Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fans by Association - Think Again, Ms. Kidman

Nicole Kidman has a hate/use/hate relationship with Keith Urban's fans. Do any of you honestly think she likes you? No, you are the overweight, uneducated hicks who bought the myths written about her husband. She knows that none of you would ever get a chance with her Keith Lionel so you are mere objects for her ridicule and scorn. Don't believe that do you? Well, at a restaurant in Nashville, Kidman was having a lettuce leaf with an assistant and was overheard mimicking her server’s accent. And while she will go sit in the back room of the beauty shop she does not talk to any of the locals and will freeze you out if you approach her. The only time she appears to be friendly is if she is with Keith. Even then be careful - that gaze can freeze you to your core. But isn't it amazing that in the last few months Kidman has been kind to the locals and nice to Keith's fans? Why the change? Because she wants you to go to her stupid movie. That’s the only reason. She doesn't like the fans; never has. Her attitude is that one must keep their life and persona a bit of a mystery. She apparently has told Keith this is how he should treat his fans. In country music, however, you can't.

Keith had to educate her about this, and remember Kidman learned from a master manipulator, her one true love, about how to conduct oneself in public. It does look like when her one true love walked out on her he took a lot of fans with him. Her box office is a shining example of her lack of fan base, so what is a manipulative shrew to do? Tap into her current husband’s fan base. She has been manipulating the masses for months about her balanced life in Tennessee. She had her baabee there. Did any of you really think it had to do with Keith and what he wanted? No way. She just wants you to fill up the theaters on November 26th. Well, I know I will be in a theater but I will be watching Twilight. Somehow watching a movie about a vampire is better than seeing a movie with a real life one in it. Still going to argue about her love of the simple life? Wouldn't you spend a warm family first holiday in your country home with your little girl and husband? Not our Nic! She told a reporter at the Glamour awards that she and the baby would be in New York City looking at the lights. By that time the fate of the epic will be known and she won't have to hang with the little people. I do hope she tells Keith where she and the little girl will be for Christmas; from his comments this week he still was in the dark.


maclen said...

That's a excellent point, Urban Myths... unlike early in their relationship, kidman was determined to keep the orb are arms length from her career, and visa versa, as was very noticable by his absence from here red carpets early on. But after her movie Fur tanked at the box office and at the awards, and then the orb wound up in rehab, she no doubt switched gears and would just try and kill two birds with one stone...attempt to exploit the orbs problem with sobriety into her PR mosaic..but also more importantly, bringing the orb closer into her promo campaigns..she could also better "moniter" his self destructive tendencies. And that is the true reason for her "never apart... (insert days here)" ...11 days...8 down to a week". So, your right UM...her kid is due...she comes back to nashville.... her movie is about to premiere....she comes back to nashville...

maclen said..., back to Australia death watch...just read this post over at hollywood elsewhere...

"Australia upgrade"

"Australia's website has been revamped and re-launched. It may be the most fluidly visual and eye-candy-ish movie site I've ever laid eyes on. Some 200 pics from the film, 20-plus short clips, interactive, whistles and bells."

...and the only comment describes it perfectly...

p.Vice says ...
"The very definition of all dressed up and nowhere to go." is there any reason not to believe that kidman will simply be another pristine, porcelin and pampered made up barbie doll on the musky and dusty outback? With collogen injected lips, heavily botoxed and expressionless mannequin?

realitycheck said...

More fantasy courtesy of Umyths. Other skeptics have been spreading the rumor that Nicole is cold in public even when Keith is around. So which one is it? LOL

This is just a declaration that another ex-Urban fan/Kidman hater won't be going to see "Australia". Stating the obvious over and over on this blog is like filling your plate up at the buffet with sweets. Looks good, makes people intrigued, but in the end is nothing of real substance.

By the way, anybody else figured out that Keith and & Nicole could travel to more than one place for the holidays? Or bring family over to where they are? Or that in the end it really doesn't matter?

Choice said...

Oh REALITY CHECK, where would we be without you to put is in our place at every turn? I'm pleased that you are totally supporting the film and that is your right. Your desire to visit this blog regularly suggests that you can't bear to miss out on any of the points raised here. You could just as easily not visit at all. Who are you really? Granny Freeze?

