Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back to Keith Urban for a change...

I wish we could take Kidman out of the equation, but I can't; so let’s just try to look at Keith and what he has been doing for the last few weeks. First, we have the number one party. In a recent interview, Keith acknowledged that it had been a long time since that had happened and that he liked that. Now let's remember that it took a seven year old song that was a fan favorite to do that. But if that feeling, that drive for success that I feared was erased at Betty Ford is back, then go off and create Mr. Urban.

Second, let’s look at his new single. I don't really like Sweet Thing. The music is good but the lyrics seem too trendy. What's next? A song about a boy, a girl, and one is a vampire? I think this song wasn't that important to Keith and it was hurried out for the sake of a record company. Looking at its chart placement we can see the public doesn't think it’s a sweet thing and that’s too bad because it might just indicate that there are some problems that need to be addressed. Problems? Perhaps it is time for Keith to take a risk. Find new co-writers or record others’ songs. The old formula doesn't seem to be working.

And that brings us to topic number three: the DVD. We did a mini review a couple of blogs ago about the DVD, but the same can be said about Keith's videos. Find a new director; it's time to get rid of the old tired formula. I know it seems like this works -there is a relationship between the director and the artist. Like Chesney and Silva you can see that kind of relationship, but with Urban and Hicky you don't see this. It’s tired and uncreative; perhaps their friendship is getting in the way of the professional relationship. Look at Start a Band and you can see what a director who is aware of what is going on can do with a song that is pretty simplistic.

Start a Band brings us to point number four: Keith needs to quit wasting his energy doing duets. I mean, Rhonda, Dolly, Martina, Nelly and Brad all see the merits in working with Keith. His performances with all of them show people what he can do; but why can't he take the energy he puts in these efforts and bring them to his own music? He has been doing remakes and covers for too long now. Did his time at Betty Ford zap his drive to do his best? Is recording for Keith now just going to the office? By the looks of his performances on television you can see that passion; it would be nice if it were reflected in the recorded music. A lot is riding on this record and it may turn Keith Urban into someone you go to see but don't bother buying the records.


Berry Hill said...

Could it be that "the wife" demands so much of his time to salve her ego that he simply can't find what he used to call "the right head space" to create?

Again-- the question of the missing muse.

Keith has proved he can execute SOMEONE ELSE'S VISION brilliantly... but since his alliance with Nicole... it's like the Universe dropped a veil over his vision.

realitycheck said...

Deja vu. 99% of these comments have been made already, why the need for this blog? Oh I know. To try and fool some of us that this blog is really about Keith. Folks if you haven't figured it out yet, this is a NICOLE KIDMAN blog.

And please please please do not say Keith needs a Shaun Silva. Kenny's videos are horrible. "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" had more authenticity than the 10-minute mess of "You Save Me".

BTW, Who goes to an artist's concerts but won't buy the albums? LMAO You're going hear songs from the albums you didn't buy. What do you do, put your fingers in your ears and sing "99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall" while those songs are being performed?? Perhaps this blog was written by an obsessed and delusional fan we all know and love! *wink wink*

Imahick said...

I have to agree with Berry Hill. She is a big drain on him. If he forgets flowers one night or brings the wrong kind, he likely pays for it for days. I still remember reading that phone conversation between NK and Tom. It was very revealing about how self absorbed NK really is. It must be exhausting to cater to her.

If Keith enjoyed his #1 party for YLGIMS, maybe...just maybe, he can find that focus he needs to create something comparable to his past accomplishments. Maybe he needs to shake things up.

I remember when Allan Jackson got Allison Krause to produce his last album (or the one prior to that). It was a great album ... and he did it because of someone comparing the content reliability of his albums to a McDonald's visit. You know exactly what you're gonna get EVERY time. Allan didn't like the comparison and got Allison to produce his album. It really made a difference.

Keith needs to shake it up...I think that's true. I don't know who he needs to work with, but I do think he needs to get some new ideas and revive those creative juices. It wouldn't hurt if NK let him settle down and focus either.

don't believe the lies said...

He needs to really focus and leave the wife out of it. Just because he's married not every song has to relate or be about her as he has turned it into. I swear every song he now says something about her. Whether he's receiving his #1 party about a song that is OLD and definetly before her or a new one.

I agree with him maybe needing to find some new blood to work with and shaking things up a bit. His videos have been lackluster lately. Nothing to really grab ya and pull you in. Although the music hasn't really been all that stellar to be able to do something with. IMO.

I miss that carefree "something" that he had in his music. I guess it has left along with his muse. I do hope he finds it again. I saw him over the summer and all he played was the older stuff and it was good. He looked like he enjoyed it and sounded great. I want that feeling again but in new material. Not the same crap that was on the last album. UGH! If it's going to be a whole album about his "Sweet Thing" you can count me out.

realitycheck said...
Deja vu. 99% of these comments have been made already, why the need for this blog? Oh I know. To try and fool some of us that this blog is really about Keith. Folks if you haven't figured it out yet, this is a NICOLE KIDMAN blog.

Why do you care so much about what people say here? If it bothers you so much why continue to some here? lol I just don't get it. Go back to NKU or wherever it is you Nicole groupies meet. :)

Casse Role said...

don't believe the lies said...
to RC

Why do you care so much about what people say here? If it bothers you so much why continue to some here? lol I just don't get it. Go back to NKU or wherever it is you Nicole groupies meet. :)

Gosh I really wanted to bit my tongue, but you know what... I figured I would throw my 3 cents in today anyway.
I have tried asking questions to RC and her good friend Sonora, which usually are never answered, so let's not waste our time asking anymore, they don't care. They want to come here in hopes of getting a few to switch over to the other side. If it works then they added a point to their fandomship.

I won't leave because of a NK fan that likes to ramble on in hopes that we all will get tired of her being here and then the blog will be all back and forth posts to her.

I enjoy a good debate like anyone else, but this is getting tiresome.
So... before we start getting deep into it all. Why not keep the posts going and not worry about why those two NK fans are here trying to put a damper on our fun. Yes, I said fun.

I tried being nice, and it didn't get me anywhere. Ignored and unanswered. I have seen things like this before and either you keep going back and forth (which is what they want) or you just read over the dribble. I was trying to give her a chance to actually answer some of mine and others questions and that maybe we all could somehow get along even with disagreeing. BUT... it isn't working. JMO, but if it bothers us, she is winning. (I bet she's smiling now)

So... I am here to state and say- I don't really care anymore why any of the NK fans are here-
The rest of us are, let's continue the blog and have a good time!

