Thursday, August 14, 2008

Keith, how long do we have to wait?

No, I'm not talking about until we get to see your daughter. It's been over five weeks now and even your family hasn't met or seen a picture (from you) of her. This tells me that: 1) The Urbahn family will never be allowed by Nicole to have any part of Sunday's life unless it benefits the mother; and 2) Makes me question a little more every day if Sunday is really your child. It's not such a far fetched thought, really. After saying this year would be good to become a father you changed your mind; it is allowed despite what your wife tells you, and you said you wanted a couple years where it's just you and Nicole. Pretty coincidental that Nic gave birth mere days after your second anniversary. Going with the assumption you weren't lying when you said in interviews that you don't have any children, if you can remain childless for 39 years I'm guessing Sunday wasn't an accident. So, either you changed your mind and decided you were ready for kids or Nic took matters into her own, um, hands, and proceeded without you. She claims she's had fertility issues in the past. (I personally don't buy that she had "failed pregnancies" in her 20's and 30's and a perfectly smooth and easy (morning sickness aside) pregnancy and delivery at 40 (but that's just me). It would be reasonable for a woman in her 40's "desperate for her own biological child" to seek fertility assistance. Who's to say while getting her fertility shots maybe she got a shot of someone else's "man juice"? She is over 40 - a girl can't wait forever to have a major publicity campaign, I mean baby. If she's not yours then why would your fans care when we get to see her? If she's not really yours that would explain the lack of urgency to introduce her to your family. Well, at least a tiny little bit. If you choose to raise her as your own that's your choice. We can wait until the publicity photos of Sunday come out during promotion for Australia.

But, I'm off chasing rabbit, monkey, or goat trails again. I'm really not referring to when we get to see your daughter. I want to know WHEN are we going to get to hear some new music? Most studio albums are 11-15 songs long. You have said you've been writing and have around 12 songs done but the new album won't be out until next year. You also said you'd be flying people to Oz to work on the new album, but that doesn't seem to have happened. When most artists release Greatest Hits albums they include 2-3 new songs to give fans a reason to buy it when they already own all the other songs included. All you did was re-record a song from LPATWCT and add a cover that was used in the Margot at the Wedding soundtrack. I assume if you were going to release Romeo's Tune as a single it would have been done to correspond with the publicity and release of the movie. Since you released Shirt as a single I guess that means the remake won't be a single either. In the past you've released a new studio album every two years - almost like clockwork. GH was released a year after Love Pain. Following the time line we should have gotten a studio album the end of this year but you've said it will be next year. Rumor has it we might get another DVD this year, but those rumors have been floating around for over a year. Original rumors said the DVD would be released, maybe even paired with, the Greatest Hits album release, but it didn't happen. We're told it will be out this year but at this point we won't hold our breath until we see it on store shelves. If it does come out this year are there any new songs on the DVD? Have you been trying out new music out on the road this year? We heard about Sunshine performed at the Opry. Do you have more previews in store for us soon? How much longer do we have to wait for new music and a new video? I understand you have a new baby at home but millions of parents manage to juggle work and parenting every day. So please, leave the baby and nannies for a few hours, head into the studio, and give your fans some new music to get excited about.


maclen said...

If the orb, who has already been tagged as a spineless, opinionless, and easily led lump, cant even get his own family a visit, or even a pic of kidman's kid, not even before kidman's movie co star...Aussie bbf... her sister and her kids... kidman's agents and lawyers... probably her dentist... her orthodontist... her gardner... the landscaper... even the extras on her film set... this lump can be made to do or go along with anything.

doublewide said...

i hope the dimwit is reading this blog (not much hope here)

good blog

Imahick said...

Truth is ...Keith is very very competitive. He was only #14 on the pussy whipped list last year. He will never be happy unless he is #1... #1 on the pussy whipped list...what an accomplishment. And there is NO doubt that NK helped him get there. She made him the "pussy whipped man" he is today.

#1 with his career...not so much.

CJ said...

I thought George had already cleared this up. Many months ago.

George Clooney: I'm not godfather to Nicole Kidman's baby

Actor says he doesn't know her well enough

Thursday, 14 August 2008

George Clooney has laughed off reports he is godfather to Nicole Kidman’s daughter.

The actor, 47, says he’s not close enough to the actress and her husband Keith Urban, 40, to take on the role.

‘I see Nicole probably once a year at a party or something,’ he tells OK!

‘I love her. She’s terrific, but it’s not like we are dear friends.

'I read [the reports] and I can’t remember the whole article but it was hysterically funny.'

Nicole, 40, gave birth to Sunday Rose on 7 July.

She is already mum to adopted children Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13, with ex husband Tom Cruise, 45.

don't believe the lies said...

New music would be great but not if it's like his last album. Which stunk! I don't think his head or heart was in the last album. It was just so bad. I do hope he is taking his time and really concentrating on new music. I want to be inspired and really feel the music again. I want to go out and buy a few copies and be excited to listen to his music again. Sadly I'm not sure if that will ever happen again.

I'd wait longer for good music rather than get something crappy out quickly.

maclen said...

With the end of all Aussie press coverage of seems the UK press sources are being greased in preparation of her trip over, it seems immediately after wrapping up in Oz. And with kidman no doubt huddled with her inept team to strategize and schedule her UK Baby Press Tour... the UK papers are simply recycling old stories til she's ready to return and get her pic taken getting off the plane... calling into the BBC to plead with the british paps to give her and her baby space to see the sights...etc...etc...

maclen said...

So, here's day number four... 4th straight day of UK press coverage of "old news" of kidman's press tour in OZ...

...have you heard? Her baby has red hair!

Wait, just off the presses...well the virtual seems theres a new OZ story, focused on a new kidman "neighbor" at bunyan hill...

...seems "Mr Barnsley, a sixth-generation resident of Sutton Forest who has lived in the town all his life, is just one of the star couple's new neighbours.

"I have been studying Keith's music," he says.

"I will probably have a barbecue and drop a card in their mailbox, saying, 'listen, if you want to meet the neighbours, come down and say hello'." quant and folksy, there are actually people who would like to invite kidman and the orb to a barbeque and meet the neighbors... not that kidman will ever set foot in that place, its still an old fashioned and sweet gesture. My advice to mr. Barnsley, watch for the elecrified fence and the hounds... and dont forget the ferochious body guards who more than likely will body slam him to the ground if he gets anywhere near the property.

Volenut said...

Dont Believe....thankfully there are some of us that actually LOVED Love/Pain CD or he wouldn't still "be here". All of his concerts I attended were great....such enthusiam and a clear love of the spotlight! I agree he needs to re-focus on his music, but obviously he has chosen to put it on the back burner for now. With his addictive tendencies, it seems he throws himself into what/where ever the moment takes him. Right now he happens to be a member of the NK entourage, but I believe that he will either miss the spotlight or become more miserable and start to enjoy his vices.