Monday, November 23, 2009

Urban Myths Weekend News Recap

It was a busy weekend for the Kidman & Urban Clan:

We were treated to pics of Keith alone on the beach making his new video for Til Summer Comes Around.

Keith performs another free acoustic show for Verizon in Pasadena, CA. Word is that he was half an hour late.

Kidman presents an award at the CNN Heroes show to be broadcast on Thanksgiving. No red carpet before the show, no Keith in sight.

AMA Rehearsal – Keith with 3/5 of his band.

AMA Red Carpet – The usual forehead touching shots of the loved-up couple. Kidman holding her ass. Kidman holding her belly, pretending she has a secret for the paps.

AMA Show – Keith wins his first AMA Award. He does thank the fans (it is a fan-voted award, after all). Says the award is for his Baby Girl – his 42-year old wife – oh, and Sunday. Kidman was in the audience long enough to be shown blowing Keith a kiss at the appropriate moment.

AMA Backstage – The following was in the LA Times:

After winning the country male artist prize, Keith Urban had only one thing on his mind: some downtime with his family -- wife Nicole Kidman and the couple's young daughter, Sunday. "This is the first time we'll be able to take her to Australia," Urban said.

Urban said he remains grateful for his success: "I just love playing music. I've come from a place where I've played in front of three people to a place where I play in front of thousands."


maclen said...

"This is the first time we'll be able to take her to Australia," Urban said."

Really? I guess the cletus is suffering from some sort of case of "short term memory loss...

Nicole Kidman brings Sunday Rose home August 7, 2008

"Australia's newest celebrity baby, Sunday Rose, looks like her father Keith Urban and has a "bit of a reddish tint" to her hair, her mother Nicole Kidman says.
Kidman and Urban last night returned to Australia with Sunday Rose for their first trip back since the birth of their daughter in the US on July 7."

I realize some things are easily forgotten...where you left your keys...where you parked your car...but whether you recall if you ever took your year old kid for a visit to the in laws in another country just a year ago? Seems the cletus is suffering from kidman's "hoof in mouth disease"...a plainly "untrue' public statement to "juice up" it's effect...with obviously no regard to the truth. So is it that, or is the orb back on the "silly sauce' kidman was sloshed on last week?

dontlikethepez said...

The lies are getting to be too many for BOTH of them to keep up with and remember who said what to whom! The tangled web of lies that they weave...I'm beginning to see that most of their whole existance is based on deception!

timtam said...

Am I the only one that gets it? Wouldn't this be the first time they've taken their daughter here for Christmas?

Whatever you are implying Urban Myths, it's not an improvement over Nicole buying Keith his nominations and front row seats at awards nights.
Sour grapes?

A440 said...

But that's not what he said, TT. And for a man who is usually quite articulate and detailed, it's telling.

I keyed in pretty much the same question maclean asked, but on an earlier post. Was Keith just being clumsy in chasing after her (and grabbing her, btw, again by her clothing, a Keith move I find kinda disturbing), or is he using again?

Not that I would blame him, but...

notachance said...

timtam - I'll only point out this point - if you are taking her for her first xmas then say that. His quote clearly says it's the first trip down under in her young life.

And maybe he needs to go back to playing in front of 3 people for a while to find out where he really comes from.

timtam said...

Yes I can see you're using this as an excuse to start rumours again.

Of course I meant that Keith meant it will be her first Xmas in Australia.

Does everything have to be spelled out for you? This website which I think is for an American celebrity mag could figure it.

The new dad -- who calls fatherhood "pure bliss" -- says he's excited for Sunday to spend her first Christmas in her parents' native Australia.

maclen said...

Well, as I actually overlooked the "fansie online voting" rolodex AMA awards show...who exactly did orb beat out for his award? Orb was only up against Aldren (???)... HOOTIE!, "impressive" win orb! (SNICKER SNICKER) But as I peruse the orb google news search, once again, I notice the true big winner of the show...