Choice said...

Hear, hear Casse Role, good point! My name is CHOICE because it is my 'choice' to say as I please. Not to bow to NK lovers like Senora or Reality Check. I am sure they come here because their comments are not approved before being posted.

Anyways, back to Keith. It must be awful for him to be living under Granny Freeze. His career has not been the same since hooking up with her and she would never allow him to be more popular than her. I find his new release boring and predictable. Is 'sweet thing' the best he can come up at this late stage? I will not be buying the new DVD either because his concert performances have not been what they once were. Just goes to show that being married to 'the one' and having a baby does not necessarily inspire someone to new greatness.

Imahick said...

I agree with Casse ... ignore and move on.

ShutUpAndSing said...

"a NK fan that likes to ramble on"

Much like Nikkers herself!!

maclen said... the orb do anything newsworthy this 'thought not...I know this is a orb thread...but...

***Special Bulletin***
"Australia promo debacle!!!"

just couldnt resist... so, according to GG... Australia had a "screening" in NYC...

"Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman: “Australia” in NYC"

...seems that this is what is passing for "thrilling" promo for this film...

..."While the entertainment world is fixated on the American Music Awards going down in Los Angeles, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman snuck out for a screening of their new movie “Australia” in midtown New York City on Sunday night (November 23)."

...hilarious...get that? kidman and jackman "sneaking out" of a screening of their clunker of a movie..kidman looks positively embarrassed...obviously any adoring or screaming fans would be too "overdone" to give a damn about this "classic epic" of a they are reduced to drive by promos... at least they may get local media coverage... right after the dog that can bark the national anthem...

...and now please...continue with your normal conversation....

Anonymous said...

Some Middle Tennessee residents opened their front doors in anticipation of Meals on Wheels deliveries earlier this year and discovered a familiar face holding their hot meals.

It wasn't a neighbor, but internationally known, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman.

"When I was 8½ months pregnant and delivering, people would be like, 'When are you going to have that baby?' " the 41-year-old Kidman says.

Despite her iconic status, the 5-foot-11-inch Kidman wasn't always recognized. "Or if we were, they didn't say, and that is lovely."

Kidman, who lives in Williamson County with her husband of nearly 2½ years, country singer Keith Urban, and their 4-month-old daughter, Sunday Rose, has embraced the state's volunteer spirit through her Meals on Wheels participation and other charitable actions.

"I love doing that because it's just being part of a community," she says. "That is what is important to both of us, feeling like we're normal and part of a community.

"Both of us, in terms of what we desire in life, are pretty straightforward and simple."

Certainly, there's nothing normal or simple about her day job. Kidman has spent the past few weeks traveling to promote the Baz Luhrmann-directed epic Australia, which opens nationally on Wednesday. She remains highly visible on magazine covers and in the ad campaign for Chanel No. 5.

But when she's not working — which is the case more often these days as she's relishing time with the youngest of her three children — Kidman leads a low-key life in Middle Tennessee. Here she usually forgoes expensive restaurants for favorites such as Starbucks and Bread & Co. She enjoys shopping for vintage clothing and is excited about the opening of Venus and Mars, model Karen Elson's vintage store on Belmont Boulevard.

"We are pretty simple. We just like good food. I suppose a lot of it is we like spending time with our baby, so we grab something or stay at home and cook. We love J. Alexander's," Kidman says, a fan of the restaurant's Thai Kai salad and French dip.

"We never get bothered, and the people are incredibly friendly and easygoing. It really has been a perfect match for me. I don't want to go on too much about it to the rest of the world because then more people will come here," she says, laughing. "It's a secret. Keith keeps saying, 'Shush, shush, keep this a secret,' because it's so beautiful."

Kidman can exhale here
Generally speaking, Kidman is able to exist here without concern of the paparazzi documenting her every move. Rather than promoting an affiliation with her, officials at Meals on Wheels, Starbucks and J. Alexander's decline media requests to discuss her. Strangers don't often approach her, and when they do, they usually just want a quick autograph. In fact, she says folks around here are getting accustomed to seeing her around town, about which she's "really glad."

But even if they act nonchalant, that doesn't mean locals aren't still excited about having a movie star in their midst.

"She is the most beautiful, and she's very nice and sweet," says Jenny Phan, manager of Venetian Nails and Spa in Green Hills. "The last time she came in, I gave her a hug because I hadn't seen her in awhile. She said she had had a baby.

"She is so easygoing, just like every customer that comes into our shop. She's just like everybody else. She comes to get what she needs and relax."

Of course, the other customers recognize her, Phan says. "They look at her and smile; they respect her privacy. They told us they really want Nicole to sign something, but they respect her."

Nashville producer Tony Brown — who has worked with Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel and many country music stars of significance in the past 20 years — places Kidman firmly in the iconic realm.

"When I met her the first time with Keith, I was star struck. But she was very reserved and sweet and wasn't condescending at all — just very tall," says Brown, who attended the Kidman-Urban wedding in Australia with his wife, Anastasia, who helped discover Urban and managed him early in his Nashville career.

"She is total, total class," he says of Kidman. "I know I have her on a pedestal, but she belongs up there."

Urban's friend Fletcher Foster, senior vice president/general manager of Universal South Records, says, "There is that element of unspoken class that you can't say enough about. Every time I've been around her, whenever she walks into a room, there's this aura that she has, a glow," he says. "I think it is how she carries herself, but it's not in a standoffish way, by any means. There's an outward beauty as well as an inward beauty that comes out of her. She was raised with a very classy, dignified family and I think it goes a long way."

Despite this, Kidman has no interest in being the center of attention at Nashville events, says Anastasia Brown, president of 821 Entertainment. "She is so humble — no bodyguards or behavior or decisions that say, 'Look at me.' She is modest and quiet-spoken. She loves Nashville, which made me immediately adore her.

"She is just so down to earth. She is one of us."

Tony Brown describes a recent birthday lunch for Urban held at Germantown Cafe that included Alan and Denise Jackson, Sheryl Crow and her son, Wyatt. Kidman cuddled her baby on her shoulder as guests arrived.

"Alan walked in and she said, 'I hear he's really shy,' " Brown says. "I said, 'George Strait is shy. I think Alan is really shy.'

"She said, 'Then I'd better go over there and help out.' "

Anastasia Brown says what Urban's friends respect the most about Kidman isn't her superstar career, but her unconditional love and loyalty for her husband.

