Monday, November 9, 2009

Behind Nicole Kidman's Perfectly Airbrushed Facade

by: abc

For far too long now Nicole has fortuitously flown on the wings of allure and enigma – of the fine kind ... and despite saying (in GQ) that ‘if you know what is going on inside somebody’s head all the time, that’s not a good place’, she would regularly and timeously (in terms of a movie launch) toss out little bits of intriguing personal info to the piranha’s, (being everyone other than herself, that is), but woe betide those who would digest those tidbits and attempt to reach some form of (realistic) concluding legit opinion of their own about this *STAR* who is constantly, and now, more than annoyingly, being shoved in the public’s face, way past her use-by-date and relevance, especially given the ultimately poor quality of the ‘product’ itself. Those of us who have constantly scratched away at the clearly manufactured veneer and seeming (outspoken) inconsistencies, (call it hypocrisy, if you will), are always denigrated from the dizzy depths of her diminishing fan base, (irritatingly accusing all and sundry “haters” of “taking her words out of context” and being ordered to “get a life!”), but, finally she agrees with us on a major point; in her own words: ‘I became very famous because I was the wife of somebody,’ ... ‘the huge profile that brought to me’ ... admitting that (she) “got married (because) I wanted to work with people who intrigued me.” (Good career move then, as we have always maintained, given that we would “only find out bad things” if we were to read the journals of that married life, she tells us.) Tom is going to love that quote! She should be investing in lip-zipper not lip-filler.

In 2008, the walls seemed to crash in upon this “Queen of the Screen and Sheen” ... suddenly there was worldwide cross-cultural questioning of (virtually all aspects of) this supposed “best actress of her generation” ... and having been a runner all her life, she never ran as fast as she did then, and now even more so, from this growing swell of disillusionment of her *star power*, and, in fact, integrity, being adjudged over-rated, overpaid, irritating and increasingly ‘plastic’ and dull, things I had been feeling for quite some time. Her fans (mostly congregated at NKU) tore their hair out trying to figure out why ‘Nicole-bashing’ had become so prevalent and put it down to the critics (professional and otherwise) being people who had ‘no lives of their own’ and were clearly hateful and ‘jealous’ of their ‘cute’ saintly heroine, despite it being common knowledge that frizzy-ginger-haired, freckled and flat-chested used to be the least desired physical attributes - NK first came to wide public attention when she appeared on a mag cover in Oz with just the very features NOT normally deemed cover-worthy; in the days when mag covers mostly featured ‘perfect’ models, usually bronzed and blonde, not actresses, let alone ‘quirky’ awkward ones. Yet, even she herself has since spent a fortune erasing every trace of frizz, freckle and ginger ... and upping the curves – on both chin and chest; slowly turning herself into a generic barbie caricature. Jealous? Not of what she has become.

Anyhow, she seemed to ride out the storm and suddenly this year had a golden opportunity when there was a surprising backlash at ‘Nicole-bashing’ ... being described as “so 2008” ... even though even I began to give her some slack, there was still no ultimate proof that she was not the barbie bimbo pretending to be altruistic and earthy that many of us were suspecting. Until recently. Until the GQ shoot and interview. Obviously this was created before the testifying at Congress. And when the questioning there turned to Hollywood’s role in endangering women in society, she started to back-track. Too late, the GQ stuff was already in the mill and I would love to credit her with enough intelligence to have recognized the incredible hypocrisy (or double standard) that would become self-evident. Most alarmingly: her saying that (her present marriage is) “incredibly dangerous” ... help; a woman is in danger ... of what? violence? being abandoned? what “danger”? And then to show more flesh in public than is considered classy, (the adjective most used to describe her – in the past), which will only lead men to think about her while they are making love to their own women, or their hands, which ultimately amounts to mental rape ... of the saint herself. What was she thinking? (What would her husband feel?) I think, given the film Nine, and the fact that she is low down on the call sheet and voting polls, she is futilely competing with Fergie, Hudson and Cruz, who all have this GQ look in that film. In my opinion, Nicole miscalculated radically, and couldn’t help wanting it to be all about her as usual; she was supposed to be portraying (in Nine) an iconic 60’s movie *star* (muse) ... she had the perfect opportunity to again create an iconic Monroe or Bardot type image which she could pull off; though, being a sex-kittenish roleplay, is still spiritually inconsistent with her coy black-jacketed ‘female empowering’ ambassadorial role at UNIFEM; however, still better than “give me risk, danger, darkness” and “kinky fetish sex". UNIFEM must be cringing. For some reason, she is really trying to be (VERY) SEXY. She doesn’t know that you either are or you are not and trying to be that only ever looks desperate and is only ever a turn-off generally, but especially in her case – and she had such a good thing going, for so long. Silly girl. She is SUCH a wannabe/wannahave (everything). She doesn’t seem to be able to draw the line at ‘enough already’; slowly busting the genuine allure and mystique that had working to her advantage.

Nicole has become the poster girl for the public’s growing disenchantment with the media’s obsession with portraying impossible beauty ideals and eternal youth – turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse: on the one hand to make more money for the publishing houses and studios and on the other turning many millions of girls into disempowered sex objects or (lifetime) eating disorder victims – eternally dissatisfied with God’s gift to themselves – THERE’S the ‘dark’, the ‘risk’ and the real ‘danger’.

When Mrs. Urban says she has “explored monogamy”, does that mean she has returned to or also explored the opposite? I wonder how Keith feels that his wife publicly claims she wants to “honour” her union to Cruise by not revealing ANYTHING about it, but then bleats about the raw intimacy of her marriage to him; negatively, busting the carefully honed image of the cosy homeliness of life on the farm in the countryside; which of course, the “no-life haters” have not bought entirely. Quite obviously the fetish stuff was with Kravitz or during the filming of EWS, but she leaves an indelible image in the mind’s eye of her being that way now; given her current attire on the GQ cover. I think her brain must be made of rubber.

For me, however, the most hideous, hypocritical and dishonest of her comments is: ‘I’d just given birth, so I was like “OK, I’m [still] a woman – I want to do this film (Nine), “I do have a life other than simply feeding this baby” and “I think when you give birth you get itchy to get back to work and you want to feel life still goes on.” She had previously stated that after she gave birth she absolutely did not want to work again but was ‘lured back’ by the ‘irresistible’ film Nine. Is having a child not “life” itself? But the “life that still goes on” is what, making films? Making make-believe, not reality? Is not ‘feeding’ a baby life itself? And is life with a baby not more than “simply feeding” it? “This baby”, not ‘my’ or ‘our’ baby. Of course, we knew she didn’t change diapers, or breast feed, or do any other tiresome child-rearing stuff, like even carrying the child in the first place (a certainly crazy rumour that I certainly can’t quite shift out of my own mind!) There is not a single picture of NK and her child that shows they are truly bonded; clearly she was handed bottles of feed to attempt that clearly impossible task; to her simply a tedious interruption to her actual “life”.