"Swift receives five AMAs, Urban and Rascal Flatts also winners"

Taylor Swift wins five American Music Awards"

"Taylor Wins Big at AMA's"

"American Music Awards: Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson win big, Adam Lambert ..."

"Taylor Swift is tops at American Music Awards"

...HA! one lousy award orb! And I do think it telling...and indicative of his career trajectory...

"Country Male Artist winner Keith Urban admitted that Sunday night marked the first time wife Nicole Kidman witnessed one of his award show wins in person."

...yes, orb, that has been the pattern of your career...of which I am sure you have no cognative nor have had a correlative notion of the cause! Bad for you... and your career...but fabulous for me as it will provide me with such rich material!

notachance said...

The AMA's are in now way indicative of Keith's career. Those awards are more on the joke side if you ask me. It's a fan created and voted event and not controlled at all.

maclen said...

Well well seems a quick perusal today of a kidman google news search reveals that kidman's attempt at upstaging of the orb on the red carpet arrival...with "shhhh I may be expecting!" gut clenching photo ops has apparently fallen by the wayside with a DOA thump! Seems the desperate for attention kidman was upstaged herself by co-star kate hudsons near 'nip slip" on stage...

Kate Hudson almost fell out of her top

...or all the "hudson and a-rod together at AMA's...almost

Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez Are “Happy” Together

...or all the other far more noteworthy events at the show...just as orb got overshadowed by swift once again...kidman got overshadowed by hudson! Or not to mention...

AMA awards 2009: J. Lo falls, and Adam Lambert performance raises eyebrows

...and come to think of it...the latest Nine trailer does seem to feature hudson's performance in the film... while kidman got...a few secs in the trailer! and once is the reason why...

PREVIEW : An Unusual Way - Nicole Kidman

abc said...

The slogan for Nine is:

'This Holiday Season BE ITALIAN'

So what does the Italian-pizza gobbling Nicole do: she tells us that Sunday was baptised in Italy. LOL: how transparent can you get?

Posted on NKU:
"This appeared today in Sydney's Daily Telegraph

"Nic's Baby Baptism
"Nicole Kidman has informed Grazia magazine that she and husband Keith Urban recently had daughter Sunday Rose baptised while in Italy on holiday. Kidman, ... described the celebration as "beautiful". "There was a little church in the place where we were staying just outside Siena," she said. "The priest there baptised our baby and it was a beautiful time".

So, baby shilling (marketing PR) is not out of bounds as professed. BTW, the Urbans can't seem to decide whether their 'rule' is 'no more than 3 or 'no more than 4 days apart'.

In an ET interview she is asked whether she would like Sunday to become an actress, she exclaims "OH NO, I want her to 'dabble' in music ... isn't it awful that I am hoping things for her". ???

Well, they were right, Nicole has gotten onto that music bus after all. However, no matter what she says, does or wears, I just can't get past that awful awful trout mouth: what it looks like even more than what comes out of it, always punctuated by that grating laugh of hers, the faux humility and the faux American accent that slips in here and there. sheesh.

abc said...

There is something strange about the moment when Keith is announced for the AMA award ... he turns and kisses Nicole on her hair ... then turns to go to the stage ... she stands up along with the audience, then he spins around, goes back to her and kisses her again ... and, as others have said: calling her 'baby girl' ... 'babe' yes or 'baby' yes, but 'baby girl'? for Sunday maybe, but for Nicole? Unless it is to link it to 'Kiss a Girl' ... given that most of their life has become grist for the mill, it wouldn't surprise me. I would just appreciate it if they wouldn't then in the same breath announce that their private lives are 'out of bounds'; when it clearly isn't for them. The public at large is pretty fed up with being shown so little respect in terms of its intelligence and wants. 'Celebs' have just gotten too high and mighty and it is just getting worse and ever more unpalatible. I dread to see what this generation of kids will turn out like (suri, sunday, shiloh et al) .... god forbid!

abc said...