"They have the love that everyone hopes to find," she says.

Kidman hoped to be accepted here
Kidman describes herself as "a huge mix of things" because she was born in Hawaii, was raised in Australia and has lived in America since she was 21.

"But to have been brought down here by my husband and given a home and given a place at this time in my life is such a gift," she says. "I was so transient for so many years.

"I was living out of suitcases and so it wasn't like I was based anywhere. That is why I was just able to drop everything and move here. I was actually looking for a place to settle and I didn't know where it would be. At one time I thought it would be Oregon because I love being outside and I love hiking and nature. But then when Keith stepped into my life and said, 'Look, I'm a Tennessean; I live in Nashville. Come down, I want to show you where I live,' it was very appealing."

Her first impression of Middle Tennessee was that it was beautiful.

"I drove out to Leiper's Fork and was taken around and went, 'I can't believe you can be in the middle of a city and then within 15 minutes it's so rural.' I am drawn to that, farms and places. I am drawn to space."

She says she really didn't have any expectations of the area. "I hoped I would be accepted," she says.

Does she feel accepted? "I do," she says with a light laugh. "I hope that is the right feeling, but yeah, I feel very at ease, put it that way."

Although both sets of the couple's parents live in Australia, it "just felt right" for Kidman to give birth to Sunday Rose in Nashville.

"I think there is nothing more to say other than it was peaceful and that I think that is the most important thing," she says. "Baptist Hospital, where we gave birth to her, was just wonderful to us. It was very simple and people allowed us that very, very special moment to, I suppose, fuse together more and also bond with our baby.

"I'm glad that she is able to say she's born and bred in Nashville and Tennessee. That is really lovely. I think it's very appropriate, considering her daddy. His whole life was headed here; from a little boy, he dreamed of coming here. For him to be able to say his baby girl was born here, I think is very special. I hope she has a Southern accent."

Kidman's older children, Isabella and Connor, from her first marriage to Tom Cruise, enjoy the time they spend with her here — to a degree.

"They are city kids right now, so I'm hoping they'll want to spend more and more time here as they get older," she says. "They are at the stage of being 16 and my son is going to turn 14, so they're like, 'Show us some action.' But they love music as well."

Before meeting Urban, Kidman knew little about country music, except the music of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, to which she had been introduced by her father.

"Now, living with Keith, his knowledge of country music is so thorough. He knows the history of it; he was raised on it."

Kidman says she has been inspired by her newfound exposure to Nashville's creative community. "I've always used music when I act, so it works viscerally with me," says Kidman, who sang in the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge! "I'm drawn to storytelling, so of course it appealed to me because of the stories that are told."

Among her favorite Music City memories so far are the evenings she spends with the couple's musical friends when impromptu jam sessions occur.

"It's extraordinary to see that, people that just have to play," she says. "I love seeing people in their element."

Kidman describes this new chapter in her life as "peaceful," a theme she continued to embrace during a news conference in Sydney, Australia, on Tuesday. She told reporters that she was unsure of her future as an actor because there were other things she wanted to do, including possibly having more children.

"I am in a place in my life where . . . I've had some great opportunities and I may just choose to have more children," she told reporters. "I've no idea what is in my future but I am very at peace with where I want to be.

"There are many things I want to do besides act."

And one of those things is taking care of her husband and children, a role that is the most important one of all now.

"My baby is starting to cry," she says, quickly bringing the interview to an end. "I've got to go. It's her mealtime now."

Beverly Keel can be reached at 615-259-8073 or

realitycheck said...

uh maclen, you might want to read that again...

"While the entertainment world is fixated on the American Music Awards going down in Los Angeles, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman snuck out for a screening of their new movie “Australia” in midtown New York City on Sunday night."

maclen said...

...and speaking of the AMA's anyways....didnt the orb even get nominated for anything? It seems the website has the list of winners see garth brooks won something...yeah..., there's chesney...scrolling down...yep there's paisley. Poor ol' orb...MIA...he must have been shut in at the hotel in NYC while kidman and jackman attended that screening. Another question about that Australia screening...did anyone else beside kidman and jackman attend that screening? Well, I mean besides the GG paps...didnt look like anyone else was there...

realitycheck said...

Keith has never won an AMA so no shocker there. You do realize maclen that any awards show that determines awards through phone polls is not that much to brag about. And if they are still giving awards to freaking Garth Brooks, then why the hell would anybody bother to tune in???

As for the Sydney premiere, most of Australia's legendary actors were in the film itself, so yes many went. If you don't know who they are you can do a little research yourself. There was a large photo with everyone from the film at the premiere.

realitycheck said...

Ive also found photos of Geoffrey Rush, Jane Goodall, Georgie Parker (Aussie theatre/tv star), and a few others I didn't recognize at the premiere.

realitycheck said...


"The entire cast and crew of the production were also invited to attend, as well as a mix of local personalities, including Olympians Ian Thorpe and Dawn Fraser, model Sarah Murdoch, designer Collette Dinnigan and musicians, among them The Veronicas and John Butler.

Politicians including federal opposition finance spokesman Joe Hockey and federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett also joined the broad mix."

hesaweiner said...

I haven't been here in quite awhile. I've lost so much interest in him.

The thing I want to say is. I never cared for the Videos Chris Hickey directed. I think Ku did better with that female director.

But, even then he needs to shake it up with directors. I think Keith has gotten lazy and just doesn't care..

Same thing could be said about his live shows, they are phoned in more often than not, all the duets, are easy to do for a lazy person. And since the pain cd. The music has been plain crap.

Really, I think he should just quit and go be a studio musician. He can still play, earn some cash, then go have plenty of time to do whatever it is that has his interest. His career sure isn't it.

abc said...

I have a couple of comments about your composite article, Sonora_Melody:

firstly, it is clear that all of Nicole's raving about 'the land, earthiness, etc' is to promote her character in 'Australia', who is 'changed' by the 'land, the earth, spacious Oz etc etc' the following comment is untrue as she has always said she NEVER goes outside because of her skin. when have we ever seen a picture of her 'in nature' - except maybe that walk once with Keith and family down a country lane. Also, why would she, not only blab on about everything that Keith tells her to 'keep secret', but, admit that she is defying him??!!

"I love being outside and I love hiking and nature."

"I am drawn to that, farms and places. I am drawn to space."

"It's a secret. Keith keeps saying, 'Shush, shush, keep this a secret,' because it's so beautiful."