Choice said...

Hi MACLEN - What's your take on the Poll so far (based on our conversation the other week):

Casse Role said...

realitycheck said...
Looks good, makes people intrigued, but in the end is nothing of real substance.

The way I am looking at it RC, the Skeptics, Kidman haters, Keith lovers, whatever... they have the right to be skeptical, to hate who they want, to like who they want.
To write what they think or what they have an opinion of. It really must matter to you that this blog keeps going and going and you really can't stop it.

You don't know for sure how many NK fans are wondering what is really up with her? You don't know if some have changed their mind about her, do you?...
Maybe some have read here and thought pure BS. But then again some could be still reading and starting to ask questions, or seeing things that the Blog owners and such are seeing too.

I still wish the best for Keith, and if he is really happy, so be it. Either way, we all can post how we feel. As for knowing what others really think about the blog, you are just,
Skeptical perhaps... :)

Anonymous said...

I somehow doubt the Urbans, both Australians care much about Thanksgiving. The baby is too young to even bother starting a tradition with the meal.

And...since Katie Homes annouced that the Cruises will be in NYC for Thanksgiving, it all makes perfect sense. The Urbans will be in the same city as Connor and Bella.

What could be more normal?

maclen said...

So I just read that the film is finished, and the running time is 2 hrs and 45 min...guess the baz had to just split the difference between 2&1/2 to 3 hours... as anal as the baz seems to be to the end!.And the movie makes it's Oz premiere tommorrow...aussie time... how will it do? Well, if you go by what managing director of 20th Century Fox in Australia Marcus Oliveira predicted, the film would overtake Titanic's 1997 $57.65 million Australian box office record. Meanwhile the baz himself is quoted as saying..."acknowledged it would be hard for "Australia" to meet high local expectations.But he said even if the film was not a financial success, he hoped it would draw more international financing to Australia." Seems the baz is not as confident in his fabulous, old fashioned, it's so old it's new again outback epic... and it seems based on this quote, he's far more concerned over the Oz tourism campaign than the film's success. And that certainly lends credence to the quote I posted in the last thread...“Australia” looks really pretty, I mean really pretty. But we get the sense that the story is a little shallow." Baz is far more concerned with showing a "pretty" Oz...that the story may suffer... well lets take a comparative look at the gripping "drama" of Australia and its wannabe soulmate, Titanic, shall we?
Australia is about an uptight aristrocrat who throws in with an aussie drover to rustle her cattle to market so she can save the ranch, who initially butt heads, but eventually fall in love... oh and who along the way, bump into WW2...While Titanic is about an uptight aristocrat who throws in with a poorly artist she meets on a cruise ship, so she can save herself from a sheltered and suffocating life, who initially butt heads, but eventually fall in love...oh and who along the way, bump into an iceberg... that sinks the ship, tragically drowning 1517 passengers..among others...
...yeah, certainly some similarities... but again, will Austalia suffer from a comparative shallowness? Depends on if you agree with the money guy from Oz fox ..or if you believe the baz....

Choice said...

Hi Maclen - yes saw that article saying that the film will be the the next Titanic. I am sure they mean it will sink like the Titanic. The big premiere in Sydney tomorrow night apparently has ruffled a few feathers. Some of Sydney's socialites have missed out on an invite because Baz saved spots for crew members. That was nice of Baz. I doubt Nicole would have done the same for crew members, or fans for that matter. Maclen see my response re Cate Blanchette on "NK Journey" and tell me if I am right, or I am right".

maclen said..., as we wait for the earliest reviews from down under to arrive...and as I ready to call it a night, and I prepare to rewatch an actual, true epic classic, Lawrence of Arabia... it hit me as to how one might gauge the public interest, and maybe anticipate the feel of an audience for the film, Australia...and it then hit me... what is the "viral" pulse of kidman's movie? So I surfed over to YouTube, and checked out a couple of movie trailers... I just learned my niece is really psyched over a movie coming out next weekend..called Twilight...a few trailers for this movie are running at 6.8 mil views, another at 1.5 mil...another at 1.4mil....and another at 1.4 mil views. Next I looked at the just released Quantum of Solace..its trailers are running at 929k views...2.1 mil...178k views...then I checked on a film coming out along side kidman's Australia on Nov 26..."Transporter 3"... its running at 383k views..102 k 43k..and unbelievably one trailer is at 8.7 mil views! So, how do Australia trailers compare? One trailer is at 42k views... 27k views...22k views...and actually one trailer had 1.8 mil views...but then the rest are 21k...37k..and one even at 41 views... So based on the viral guage, Australia seems to be bringing up the rear in public interest. And now... I'm off to Akaba and Damascus...

notachance said...