The reason why Nicole makes me ‘choose to be angry’ with her facial and body activity in the media .... especially on mag covers that are visible to all ages in all stores, is the message in this article in The Age newspaper in Melbourne:
“In the age of beauty, you're never too young to look younger”
PETER MUNRO, November 22, 2009
“TWO years ago, when she was 23, Courtney Lovell looked in the mirror and spied fine lines on her forehead. Within a week she was having her first Botox injections for $300, which the university student paid for with income from her part-time job.
''I'm not at an age where I need to age gracefully,'' she says. ''I'm sure when I'm 40 or so I will have enough Botox in my system that I won't need it again, and then I'll age as I should.''
“Lovell ... pays about $120 every five months for injections to lift her eyelids, plus some in her forehead each year as a treat. Her fiance, Jacob Aaslund, 23, also has Botox - which blocks nerve signals that cause the muscles to contract and eventually create wrinkles - to erase furrows in his brow. Last year, she bought a gift voucher for cosmetic treatment for a 22-year-old girlfriend, who had ''the crow's feet of a 40-year-old''.
“So young and already so old. Lovell compares such non-surgical cosmetic treatment, which has doubled in use in Australia in the past five years, to applying mascara or having her hair roots dyed blonde. It makes her feel confident, she says.
“Increasing numbers of young women, some only 19, now seek regular cosmetic treatments to stop wrinkles before they appear. They will grow old but perhaps never age.
“Meredith Jones, author of Skintight: An Anatomy of Cosmetic Surgery, says such treatments are increasingly being marketed to a younger audience as preventive measures to ageing.
''A lot of surgeons are advertising Botox and similar non-surgical procedures to people who may only be in their 20s,'' Dr Jones says.
''It actually kind of grooms them so that later in life they're more likely to go ahead and have more dramatic surgery. We may be entering an era where, for a certain group of people who can afford it, we will never be able to know how old they are.''
“Taryn Guerinoni, 29: ”I'm not trying to look younger, I'm just trying to keep age at bay,'' “this is just the next generation of maintenance.''
“... Dr Gabrielle Caswell estimates Australians spend $345 million a year on non-surgical treatments such as Botox, more per capita than in the United States.
“Dr Jones says researchers have found the body might actually compensate for treatments that stop people frowning, by developing wrinkles elsewhere on the face.
“She worries women are wasting money on cosmetic treatments to forestall ageing rather than enjoying their youth. ''They're spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Botox every year and that will go on ad infinitum, rather than investing in their super or saving for a home or travelling.''
“Melbourne GP and cosmetic physician Dr Tass Tasiopoulos says his youngest patient was a 19-year-old, who arrived for Botox in her forehead, along with her mother and aunt.
''Some girls don't really need to have anything done, but sometimes they don't see what others see. They are very critical and insecure and compare themselves to models (and actresses!!!) in glamour magazines,'' he says.
''A lot of uni students will come in asking for wrinkles to be removed and you think it's almost a bit of a joke - they don't blink at spending $1000 to have some lip enhancement … I will very often send younger girls away. I think it is important to exercise some sensible control.''

abc said...

(comments in parentheses are mine)
By Michael Y. Park
‘Nicole tells the Dec/Jan issue of Ladies' Home Journal ... that her fuller bosom helped earn her a role in Nine. "[I had] big boobs because I was breast feeding – I was perfect for it," she tells Entertainment Tonight Canada. "I wouldn't get cast now." "I was not looking to go back to work. I went back to work because this was ... the perfect kind of scenario," (Casting for the movie would have been WAY before she had the child – besides, in the movie you can see she is wearing a bra-filler)
‘Kidman ... has found true bliss ... on her Nashville farm ... "There are certain limitations to my career because I'm based here (Nashville). And that's cool. Keith has enormous ambitions, which I support. His tours and albums are much bigger than what I'm doing right now." ‘she often (???) accompanies him to gigs’ "When your husband's a huge singer, the last thing you do is sing with him."