"I've no idea what is in my future"

And lastly, how can she say she has "no idea" ... for one, she has a production company where she knows she could produce and star in any film she wants - she also has about 6 films with her name attached ... also surely her family life is some idea?

This woman is nothing but annoying!

She must also be the first person in the world to call a baby's 'screaming'; 'singing'. oi vey!

Imahick said...

I wish I could believe ONE friggin' thing that NK says. Unfortunately, I do not.

I'd like to think that their life is so peaceful and settled.

notachance said...

Glad to see UM finally wrote a blog about Keith, unfortunately all the posters need to turn it all back to NK. Have we not debated to death her involvement in his life? Here we have a topic that could actually have some good conversation and yet it's all about her again.

I hope Keith keeps that fire in his pit about the #1 and that burns him from inside to change what he's been doing.

The live DVD is *yawn*. Anyone can do a live DVD like that. Who cares anymore? It's not the director, it's the artist. All the director did was take footage and decide where to put it. It's the getting of the footage that's whatever. Plan 2 shows back-to-back in the same venue and film a DVD. Big freakin' whoop!

Sweet Thing ain't so sweet IMO. I agree it's been hurried to market, probably to fill the void that "Shirt" is leaving. But really, the album is due out in March - isn't this a little early for the 1st single?

I don't mind Keith guesting on other albums, obviously those other artists value him. It has given us Start A Band, and hopefully Keith will have learned something good from Brad in the process - like how to be a better artist for your fans.

Imahick said...

I haven't seen the DVD. In the past, I'd have gone out and bought it the first day it was in the stores. I will still get a copy, but not sure when. I don't feel that "rush" to get it. I guess I haven't seen that many concert DVD's to know what you can do with them. I expect it to be concert footage...but what are we missing?

What is the CD going to offer? Is he hungry enough to find that creative edge and make some good old fashioned Keith Urban slammin' music? Or are we in for more of the same from the LP&TWCT CD? I didn't hate that CD, but it wasn't the quality of BH or GR. I don't expect him to produce that calibre every he is forgiven a weaker offering. But he will need to up the ante this time. Can he find his focus and do it? I think that it's too bad he's delayed release til Mar 09. Most of the others in his league are putting out a CD every two years. One more reflection of either loss of focus or loss of interest.

I don't mind Sweet Thing. I think that the music is catchy ... good beat. They lyrics are juvenile, but I generally don't hear the lyrics's the music I am drawn to. I like the melody and the rhythm but I wanted more.

I think he's trying. He didn't gallavant all over recording a smidgen here and a dollup there. He stayed in Nashville and seems to be concentrating on getting this thing out. I hope he re-thinks the title of the album. Born to Love is too sappy.

I think part of his problem is he over produces. I hope he is able to find the right balance and stop fiddling .... I felt like LP&TWCT was over produced...too slick in places.

maclen said...

***Special Bulletin***
"Australia promo debacle!!!" turns out that Australia did in fact have a "premiere" in NYC after all... and yesterday I mocked a "screening", calling it a "drive by promo"...which I still believe it is. But today I want to revise my comments. For as futile I believed it to be...other developments today have convinced me that the screening in fact has had a postitive reaction. Yesterday Australia had a rating of 75% over at after the screening, that rating fell to 61% and is now flirting with a "rotten" rating! In fact it actually did give it up to a rotten rating of 59% earlier now with the "premiere"... I am looking forward to it dropping even further! So keep your..."fingers...toes and eyes crossed!

...I now return you to your regularly scheduled conversation....

realitycheck said...

Well my eyes are definitely rolling.

Berry Hill said...

Nicole's dimwitted performance on Letterman tonight isn't going to help the movie-- AT ALL! (plus the scene selected for her to pimp was very weak for her character and quite focused on Hugh-- no complaint there.)

She proved she knew very little about Keith and was put out to be forced to talk about him instead of herself.

She called Sunday "a lovely girl."

But she revealed much in her admission that she likes things rigid, precise and strict.. and she had to be coached to loosen up. OK.. she was talking about riding.. but I get the feeling those desires permeate her being.

maclen said...

Ahhhh, another patented awkward, gawky and giggly talk show appearence by kidman? Well, that blows letterman for me tonight. Well, I was just checking out the NYC premiere over at GettyImages... boy, a kidman flick can really amp up the wattage by sheer star power, huh! Alicia Witt, Kelsey grammer...helena christensen...olivia newton john...ritchie rich?...catherine martin? Could a more random, seeming of a last minute... nay I say a "bottom of the barrel scraping" group of tv sitcom regulars... washed up models and singers... and an assortment of fashion designers...and surely I'd bet that "rithie rich" definately crashed the premiere or was simply one of those last minute additions to fill out the venue! It's a veritable smorgasborg of who's who? As in... "who the hell is that?

Choice said...

Urban Myths tried to make this post a Keith Blog. But lets face it, the Keith Urban Show has left the building. That happened the day he met Granny.

Maclen: The New York Premiere had the same poses and awkward smiles between Granny Freeze and Keith. I saw no point in attending as I have seen it all before. Luckily I had a match handy to burn the invitation, although it would have been nice to catch up with Olivia.

UM: I have mentioned Keith in my new ' NK Journey' Blog in an attempt to keep the memory of him alive:

Choice said...

Cringe story online. How much more can we bare? Does Nicole have to tell every single detail of her life?,26278,24703363-7485,00.html

Tara said...

Letterman gave face to what so many of us think of Kidman. Kidman must have known she screwed up big time last night about Keith because she runs to the People reporter at the premiere and goes on and on about him.
the best picture of the happy couple
from last night was Keith dragging her off the red carpet- obvious he wanted to be out of there as soon as he could.

stillhopefull said...

Seems sad indeed when the blog tries to return to the subject at hand, but said subject does not seem to have much to report on anything. I can add that I sure do like his hair lighter. Did not look so full of product.
BTW, Granny was on Regis & Kelly this morning. Kelly asked her how old the baby was now?!?! Granny's reply was 5 months. I for the life of me can not count back to July and come up with 5!!! So which one of us can't count?

notachance said...

She's in a hurry for that child to get older. I would say 4 months.

I only caught a brief part of Letterman and then went back to sleep. Who knew she was Godmother to Simon Baker's kid?

Apparently the King & Queen of Oz didn't stay for the after party - once again. Seems that stuff is beneath her? Or can they only attend functions where alcohol isn't allowed? Seems a little disrespectful to the other castmembers that make the effort IMO.

maclen said...