I would say that the US premiere of Oztralia would say where they spend our turkey day. Christmas is a different story. It would be nice if they did bring the entire family over for a Nashville Christmas (maybe even for a treat fly them in the private jet), but I'm betting on a Sydney celebration.

After all, Keith needs time to not work on that not-so-great album coming out next year....

maclen said...

So, some initial reaction to Australia...

...first reaction..over at hollywood elsewhere... the comment section, jeffrey wells himself quotes a "cynical friend" text messages after watching the film...
""Cartoonish, operatic, visual effect wanna-be spiritual dross. Entertains mildly. Kidman intensely annoying, but calms down after a while."...

....this aussie article laments the non interest on online tickets...,21985,24666916-663,00.html

"Two tickets to tonight's world premiere, plus invitations to the glitzy after-party with stars Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman and director Baz Luhrmann, failed dismally at an online auction yesterday." actually, heres a "positive" review...,26278,24668203-7485,00.html

"A love letter to the Australian landscape and our history, Australia has international blockbuster written all over it."
...article sounds superficial on the description of the movie, and something along the lines of a "press release" I smell a plant. this one reads like a true they actually saw the film....

"IN WHAT has to be the most hyped and self-consciously local film since 1984's The Man From Snowy River, the anxiously anticipated Australia is not a bad film. But it's far from a great one, and certainly not one destined to be a classic."

..and so the quest for this film to reach $57.65 million, and the Australian box office record... begins....

hoosierlady said...

hoosier, keep doing what you are doing. While Nicole's interviews are interesting, insightful and engaging yours are uh... entertaining, and not for reasons you might think. Ha ha ha!

I don't think, isn't that what you think, RC.

But, alas, I am done with this strange obsession.

I hope the movie flops, she stays home with the orb and they live happily ever after, however, we all know that isn't going to happen.

My prescription?

They need to put Sunday in bed, pop some corn, get some soft drink, snuggle under a nice cover with a fire and watch Sunset Blvd. together, regain some perspective.

Happy Holidays to each one of you, I have enjoyed the banter to no end.

hoosierlady, m.d.

realitycheck said...

Yes it must be a plant if it's a positive review!

And this is supposed to be a blog about Keith. Yet no one has mentioned the "Start A Band" video that's been released. Tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

RC - the name says it all ... it's a MYTH that this blog is about Keith URBAN.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"...But, alas, I am done with this strange obsession....Happy Holidays to each one of you, I have enjoyed the banter to no end."

Well hoosier, I really got a kick out of your stuff... it was quite... engaging. So check back in once and a while and just say Hey! Happy Holidays to you...and yours...

So, It seems a couple of giddy and gushing reviews are being released... this one...,22049,24668909-5001021,00.html just short and superficial, obviously trying very hard to sell the aussie outback to the world...

...while these....,23739,24669308-5003420,00.html,24897,24669183-601,00.html

...are also into trying to sell the country...but cant quite get past the notion that the film is really just... so-so... one admitting that Australia is quote... "unlikely to surpass Australian classics such as Gallipoli, Muriel's Wedding or Newsfront on all-time favourite local lists..."

Berry Hill said...

Did Kidman really drag Keith to a premiere where he isn't even mentioned and leave her life-long dream at home? Where is Sunday?
How could this self-proclaimed devoted, totally in love with her child, mother leave said child continents away?

I can answer my own question-- this might be the last time Kidman has a starring role and the cameras are on her.. she ain't sharing that moment.

Keith looks positively miserable in the shots on Just Jared-- but as usual Kidman is grinning like a greedy cat that just licked that last drop of cream.

Choice said...

