Monday, July 14, 2008

I had a baby - I did, I did, I did!

Weren't the customers at Bread & Company in Nashville surprised on Friday when in strolled Nicole Kidman and her paid staff for a little chicken salad and to be seen? Yes, it was all about being seen. The spies went out and immediately called People and sure enough Nicole made the usually docile weekend page. Mission accomplished, right? Or not?

Nicole apparently doesn’t realize that many women have had babies. Many of us who have had a baby must call her out for going out to lunch four days after giving birth. Yes, little Sunday appeared, was cleaned up, and taken home in an extremely short amount of time. However, for someone who had such terrible morning sickness, who felt so heavy with child that she wished fireworks would lead her to labor, it seems a tad bit too easy. Who will ever know, as they rented several suites at Baptist hospital in order to bring forth the infant - away from those who may show an interest. The story of this birth has many holes in it, and we may never know the answers but this writer, who for the longest time did believe she was actually pregnant, now believes that Sunday was born on Sunday, July 6, and that she and Keith knew about it when they were out and about that day. Hence the excitement and looking so loved up. For someone who had the trouble she did conceiving, the birth couldn't have been that easy nor the recovery so quick.

As many of you already know Catherine Olim is no longer Kidman's spokesperson. Farewell and a note to anyone who follows in her shoes: Do not ever mess with an employee of Rupert Murdoch. Cindy Adams is a lot of things, but she is also in the Murdoch fold and calling her names isn't very wise... Don't think for a minute that the drinking incident isn't the cause for her departure.


Lisa said...

then what was the cause for the departure??

CJ said...

Cindy Adams "accused" NK of drinking backstage at the Oscar's. Catherine denied it then said "Cindy is an idiot. You can quote me on that." And many media outlets did. It was very unprofessional but if she was going to be replaced I'm disappointed Cindi Berger was the best they could come up with.

Imahick said...

Yes, Cindi Berger isn't as well respected as Olim. Interesting...

notaclue said...
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stillhopefull said...

I have also wondered about all of the holes in the birthing story. I have never been one to think that Kidman was actually pregnant...surogate has always been my speculations. I think this wonderful all of a sudden birth..all of a sudden descent unto the homestead and now the sightings just a mere 4 days after the little princess' arrival...just reek of a whole shit load of planted bullshit! Anyone out there who has given birth...let alone be it under hardship to do so, it would not have gone down like this at all! That my friends is just reality more no less...just the reality of not every other birth in America has gone down like this. Especially one that has been so hard in the works! How about a little truth Nicole...I think everyone can handle it, but can you????

notaclue said...

I agree - 4 days after giving birth and having lunch with friends, looking "refreshed"? Granted, I'm sure that she has a nanny (or nannies) doing the nightime shift (probably daytime too) but most women are still pretty tired and sore that soon after birth. My co-worker just had a baby. She's 29, had a picture perfect pregnancy (no morning sickness, etc.), is in great physical condition, had a short labor, and she didn't feel like going out for 2 weeks (and she had her sister and husband helping her with the baby)!! I was 34 when I had my son - I drug my butt around for weeks before I felt half-way human again! 41 and bouncing back in 4 days? Something is pretty fishy here... Even posters over at NKU were talking about how she was out so soon after birth.

ecoaster70 said...
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hesaweiner said...

I'm riding the surrogate train too!.

When was Olim fired? I hadn't heard about it.

CJ said...

From Anna at Forehead: Olim wasn't really fired. She still works for the same company, is still a VP, and still makes seven figures with an exclusive roster of clients. She just no longer handles Kidman. (Punishment or reward?) Since Kidman hasn't changed publicity firms there was no need to announce it publicly. Since everyone is distracted by the baby few will probably notice the change in Kidman publicity handlers.

Lisa said...

the pics are recycled from about a month ago.

maclen said...

Lisa said...
"the pics are recycled from about a month ago."