Berry Hill said...
"Nicole's dimwitted performance on Letterman tonight isn't going to help the movie-- AT ALL!"

"D"OH!! Wow, berryhill...just watched a youtube clip over at defamer this morning...dimwitted is too soft a word. Letterman usually grovels and playfully flirts with say.. a charlize theron...haley barry... but last night letterman was visibly annoyed and irritated by the flakey kidman...a study in charm and elegance...or just sheer "naturalness" kidman is not! And choice, as for her PR practices...I have no doubt, somewhere in Oz the past week, she probably said the exact same thing...only she hoped she develops an aussie accent...she so disengenuously targets these "personal tidbits" to coincide to whatever country she's shilling in...In oz... it is her "home country"...but once in the states, she's just a "down home country girl"...she's a worse politician than sarah palin!

getaholdofurself said...

Imahick said...
"I think part of his problem is he over produces. I hope he is able to find the right balance and stop fiddling .... I felt like LP&TWCT was over produced...too slick in places."

i agree with much of what you said, but this really stood out. keith has mentioned more than once that he gets bored without layers. those layers are what take so long and likely lead to the over production. it's one of the reasons lp&twct is one of my least favorites.

as for "sweet thing," i like it and agree that he's trying, but putting out a single in november for an album that doesn't drop until march seems odd. i know it's something that artists/labels have been doing lately, but this seems further out than most.

i watched lainey's letterman clips. i get the feeling poor dave wants nk to be comfortable with him, but she never has been. this one was especially painful to watch.

Choice said...

Saw the Letterman show on "You Tube". He has interviewed Granny before and back then they both seemed incredibly uncomfortable with each other. Last night I found him rude and not funny at all. He would barely give her the chance to reply before butting in with more questions. But seriously, if she can't handle his dreadful interviewing style, then why does she keep going back to this show. I do need to ask a question: what is the appeal of Letterman?

Choice said...
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Choice said...
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realitycheck said...

choice, every interview that Nicole, and many other actresses, has done with Letterman is like this. He never stays on topic, jumps form subject to subject with no clear segues, and focuses on random things. Nicole is there to promote the movie. She knows its going to happen and needs to lead him in the right direction of the interview. It is understandable that he would mention Keith, she hasn't been on since before they were married. But dwelling on it and country music, what was the point?

maclen, seems as usual you left out more of the stars that attended the premiere like Naomi Watts and Lauren Bacall. Catherine Martin BTW is the costume designer for the film and Baz's wife. It would be expected for her to attend.

maclen said...

Choice said...
"Saw the Letterman show on "You Tube". He has interviewed Granny before and back then they both seemed incredibly uncomfortable with each other. Last night I found him rude and not funny at all."

Well, based on the clip...kidman didnt seem to have a clue why she was on the show. As for letterman, again, as i commented he was just annoyed by the clip, he actually turns away from her as she was in a fit of uncontrolable spasms and twitching convulsions...yeah not much comedy gold in a very pathetic performance flameout...

realitycheck said...

well maclen if you are a regular viewer of Letterman you would know an interview like this for him is par for the course. If there are past DL interviews on YT you should watch them. Its that same vibe, with Nicole laughing and Dave being Dave.

maclen said...

speaking of theron...contrast and compare...

Tara said...

Thank You Maclen,
I am a regular viewer of Letterman and he got pissed with her because she came of as the vapid uneducated faker she is. Why couldn't she answer some simple questions about her husband? Seems he stumped her from the start. Nice mention of her other children too.

maclen said... its...."Haley barry time..its haley barry time... (thank you clarabelle!)

realitycheck said...

The interviews Ive seen of hers Theron comes off as a bit of a bitch or a little loopy. Nicole is pretty consistent when it comes to how she acts in interviews. She was very much herself on Regis this morning. Here, Dave went overboard on the compliments to Theron too. And then Theron says she'd rather sleep in dirt? There wasn't much to this interview but sexual innuendo.

If Nicole gave this interview she'd be labeled as a pervert.

maclen said...

Yeah I mentioned, letterman playfully flirts and has some pretty decent bits with the true A listers...who can surely handle a simple conversation that isn't competely scripted...

realitycheck said...

tara, if you are a regular viewer youd know the Kidman interviews are always like this. And if she didn't like it she wouldn't come back, and if he can't stand her she wouldn't be invited.

Choice said...

Nic does laugh annoyingly through any interview I have seen. I think she went on Letterman to promote AUSTRALIA but he was more interested in finding out about Keith. I felt she gave him a good 3 minutes on that topic, so he should have moved on. As much as Nic annoys me, he is more annoying. Why is his show so popular when clearly the man has ZERO talent. Perhaps because I am Australian, I am missing some sort of humour that he offers that only Americans can see. His show is broadcast here very late at night and is not a ratings winner.

realitycheck said...

Dave knows about Keith. He's playing the audience. Its not a widely known fact but Dave is a country music fan. More alt-country but still he knows about Keith. Not his entire history but he's aware. He was responsible for getting people like Kasey Chambers and Kathleen Edwards on his show.

realitycheck said...

Dave is talented but he is an acquired taste. He's gotten more crtchety as he's gotten older. I think he either has really good shows or he's just too "Grumpy Old Man Next Door" for his own good. He definitely has a Midwestern America sensibility about him, he's from Indiana. If you're Australian his demeanor and humor might not translate very well.

maclen said...

Choice, as far as your dislike for letterman, that is really besides the point...but truly how does this reflect on kidman's promo of her movie? To take it back to the politcal analogy I made with sarah palin...her attempt to explain that her debacle of an interview was purely katie couric's fault... that palin found couric "annoying" or engaging in "gotcha journalism"...certainly didnt play well at all...for she surely had a mess of an interview with Charlie Gibson prior...and bringing it back to letterman...john mccain pissing off letterman, and the stink letterman made over mccain canceling an appearence, only to then appear with the aforementioned couric... which then forced mccain to immediately reshedule on letterman and basically grovel and kiss lettermans feet in an attempt to make up for the "dissing"... ...shows that lettermans show may now have bigger public effect than leno..or GMA or some other talk show may have.

Choice said...

I see your point Maclen. Was unaware of the power that Letterman had over there. His style still annoys me, almost as much as Oprah's.

maclen said...

Choice said...
"I see your point Maclen. Was unaware of the power that Letterman had over there. His style still annoys me, almost as much as Oprah's."