In the fascinating and funny book “Celebrity: How Entertainers Took Over The World And Why We Need An Exit Strategy" (Random House), Marina Hyde discusses the phenomenon of celebrity humanitarianism and writes “of course, in the manner of many stars keen to augment their achievements with – what? Something that might bring that elusive sense of self worth? – Nicole has made plenty of statements about it being famous folk’s ‘duty to give something back’. Maybe she could just settle for putting money back, and keep for herself the belief that she can bewitch repressive regimes into playing nice.” Or trying to lead the public into thinking there is much below her shiny perfectly airbrushed facade. Certainly not dignity or even run of the mill intelligence.


notachance said...

Good blog UM.

I find it interesting that she paints the picture of returning to work after giving birth as thought of after giving birth, not that the movie was in the pipe the whole time. In her attempt to appear dramatic at all times, she shows to anyone that even simply knows who she is knows she's full of shit.

I, as a woman, felt wronged by her involvement with UNIFEM from the beginning. When she couldn't put her money where her mouth is, so to speak, with following through on that first visit I was appalled that UNIFEM continued that relationship. But then, those were drunk & giddy times, just like the Wall Street raping & pillaging of America. We all stood by and allowed it to go on.

I'm hoping that our decade of rampant celebrity-ism (and the by-product of celebutards) is coming to end and the American public finally starts calling a spade a spade.

maclen said...

Clearly, kidman lives and breathes for the "public life"...and not "re-marriage"...or "baby" or a multi-year string of film flops is going to keep her from constantly spilling her so called "personal life" onto a "public platform!" And so the fansies will no doubt continue to cheer with giddy glee at her new GQ "tell all spread"... with all the tawdry and salacious tales of "sexual fetishes" and bizzare "emotional masochism"...but are so blindly oblivious or just shallowly ignoring the apparent counter-productiveness of her also trying to be a santimonious "defender of women's rights!" Many women who strip and pose nude in playboy or do porn films will also claim that engaging in those "activities" also "empower" women. No, it only keeps that meat grinder industry going and making the men who own and run them billions and in business. And believe me, kidman's GQ spread would not have "inspired" any of the young Kenya or anywhere else in oppressive or war ravaged countries to have a better self image or to have the resilience to sustain themselve through their hardships! And again, kidman was ABSENT and perhaps, as abc mentions in a comment from the previous thread and I wouldnt dispute it... UNIFEM probably did axe her participation on the Kenyan Campaign! She is clearly not a good example for that issue. And as the NKUsers have outed kidman on her "dubious" illnes...they today have another thread which claims to place kidman in public the day before she canceled the trip to kenya!

Nicole Kidman Protects Sunday Rose from the Flu

"The same day a scheduled trip to Nairobi was cancelled due to ill health for Nicole Kidman she takes her daughter Sunday Rose to a medical clinic in Nashville. Though the celebrity mom looked happy and healthy on Wednesday the 4th of November as she left the clinic with Sunday Rose she apparently was not feeling well enough to travel to Africa to visit schools and hospitals as part of the United Nations Development Fund for Women this weekend."

...Ill? No, just trying to cover the fact that she is "NOT" going to kenya by taking her kid to the clinic! And again, everything kidman says or does is just "counter productive" to being a lalaland...or apparently, as a UN Ambassador!

...UN to kidman..."Dont call us...we'll call you!...maybe"

notachance said...

Personally, I would like it if Keith took that "raw & dangerous" portion of their marriage for inspiration to write some songs. Maybe, just maybe, they might have some meat to them and not be so f'n sappy.

maclen said...

So I just want to give a shout out to those very helpful NKUsers...who have so thoughtfully provided scans of kidman's british GQ magazine article. So here is a very appreciative link to the page... i should god forbid pay to buy the magazine myself, much less for the very kinky photos of a "vampy kidman in black lingerie and thigh high boots" or for the proverbial "I'm getting it for the articles!"
So here now a few more unhighlighted quotes from the actual article itself...

"My life is about exploring love. I've explored obsession, loss, strange sexual fetish stuff. But I'm still on that journey"

...first I'd like to give congrats to Choice for getting an actual shout of from kidman herself! Although I need to correct kidman on the full name... it's called "Nicole Kidman's Journey" and you can find it here:

...just tell Choice, "Kidman sent me!"

next quote:

"It's based loosely on (Frederico) Felini's 81/2, with Daniel as the Fellini character-the troubled genius hitting a midlife crisis" says Nicole. "I play his muse, Penelope his mistress, Marion his wife, Judi his confidante and Sophia his mother. As it revolves around one man's view of all woman in his life, it's undoubtedly done from a male perspective- we all look, well, very sexy!", the film "revolves around one man's view of all woman in his life" and it's undoubtedly done from a male perspective- we all look, well, very sexy!" ...doesn't exactly gell with what kidman stated when she tesified in congress...I believe the quote was...“I can’t be responsible for all of Hollywood but I can certainly be responsible for my own career” So this is a film that kidman believes distances herself from Hollywood?

"To be honest with you, it's never been important to me," says Nicole when I confront her over her commercial failings. "That's why I'm no business woman. I've never cultivated that side of myself, the business side..."..."I make films that aren't everybody's cup of tea, I realize that. I get it. But that's where I am. If I were a painter I certainly wouldn't be painting for the masses. And I'm unwavering on this. I want to take risks. I want excitement, danger and uncertainty."

...again, hard to dispute the reality of the statements...but the 'take risks...wanting excitement danger and uncertainly are hardly apt descriptions for simply making movies...unless it's a action flick with may stunts...explosions. But to kidman, who doenst do does describe her, as abc mentions in the blog...kidman's mental and emotional "sado-masochism" that purports that "acting" has "huge risks." Again...she AINT Virginia Woolf..she only played her in a movie!