It is interesting, that I think there hasnt been a photo in about a month... as I'm trying to recall, were the last photos of her the video when the orb sang happy birthday to kidman at one of the gigs? And that was.... june 24...(thanks google)... that's coming up to 3 weeks... yet there has been many "reported" sightings... but no photos. It seems strange that after weekly photo ops, no photos for the 2 weeks prior to giving birth...and a week after, a reported sighting by, but no photos... by anyone. You dont need extra sensory perception to see that something is up... I'd bet the next photo ops that come out, she will be back to her old emaciated, anorexic self..ready to get back to work, as if there was no fuss or any effort.

undecided said...

For someone who had the trouble she did conceiving, the birth couldn't have been that easy nor the recovery so quick.

It took me 7 years to conceive and 4 hours to deliver my son. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

However, something smells fishy. I had no desire to leave my newborn in those first weeks and I certanly didn't look refreshed. I think whoever is planting these stories for Nicole is not a mother herself or she would know better.

notachance said...

I don't buy the story either. Out 4 days after giving birth? Sorry, but going to a resturaunt to eat 4 days later was not in the vocab of any new mother I knew. You can barely sit let alone go out. And go out without the baby?

Something fishy alright.

White Trash said...

leaving the hospital 24 hours after delivery is the protocol these days for a vaginal delivery...just 1 overnight stay. Don't read more into it than your already do!

Imahick said...

She left before 24 hours, but even if she did deliver and was out in 12-18 hr, I see women go home after 12 hr from time to time. She can afford a house full of health care providers ... her own personal physician if she needed it, so it's not a big shock nor risk to be out of the hospital so quickly, especially given their home is 20 min. from the hospital.

The out to lunch 4 days after is a bit more questionable. But then, she has an army of Nannies and support staff, so it's not like she's losing any sleep. And given she hasn't got a maternal bone in her body, I doubt being away from Sunday Rose is a stressor.

wastedemotion said...

Hell they had to kick me out especially after my first.....I was scared as hell....but like everyone else has pointed out Im sure the hired help was ready and waiting for them when the pulled in the driveway, for me it was an empty house....different strokes for different folks!

doublewide said...

Hell they had to kick me out especially after my first.....I was scared as hell....but like everyone else has pointed out Im sure the hired help was ready and waiting for them when the pulled in the driveway, for me it was an empty house....different strokes for different folks!

yep, me, too! exact scenario

notachance, i agree. i could hardly sit on my stitches on the 4th day.

and i'm not sure in and out the sam day is STANDARD protocol. maybe some places, but my daughter delivered a year ago. picture perfect delivery and they kept her 2 nights

Imahick said...

I don't think it's standard protocol fact, I think a 48 hr stay is most common. But NK is doing her own thing, because she wants to be "mysterious" even about her delivery. She can afford her own ICU at home, let alone normal post partum care.

I do agree with the 4 day thing ... and I was sore, but I wouldn't have let the pain bother me as much as the idea of being away from this new little person after only four days. I had NO desire to leave my kids at all. I was totally enthralled by them. No way I would have gone out unless it was a situation I couldn't avoid...certainly not for lunch with friends.

I had friends OVER...they visited and coo'd over my babies, but I had no intention nor desire to leave my babies after only a few days. But remember...this is Nicole Kidman...she doesn't impress me as a woman with alot of warmth and maternal instinct.

Anonymous said...

Lunch with "friends" was really lunch with her sister. Her sister flew back to Australia that day.

CJ said...

*THUD* (I just fell out of my chair and hit the floor.) Sonora just called NK pr people a liar. Could it be she's been around us too long and has seen a glimmer of light? Of course the "lunch friends" included her sister, maybe her mom, probably an assistant as well. Many TN people won't go out with NK because they expect a photo op and don't wish to participate in it. I just can't believe SM said it. YEAH Sonora, we're proud of you.

Anonymous said...

So what if she went out to lunch after 4 days? It's most likely a one hour lunch. Big deal! NOT!!!!

Cate Blanchett took her baby to an all-day summit 7 days after he was born. She showed him off to the photogs for all of 5 minutes then left him to attend an all-day summit.

Naomi Watts went back to work on a film just a matter of weeks after her baby was born.

Maybe Aussie ladies bounce back a lot faster than their over-pampered (and over-judgmental) American counterparts. :)

Imahick said...

