sweat.

hoosierlady said...


I swear to you there is a quote in this mess of an article that has this little girl saying our gal NK is wearing "very little makeup" in her commercial.

I'll let you know when I get done wiping the Diet Sunkist from my screen after it spewed from my mouth.

The thing that struck me the most about this version of the "diary" is that this poor child was afraid to touch someone, anyone, for fear of getting them dirty.

As an American, no, as a human being, I hang my head in shame that a child anywhere would have to feel that way.

maclen said...

Well, surely hoosier, it's a culture clash of the culture of the have nots...and the culture of the grossly and overly have "alots"... and I dont simply mean monetarily. Kidman is an ultimate example to the worst of lalaland over indulgance and gross gluteny. Overly praised and celebrated beyond the justification of actual talent or accomplishment. Kidman is also the worst of a "personality" (minus!)...without any natural empathy or warmth...with not a single inkling or interest in any others lives or experiences...their culture... so I also dont find it surpising that the self absorbed kidman could even find in her shallow little empty soul to even "socialize" with the young Ali...to even consider if she could "guide" the newbie on the set...to help her perhaps through the tedious, at her whim... shooting schedule. Kidman is out simply for kidman...and considering that she is reduced to working in a ginger ale commercial, she isnt even doing that very well.

frankie said...

This is off topic, but at Keith's Philly show last night, he did NOT dedicate any song to her or mention her at all!! It was another wonderful show!!!!! He really is an absolute amazing entertainer!!

dontlikethepez said...

Maybe the obligatory "song and dance speech" only happens when the noose around his neck shows up for the show?

maclen said...

So, does anyone have info on the friday show if kidman and baby were in attendence as cletus "hinted" they might be?


"It's possible that they might come along," Urban hinted in an interview from the family ranch outside Nashville, Tenn. "There is a magic that happens when she's along." (Whether his reference was to wife or daughter was not clear.)

...so...was the "magic" witnessed by the fans? Was it about kidman or his kid? So does this make it her second appearence...barely...on his tour...boy I bet that "family friendly" refurbed tour bus has REALLY come in pretty handy!

biteme said...

I saw him in Sacramento and no mention of her either. It was one of the best shows I have seen and I have seen him a lot!

joy said...

YES, Keith has changed---his music has changed, well that's what is supposed to happen as a person's life changes. I wouldn't expect Keith to sing about things he has NO interest at all in. Do you think every song an artist sings is just lyrics written with music that came out of thin air? An artists sings from his/her soul. An artist sings from within. If he/she just stands up their & spouts off what was on the practice sheet fans would be unhappy. Keith is a professional musician & I'm sure he will do what he needs to do for his career. Nicole or no Nicole, Keith said all he ever wanted to do was play & sing & he's doing that & he will continue to do that. Yes, his music will change & yes his popularity will have its ups & downs but it doesn't mean he's through. With his 3-way talent (writing, singing & playing) we won't see Keith Urban fade away any time soon. He'll become even more & more popular. I read many reviews of his concerts on many sites & even people that were not Keith Urban fans when they went in, walked out of his concert as fans. They were amazed at the man's talent & presence on that stage & the interaction he has with his fans.
He's a musician deep down in his soul & there is no doubt about that. Does that change just because he's married to a high profile actress & has a daughter now, maybe it changes but I doubt it will do his career in. His life includes his family now & that cannot be denied. I wouldn't want him to deny that. I'd much rather see him happy, married and a father than back on drugs and alcohol not knowing if he'd see the light of the next day. I'd much rather see him give tribute & speak loving words & thanks to his wife than being silent under a cold slab with his name on it. I'd much rather hear him in interviews say he's found focus in his life than saying he was so lonely and lost that he turned to drugs to fill the void. He says that his life has balance now. He says he NEVER thought he'd have a life with his career as popular as it is AND a family all balanced together. He says he's very grateful and thankful for that in his life. So if this makes the man happy who are we to wish him otherwise. Every career has its challenges and every marriage has its challenges but they also have wonderful rewards & I truly think Keith Lionel Urban is reaping some beautiful rewards now after some very rough years alone & full of rejection. I personally wish Keith and those he loves the best of everything. I hope we hear his wonderful music for MANY years to come and I hope their marriage is still together til one is called "home". I'm a fan through thick & thin not just the fun, great, happy, joyful times but the trying times of struggle as well. I'm glad to see him on the better side of things for a change. He is truly happy & that's what is most important.

Imahick said...

Wow Joy. Can get some of what you are drinking? Just kidding!

I wish I could continue to think like you do. I used to think exactly like that. But I just see and hear too many inconsistencies to buy this whole thing hook, line & sinker. However, I'm happy for you because it is so much simpler from your persepctive.

k said...

Hick, don't forget the tin foil hat.