"That's the sanctity of our marriage. Our relationship is pretty much off bounds and we really dont discuss it except to say were very together. And you know, you work on it. Its very adventurous, extraordinary place to be: incredibly raw, incredibly dangerous and were very much at sea. You're exposed. You could drown. When you commit to commit to someone like that you live and die together by that decision.", her relationship with orb is out out bounds....and they "really dont discuss it except to say were very together....yet kidman continues to discuss it in this interview for 5 more sentences! 46 more words! Yeah that not disussing it beyond..."were very together"...parlays the info that..."its very adventurous"..."extraordinary place to be"..."incredibly raw"..."incredibly dangerous..."exposed"..."you could drown"...and when you commit to someone, "you could live and die by that decision! Boy, just imagine what we might learn if she ONLY "discused it beyond... "were very together!"

maclen said...

So, this is how much the cletus "cares" and "values" his fanbase...his, I might add, his diminishing fanbase...

False Hopes Fuel Keith Urban's Ticket Frenzy

It seems cletus was targeted specifically for his "Benefit for KEITH URBAN...with friends" concert...basically, announcing that 14,904 tickets would go on sale, ALL for only $25 bucks and all on sale Wednesday, September 2nd, 10 a.m....and that

"In fact, internal ticketing documents show that, by 10 a.m. Wednesday, out of less than 15,000 seats, more than 10,000 had already been sold."

and so, that left "4,491 tickets for the public on sale." But, if sales were to start at 10 a.m Wednesday...why were 10,000 already sold? Well, obviously, scalpers, right?

"And while Urban's people dismissed the scalping as "unfortunate," it turns out that a big chunk of the tickets sold in advance had gone to Keith Urban's Monkeyville fan club."

What? The monkeylanders? Orbs own team of ticket scalpers?

"Urban pockets $25 for each membership, giving fans -- and scalpers - early access to some tickets.
For the Hall of Fame benefit,we found 12 of those $25 seats right on the front row, scalped at $642 each -- all of them, according to internal documents, allocated to the fan club. Urban's team denies any responsibility for those scalped tickets."

Of course the orb's team is gonna deny any the above quote states clearly, monkeylanders...and potential "scalpers" only have to pay $25 for membership to the orbs fansie site...and then buy tickets by the bulk for only $25 dollars a piece and make a killing! Meanwhile, cletus is just happy to take all this "new" memberships to his fanisie SCALPERS...and those "lucky" orb fans got to pay only 600 bucks for decent seats! BUT, cletus got HIS money!

"Still, Keith Urban's team told reporters they could not involve themselves "in a ticket-scalping debate."
And there may be a reason that he was reluctant to condemn the scalping.
That's because, as our investigation discovered, this year Keith Urban struck a deal with Ticketmaster to, in essence, scalp tickets to his own shows.

Internal documents show that at stops on his 2009 "Escape Together" tour, Keith Urban's people instructed the venues to pull out 50 prime seats to be auctioned off to the highest bidders through Ticketmaster.
Plus, they ordered a hold on another 150 so-called "Platinum" or "TicketExchange" seats. TicketExchange was an area of Ticketmaster's web site that claimed to have tickets being resold -- usually at inflated prices -- by other fans.
"What could be better?" Lefsetz exclaimed. "The act says, 'They don't know. They're blaming the scalpers, and it's going directly to me.'" enough? So basically, it is cletus' policy of "trying to combat the becoming a scalper!" He wants his cut of the pie! But...of course, at the expense of those "diehard" fans, who would gladly...or more correctly, stupidly pay 600...inflated...bucks to his concerts! Well, that's pretty big of the cletus! Well, I slammed the orb's "Benefit for KIETH URBAN" as a PR vanity piece...but it seems the orb has the whole "live tour" wired to "scalp" as much money out of his dear devoted fans!

hoosierlady said...

He made $20 million dollars this year. She made $11 million dollars this year, according to Forbes.

She gets off on herself, he gets off on sticky sweet music (?) and wringing every last dime from every last person that he possibly can, and her.

I knew she was his Yoko, I just didn't know she was his econ teacher as well.

Plastic Pig People

notachance said...

KU, just like all the other artists it seems, are owned by Ticketraper. They have signed contracts with the devil for untold millions and at the same time look you in the eye and say they had nothing to do with the raping & pillaging of their fans.

Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, needs to start writing to their Congressman & Senator and really put the heat on them about the LiveNation/Ticketmaster deal. If this isn't a violation of anti-trust laws, I don't know what is.

maclen said...

Back when the "Benefit for KEITH URBAN" show was drawing near I had read that there would be "live feeds' of the show online at a couple of was at the Hall of Fame website...and another would be at... the orb's website! And my initial reaction was, "boy cletus is gonna have a mad rush of visits to his fansie site on that night!" And then when I actually visited the "live feed" page over at monkeyland I then noticed, and of course made a comment about here at UM...that right below the "Live feed" screen there were 3 button links...the first tab link was "Make A Donation" Help support the Hall of Fame!"...the second was a tab "Offical Tee Shirt" Wear your support for the Hall!...(and that is where the true name and purpose of this benefit was stamped..."KEITH URBBAN" and very special friends!")... and then the third, most telling tab was..."Defying Gravity" Get a copy of Keith's latest CD! So cletus used this "Benefit" to sell his t-shirts and new CD at his fansie site! So it is not that very unusual to have an "inclination" of it is so apparent...there are people who are quite ready...and willing to take advantage of people...because there will always be people who are quite ready...and will to be taken advantage of! And that's why it continues to occur.

dontlikethepez said...

As much as I hate to say it (as a KU fan) it really does not surprise me at this point! What he didn't know before NK, he is sure as hell learning now. This is one of several reasons that I didn't even TRY to go to many of his shows this tour...I'm a fan of his but I'm not an idiot. He has really lowered himself to her standards and we all know that isn't very high.

maclen said...

So, right on if it was all just "prearraigned"...kidman has effectively gotten over the "seasonal flu" she so coincidently caught just 5 days ago that prevented her from attending the Unifem kenya event. She was looking fact a full day before even I had estimated she would be parading around for photographers at an official event. I speculated she would be out for the CMA redcarpet...but she was able to make the BMI awards tonight...

...looking quite..."smooth" smooth as cheap porcelin...seems kidman took the opportunity to get a "tune up"...she wasnt looking as "California raisin-ish" as she did at the congressional hearing last week. Seems she found something to schedule in when she got bumped from the Unifem kenya doubt due to a matter of "taste and decorum!" Well, for kidman, I have no doubt the BMI awards more than made up for missing the Kenyan trip... she instead even got to hobnob with the country music elites... and not those poor unfortunate and sicky patients in that hospital she was to have visited! And lucky her! She now has the CMI's tommorrow! It's hard being a "clothes mannequin"...unlike that trifle...UNIFEM and humanitarian stuff...she can just phone or video feed that stuff in!

hoosierlady said...