‘Don't be misled -- Kidman is doing plenty’ (professionally). (but) ‘She spends a lot of time on the .... farm.’ (but lives in a house in town) ... "when you're happy I think you can live anywhere." Every week she hosts a 10 a.m. baby group, ... "This is my way of having 10 kids," (backtracking on a comment a few years ago that she wanted 10 kids. She also told ET recently that she is ‘open to anything’ re having more kids). "My health is not for me (???)," says Nicole, "it's for my daughter ... When you have a child later in life, you have to stay strong." (and for your other two children?)

... ‘it seems Kidman's days of zooming from one film set to the next are over. "Now I love my real life so much it requires an enormous belief in a film to want to take it on. (Like playing a ‘movie star’/icon - Nine). "You're not left with your houses or awards or money, you're left with the people that you built relationships with (except Tom)." (but) ‘She was lured away (from her ‘blissful’ real life) to film a role in the new musical Nine.’ (She will never be bereft of her money or houses; so it’s a superfluous comment).

‘Kidman’s mother, Janelle, “wanted us to have a sense of our place in the world," ... "She didn't want us to be shaped by our relationship with boys. She wanted us to focus on our intellect instead." (However, after Tom and before Keith, she had no ‘sense of place’): "I was running from my life ... My imaginary life was better than my flesh-and-blood life. Now I love my real life.” Kidman says of her sister Antonia. "Our motto is, 'Just get in there. Don't retreat. Stay in it.'" (Don’t run away?, now which is it?)

’"Keith and I have a very profound marriage, " ... “there are times when you can choose to be angry at the person or to love him." (Keith has said she gets angry). "There's equality in (my parents’) marriage, and great love. I hope (?????) I bring that to my marriage."

‘In November Kidman was due to leave home again, this time travelling to Kenya for a few days on behalf of UNIFEM (again milking something she didn’t even do!)... "I'm constantly trying to find new ways to give back, ... There's so much we can do with the power of our feelings, the power of our sensitivity." (and the power of money and houses!!!!) (then be ‘sensitive’ about portraying yourself as a sex object in the gratuitous media!) “Part of my job is to scream loudly and make governments take notice."

’A hotel security guard escorts her and Urban down in the elevator, waving away people who try to board on other floors.’ (oh yes, can’t have normal people get too close to the saints).

Tara said...

Many people know that OK and Star Magazine are places that the Kidman PR machine drops the hooey.
So there was a clean up on isle AMA.
Lots of speculation that Mr. Kidman had taken a shot of courage before the awards. Most agree the performance was canned but his over the top performance in the press area made many wonder.
The AMAs like the Peoples choice awards are often leaked to the winners ahead of time to make sure they will appear. Thats why you had Swift beaming in from London at 3AM. With that being known Kidman didn't have to travel to oz to watch Keith sing Sweet Thang for the 100th time,although she could with the Heros thing being taped ahead of time, because the Kurban love machine would hit a wider audience in the States.So Keith gets to plead his undying love to the muse. Oh isn't she playing one in the movie too?
Bella Cruise is my hero - how did she react to Nicole bringing her up as one of the close knit children? She went out in public with her little Sister Suri. Bella is her fathers daughter.

tada said...

Wow Tara, "Lots of speculation that Mr. Kidman had taken a shot of courage before the awards". Have not seen that before your post. Any more info on that topic?

What was the deal with the Orb's hair during his AMA performance??? Looked like he needed a sheet of bounce in his shirt collar to keep the static from reaching his hair standing straight up and side ways! Geez.

maclen said...

abc said...
"The slogan for Nine is:
'This Holiday Season BE ITALIAN'
So what does the Italian-pizza gobbling Nicole do: she tells us that Sunday was baptised in Italy. LOL: how transparent can you get?"

WHAT!! The very personal and very private kidman revealed she baptized her kid in Italy...exactly where her latest film is based in! How so... soooo...serendipidous! Imagine the odds of that occuring..and YADA YADA...
Yes, a quick check shows news of kidman being in WEinCO's Nine came out in Aug of '08...

