Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two Sets of Pictures, Which Do You Believe?

We have discussed two bits of film. One is a video; one is a series of still shots.

The same two people are in them: Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. These were shot less than a week apart and are, oh, so telling. The video was shot on Tuesday, July 14th; we see the "loved up" couple in an SUV in New York City.

Suddenly, Kidman sprints from the car. Urban bolts from his side of the vehicle and grabs Kidman by the shoulders and tries to talk to her as photographers snap Kidman and ask her questions about her daughter. As they enter the apartment building, Urban suddenly drops his hand, walks away from her, and struts to the elevator. In our set of still pictures we have the couple on a beach strolling, sitting, talking, and Keith giving her an awkward hug.

They seem the perfect picture of happiness.

Why were the paps on the beach in early morning in California, the day of Keith's Vegas show that he rode his tour bus to? The date was manipulated perhaps? Likely. Why was baby Sunday not at the beach? A perfect photo op if she is walking... walking hand in hand with her parents... Why was there a Twitter sitting of Nicole at Whole Foods in Nashville from the same day? More manipulation? But, of course.

So which is the real state of the Urban marriage? We don't feel we are going out of our way in saying the video from Tuesday night is an accurate depiction of the marriage. The new set of photos were in direct reaction to the video that had been posted all over the internet, and the story circulating about Nicole being afraid of the sun from her Indian soft drink video shoot. These photos are fake. Too posed, too stiff. Sorry, but the cracks in the marriage are starting to show and no matter how many staged photos they create, be it a movie date or a red carpet, all is not well in this relationship. There we said it.


rememberwhen said...

Well she finally made it to one of his shows. How many has he done already? She sat back of the stage, but she got on the big screen so everyone could see she was there. Also he keep looking at her and singing to her. She must have loved that. She doesn't even like his music. I understand he even said he loved her. This was all pr for her to get back in the good graces of Hollywood. Haven't heard if Sunday's brother and sister were there. I'm sure we will get sighting soon that they were there taking care of Sunday when her "Daddy" was singing.

notachance said...

I think the real state of the Urban marriage is just that - it's a marriage. It will have good days, bad days & just ok days and even days where you think you might not make it to the next as a couple. I'm going on 21 yrs and if pictures or videos were excerpted from it over the years the writer of this blog could probably paint a very strange picture of my marriage too.

Ancient Chinese proverb says: looking at snapshots in time does not give you full picture.

joy said...

Oh PLEASE. Just because there MAY have been a little "tiff" their marriage is in trouble. I don't think so. Some people MEAN the vows they say "in good times & in bad, in sickness & in health, til death do us part". These 2 will outlast a lot of other couples that seem to have it all together. They have a child & they made a promise to each other. The career thing (both of them) is something that will go up & down for the rest of their lives. If they split up over some low CD/concert sales or some low movie attendances/performances that would be pretty shallow & would have already happened. Everytime one of them blinks wrong people think they are splitting up. People (No matter if famous or not) stay together for life, it does happen. The PR stuff is JUST THAT, for the public. We don't go home with them & we are not priviledged to their lives 24/7. We haven't walked in their shoes or dealt with their issues so we don't have a clue. I personally hope they are together "til death does part them". They've both been through a lot of negatives & if they have found some positives together as man & wife I say "more power to them". Their little girl will have a mother & father that truly love each other & they love her. That's what's important. What couple doesn't disagree or have their little moments? No couple can be 100%---100% of the time. It's not possible & it doesn't happen. But it doesn't mean they're calling it quits just because one may have been less than happy. Real people---real world. The public persona of these 2 people & many others isn't who they really are behind closed doors. Wishing Keith, Nicole, Sunday and theirs the very best of all life has to offer. They'll be fine and will be happy for life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I watched the video a few times.

There was no tiff.

Kidman strode qucikly out of the camers view. I wouldn't have waited and been a sitting duck for those nasty paki papas either.

Urban took a sec to catch up from the other side of the car. As soon as he caught up, he put his arm around her too block the Parasitc paps. Then like gentleman he always has been shown to be, strode ahead to hit the elevator button.

They were in a hurry bc they were being stalked by paps, there is no visible fighting at all.

getaholdofurself said...

i agree with notachance. none of us knows what was going on in the video or stills because they don't tell the whole story. if the urbans were arguing, welcome to marriage! arguments don't signal the end of a relationship at least not in my experience.

hoosierlady said...

Why do you seem to be waiting with baited breath for these two to split up? I have said it before, and it bears repeating, if you like this guy's music, he'll make more of it, and it will be better if he is a happy camper.

