Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Mail from the Muse


realitycheck said...

Who's next? Lee Ann Womack. The song is already getting buzz.

UMyths, I think you may have a "false muse" on your hands. Just a thought...

wastedemotion said...

I think you have a stick up your ass..........just a thought

notachance said...

Maybe the question should be -

Why do all these artists WANT Keith on THEIR albums? Their must be something to it, and him.

rememberwhen said...

notachance said...
Maybe the question should be -

Why do all these artists WANT Keith on THEIR albums?

He is cheap!

doublewide said...

i don't doubt these people want keith on their albums. he has an amazing voice. but the fact remains, he must come out with some fresh new music soon. you can't live off of duets and SHIRT the rest of your life....

his duet with Lee Ann is called The Bees

his duet with trisha is absolutely gorgeous, but i hope he is writing and recording, although, i don't know when that would be, between that idiot wife's photo ops

good point rememberwhen!

notachance said...

Cheap has nothing to do with it rememberwhen. He is obviously liked & respected in his industry and these other artists feel that he is value added to their albums.

Shame on skeptics for thinking otherwise. Why do you guys always want to think the worst of him?

Lisa said...

notachance please dont take this the wrong way, but Keith has a pattern to these types of things. He takes from ppl and gives back at the time it benefits HIM most. He treats everyone as a 'need'. Always has.

I came in to make a statement about all these google alerts stating NK got preg by the fertility waters. Why do I sometimes feel she uses these statements to 'slap' Keith across the face?? She seems to use her PR against him a lot of the time. She wasnt finished convincing ppl that she was in a real marriage and if she ever wonders why, she wont have to go far.

There's nothing wrong with stating how, coincidentally, others conceived and there was all but one boy, but she has been neglecting the whole daddy urban aspect that she NEEDS to pull this thing off. She is making him look like an ex con noone can trust!! Is he not ALLOWED to hold the baby??

I dont know about these fertility waters...she doesnt have a team that can pull something like this off. She always comes across very alien and bitter.

wastedemotion said...

Care to prove your claim..
"He is obviously liked & respected in his industry."
Asking someone to do a duet with you doesnt prove anything.
As for the duets, I've never heard any of them on the radio. Matter of fact I dont even hear shirt anymore.

hoosierlady said...

Maybe it is because every time he seems to be back, it threatens her masculinity.

Maybe it scares her not to be the most popular, (i.e. biggest money maker), so in her own special way she smashes any chance he has of being a relevant musician.

Maybe he's tired of being so popular, and wants to tag along behind her highness for a while.

Or, he's just pussy whipped, and he likes it like this. I know lots of men who do not stand up to their wife or daughters for that matter. Don't you?

Or maybe, again, it's a Yoko thing, and he just loves her with total abandon. I had a boyfriend like that once. It was annoying, but so are brown corduroy pants and wearing your wife's hat. I guess I'm just pissed because I expected more from him, and I am sad that he keeps going back to have "the sexy sucked out of him". That line is priceless.