Nicole Kidman to Appear in Another Musical Film

...and apparently, where kidman baptized the kid was too personal and private to release at the time it occured...but, now...when shes shilling her "Italian" musical..."Hey, world, did you know my baby was baptized in Italy...I know...go figure!" Which is why I have absolutely no qualms over...speculating...theorizing and basically calling out kidman and the orb for their rather callous exploitation...and there PR BS... of their entire lives, family, friends for whenever it is "beneficial" to their "commercial" Their personal life IS their public life...and they keep proving it over and over. And so I say, "they are perfect targets for public...and obviously...personal criticism!"

A440 said...

Does everything have to be spelled out for you?

Wrong question, tt. The proper question is, why are you giving him credit for statements he never made? Why are you putting words in his mouth?

A440 said...

isn't it awful that I am hoping things for her".

What a boneheaded thing to say! All parents hope for things for their children. If Sunday proves to be musical, then a career in music would hardly be the worst thing to wish for. I'm awfully glad Bob and Marienne didn't urge Keith to "dabble."

Will somebody...ANYBODY...shut Nicole up?

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you maclen. This union is and always has been all about publicity.

maclen said...

tada said...
"What was the deal with the Orb's hair during his AMA performance??? Looked like he needed a sheet of bounce in his shirt collar to keep the static from reaching his hair standing straight up and side ways! Geez."

Yes, tada, it seems the orb is beginning to share kidman's "bad"...I also noted the orb's rather shabby unkempt hair in the "grab ass' photo ops...seems as if he simply jumped out of bed to go on a photo op run!

Tara said...

tada- look though most of the sites that had urban treads or AMA threads and my favorite was from the rope
where someone said Keith tapped his inner David Cassidy on Sunday.

So had a story about Keith teaching Sunday how to sing
and now its gone....?

so this whole thing about Sunday getting baptised- where are the godparents, grandparents etc
its not something you do just because you couldn't get your strawberry pizza at a bistro.

Wasn't there also some dispute that Sunday wasn't even in Italy with them and she was photographed at the same time they were off on their trip in Nashville coming out gymboree with the Nanny.

timtam said...

The proper question is, why are you giving him credit for statements he never made? Why are you putting words in his mouth?

Are you pulling my leg? The skeptics are mind readers and psychics! All-seeing and all-knowing! Forget common sense. Why are you nailing him and Nicole to the the wall for offences you create out of pure imagination? Let's make the furthest, most outrageous leap we can! He didn't say "for Christmas" therefore he is on drugs. But it's obvious as
what he meant. And it is a possibility every word he said on the subject was not included on the website. So you're taking a website as the be all and end all. Interesting since the skeptics think they see things more intelligently and don't take anything at face value. You've forgotten that doesn't mean you can discredit everything a person does unless it makes them look bad. Are you in a secret contest to see who can outdo each others rumours? I don't think any of you really know how utterly ridiculous you sound. You believe everything negative from the same sites where you say it's a lie when it's positive. You've got nothing to support your argument but ill will towards a marriage.

My own words tell me there's no reason to post here any more. You're hopeless cases and maclen over there, typing away even though he-she-whoever you are doesn't have a clue about what he's saying. I've had enough. I can read the other blog where the even if you don't agree with the opinion, the facts are there.

abc said...

Nicole's fans really make me laugh, they are in such a bubble ... at NKU one of them says: "I really hope gossip sites aren't trolling fan boards for stories" ... what century are they in? And do they think because we are not allowed to comment there, (unless it is to say that NK and her 'lovely' family are 'gorgeous and cute'), that people in the media don't read everything?? - (which, on the internet, is called 'lurking') - You can tell by their languaging that most of them are really young. And another thing, they scan articles from mags and then post them without permission from the mags, which is copyright infringement, and then tag them disallowing others to copy their scans to post elsewhere!!!