A new review which, reading between the lines, would indicate some disappointment from the reviewer. By the way, I love the photo of Nic running. But what is she running after? The Botox delivery van? "Wait, wait, I need two more injections, wait!",22049,24668909-5001021,00.html

Berry Hill said...

Or the nanny-- she doesn't want to be left alone with the baby.

Choice said...

Nicole has touched down on home soil.'Nicole Kidman's Journey' is thrilled that she has decided to move back home. Oops. I mean she is only here for a wee 24 hours. Can you recognise her in her disguise:

maclen said...

Well, but havent you heard, choice and berry hill... the big news coming from the OZ premiere is that kidman is considering quiting the movies to maybe have more kids... just as she once claimed she would quit the movies when she remarried... about 5 years ago... and 2 years into her next marriage! Why would kidman believe that would be of something of relevence to reveal at the premiere of her next movie? Oh yeah, that's right, only a couple of days ago angelina jolie made headlines when she said the same thing. But forget about it, kidman will make films as long as cruise continues to make films.

realitycheck said...

To those who are parents, would you have your baby fly with you on a business trip to Sydney for one day just to turn back around to the US? I don't think so.

Nicole and Keith both looked gorgeous at the premiere. Hugh doesnt clean up too bad either LOL

And while the media can speculate all it wants on Nicole having more kids all she said was it was in God's hands, if its meant to be its meant to be, and she is unsure what the future will hold. Very wise woman. Unlike Angelina Jolie who gave a quote that could only be interpreted as she was retiring very soon, only to come back and say no, no, no, I didn't really mean that. LOL

sonora, have you seen the "Start A Band" video yet? It is just hilarious. Kudos to the boys for making a fun fun video!

maclen said...

So here are a few more reviews...

“Luhrmann's 'Australia' struggles to live up to hype”

“Epic Australia: too much of everything”

..pretty much describe the consensus...and if you'll notice the farther you get away from the murdoch heavily controlled aussie media conglomorate...the more critical the reaction...although even the oz press, despite their obvious homeland shilling and hyping... the gist of the reaction is also pretty obvious...very very "pretty" (ie: shallow)... no classic... average... too long... etc. It doesnt sound like a film that could overtake Titanic's record box office in OZ certainly... doesnt sound like a film that will rival classics the films studio tried to play up it was "similar" to...Gone with the wind...Wizard of OZ. So with so-so reviews in OZ, the film comes to the US for domestic critique... I cant wait....

Choice said...

It rained on someone's parade last night:

TexasCourtJester said...

You call looking "gorgeous at the premiere"? Someone needs an eye exam.

maclen said...

Yeah, this is pretty much what I expected to hear about kidman's film...

"Moviegoers Not Interested in Visiting 'Australia"

"The latest audience research numbers from Nielsen NRG reveal that with just two weeks to go before the film enters wide release, the campaign for Baz Luhrmann's $130 million epic "Australia" is not connecting with the core moviegoing audience -- and not even Oprah could change that."
..."5% unaided awareness,..."
..."Among those who were aware of the film, only 29% expressed definite interest, and only 6% said it would be their first choice at the box office."
..."under 25 years old, "Australia" registered only 4% unaided awareness."
..."only 48% of under-25 males said they were aware of it, and of those who were aware, only 19% expressed definite interest.."
..."Females under 25 -- a natural target for the romantic historical drama -- are equally unmoved, at least so far: They reported 5% unaided awareness."
..."55% said they were aware, but only a quarter of them expressed definite interest. And of those who were aware, only 4% said it was their first choice."
..."women over 25, "Australia" has 6% unaided awareness, 71% said that they were aware; 40% had definite interest in the seeing the film, and 12% said it was their first choice."

... it'll be interesting...after the huge, overachieving $70 mill gross of Quantum last weekend...and the huge buzz Twilight, a teen vampire flick, seems to be having with teens, which is coming out this weekend... if Australia stumbles on its release next Thanksgiving, it'll certainly be cast as another disappointment. And as you recall that golden compass, a huge holiday fantasy CGI exravaganza with it's massive $250 mill budget, only grossed about $28 mil it's first weekend. And not incidently...compass also suffered from editing and film ending issues... so, is Australia the next Titanic? Will it rise to the top of the box office heap like the film, or more than likely, end up sunk at the proverbial bottom of the frozen the actual Titanic...

cricket said...