Oh, Sonora, I don't think you want to go there. This has nothing to do with bouncing back physically after delivery. MANY women all over the world HAVE to care for their other young children, take care of a house and tend to a newborn following giving birth. It's NK who is PAMPERED and doesn't have to do any of that.

NK has a staff to tend to her home. She has no other children to care for. She obviously has Nannies to care for Sunday Rose. Very few women are so priviledged. She appeared refreshed four days post partum ... what other new Mum ... four days after delivery ... would look refreshed except a pampered wealthy woman like NK? She doesn't have to lift a finger to care for this baby.

I also refuse to believe that all Australian mothers lack maternal instinct. To feel good and relaxed about leaving your four day old baby at home in order to go out to lunch with friends shows how cold NK is. If it was her sister and mother who she went out with ... then shame on them. Obviously the ice water in the veins reputation is genetic.

The only people who could possibly support this type of selfish behavior are NK fans who refuse to take an objective view of this situation. Why would Antonia not prefer to stay home and have a nice lunch with NK and her Mom, with Sunday Rose, before leaving for Oz? It's not like NK would be slaving over a hot stove preparing the food. I'm sure it's a matter of giving an instruction to the staff and it's done. say that NK left her four day old to have lunch with "friends" because she bounced back from her delivery better than women in the US and that women in the US are "pampered" is laughable. I would never have left my newborn to go to lunch with friends 4 days after she was born. I was enthralled by my babies ... I didn't even consider that possibility ... it's not natural, in my opinion.

I can't speak to why anyone would do what you described in your post, but I'm not here to discuss Naomi...NK's best gal pal (x lover).

By the your real name Wendy???

realitycheck said...

sonora, i'm in 100% agreement with you. Conveniently, every hard-core skepti-hater couldn't conceive of leaving their baby for one hour to go to lunch, had every family member under the sun there for the birth, didn't want to leave the house for days afterwards, and never, ever knew anyone else that did either. Its quite laughable.

There are no holes to the story UMyths. Its just that no one needs to know every detail and maybe the writers here are now used to a play-by-play since Angelina Jolie made a mockery of her own claim for privacy. And when left with less than a detailed account, the skeptics are left to their own devices. Which is fantastic for the real world because it shows how desperate they are to paint NK as a monster.

imahick, you pulled out the old "don't discuss this celebrity" trick again. Its not going to work. Sonora makes a very good point. If you can compare NK to yourself and other mothers, and the skeptics do, then bringing up other celebrity moms is just as valid. Both Naomi and Cate have done sexually charged material, had babies, and gone back to work soon afterwards. And yet they get a free pass on all of it. And by the way that summit was for new Prime Minister of Australia. The 2020 summit to create new ideas about improving the country. This was no ladies luncheon she was attending. I'm sure there was some preparation, planning, work etc. involved on her part before attending this event. And yes she left him for more than a few hours after only 7 days. What a horrible mother.

Here's a tip Umyths: Just because you don't have an explanation for why something happened, doesn't mean you can blame Nicole Kidman and make it stick.

cricket said...

Ha I knew it had to be her sister.The hag doesn't have friends,she has paid employees and her sister.

Anonymous said...

"Imahick said...
I also refuse to believe that all Australian mothers lack maternal instinct."
I never said that at all. Please learn to read properly and stop twisting my words.

Huh! You folks criticized her for her exercise regimen during her pregnancy. Well, guess what? I'm absolutely sure that helped her during delivery and post-delivery. Couch potatoes should take note. :-)

hesaweiner said...

You know what beats exercize for a faster recovery?

A Surrogate!

Then you can leave the hospital asap and go out to lunch 4 days later looking refreshed.

What you can't do is be refreshed enough for your part time kids when they are hungery, your tirelessly thinking of pumping the surrogates milk instead of spending 20 mins taking care of them buying prepared meals at whole foods.

When do those mom of the year awards go out?

kdf7 said...