“The union we’ve created is something we both want to work on,” Urban said of his marriage to Kidman. “It is beautiful to be in a union with somebody that is equally loving and passionate, and who wants the best for the other person.

“We want the best for each other and we support each other to do that. I have never had a situation where I have been willing to do whatever it took to work things out. To find myself in a relationship with a person who is equally willing has been an absolute miracle.”

Permission to manipulate the wording to make this say what they really mean?

maclen said...

HA! Well, actually hoosier...I find the quotes so...generic and mindnumbingly bland. I guess the orb has taken kidman's "BS" "We dont discuss the relationship beyond that were together" quite literally...cletus spent these two entire paragraphs to simply say "they work on the relationship and its "equally loving! ZZZZzzzzzz....

maclen said...

To quote the great Jimmy Walker as James "JJ' Evans Jr. on that classic 70's show "Good Times"..."Well, what can I say?"
So, swift was able to actually take "Entertainer" at the CMA's. Not in about 8 yrs has a woman even been nominated...and it does surprise my ol" cynical heart! And of course swift was my darkhorse to take it...cause cd sales = $$$....and truly, even in "down to earth" country...$$$ talks! And if I was a betting person I could have wagerd and won a fortune with the odds of swift winning "Entertainer". And actually the night was pretty much foretold when swift "opened" the show...and then did another song later in the show. And I think she swept her noms, right...with 4 cma's. And cletus...well just as I speculated back on November 4 in the previous blog, "Kidman is Kinky"...quote:

"Well, but this is an "awards" show...and cletus does usually win an almost "mandatory" award for something...probably another "co-award" he has been usually getting lately...probably the one with paisley...Start a video?" was in fact, actually "Musical Event" Start a Band...orb receives his "obligatory" award...well.. "half of an award" with paisley! So how many of these half awards has orb been given with paisley anyway? 2...3? So I guess the "fact" that his cd, Defying Sales, has just barely sold over 500k cds...and his "subjective" status as the most rocking-est concert tour performer...and that he ranks maybe the 4th top grosser in country concert touring... and his two #1 "radio station call in" country hit singles... and not even his "timely" scheduled "once in a lifetime "Benefit for KEITH URBAN" 3 weeks ago could win cletus not even one solo award?
Now, here's just another interesting impression for you monkeys out there...that I got as I just watched the taped "west coast" feed of the cma's. So, I actually watched cletus perform his, what I recall reading on the live blog of the cma's would be his next single, Til Summer Comes Around...I think, anyways, and as I had a very familiar sound to it! It sounded alot like some song that I got the impression had a 60ish or 70ish "mellow rock " sound to it...but I couldnt put my finger on it. Not till about a half hour later, as the tune replayed in my head and I was finally able to recall what the orb's song "Til summer comes around" reminded me so much of. And that song is "Guitar Man" by Bread! So I punched up Guitar Man by Bread on Youtube and re-listened to it...and then I punched up orbs Til Summer comes Around...and re-listened to it again...and..... well, check it out your self

"Till Summer Comes Around" -cletus orb -2009

"Guitar Man" -Bread- 1972

Ha! Too funny! Cletus IS "Mellow Rock!" He is so vintage early 70s!
NOw I just saw as paisley took "male vocal"...and there!...that was the reason orb didnt win...when orb's name was announced before naming the winner, they had a shot of orb...and kidman! She is awards bad luck, orb! But does he listen!!
So as I humorously read as the monkeylanders posting tonight over at monkeyland are all set to commit "Hari Cari" I'll just sign off tonight's that for "analysis?

hoosierlady said...

She'd better hurry, the top photo shows she's got some pretty serious ARM PIT SKIN ISSUES. I only bring it up because of the stark contrast, and I'm sure there is a procedure for that.

She'll have to hurry, though, because I know from personal experience if she lets this go she'll end up with arm pit skin that resembles a


you know the type, the ones that have "the cheap seats" at her husbands concerts, the ones that bought memberships to his fan club in the hopes of getting better tickets in the long run, the ones that thought part of the procedes would go to worthy causes, the ones that extended their work weary recession-shocked hands to touch Cletus' disgusting sweat soaked body. Remember them?

Did Mr. Kidman win anything? Please tell me no.

Wait! Maybe he won a free ARM PIT SKIN LIFT from Dr. Glassman, the Dr. that did Kate's tummy tuck! Then he can give Nicole a free ARM PIT SKIN LIFT and it won't cost the fools anything to continue the quest for physical perfection, and after all, the bottom line is really what it's all about, right?

notachance said...

I don't think this year you can blame KU's lack of awards on NK. He was the victim of Taylor Swift just like everyone else. Miranda was clearly not giving a shit about being there because she knew the deal. Read that Kenny Chesney wasn't present at anything in the preceeding days - probably because he already knew who won EOTY.

abc said...

“We want the best for each other and we support each other to do that." - Keith Urban

We support each other to want the best for each other ... is that double-narcissism? A very convoluted statement on the whole from a very private Urban.

They certainly 'work' hard on each other on the red carpet. I can't find a single photo of any couple at both recent award shows who do that flirting-with-each-other act. If I see another of these gawking and laughing into each others' eye balls I think I'll vomit. Keith: the real 'miracle' is a relationship where you DON'T have to work so hard at it.

And wow, NK is certainly working the boobs to within a millimetre of their lives at the AMI's ... spoils an otherwise gorgeous dress.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
She'd better hurry, the top photo shows she's got some pretty serious ARM PIT SKIN ISSUES. I only bring it up because of the stark contrast, and I'm sure there is a procedure for that."

HA! Now this woman truly has no concern whatsoever that she is "viewed" so buffoonishly "unpopular" film failures...plastic and bloated lips, botox, cheek inplants...and now you can add "inflatedly bloated"! Seems kidman got more than just a botox fix...she filled up her "tanks!" Obviuosly, with the "skankifying" new image showcased in the kinky british GQ piece, she has opted for the tabloid and gossip route to try and revive her career!

maclen said...

...Well, so as kidman got in another "Awards" as many days...(it seems kidman NEVER EVER misses an awards appearence over illness, does it) ... so I must point out of course, that my very "valued sources" over at NKU this morning are VERY VERY" muted" over kidman's CMA's appearence. While her appearence at the BMI's just the night before with her rather demure look and dress, is getting gushing and raving reviews, with 30 replies...the CMA thread has gotten so far an earth staggering....3 replies! I quess this new Nicole "Chesty Mcfloatation devices" Kidman is another...shall we say...embarrassment to the fansies? JUst make that another epic...FAIL...for the irrelevent kidman!