I just saw the Start A Band Video on Gac for the first time. I loved it. Keith and Brad were adorable together. I haven't seen Keith laugh and smile that much since Skank took over his life. Hopefully they will nominate this for musical event next year. This might have a shot at winning. IF the pasty one can keep her trap shut for once and not start talking about rehab and her reproductive system for a change.

Imahick said...

I agree that the Start a Band video shows more creativity and joy than anything Keith has done in years. Maybe Brad can get him back on track.

Choice said...

Maclen - those stats are very interesting. I assumed right from the start that teenagers wouldn't be interested in seeing this film. Afterall, 40 year old leads just wouldn't resonate with them. And let's not forget alot of that demographic are more interested in downloading movies. You've mentioned TWILIGHT and I think that is the one they will spend their money on for sure.

Also, I absolutely loved Lainey's take on yesterday's press conference and Premiere. Always so accurate. Particularly how Nicole sees herself as "Australia's princess". The Aussie press are now saying she might be pregnant again as her belly was hanging out a bit in that press conference dress.

PS. Votes are interesting on the Poll!

banbotox said...

maclen said:so is there any reason not to believe that kidman will simply be another pristine, porcelin and pampered made up barbie doll on the musky and dusty outback? With collogen injected lips, heavily botoxed and expressionless mannequin?

Nope...I can't think of one reason.

The Start a Band video is so fun and exactly how I like to see Keith-smiling and happy!

realitycheck said...,22606,24670404-5006343,00.html

By Stan James

THE most anticipated and expensive Australian movie of all time delivers the goods in sensational epic proportions.

Director, co-producer and co-writer Baz Luhrmann moves his story through one of the most dramatic periods of Australian history, the outbreak of World War II in 1939 and the 1942 aerial bombing attack on Darwin which left the city devastated and hundreds dead.

With a cast headed by two international Australian stars, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, Luhrmann sweeps the two-part story through exciting, dramatic, romantic and humorous events with his trademark dynamo pacing and marvellous visual flair.

Gallery: All the action from Australia the movie

See the trailer here

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman shine in Australia

Australia dominates Tinseltown skyline

Luhrmann rushes to finish Australia

Australia premiere to stop city

He's packed his cast with a football team of Australian stars and actors - Bryan Brown, Jack Thompson, Ben Mendelsohn, Barry Otto, Tony Barry, Kerry Walker, Ray Barrett, Sandy Gore, Bill Hunter et al.

Luhrmann weaves many styles and genres through his story stirring reminders of John Ford westerns, works of Clint Eastwood, Howard Hawks, William Wyler and strongly, the classic movie The Wizard of Oz.

Emotions, driven by power, love and violence surge through the excitement and challenges of a most diverse and colourful collection of Aussie characters many roughly honed from the harsh environment and the struggle for survival.

The thrust of the narrative is driven by the clash of intrusive white culture on the traditional indigenous owners of the land with a strong undercurrent of Aboriginal spirituality.

Its core is 13-year-old Nullah in a magnificent, natural and endearing debut performance by Brandon Walters, who carries the movie on his small shoulders while all around him high drama evolves.

Nullah is dubbed a "creamy" by his father, white cattle boss Fletcher (David Wenham in very broad mode), his Aboriginal mother is the daughter of tribal leader King George (David Gulpilil). Nullah becomes a huge influence on Lady Sarah Ashley (Kidman), an English aristocrat, who arrives in Australia to sell her sprawling cattle station Faraway Downs.

She finds her husband has been murdered, allegedly by King George and comes face to face with The Drover (Jackman) in a hilarious and sudden discovery of another wildly different world. They connect and set up the first half of the movie.

Cattle King Carney (Brown) is about to tie up an Australian Army contract to supply beef but Lady Sarah and Drover have other ideas and with an improbable team, including her boozy accountant (rollicking Thompson) begin a seemingly impossible and long trek with 1500 cattle heading for Darwin.

The second half involves the developing love of Sarah and Drover, who has strong links to the indigenous and the outback. Then comes the stunning calamity of the Japanese attack. The Stolen Generation theme is continued strongly involving the church mission, Nullah and his uncle (David Ngoombujarra).