Have y'all ever tried life without delusion,bitterness or jealousy? My oh my, to spend so much time and energy on the subjects you choose smacks of obsession. You might want to try living your own life and see what happens because living the Urban's life isn't going to help you or hurt them. Really, give it a try. It can stop a restraining order in its tracks.

Casse Role said...

>>Have y'all ever tried life without delusion,bitterness or jealousy? My oh my, to spend so much time and energy on the subjects you choose smacks of obsession.

And you know this by sitting here and reading all of this!? My oh my,
so much energy in something that you don't even agree with? This is what I just don't understand from some of you. If it's such a waste and there are other things you could be doing with your time, why are you spending it here, when you could be, say...having coffee with your friends at Starbucks?

Enough for now, off to tend to my garden.

wastedemotion said...

Couch potatoes, and over pampered add those to the ever growing list of labels you've barfed up.
I seriously dont know what your problem is.
I dont give a shit if 100 mothers leave their 4 day old (or 7 day)baby for lunch (or a summit) it is wrong in my opinion. I am ALLOWED to have that opinion and say it, post it, write it, scream it, share it anywhere and everywhere.
Also Cate didnt LEAVE her child to go have lunch with "friends." Cate's son was sitting with her and her husband the entire time....not to mention it was her third child. There is a huge difference and to compare the two is asinine.
And RC....of course you are 100% in agreement with Sonoroa you're two peas in a pod, or are you on pea acting like two?!
Just because you think what NK did is ok or right doesnt mean it is, and just because I AND others think its wrong doesnt mean it is it's just an OPINION.
I dont know ANY MOTHER and I know plenty of mothers who would leave their baby for one hour to go to lunch 4 DAYS after giving birth (especially when that mother could call in lunch), so laugh all you want, I still think it's wrong.
kdf7 something brought you here, something made you post here, take your own advice....
Sonora, and RC and newly aquired name kdf7.....take the meds they will work.....hopefully.

maclen said...

Now this sounds about right...

... couldnt even muster $ 3mill...yeah, this is whats called a anti-kidman media plant! And this is of course far more believable to the average news and online headline readers than the "too dignified to sell first pic for money" kidman is trying to peddle. Now the next question will be, of course, is kidman too "dignified" to sell out her kid for publicity? For certainly, it is far easier when you're worth hundreds of millions to turn down a palrty few millions... apparently less than $3 mill!...but for a fanatical, pathalogically hooked on publicity attention junkie, will she also pass on the opportunity to shill her upcoming movie without the help of the new kid for another typical, ho-hum and usually tedious magazine piece? That certainly is something to mull over in the future... for again, what else is truly more important to kidman... but her career?

Lisa said...

or how about the petty and desperate attack on AJolie?

No wonder they are in hiding. They know it's all about to hit the fan and the plan never worked.

How about the conveinent story of Antonia away on vacation or a trip? TO RECOUP FROM CARRYING NK'S BABY PERHAPS??

Me thinks this was the gardening they were talking about.

CJ said...

How convenient.

IF Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman want to pop down to the pub for lunch and a ginger beer when they visit their new home at Sutton Forest, they won’t have far to go.

“Bunya Hill” is right next door to the Sutton Forest Hotel, where the locals are abuzz about media reports that Urban and Kidman have secretly bought the 130-year-old mansion for a reported bargain price of $6.5 million.

“The regulars are all talking about it,” manager Kirsty Nielsen said. “There’s a fair bit of interest about it all.”

Although Bunya Hill has been described in media reports as a “private hilltop”, pub patrons have a fine view of the impressive two-storey mansion from the back verandah of the hotel.

CJ said...

Does she not realize she can't get 3 mil for her pictures because we the public don't care to see them? No demand requires no supply.

Dated 7/16: LATEST: A representative for NICOLE KIDMAN (no name given so we can't blame one specific person) has confirmed she will not be selling pictures of her new baby SUNDAY ROSE - and she has already turned down a string of lucrative offers.

The star gave birth to her first child with husband Keith Urban last week (07Jul08) and the couple has since been dogged by rumours of a possible multi-million dollar picture deal.

But now a spokesperson for the actress has announced that there will be no deal or pictures of baby Sunday, and despite numerous offers the new mother never considered accepting any of them.