Yep, she be strange, no doubt, but he loves her. She's his Yoko, as long as you don't have to hear about it all the time, what difference does it make?

It is as though you are lying in wait for a divorce, and then what? Tiger Beat? Do you have pictures and posters hung in your room?

When the discussion is about the concert tour there is no discussion. When the question is asked regarding whether or not to attend a concert, I'm met with a remark regarding my level of respect for the author of the blog.

Anna's blog was always amusing, but the other blogs have been nothing but the pick NK apart show, which is ok, but it only lasts so long until it turns into a high school cheerleader pick them all apart chat, as is this new blog, which is just a little too much, don't ya think? So she wears the same clothes to events two years apart. She recycles. What's the problem with that?

At any rate, she manipulates the press, no kidding. They do photo ops out the wazoo, no sh*t. One more time with feeling, everyone. . .


Anytime these two are not behind closed doors they are doing a SHOW.

That's why I tune in. Never dreamed anyone was taking any of this seriously.

I would suffice to say that they are completely different people when they are themselves than we have or ever will see. I'm different at work than I am at home, aren't you?

It's your turn, McClen, I'm ready for my verbal wrist slap.

cricket said...

For his sake I hope she is a completly different person at home. Because she comes across as a haughty snotty bitch with an icicle shoved up her butt. Hopefully for his sake she thaws out a little bit behind closed doors.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"It's your turn, McClen, I'm ready for my verbal wrist slap."

Ok..."Why hoosier, you ignorant slut!" (high satire alert! re: old SNL skit..dan ackroyd and jane curtain from "Weekend Update" bit...wouldnt want to be erroniously accused of actally attacking your opinion!) I mean that is your opinion, hoosier, and wailing that you dont like the direction of Urban Myths blogs or the comment threads is pretty futile...You mentioned it yourself, hoosier, when the blog is a postive review of a cletus live gig, there will only be 6...then 1 comment...and then a kidman blog gets 18 comments? And then the very next blog is another positive review of a live gig, and again it only gets one comment? So, you tell me, hoosier, what are people in here more interested in discussing? In my opinion, people who readily choose to be in the very public occupation of show business, will be targets of criticism and snarky barbs. They cannot choose what will be discussed about them nor can their defenders control what will be discussed in here. YOu know, if the defenders can comment that they believe kidman and cletus are the most fab or most generous...the happiest...or I dont know... have the brightest auras or souls... why couldnt I say that I dont think that they do?

notachance said...

"It's your turn, McClen, I'm ready for my verbal wrist slap"

Ha ha hoosierlady, you got that right.

hoosierlady said...

Ah. . . SNL with Jane Curtain and Dan Ackroyd, I remember that, so funny, man, that was a blast clear back to the hazy hazy days of high school. Whoa. . . glad that's over.

Fodder for the masses. Yes, you are right, people would rather trash NK than speak well of cletus and the shows, but let me offer this, just call me pollyanna, but maybe, just maybe it is because human nature makes us more inclined to speak ill of someone than to comment on good. Perhaps, when they read the reviews all they think is 'ditto', and they figure they have nothing to add. When I threw out I was thinking of going all I got back was 'yeah yeah you should', I didn't even get one "step away from the table, put the koolaid down and step away".

So, what have we learned? The PR machine must be working.

However, I must add that I still do not understand the obsession with wanting this union dissolved. I don't get that. What difference does that make? It's not like anyone has a personal vested interest in whether or not they stay together, these people do not know us,and we do not know them. We know the skinny blonde? chick that butchers wonderful novels and you guys know the vertically challenged guitar player that played behind Alan Jackson on a video. That's all you know. That's all I know. If you really knew these people you probably wouldn't like them, they are extremely narcissistic, (excuse my spelling), and not very bright, (if you had to read these bs interviews and quotes by all of the "Stars" you'd see they are just repeating themselves over and over and over), so I don't get it. Fill me in, would ya?

maclen said...

Well, hoosier, I find that trying to psycho analyze all the commenters "ulterior" motives for commenting in here is gonna fry your brain! And I realize that you are now currently in a very "good" state of mind toward the orb, and your'e now frustrated...even somewhat intolerant... of any negative comments toward him. You are now taking them as some sort of personal affront! I dont suffer from that because I was never a fan, and will never bother to try and find some "silver lining" that will take me back to that point of adulation. So I point out, ad nauseum, and mention all the phoniness of kidman, and now the increasing phoniness of the cletus. So basically, I feel your pain...(to qoute the "clenis") but cant step in line and march in unison whenever someone is digging on the cletus...pehaps simply for the moment... and insists on no criticism.