Well, basically choice, this does reflect badly on kidman..whether you believe or not that letterman was simply trying to pick on her...or as you believe he was jsut being rude. Defamer's take on it was very funny...

"Nicole Kidman Ponders Talk Show Retirement After 'Letterman' Appearance Gone Awry" know playing on her comments about maybe wanting to retire...

maclen said... here's another knock against kidman... or as I've now dubbed her the "Worst...and surely just as publicly tone deaf politician this side of sarah palin"...,over-5-million-people-endorse-effort-to-end-violence-against-women.html

"Over 5 million people endorse effort to end violence against women"

"We thought that the more names we collected, the stronger our case to make ending violence against women a top priority for governments everywhere," Kidman said at a press conference at UN headquarters in New York".

...Very admirable endeavor...surely... theres too much pain and violence in the world...but leave it to kidman to get the UN to schedule the new conference the day before her film opens... ah yes, that's exploition and personal "benefit" at its most cynical best! God forbid kidman should partake in her hobby of charity work when she doesnt have a movie to shill..." Yes, here is my contribution to the plight of my fellow human beings...and dont forget to go see my new movie, "Australia"... it opens tommorrow and it'll be an Australian "SMASHER!...check your local listing for times in your area! Thank you all and God Bless!" well, unless you go and watch her movie that is...

realitycheck said...

Sorry maclen once again you are wrong. The collecting of names was to go on for a year and then there was to be a reporting of what occured. Unifem is not working concert with Baz or Fox or Nicole to cross promote it with a film. Any little thing now related to Nicole Kidman is a conspiracy. Get real.

realitycheck said...

choice, as I have said before Nicole's behavior on Dave and Dave's reactions were the same as they always have been. There is no fallout, it doenst look badly on Nicole, and no one truly cares. But notice how the articles have come out about the interview? They didnt int he past. Why? Because Nicole hasn't been on in 3 and a half years. And in that time the American media, blogs, etc have gotten exponentially worse in making stories out of nothing. 3 and half years ago this interview wouldnt have been a blip on the radar.

As for McCain and Letterman, its not so much that Letterman is powerful, but that McCain was regarded as an honest, standup guy and he just bails on him. And does it on a show where everyone would know and it seemed he didn't care. I think the "honorable image" was a sham and David was calling him out on it and rightfully so.

maclen said...

***Special Bulletin***
"Australia promo debacle!!!"

an update on the press conference today at UN headquarters...

"Australian actress Nicole Kidman is seen at press conference to announce the results of the "Say No to Violence against Women" campaign, an internet-based petition, on November 25, 2008 at United Nations headquarters in New York" it was to letterman last regis and kelly "lee" this morning ...and then off to the UN for more movie PR shilling... next she's off back to OZ, no doubt, to take her sickly children to a screening of her new movie "Australia" and free popcorn...jujubes and cornnuts...

realitycheck said...

yes and the goal was 1 million signatures and they got 5 million. A great success!

Also just for you maclen, if you go to the UN Webcast archives you will see 6 meetings in total today to update the media on their work. The timing of the UNifem conference was a coincidence.

Casse Role said...

Oh brother. I just watched the youtube clip of Mrs. Urban on Letterman. There really aren't any words. Oh wait, there is. OH MY GOODNESS!

She was squirmy, uncomfortable, ditzy and in a way seemed rude.
Telling David to get off the subject etc.

Ok, before anyone chimes in... I know this was probably to promote the movie, but was it so bad talking about her husband?? I have watched some of her past interviews (from years ago) and some were actually quite funny, but yet down to earth. Lately they haven't been. MY OPINION.

maclen said...

...another RottenTomatoes update...well my RT theory began last sunday, and I had noted that Australia was at a decent 75% rating, but with a small amount of reviews. And then I made a big thing over a "screening" of the film in NYC on sunday...kidman and jackman "sneaking in and all"...but then the next day on monday, the movie fell from a 75% rating, to a 61% rating at RT... so I simply made the correlation between the screening and the ratings drop. And so I surmissed, when I was suprised that in fact there was a "premiere" in NYC, with a ragtag group of B list celebs...and even GETTyImages photo postings...that it was a "good" thing actually, as the ratings would continue to fall over at RT...well, just checking over at Rotten tomatoes...the ratings for Australia are now at a 55% rotten rating. So would be overkill for me to hope that they redo the premiere... again and again...this time with say, andy hilton and lyndsey lohan in attendance?

realitycheck said...

well maclen you and I know that RT is not the be all and end all for any movie, but you would like to give that impression. There are many excited about seeing this film. Will it make its money back, only time will tell.

FWIW, I am not surprised about the RT rating. Baz's films are very much love em or leave em affairs. Ive never known anyone that said one of his films was just okay.

wastedemotion said...
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wastedemotion said...

Also just watched Nicole on Letterman. I love Letterman, and I think he treated Nicole as she deserved to be treated. I loved to hear him ask all the questions about Keith, finally she got a taste of how Keith feels. Serisouly his fans would put her to shame with their knowledge, she should take a class over at Monkeyville. I thought Sunday Rose was born on 7/7, putting her at 4 1/2 months old, not 5 months old on Monday.
Nicole came off as very ditzy, and Dave was awesome.

Choice said...

If Rotten Tomatoes has no credibility, how come people refer to it so often? I notice it comes up alot on IMDB Discussion Boards.
I guess we will really see for sure what people think from tomorrow onwards as it starts officially today in Australia. I can actually see people lining up out the cinema door from my window (just kidding). I don't know of anyone who is busting to see it. Let's remember that alot of people have BIG LCD TV screens at home now, so would rather wait for the DVD and watch movies in the comfort of their own homes. Who wants to sit in a cinema for 3 hours with popcorn and sniffling going on behind you?

Reality Check. I always try to see things from both sides. I actually felt sorry for Nicole (which doesn't normally happen) on Letterman as he wouldnt even wait for her to give an answer before butting in. It seemed that he had an agenda. But it's interesting how all of us bloggers perceive things differently. Others have commented that she seemed rude.

cricket said...