The representative tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, "A number of publications called to offer money, but she never considered it."

The tot is Kidman's first biological child. She adopted 15-year-old Isabella and Connor, 13, during her marriage to Tom Cruise.

notachance said...

"The tot is Kidman's first biological child. She adopted 15-year-old Isabella and Connor, 13, during her marriage to Tom Cruise."

From what I read on NKU, Connor & Isabella are in Nashville this week.

CJ said...

Perez's silence is over.

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Someone's been a naughty naughty girl!

Nicole Kidman's made headlines this week with reports that she's going to give away pictures of her newborn daughter, Sunday Roast, for free (to hometown paper Sydney Morning Herald).

According to the Australian Media, Nic and husband Keith Urban "don't believe in making deals" for baby pics.

Not true, we're told.

A source close to the situation reveals exclusively to that, "Kidman's camp has reached out to several of the celeb mags."

But, we're told, "she wanted too much money" and when she didn't get the price she wanted, she "decided to walk away from negotiations instead of taking a lower dollar figure."

Tisk. Tisk.

Update: Nicole's publicist sent us the following statement.

She says, "I promise you that neither Nicole Kidman, nor her reps, negotiated with ANYONE. Baby photos were never for sale and will never be for sale. We had a bunch of publications approach us and OFFER money. We told them we weren’t in the market! All the usual suspects.

We were never even going to discuss this issue, since it’s pretty tasteless, but the press has been generating the story on its own, so I’d like to set the record straight."

CJ said...

A new leak to take our attention off the photo / no photo controversy.

"From the beginning, Nicole Kidman was keen to take the green road with her new daughter, Sunday Rose. Earlier this year, she ordered a range of organic linen, clothing and plush toys from Sydney’s Double Bay baby boutique, Bay Bee Cino. Thanks to Green Daily, we now know that her choice in crib was also eco-friendly — going with the Q Collection Junior line — which is manufactured with organic materials in a chemical-free and sustainable environment. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is also a fan of the line for her two kids, Apple and Moses.

We suspect Sunday will have a childhood filled with plenty of exposure to nature — especially growing up on Kidman and Ubran’s Tennessee farm. In a recent issue of Vogue, Nicole expressed her love for organic gardening and a great appreciation of the wild environment around her. “There’s a softness to the Tennessee landscape that I just love,” she said. “It’s very beautiful out there. We have deer and wild turkeys.”

Keith Urban’s green habits are also worth noting. The country singer is taking steps to reduce the footprint of his tours — particularly with running all of his buses on biodiesel — and also debuted a new line of tees partially made from recycled plastic bottles.

So congrats to Keith and Nicole on their new daughter! We hope her green surroundings influence her throughout life."

Yep, this should convince the masses that the multi house buying, private jet flying, continent hopping couple, sorry, Aussie Power Couple, are so environmentally friendly.

maclen said...

It's only natural that these stories were going to come out...since no one believes for one moment that kidman did not consider trying to sell them... as for hilton, he got played royally by inept team kidman with the phoney leak about the kids sex...although the degree of posts has diminished since he's apparently still getting emailed responses from team kidman. It's no wonder his response to the kidman statement is "liar liar pants on fire"! So the planted leak is she is gonna give the pics to her local newspaper, and not pimp her kid for another one of her tedious magazine spread? Well, we'll soon see if her planted story is true and she simply gives it to the local paper or tries to shill her film with a magazine baby spread.

Lisa said...

“It’s very beautiful out there. We have deer and wild turkeys.”


undecided said...

Shouldn't the father be speaking for his daughter also? Are they only Nicole's pictures? I mean at least he was a man and announced Sunday Rose's birth on his own website instead of making us read it on NKU, but why is this being presented as Nicole's decision? Keith, tell the heifer to stop pimping out your daughter or it will never end!

Tara said...

I wonder if we will see them on Keith's official web site but you will have to buy a membership in his fan club to view them??

Look where they announced the news.
Although the kiss ups at the local paper have been doing a fine job spilling the pr crap from Kidman and Co.