Choice said...

I didn't know Dolly Parton was at the annual CMA Awards, did you:

hoosierlady said...

Did you read this from Crazy Days and Nights?

Julia From Down Under said...
Nick looks like she has been drinking Embalming Fluid....and Keith like the funeral director waiting for her to fall off the perch.............

maclen said...

Yes, I gotta re-state it...again...kidman's continued public "buffoonary"...and personal implosion does not...and will not into the forseeable future...bode well for the cletus! The continued denial that his decline does not correlate with the exact moment kidman latched herself onto him...will just plain and simply lower the cletus more and more to her embarassing depths of ridiculous camp and derisive mocking... as he himself becomes more and more comfortable with escorting an "adult blow up doll" to not just her's, but his public events! I get the feeling as orb continues to lose out on future awards...the standard yucks will have become..."Well, urban may have lost out of the (insert country award)to (insert country musican), but at least he will be going home to kidman's "GOLDEN GLOBES!" HA ha ha!

timtam said...

maclen you're wrong. There were two threads started about the CMA's. The one where everything was discussed including Nicole's look (to rave reviews btw) is on Keith's section which is unavailable unless you are a registered member. That one was started awards night. The second one was started late by another member in Nicole's section.

Interesting though, that poster was told there was already another thread discussing the CMA's.

Did you just happen to miss it?

maclen said...

timtam said...
"maclen you're wrong. There were two threads started about the CMA's..."

Yes, I noticed...but that is exactly my point! Why is the "Main" CMA awards thread in the "Private members only" forum, and as you claim in the "keith section"... and as soon as someone posted in the "public section" they were immediately pointed to the "private members only CMA thread in the "keith section?" And so now, timtam, explain to me... WHY is the very similar
"BMI awards" thread in, and is allowed to continue in the "public section" of the site? Wouldnt the BMI awards also fall into the "keith section?" Seems to me there is perhaps "something" about "KIDMAN"...or maybe "TWO THINGS" about kidman at the CMA"S the NKUsers would rather not discuss in public?!!

maclen said...

..oh noes! Look timtam...someone just posted photos of "Chesty Mcfloatation devices" in the "public" CMA thread! YOu better alert them that "those" kinds of photos belong in the very exclusive "private booth" at NKU!! Where that sort of thing is not discussed in "Public!"

dontlikethepez said...

Actually I am surprised that NK has enough "fans" to merit a whole fan club dedicated to her anymore and I'm afraid KU is declining in his recruits as well....maybe they'll eventually combine them. HA! But as has been stated before, no matter what anyone says on here, there are some people that refuse to believe anything but what comes out of KU or NK publicists mouths, which those of us in the real world know is pure BS mixed in with a little "1/2 truths".

abc said...

from the time she was a kid, Nicole (has admitted) she lives in a dream world ... fantasising about the cinderella fairytale ... that is the only way she knows how to exist ... feeding babies and looking & living like a normal grounded person (you know; like Streep, Moore, Mirren, Blanchett, Watts, Bullock, Theron, Cruz etc etc) just does not cut it for her ... sad, but true ... whether she is happy is debatable, (despite her outward appearances - which to me just look a little staged - she always has to me been a ham actor), as she herself has said that "happiness is a shaky state".

Well, she is working on it ... that, clearly, is her "life work".

It must be tough to be addicted to having it all. I have always maintained that the Urbans are in a co-dependancy relationship - supporting (and perhaps enabling) each other's addictions - except Keith got to give his up while she still rampantly indulges hers. I think she is his addiction now. There is quite a complex scenario happening there ... no wonder they need to work at it.

Anonymous said...

Kidman goes to great lengths to be the most memorable on the red carpet. No suprise that her push up bra had her breasts resting under her chin. Last year she was completely backless. So this year, frontless! She'll make all the magazines and tabloids as usual and that is her goal after all. Gotta be seen as "raw and dangerous". Too bad it won't get her any movie offers.

maclen, your absolutely right. Shes fading fast and shes taking Keith right along with her.

maclen said...

mikki said...
"maclen, your absolutely right. Shes fading fast and shes taking Keith right along with her."

Yes, mikki, and kidman is so predictible as well...2 years ago in that "senational" Vanity fair piece...where she she talked cruise...miscarriage and ectopic "secret engagments"...her 3 films that year all flopped! Now she's talking...well cruise again...but now it's "strange kinky fetish stuff" and "bad things in private diaries" she claims she burned! Well, MARK MY WORDS NOW... next year...after her dreary indie flicks have fizzled to minor release..or even to "straight to dvd status"...dont be surprised that "excerpts" from those "allegedly destroyed bad diaries" dont make it onto the internets! And of course inept team kidman will deny them as fake...or that they did not leak them...but I certainly expect it to happen.

Anonymous said...

Yes maclen, the interest in her has always been her relationship with Tom Cruise. She knows it and uses it. Has she ever done an interview without mentioning him? And yes, she does seem to "set the scene" for whats to come. Thats what she did in 07' with interviews about how, yes she can and has been pregnant, not once but twice with Tom (because miss prim and proper can't be pregnant out of wedlock). And then - perfect timing to go with her epic and as easily as a schoolgirl, shes pregnant again. But of course, hers is a miracle baby with only a 2% chance to conceive. And you wonder why so many believed she faked the pregnancy. So yes, a new little tid-bit about her and Tom to stir up interest again. Private diaries. And of course anything leaked would be denied because I'm quite certain that neither is allowed to reveal any private info as part of the divorce settlement.

And I do wonder where these two will be next year - her with no film offers and if rabbit hole is an attempt at a comeback shes failed miserably and should think twice before producing again. And will Keith get dumped by his record company because his CD didn't sell well. Maybe another child to keep them in the news?? What else have they got???

maclen said...

abc said...
"I have always maintained that the Urbans are in a co-dependancy relationship - supporting (and perhaps enabling) each other's addictions - except Keith got to give his up while she still rampantly indulges hers."

Clearly abc, this is the case. Addiction is not simply "cured" by a "spouse", no matter what the orb may say...and also clearly, kidman controls the relationship...I mean imagine if cletus spoke publically about HIS past she continues to discuss and bring up! The cletus wouldnt be able to speak without crib notes from kidman. And yes, mikki, next year when orb's career is at a standstill, I wonder what record company would want to fund another cd! Capitol Nashville cannot be too impressed with the sales of "defying Sales"...

notachance said...

