Saturday, August 30, 2008

Urban Myths Labor Day Music Festival - Day One

Welcome to our Labor Day Music Festival! We'll have some original songs and maybe a cover song. Please pull up a chair, sit back, sing along, and have fun!

We'll be Home, Sunday Rose

(to the tune of Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver)

Almost Heaven, South of Nashville
We hit the Starbucks at very corner
My wife is bored there and taller than the trees
Colder than the mountains, her looks cause men to freeze


Sunday Rose, we’ll be home
To the place, We belong
We'll leave behind the famewhore momma
We’ll be home, Sunday Rose

All her nannies gather round her
Her Mom’s a stranger to her own daughter
Fake and musty, she paints a web of lies
Makes me yearn for the taste of Crown, tears in my eyes


I hear her voice, in the mornin' hours as she screams at me
The radio reminds me of the songs from Love Pain that they don't play
And drivin' down the road I get a feeling
That she has me tailed everyday, everyday



Imahick said...

Wow...I love it. Bravo. Can't wait for the rest of the show!

TexasCourtJester said...

What a great opener. I miss John Denver.

banbotox said...

I can't believe I got a seat in the front row~~WOOHOO!!

Casse Role said...

I got front row too! Let the fun begin!!

maclen said...

Ah, very good Urban Myths... and I predict that the Urban Myths Labor Day Music Festival will be far more successful and enjoyable as this orb headlining gig...

...if the quotes are any indication, your festival is the place to be...

"I don’t really know who he is," said Eva Bryant, 20, an art student who was walking past the Commons on Friday. "I’ve just seen the posters and he’s got funny hair."

Shauna McPherson, 34, was checking out the site but didn’t think she could justify shelling out $109 for general admission.

"He’s OK," she said of Urban. "I don’t really listen to his music that much but I’ve seen a couple of his videos."

She wouldn’t think twice about paying that much for a concert by someone like Celine Dion."

"I’m going to do my best to get there," he said. "I’m kind of into rock ’n’ roll; I’m not a big country fan, but Kenny Rogers I like, and Anne Murray — the older stuff. This guy here (the orb)... I only heard a couple songs."

...the locals dont sound very enthus'ed over the orb...

timtam said...

What an awful way to use Denver's music. If that song is any indication on what's to come at this fest I'll definitely pass.

But i have to say that those quoted can't possibly represent Canada. YLGIMS has been #1 for 4 weeks now. I caught one of Keith's radio interviews and he thanked Canada for having such loyal fans. And if you want to use people who listen to Celine, Kenny Rogers, and Anne Murray (ROTFLMAO!) to make a point, you don't have much of an argument to begin with.

cricket said...

Great song. Whoever wrote this should try getting in touch with Keith.Maybe you can help him out with his lyrics until his muse escapes from whatever dungeon Old Baldy has her locked in.