I remember reading way back a journalist saying that he thought NK was knowing exactly what she was doing when she hitched her already waning star onto what seemed like a rising star. Her dead weight, however, is causing a real drag on that rising star; which sadly got sucked into her vortex of self-aggrandizement; albeit within a context of faux-humility; the thing that annnoys me the most.

Re Nine publicity: what is the point of getting her on to interviews if she hasn't seen the film herself? Forcing us instead to have to hear about her private 'love' life and 'real' life when we want to hear about the film itself! I'm looking forward to the film but hating that she is in it, albeit for only 15 minutes, which she calls "a quarter of the film", LOL! Oh, she is so deluded! I wish she would STAY on the farm and learn to love butterflies; really, they don't bite, Nicole!!

ps ... another fib that came out in an interview ... she said that 'all she has done' workwise since having her child is 'nine' and the "little movie" 'rabbit hole' ... WHO WAS IT then that did the Schweppes commercial and magazine ad shoot, the Omega PR shilling and ad shoot, the Unifem PR and congress hearing, the countless wardrobe meetings and fittings, the 'danish girl' signup-pre prod, the countless red carpet PR stints and award presentations, the countless magazine cover and article shoots and interviews, the Nine publicity etc etc etc??? That is because, despite her protestations, her work life IS her real life! She needs to stop pretending that it is 'all about family' now. She aint fooling us; just annoying us.

maclen said...

mikki said...
"I'm right there with you maclen. This union is and always has been all about publicity."

Well, the fact of the matter is mikki, celebs can whine and complain all they want about the paps...the "invasion of Privacy" and how they want to keep "some" things personal...that is until they have a film or a cd to sell and they start divvying up all those personal and private facts to every magazine...and infotainment show! The fact is the whining is just another arm of the PR BS meaning they just want to control how those personal facts get out...and that's when it is most beneficial to when they have a movie coming out.

abc said...

This is a copy of an email I have just sent to :

You should NOT be using Nicole Kidman as your ‘spokesperson’ for anti-violence against women... increasingly she is coming across as an unintelligent,
out-of-touch, ditzy, self-absorbed, dishonest and spoiled Hollywood barbie-bimbo-type airhead ... she increasingly presents herself now as a pouting
sex-object (Vanity Fair cover exposing her boobs in a bra, Monroe and other sexualised bed shoots, GQ mag cover acting a vampy SM tramp, breasts
exposed in the article inside), over-exposing her legs and breasts in flimsy garments on the red-carpet (eg CMA’s most recently), and in many of her ‘dodgy’ film roles including rape scenes (Dogville), hints of paedophilia (Birth) and fetishist sex (EWS & Fur): ‘artistry’ not being a good enough reason ... the demographic
that is titillated by (and acts upon) this kind of lure and (s)exploitation does not necessarily have the education to completely separate fact from fiction,
or they think that this is what women want .... magazine covers such as she is on are on display in every level of store ... also visible to children everywhere
that these mags are sold, or placed in medical waiting rooms etc ... and also widely on the internet.

Her constant and obvious use of age-defying and sex-appeal-pumping cosme-surgical enhancement sends out the wrong message to young people whereby
sexual attraction is presented as more important than congruence, integrity and character; despite the transparent and futile efforts (of NK) to present as such. Intelligent women in the real world are becoming rather tired of being dictated to by, (or having their daughters exposed to), the seemingly spiritually sparse and fictitious world of Hollywood babes. Keep the entertainers in the world of entertainment and leave philanthropy to those who make it a dignified priority in their lives, not a payback for the guilt of having been over-pampered and spoilt in their very surreal and unreal worlds; where a barrier of bodyguards keeps their contact with ordinary human beings virtually negligible. Have them donate from their VERY large coffers instead and use that for shelters or for real education for the men in the world who are bereft of the knowledge of the real needs and safety of reality-based and truly endangered women in the real world. Thank-you.

abc said...

I also posted it on Unifem's Facebook page:

JOY said...

If you listen to the answer Keith gave he specifically said this is the first time we get to take her to Australia ***for Christmas.***
Just wanted that to be clarified