She was pathetic on Letterman She looked like a bobblehead and sounded like an airhead. Also seems she can't remember when the baybeee was born. She said she would be 5 months old Monday. Monday is the first.Maybe the babybeee really was born on the first and Kidman received her by Fed-Ex on the seventh. Either way it makes her sound disinterested in the kid since she can't even remember the date she was supposedly born.

maclen said...

exactly choice, dont allow yourself to be swayed from the meaning of Rottentomatoes by the desperate fansies witnessing kidmans demise. RT is just not some online review site that throws out a couple of reviews...but I submit its the most comprehensive movie review source out there today. You dont only get the bloggers who happen to have a review blog...but they have the top established critics around also...roger ebert...Roeper...travers for rolling stone..from newspapers, the new yorker..usa today...washington name it. Take last weeks Twilight... it got 135 reviews for a ratings of 44% overall and 58% from the "top critics"...but twilight was "critics proof" and cashed in its first weekend despite the low rating... and another point, twilight had absolutely zero expectations for awards consideration, unlike that of Australia. Believe me if Australia fails at RT, so does it's award chances...

realitycheck said...

Twisting my post isn't going to make your point. RT is not about credibility, but is simply a site that compiles all reviews in one convenient place. We have yet to see a review from Ebert or Roper. And the skeptics here who keep saying that "Australia" is an awful movie seem to think that reviews that match their viewpoint seem to cancel out or delete any positive reviews. Sorry it doesn't work that way. The rating is now at 50% which means half positive half negative. Epic romances are never everyone's cup of tea and some immediately dismiss movies that are grand in its scope. Let them. It's not going to keep me away from the theater.

And the "Twilight" film proves my point. Bad reviews, and yet people still went to see the film. Hard to believe a 44% rating or whatever it is now didn't keep them away. Because in skeptic land everyone treats RT as gospel!!!!

maclen said...

***Special New Bulletin***
"Talk show debacle part deux..."

"Nicole Kidman's Awkwardness '08 Tour Enters 'Blame Letterman' Phase"

"Nicole Kidman's cringe-inducing appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night is continuing to serve up some aftershocks, and during the star's appearance on Regis and Kelly today, Regis treated Kidman as though she were promoting her late-night trainwreck, not Australia.

To be fair, Kidman (made up to look like an insane cross between a pilgrim and the Baroness from The Sound of Music) attempted to be diplomatic about the appearance, but Regis refused to have it, placing the blame for the encounter squarely on Letterman. Careful, Regis — a war with Dave is one that few walk away from as the victor. Just look what happened to John McCain!"

HA! Did I call it or did i call it? Kidman is now hollywoods "sarah palin"... crashing and burning before your very eyes on the eve of her next campagn, Australia.

biteme said...

Cricket - that was hilarious!

banbotox said...

notachance said:I hope Keith keeps that fire in his pit about the #1 and that burns him from inside to change what he's been doing.

A Big, Fat Ditto!!

As for kidman...truly what did you expect from her? Intelligent dialogue? hahahahahahaha
Her interview on Letterman was spot on for the type of person I think she is...clueless and classless...

realitycheck said...


Yes maclen Nicole Kidman is the new Sarah Palin. Maybe in your world. Thank God the rest of us put the real importance on a woman who would set the country back 100 years if elected instead of an actress and her movie. Look at yourselves, ranting on about an interview that was like all the others with Letterman.

And if you think Dave has a fluid interviewing style that is the standard for all to achieve and that none of this is on his shoulders you do need a reality check!

stillhopefull said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wastedemotion said...

Well aint that the pot calling the kettle black RC.

realitycheck said...


November 25, 2008

by Roger Ebert

Baz Luhrmann dreamed of making the Australian "Gone With the Wind," and so he has, with much of that film's lush epic beauty and some of the same awkwardness with a national legacy of racism. This is the sort of film described as a "sweeping romantic melodrama," a broad family entertainment that would never have been made without the burning obsession of its producers (Luhrmann for "Australia," David O. Selznick for "GWTW"). Coming from a director known for his punk-rock "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet" and the visual pyrotechnics of "Moulin Rouge," it is exuberantly old-fashioned, and I mean that as a compliment.

The movie is set in 1939. Hitler has invaded Poland. The armies of the free world will need beef. On a remote northern ranch named Faraway Downs, a cattle drover named simply Drover (Hugh Jackman) runs things day to day after the murder of the owner. Arriving from England, Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) comes to crack down on her philandering husband but arrives to find he is dead. Now the owner of an expanse large as some countries, she arrives dressed for tea. The British long followed the practice of dressing in warm climates as if they were not, and Lady Ashley keeps up the standard.

Here is the situation she finds: Drover, a rough-hewn, free-standing cowboy, has never seen a woman anything like her. He runs Faraway Downs with experienced aborigine ranch hands, and has under his special protection the aboriginal boy Nullah (Brandon Walters), who is 11 or 12. Nullah's grandfather was King George (David Gulpilil, who played a boy about Nullah's age in "Walkabout" from 1971). He was murdered not too long ago. Nullah is a beautiful boy, biracial, bright, filled with insight, and he provides the narration for the film.

As "Australia" is essentially a Western, there must be an evil rancher with a posse of stooges, and there is: King Carney (Bryan Brown). He wants to add Faraway Downs to his empire. Much will depend on whether Carney or Faraway can be first to deliver cattle in the port city of Darwin. Lady Ashley, prepared to sell out to Carney, sees things that make her reconsider, and determines to join Drover, Nullah and a ragtag band on a cattle drive that will eventually lead into No Man's Land. Meanwhile, the delicate lady and the rugged Drover begin to fall in love, just like Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler.

She grows to love the boy and emotionally adopts him. Nullah is under constant threat of being swept up by the local police, enforcing a national policy of "capturing" part-white aboriginal children and taking them to missions where they can "have the black bred out of them" and trained to be servants. Incredibly, this practice was ended by Australia only in 1973. And you think we were slow to change.

All the elements are in place for a cross between "GWTW" and "Red River," with an infusion of "Rabbit-Proof Fence" (2002) and World War II. Luhrmann, known for his close work with the camera, pulls back here to show the magnificent landscape and the enormity of the cattle drive. The cattle are supplied mostly by CGI, which explains how they can seem to stampede toward a high cliff. No doubt some will find this scene hokey, but it also provides the movie's dramatic high point, with Nullah channeling the teachings of his grandfather.

It's a great scene, but it also dramatizes the film's uncertainty about race. Luhrmann is rightly contemptuous of Australia's "re-education" policies; he shows Nullah taking pride in his heritage and paints the white enforcers as the demented racists they were. But "Australia" also accepts aboriginal mystical powers lock, stock and barrel, and that I think may be condescending.