I don't think Capitol will ever dump KU unless top management changes - meaning Mike Dungan gone. I think that's relationship sealed in cement and Mike will be on KU's side as long as Mike's in charge. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Capitol is getting some kind of backend money from KU that makes up for lack of cd sales.

As for NK, I saw a clip last night of Kate Hudson's part in "Nine" and I was pretty surprised at her performance - did not know she could sing like that. Will be curious to see how NK holds up to that.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the relationship between Mike Dungan and Keith. But it was rumored that the Greatest Hits was to be Keith's last album with Capital. His manager had to go to bat for him to get him one more shot with them. And it was on the condition that Kidman butt out. Their well aware of his declining career and his tour was scheduled with other artists in the hopes that he could gain new fans and restart his career. I think corporate gave him a lot of support this time around. Maybe your right notachance, maybe Dungan will continue to carry him. Thats yet to be seen. But his hook up with Kidman has clearly derailed his career and, in my opinion, hes more interested in being a celebrity than being a country artist now. At some point, Capital will cut their losses and let him go.

timtam said...

The reason for the membership requirement was to limit new registration. After Keith and Nicole became a couple the board was slammed with requests to join. New fans were allowed up to a point until the board owner ended registration to free up their time. The Country music /Keith section went private because there was too many requests to join NKU and it is mostly an NK site. If you want a KU fansite find Urban Mates. Making it invisible to non-members limited the membership requests. It is a Nicole Kidman fan site (not a fan club) and the owner was nice enough to have a section for Keith. The CMA's and the awards were initially discussed in Keith's section for obvious was his event...and another fan who started a newthread really for no reason. The point of it was really about Nicole's fashion choice and not about the night which was already covered. But you can see that nobody is trying to hide anything. The thread is still there.

maclen you are trying to ruffle my feathers with your sarcasm but since you know nothing about Nicole and Keith it's your problem to deal with in your comments because you are always misinformed. The CMA nominations list was chockers with other acts that went home with zero or very few awards that night because of Taylor Swift's sweep. His record label has no reason to dump him when he's one of the highest selling artists on it.

Keith is working on the next CD so you're wrong there. Gwyneth Paltrow joined the Danish movie so you're wrong there. Your diary prediction is plain stupid. And didn't you say Danish Girl & Rabbit Hole wouldn't even be made? Today you're predicting small release or straight to video? You're constantly changing your predictions after the facts present themselves. If I could demand one question answered from you it's why should anyone believe what you say, unless they just want negative comments for sake of negative comments?????

Don't worry, I'll mark your words. I'll put them on the wrappings my fish, chips, and cornjacks come in and they'll end up right in the bin where they belong.

timtam said...

mikki that was rumors spread on the E! threads and nothing more. There was no proof of any of that going on, except the posters there probably wished it were true. And its their way of trying to make the wife look bad. I think we know it's not true because Keith is still saying Nicole inspires his music.

Taylor opened up for all the other EOTY nominees so how is it only Keith that's using Taylor for his own gain? It's just one more thing started on the threads that's not true.

maclen said...

timtam said...
"If I could demand one question answered from you it's why should anyone believe what you say, unless they just want negative comments for sake of negative comments?????

Well, because I dont demand anyone believe what I say. It's that's simple. People will agree with what I say, or they will disagree. They'll believe it or they wont. Negative comments for the sake of negative comments? Why not? I could just as well ask you, "you just want postive comments for the sake of positive comment?" Well, you have it, at your fansite! Do you honestly expect everyone to believe what you say? And true, this blog isnt always perfect either...but it doesnt need to not like it's rocket science! And I would stand by my comments of the state of kidman's and urban's careers over any "fans." I mean, if I am so "misinformed" as you claim, why would you bother to come here and dispute them. For clearly, kidman has not had a great PR few weeks after all. From the highly mocked "photoshopped" Vogue cover for Nine...the fact that the film itself was moved back til late Dec...and now it is very unfortunate for the films chances of success that all the promo for the previously scheduled late Nov release film is coming out now...or her testimony in congress where her headlines were marred by "hollywood contributes to demeaning woman"...or her skipping the "Q&A" she was to "co-host" after her testimony...or her highly sexploitive "bizzare kinky fetishes" UK GQ piece...on the heels of her own "declaration..."Hollywood sends a "bad" message to woman, but I dont"...or her only a few days later, skipping the unifem campaign in Kenya because she fell "ill"..or now, how her CMA appearence is being over shadowed by, first her apparently obvious boob job and her obvious "showcaseing" of them...and now the stories on her obvious lip injections. Now I dont even have to highlight all this in a mocking or sarcastic manner...but simply in a listing of pretty obvious bad PR! And I do believe it has not been "positive" for kidman's image. So I understand quite clearly why you would be so defensive over a comment I made about a couple of threads at your fansite.

maclen said..., I just learned from my friends at NKU, that the cast of Nine today taped an appearence for the oprah show.

...and that it will be broadcast on Nov. 18. Now, of course I find it...unfortunate...since obviously this appearence was scheduled months ago...for a film that was originally scheduled for a late Nov release. But of course, the film was moved to late release Dec 18th and full dec 25. As is also apparent, magazine promo issues started releasing late last month. Clearly the shuffle has disrupted the obvious chances of this film doing as well as it could have in its original schedule. My also having read just after the release date change, over at movie city news on Oct 10...

"Aside from that, the one surprise of the day was running into (well... seeing and avoiding eye contact with...) Rob Marshall at The Young Vic production of R&H's Annie Get Your Gun. He's in London putting the final touches on Nine, which needs to lock and load for sound in order to be ready by the December release date that was obviously coming last month.

...still "putting final touches" for a movie that was originally scheduled for release in late mid October?! Well, surely, for some it is just "final touches"...but for me, who is well aware of kidman's recent film "tendencies" of reshoots ie: "The Invasion" where kidman was in that car stunt accident...ending tweaking ie; "Golden Compass," where the ending was excised due to contraversary, and expected to be reinserted into the beggining of the "sequel"...that never materialized... or as again, more reshoots,ie: Australia, where reshoots took place, after a few previews were less that "stellar". But of course the "official' explaination was put forward the reason was because kidman had gotten "pregnant" and she had to reshoot "riding scenes. Yet when the Australia website images of the reshoots came out...there was only images of jackman and kidman's riding double riding and images of kidman walking to the "studio" for reshoots. So the explaination of already scheduled reshoots does not gell with the facts. So again, not the very best promo for Nine...release date changes and stories of late editing does not bode well for this film!

abc said...