Jackman, in his finest role is outstanding, stamping the screen with international stardom authority.

Kidman moves smoothly from her uncomfortable elegance to the warmer and evolving "Mrs Boss", whose compassion and understanding of this strange, new world is quickly formed by the attack and the ruthlessness of business.

Luhrmann has given himself a huge challenge with an overload of themes, styles, events and characters. He holds it together and delivers a huge entertainment with moments of greatness.

It's corny, I know, it's also a film that has the looks as big as it's title.

realitycheck said... f9ee1f72c036c8af278795a55fb05c

Film Review: Australia
Bottom Line: In epic style, Baz Luhrmann weaves his wizardry on Oz.

By Megan Lehmann
Nov 18, 2008

SYDNEY -- With his audaciously titled epic "Australia," Baz Luhrmann has delivered a shamelessly melodramatic, often eccentric spectacle with true-blue blockbuster potential. The most expensive Australian film ever made is rousing and passionate. Despite some cringe-making Harlequin Romance moments between homegrown Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, the 1940s-set "Australia" defies all but the most cynical not to get carried away by the force of its grandiose imagery and storytelling.

And, yes, there are kangaroos.

Tourism Australia may have politely requested their inclusion, with hopes for a tourist revival riding on this $130 million Outback tale, along with what seems like the future of the entire local film industry. If Luhrmann felt the weight of that responsibility, it doesn't show. His "Australia" is much less earnest than the trailer suggests, layered with a thin veneer of camp and a nod and a wink to accompany the requisite Aussie cliches.

Having shunned the recent grinding run of bleak suburban micro-dramas, Australians are primed to embrace his monumental magic-realist vision, which honors the country's heritage and celebrates the invigorating majesty of its landscape.

Even if it does run a butt-numbing 2 hours and 45 minutes, the film has broad appeal for international audiences with plenty of stirring action sequences to make the blokes more comfortable with a particularly blatant shot of bare-chested Jackman lathering up under the shower.

Fashioned in the style of classics such as "Gone With the Wind" and "Lawrence of Arabia," "Australia" follows the fortunes of persnickety Englishwoman Lady Sarah Ashley (Kidman), who inherits a sprawling cattle property in northwestern Australia.

Under threat of a takeover, she reluctantly enlists the help of a Marlboro Man-style stockman known only as the Drover (Jackman) to help drive 1,500 head of cattle across the Top End of Australia to the port of Darwin, ahead of its bombing by the Japanese.

Unlike "Gone With the Wind," which skirted the political context of the Civil War, the controversial issue of the so-called Stolen Generation is more than a mere backdrop for the emotional upheavals experienced by the film's leads. Luhrmann, who makes a habit of upending convention, has plonked the attempted assimilation of mixed-race Aboriginal children into Western culture front and center, making this as much a story of reconciliation between black and white Australia as it is between the untamed local and the aristocratic import.

Enter the film's breakout star: 13-year-old Brandon Walters, playing young mixed-race boy Nullah. By turns cheeky and heartrending, the limpid-eyed newcomer knits the disparate threads of this sweeping epic together, single-handedly lending this showcase of amplified emotions its true heart.

Pin thin and ramrod straight, Kidman gives one of her most engaging performances, occasionally harking back to the comic highs of "To Die For." Meanwhile, Jackman looks good in his Akubra bush hat.

Performances are strong throughout, particularly from David Wenham as Lady Ashley's malevolent rival and David Gulpilil as Nullah's mystical grandfather, King George.

While the "Wizard of Oz" motif is labored and the narrative hits a few speed bumps, all is forgiven when Luhrmann brings out one of his stunning set pieces, like a thrilling cattle stampede along a cliff edge.

Cinematographer Mandy Walker, who collaborated with Luhrmann on his award-winning Chanel No. 5 commercial, creates a sumptuous, painterly look, complemented by impeccable costume and production design from Luhrmann's Oscar-winning wife, Catherine Martin.

Production company: Bazmark Films, 20th Century Fox

maclen said...