Well, what do you believe? Can the aboriginal people materialize wherever they desire? Become invisible? Are they telepaths? Can they receive direct guidance from the dead? Yes, certainly, in a spiritual or symbolic sense. But in a literal sense? Many of the plot points in "Australia" depend on the dead King George's ability to survey events from mountaintops and appear to Nullah to point the way. The Australians, having for decades treated their native people as subhuman, now politely endow them with godlike qualities. I am not sure that is a compliment. What they suffered, how they survived, how they prevailed and what they have accomplished, they have done as human beings, just as we all must.

The film is filled with problems caused by its acceptance of mystical powers. If Nullah is all-seeing and prescient at times, then why does he turn into a scared little boy who needs rescuing? The climactic events require action sequences as thrilling as they are formulaic, as is the love story. Scarlett and Rhett were products of the same society. Lady Sarah and Drover meet across a divide that separates not only social class but lifestyle, education and geography. Such a gap can be crossed, but not during anything so simple as a moonlit night with "Over the Rainbow" being played on a harmonica.

"GWTW," for all its faults and racial stereotyping, at least represented a world its makers believed in. "Australia" envisions a world intended largely as fable, and that robs it of some power. Still, what a gorgeous film, what strong performances, what exhilarating images and -- yes, what sweeping romantic melodrama. The kind of movie that is a movie, with all that the word promises and implies.

maclen said...

So, it's the thanksgiving 5 day weekend... 3 new movies come out today... so what are the forecasts? Over at Hollywood elsewhere, wells posted tracking numbers for the 3 new flicks...Witherspoon's Four Christmases is tracking at 82, 40 and 15...Stratham's Transporter 3 is 69, 42 and 15... and Kidman's Australia is tracking 68, 33 and 12... which box office guru agrees of the newbies Australia looks to be bringing up the rear. And with holdovers from last week, twilight...quantum and bolt...its going to be crowded... over at box office prophets has Australia coming in at #6 for the week. So, the only question seems to be at this point is whether Australia will come in 3rd...(if it's lucky!)...4th, 5th...or even 6th at the box office. And as for it's awards chances...over at Rottentomatoes, Australia is at about 49%-50%, again, so-so...but very rotten. So despite all the over hype... oprah gushing endorsement...jackman's People mag sexy vote...and kidman's exploitive UN charity shilling for her movie...Australia does look to be the Thanksgiving Turkey I always suspected it to be.

realitycheck said...

no maclen, you didn't suspect, you had no clue. But you wanted it to be because Kidman is starring in it. You've left a few things "Four Christmases" horrendous rating of 20& over at RT. And the skeptics keep saying they will see this instead of "Australia". Ha! I hope they enjoy their turkey. Because the only thing funny about this film is the smell.

Lisa said...

reality check : "yes and the goal was 1 million signatures and they got 5 million. A great success!"

MAN!! I bet Sonora's hands must be SO cramped!!!

maclen said...

Lisa, I just find it pretty disgusting that instead of doing it out of the goodness of her heart... kidman instead is just using it to try and sell her movie... and herself. She is a shameless and worthless hack...Again, she should do it when she isnt attempting to draw attention to her movie. A movie so terrible its apparently going to get trounced at the box office...again... Yes, that is some shoddy representative of the UN Ambassadorship...instead of simply having the UN solicit signatures online and then trying to take credit for it...she should get her lazy ass off the movie shilling circuit for one day and at least appear to be actually collecting signatures in front of her on call pap sources...but the completely lame ass publicity failure she is, she cant even bring herself to put one ounce of effort into it besides "appearing" at a press conference...or at last, fly her lazy ass to all those unfortunate abused woman and children she constantly pays lip service to in those third world countries she once claimed she would visit 2 and a half years the Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Afghanistan and Cambodia...but the only country she is flying her lazy ass to is the UK...and onto her next movie make her next movie flop...
...kidmans honorary work for the UN is as big a failure as her movie career... and dont think that the public for one second is any more impressed by her so called "charity work" as they are for her lousy films...

Lisa said...

I fig'd the "charity work" was her wrist slap for getting the photographer beat up.

I'd LOVE to know why Keith would be included in this. I still can NOT see him doing such a thing unless it was part of the 'deal'.

Choice said...

Last night on the movie show here in Oz, the comperes both gave it 3/5. The comperes are well respected here, including David Stratton whose review is also on Rotten Tomatoes. He stressed again last night that the film was not the masterpice they hoped for. His co-host, Margaret seemed to not be as into it as him, but still hoped Australians would get behind it. David had interviewed Nicole earlier in the week and it was the calmest I have seen her in an interview in a long time. Cringeworthy at times, but mostly interesting. Check out the Nicole interview and review here:

Urban Myths said...

Nicole Kidman's 'Australia' Performance Gets The Thumbs Down From Critics

We bring you some of the less-than-complementary reviews...

Wednesday 26th Nov 2008

Nicole Kidman performance in new film Australia has been widely panned by critics, with one reviewer accusing the actress of being "the kiss of death" for every movie she stars in.

Baz Luhrmann's epic tale is due for release on Boxing day - and if the reviews are anything to go by the cinemas will be empty.

Here's a choice selection of Nicole-bashing:

San Francisco Chronicle: "In truth, Kidman has never seemed so lost in a role. Couldn't Luhrmann tell she was drowning? This is a fine actress. Couldn't he help her? Likewise, never has Kidman, a screen beauty, ever looked so unappealing onscreen, caught in a triangulation between an absurd characterization, an unflattering hairstyle and ugly clothing"

The Times (UK): "Australia the movie, however, has one huge problem. It stars Nicole Kidman. Big mistake. Big, big mistake. Kidman is exquisitely accomplished at being awful. She can't act. Instead, she drifts around films like a lost porcelain doll, looking frozen, brittle and vapid, staring at the camera with her oh-golly-look-how-I'm-looking-interesting blue eyes."

ABC4: "Kidman's performance is a little stiff and sometimes overbearing. The script and story are also a little shaky at times, with several predictable plot paths, especially in the 'love story' parts."

Capitol Weekly: "I found myself pondering the irony of casting Nicole Kidman in a movie set in Australia and still having her fake an English accent throughout the entire film."

Baltimore Sun: "She has never looked as unattractive as she does in the first hour. Wrapped up tight in aristocratic finery, she seems uncomfortable in her own taut skin. Looking like a digital human in an early 3D cartoon, she moves in a weird pinched strut and talks in a snobbish screech."

But there it's not all bad news for Nicole - the Daily Telegraph bucked the trend by praising her for her on-screen efforts.