Have you heard of democracy, timtam?

The heavily censored site NKU is best suited to you. That is the reason for the private boards; to bar people who make comments or have an attitude not liked by Foxy.

Why people go online when they can't bear or handle the public responding, (negatively, positively, incorrectly or correctly), is beyond me.

hoosierlady said...

Here we go again

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Here we go again."

Yeah I gotta re-state what I recall reading on the blog a few threads ago...does she even recall what she said in another magazine interview?

She magazine:

“Now my priority is my family — my baby and my husband — that’s non-negotiable,” the actress told Britain’s SHE magazine. “I’m not going on location unless we all go together. I’ve worked hard enough — and it’s now all about resting and enjoying.”


"I’d just given birth, so I was like “OK, I’m [still] a woman – I want to do this film. And I do have a life other than simply feeding this baby”,’ she said.

"I think when you give birth you get itchy to get back to work and you want to feel life still goes on."

So, which is it? She's just contradicted herself in the short span of just over a week! Once again, she has blotched another attempt at "promo"...well of course, only to people willing to "notice" it and question it.

abc said...

oh gosh hoosierlady ... this woman is just so fickle and hypocritical ... one minute is itching to get away from family then family comes first and "nothing" planned in future. what about Danish Girl? And all the promo for Nine. Must be responding to the reaction against her comments about not being content just "feeding this baby". And Bella and Connor are getting such a look-in these days too! NICOLE, PLEASE GO AWAY! STAY AWAY! Stay with the "country living" you are now espousing as your be-all. Yes, have that little brother for Sunday that you say you might just try for. GO! Give everyone a break.

timtam said...

Final touches. The audience of the Oprah show saw the film. Clearly it was finished enough for an audience. There's over a month left before it opens.

Democracy isn't an excuse for outright lying.

Thank you for confirming your reasons for being here maclen. Negative comments for the sake of negative comments even when you get basic facts wrong. We know why the readers continue to agree with you. They are as out of touch as you are and they don't care.

hoosierlady said...

Democracy isn't an excuse for outright lying.




Can someone else explain it this time, please?

A440 said...

Oh, please, Madam X said after her divorce that all she wanted was to retire from the industry. She went so far as to detail her future:
“I always thought I’d eventually live on a Fijian island. I love the idea of being in a sarong, with hair down to my bum and kids following me around and hanging out.”

Now, she has the family she says she always wanted and the natural-born child she says she always wanted, and what is her response? When asked if she was happy in her marriage, she replied, “I don’t ever say that. Partly because interviews are done in advance and you never know where something’s going..."

Is she thrilled to have had her baby finally?
"I do have a life other than simply feeding this baby."

But this I love:
Now my priority is my family — my baby and my husband..."

Guess she's been focusing on everything else until now.

maclen said...

abc said...
"oh gosh hoosierlady ... this woman is just so fickle and hypocritical ... one minute is itching to get away from family then family comes first and "nothing" planned in future. what about Danish Girl? And all the promo for Nine."

Yeah, if you notice, kidman usually talks of "slowing it down" at the end of the year"...or perhaps not making films because she "no longer has the desire"...blah blah blah...but this quote concerns me the most...

"We have hay! We have deer and skunks!
“And we have bobcats on our 40 acres, as well as four alpacas — as pets. Not for their wool — I’m not knitting, but because I love their eyelashes!”

...and what I want to know...WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOAT!?? Did they neglect it?...Did it just wander off? Wont anyone think of the GOAT?!?!
Come on, dude, goats have that really cool "goat"tee!
Now actually, there is one quote I absolutely agree with...quote...

"Kidman’s plans for the future? “Nothing!”

...yessiree boy, nothing!

Imahick said...

NK says what she thinks suits the cause. If it's to sell a sexy movie ... she is dangerous & raw. In NINE the role was so delicicious, she had to take it... didn't want to stay home and feed this baby when this opportunity knocked. As if the role was offered to her after Sunday was born - complete crock.

Afterall, she is such a private woman; she won't discuss her marriage ... that's not for the public. But she would like you to know that she's experimented with kinky sex and fetish.

If it's to project a maternal personna, well, her family is everything. It's her priority - non-negotiable.

NK says whatever suits the circumstance.

She contradicts herself constantly, but her fans can't admit that cause it would prove she's been manipulating them for years.

As far as Keith and Capital...his CD may not have sold what they'd hoped, but no ones (except Taylor's) are. He was still top selling artist for Capital Nashville. He's gotten 2 #1's and 1 top 5 off this CD and his tour has been successful. Don't fool yourself into thinking Capital doesn't want Keith in the "barn." Sure, he's got support of Dungan, but Dungan also knows that Keith is key to their success. Now they have Darius, Lady A and some other very talented artists, so they don't have all their eggs in Keith's basket, but still.

The loss of the award isn't the worst thing. It wasn't completely the curse of Kidman this year - Taylor is the "it" girl. Should she have won? Hell no. Money talks. The CMA's sold out, IMO.

maclen said...

"Final touches. The audience of the Oprah show saw the film. Clearly it was finished enough for an audience. There's over a month left before it opens."

Yes, so they were very very lucky Weinco decided to move the release date of Nine back an entire month, isnt it?

'Nine' dances to December
TWC shifts Rob Marshall musical film

"The Weinstein Co. has shifted the release date of the Rob Marshall musical "Nine." Tuner, which was set to go out Nov. 25, will now see a limited bow Dec. 18 in Gotham and Los Angeles before TWC opens it wide on Dec. 25."

"The Weinstein Co. said "Nine's" date change was not made due to production delays.