Choice said...
" The Aussie press are now saying she might be pregnant again as her belly was hanging out a bit in that press conference dress"

Well, that would make alot of sense, choice, seeing as how concieving a kid during the shoot of Australia is really helping with the promo and attention for the film...claiming she may...or maybe not... have another one would really, really save her career for sure! As is the maybe she will, or maybe she will retire news is just what her career needs to get back on track! Actually that is more incentive for me, to hope this film is an absolute failure, as it may finally force kidman out of the business... what with the big budget failures of Invasiion and compass just last year... Australia's failure would certainly be the final nail in her movie career coffin if this film doesnt, as Fox oz studio shill Marcus Oliveira so idiotically predicted, break Titanic's box office record in OZ. And as is the consensus even by most of the Oz critics who are obviously still trying to sell their country to the world with this film...Australia is no classic... and certainly not in the league of Gone with the Wind and Wizard of OZ, which baz's overblown, overhyped and over edited film is unworthingly derivative of.

maclen said...

HA!...CRIKEY!!! Seems murdich doesnt own every media outlet in Australia just yet...(love the sites subtitle..."telling you what they won't)

"Baz's Australia scores priceless free publicity from drooling media"

"The Australian media allowed themselves to be manipulated into handing out tens of millions of dollars of free publicity for a movie coming from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp studios at 20th Century Fox."

..and the money quote....
"Spoon fed and lazy would be a better description for the way the media has fawned over Australia."

maclen said...

...which also explains that kidman 3 movie deal with "Murdoch's News Corp studios at 20th Century Fox...." which as of today has not... as of yet produced one single film....CRIKEY!

realitycheck said...

It's a "first-look" deal. There's no guarantee the projects they get handed to them are worth actually doing in the end. There were no specific films in the pipeline that were a definite go when this deal was made. It wouldn't surprise me if nothing comes out of it since it's happened before with other stars and production companies. The future films Kidman has been rumored to be starring in are far more interesting than anything that's been linked to the deal anyway.

Choice said...

Hi Maclen. The flaunting of the belly is designed so the media will focus less on the film. Everything Nicole does is about PR for sure. Even the red shoes with the white dress are bad dress sense but designed to make people talk about her dress sense than the movie in question.
I feel slightly unpatriotic expecting the film to flop. It's justified though because she simply does not deserve to be where she is today. Her whispering technique is not acting, nor has she any sex appeal or dignity.

maclen said...

Choice said...
"Hi Maclen. The flaunting of the belly is designed so the media will focus less on the film. Everything Nicole does is about PR for sure."

That is an excellent point, choice, one that I actually hadnt considered... because it does seem true. It's like she senses that this film is headed for flop city... which is right beside "slippery slope which her career has been on" for quite some time. For no one can deny that she didnt see the debacle which was Stepford wives, hence she skipped the premiere... or when she was absolutely fine with no premiere whatsoever for Invasion. But she is too personally involved and has too much invested in this film to simply run from it. So even as it becomes obvious that this film is turning out to be not the "fabulous classic" it was hyped up to be, or even in contention of being the highest grossing movie of all time, which it was also predicted to be... her "blase" attitude about maybe being so over being a "actor" and could leave it because as she says, there's so much more to her life now... could simply be a psychological reaction she is engaging to soften the crash when this film turns out to be another of her patented bombs.

notachance said...

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the movie. The reviews are, for the most part, good. Yes, Hugh is a major reason for wanting to see it, the country itself is another and even to see if NK can be a tiny bit better than her last flops.

neitherside said...

You asked the question
To those who are parents, would you have your baby fly with you on a business trip to Sydney for one day just to turn back around to the US?

The answer to that is yes!
Why not give the grandparents of the child a chance to be with the baby?
I am sure that Keith's parents who were excluded from the birth in Nashville, and had to wait weeks and weeks to see their granddaughter would have relished being able to spend a few hours with her.

Why was the trip for only one day?
if they didn't leave Sunday in Nashville, they would not have had to flown straight back so fast?

Or did they leave the baby there as an excuse for them to go back fast and keep the baby away from Keith's family?

If Nashville and Australia means so much to Nicole, why is she spending Christmas in New York?
I thought that Nicole said that Sunday doesn't like lights in her face, (camera's) Yet Nicole wishes to expose her to the lights of New York?
There are lights in every major city. Australia's harbour is lit up especially during Christmas.