Sunday, August 31, 2008

Urban Myths Labor Day Music Festival - Day Two

I'm Trying Hard to Write My Own Songs

(to the tune of I Never Work on a Sunday, Keith Urban)


I’m trying hard to write my own songs
Desperate for a number one
Convince my wife she's not my savior
And get my muse back at my side

I was doing all the right things
Rising high up on that cloud
Left my metal on the mantel and threw my fate to the west
Boarded up a big jet liner for a g’day in LA
I never saw it coming; suddenly it had its claws in me
Fought it off till I was blurry, I guess I ran all night
Then 6 months later found me rollin’ into the east coast
With my resistance dead
Finally overtaken by the botox and a little contract that I signed


All that I could do is call up my Mum
To help me figure out this mess
I fumbled round & round for a way to seal this whole in my heart
canceled gigs and walked right into rehab
There I found a little sign that read “Use God Instead”
Now I’m on 6 of the 12 steps, trying each one carefully.


As I was detailing all the ways out
Along came Sunday Rose
At the studio somebody asked me if she was the ticket
I started laughin’ and said “You must be kiddin', I never unpacked my bags”
Tryin hard to tie up all the loose ends
You know what I have to do

Chorus x 2

I’m quite entitled to my daughter
Without her mother in my home

For those of you not familiar with this song… it’s from his self-titled 1997 Australian CD… you can listen here (and enjoy the pics!)….


doublewide said...

LOL.....both great songs!!!

bravo bravo!!

i LOVE I Never Work on a Sunday, in fact, i love that whole cd....

banbotox said...

Great weather, great music!!
I wish I would have brought my camera-dang. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Imahick said...

Interesting choice of the older music...I'm enjoying the songs. Thanks, UM.

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