Well, obviously, now in hindsight, it looks like wienco certainly had reason to worry that "production delays" for the film may have prevented the film from being done on time! And of course, as the article also mentions, the other reason for the change of release of Nine was Nov 25 was also the slated release of weinco's other film...The Road. So now The Road will open on nov 25 against:

Me and Orson Welles PG-13 (Limited)
Zac Efron Ben Chaplin George Coulouris

Ninja Assassin Restricted (Wide)
Rain Naomie Harris Ben Miles Sho

Old Dogs PG Parental Guidance Suggested (Wide)
Robin Williams Kelly Preston John Travolta

The Princess and the Frog G General Audiences (NY/LA)
Anika Noni Rose Keith David Jenifer Lewis

..and Nine will now open on Dec 18 (limited) against:

Avatar (Wide)
Sam Worthington Zoe Saldana Sigourney Weaver

...and then again, for wide release on Dec 25 against:

It's Complicated (Wide)
Meryl Streep Steve Martin Alec Baldwin

Sherlock Holmes (Wide)
Robert Downey Jr. Mark Strong Jude Law

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Limited)
Heath Ledger Christopher Plummer Tom Waits

The Lovely Bones PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned (Limited)
Mark Wahlberg Rachel Weisz Stanley Tucci

Up in the Air Restricted (Wide)
George Clooney Anna Kendrick Vera Farmiga

So... anyone else see it? The Road will open up against, basically, robin williams and john travolta....while Nine opens up now against...james camerons first film in over 10 yrs, meryl streep, steve martin, alec baldwin, robert downy jr, heath ledger (last film role!), mark wahlberg and george clooney! Does anyone else get the exact same impression I got when they announced the release date? That weinco moved Nine to this late Dec release to basically bury it!? To put it out of it's misery...quick and smooth? As I've previously mentioned, kidman has a recent knack for being involved in very troubled "productions"...which results in "release changes" and "reshoots"...and "contravesial" endings. One point I forgot to mention about the production of Australia was the contraversary over the ending. Recall, the bazz wanted to kill off the jackman character at the end of the film, while the studio wanted a "happy ending." Which was why they ordered reshoots in august of 2008...only 3 months before release, and got their happy ending!

maclen said...

...and while on the subject of the cast of Nine appearing on Oprah this coming wednesday...boy...let us all hope, and pray, shall we people...that Oprah gives her "Golden Stamp of Appoval!" for this film. Of course y'all recall this last year...

"Oprah Winfrey's rave review of 'epic' film boosts Baz Luhrmann"

" Influential US television host Oprah Winfrey has enthusiastically thrown her weight behind Baz Luhrmann's epic film Australia.

With Luhrmann scrambling to complete the much-anticipated film before its official release in two weeks, Winfrey dedicated her show on Monday to the production starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman."

Winfrey's endorsement will also delight Tourism Australia, which has based its advertising campaign around the film.
"It's the best movie I've seen in a long, long, long, long time," Winfrey said. "It is epic, it is magic, it is a spectacle and the scenery is so gorgeous you can barely stand it. Australia is going to make you jump on a plane and go Down Under."

And of course the dividends of those Oscar wins for the bazz and Co. as a result....what? They didnt win Oscars? Well, the Oscar noms they were able to...huh? They werent nominated either? Well, surely...the AFI...the Australian Film Institute, will no doubt lavish the film with...What is it now?

Fresh talent steps up as AFI snubs Baz Luhrmann

"AUSTRALIA, the nation's second-highest-grossing local movie, has missed out on a best-film nomination at the Australian Film Institute Awards."

...well, but surely, baz for director...jackman and... what's that? No noms for director, actor or actress....ohhhhh... NEVER MIND!! jeez!!

Choice said...

Did you see what Perez and other media had to say about the Mick Jagger lips? Read on ...

abc said...

Excuse me timtam, I take offence at these statements of yours:

"Democracy isn't an excuse for outright lying."

"We know why the readers continue to agree with you. They are as out of touch as you are and they don't care."

Please do not bundle us all into one basket and make generalised incorrect statements about us as a whole ... we are all individuals with our own impressions and views of the public figure (circus) that is NK ... she puts herself out there, we pay to go online, and we have every right to have and express our opinion of her and her shenanigans - she does it for US ... if that opinion varies, well so does Ms Kidman's ... it is bloody hard to keep up with what is the truth with her - she doesn't seem to know it herself! the public is getting tired of being treated like imbeciles by these holier than thou 'celebs', (as opposed to real celebrities who are celebrated for their true talent), who are (ar*e-licked) and treated with kidgloves ONLY because they are stinking rich and whore luxury branded labels ... no other reason ... because in Nicole's case, as hard as I try, I just simply can NEVER enjoy a performance of hers ... I have finally given up on expecting a pleasant surprise from her in terms of acting ability - not just 'putting on an act' ... now I am just weary of seeing her altered mug everywhere I bloody turn ... she is polluting the internet with her fickle barbie cinderella persona and i just wish she would retire gracefully ... you know; go home! Tuck away those pumped up boobs, pick those vegetables and eat them! Feed them to that baby. Whatever. Just quit! Please!?

Anonymous said...

You can't argue with the numbers maclen has provided. Keith's CD sales went from 4 mil to 2 mil to half a mil. Its clearly a decline in his career and can't all be contributed to the economy or new technology.

Kidman is finished. She'll always have her fame and money but she'll never get back to where she was.

maclen said...

Yes, mikki, you can't argue with those numbers, and not even the fans will argue with them. They will try to explain it away as you state, "the economy or new technology." Or when I compare orb to say, swift on cds sales...or chesney on concert grosses...they cry, "you can't compare them, it's apples and oranges!" So of course, when I pointed out that the orb compares...badly... to the orb of two years ago, they have other reasons to explain it. And as to the comparison of orb to swift on the CMA's, it didnt take a "media genius" to recognize that swift had the major momentum to sweep the CMA"s. And truly, swift was besides the point, actually. My main point was, even if not swift this year, or chesney last year, it would have been someone...anyone else...and not orb. And for all the railing I did over what I considered to be orbs rather crass and exploitative "Benefit for KEITH URBAN" conviently and dubiously scheduled smack dab in the middle of the CMA awards voting...I did get a sense of satisfaction that the cma voters werent swayed by it!
Now as to the orb's current tour, until the final numbers are eventually released and tell the complete picture, you can only work with what you got. I recall, just after the orbs US toured had conclude...I read a poster over at monkeyland excitedly state that orb tour may be his highest grosser yet, yet of course had nothing to show it either way! As to how orb is doing this year as compared to last year...according to Pollstar's mid year "2009 100 top grossing North American tour" chart...which you can find here...(a PDF download or quick view)

they have orb's US tour grossing $13.4 mil with 206k total tickets that's the "mid point" remember. Which, interestingly, if you were to "double" that amount, for a possible "full US tour" for the orb, that comes out to 412k total tickets sold, which is still below but near the number of people who bought his cd! And that would be in the area of 580k. And now, looking at the 2008 midyear top 100 tours, found here...(last entry on the google page)

...last years midyear stats shows cletus, who was co-touring with carrie underwood...was grossing $18.5 at the mid point...that's $5mil more than what the orb is grossing at the mid point this year. It doesnt show total tickets...but surely, orb is trailing last year gross. And that is a contention...will the orb's current tour grosses out pace last years?


I love this blog and you!