Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BREAKING NEWS.... Sneak Peak at lyrics for Keith Urban's CD "Defying Gravity"

We cannot reveal our source, but we have some BIG NEWS here at Urban Myths...we found the lyrics to Track 9 of Keith's new CD Defying Gravity. You saw it here first!

Why's it Feel so Long
by Keith Urban

You found me when I was weak
I was totally pissed; high as a kite
You were tall, you looked like a freak
You gave me your number, I ran from sight.

But my lawyer said it made sense
The money was all that he saw
I was drunk with your power and fame
When I woke up, I saw your game.

And now here I am...four years into this mess
You look more like a man than a lady,
In that transparent dress
I went and signed those damn papers
Ansel said it would be alright
But I find myself in a quandry,
walking this rope...so tight.

It was supposed to be just for a year
But the yacht and the jet and the money
Drew me in, it keeps me here
It's so addictive, it ain't even funny
I said no to a kid...not a chance
But she got her way, inspite of me
An egg from her sister and now
I'm daddy to an innocent baby

Yeah...it's the biggest mistake I've made
I wish I could smoke a bong
I'm sober and feeling so bad
Why's it feel so long....
Why's it feel so long ... yeah baby
Why's it feel so long ... yeah mama
Why sweet baby are you such a mean bitch?
Why are you the wicked witch?
Why am I such a moron?
Why's it feel so long!

(Massive heart felt guitar solo)


timtam said...

Ho hum, ho hum. The parodies are a bore Urban Myths. Time to go watch "Black Sheep" with the hubby. Mutant sheep across the ditch...yeah that's way more interesting.

maclen said...

I guess "glen/glenda" up there doesnt have a whit of whimsey or a sense of "rhyme or reason...but then I dont expect that a kidman or orb fansie would have any...but at least Urban Myths, gotta hand it to you, they are reading! Personally Urban Myths I found this part...."Yeah...it's the biggest mistake I've made
I wish I could smoke a bong
I'm sober and feeling so bad
Why's it feel so long..."

...to be hilarious...I wonder how long it took the orb to write these lyrics?

Sweet thing
The moon is high
And the night is young
Comon and meet me
In the backyard under the cotton wood tree
It's a good thing
Am I wishin
Oh come'on sweet thing
Won't you climb on out of your window...

I know I'm gonna see you first thing tomorrow
But I just couldn't wait
So I had to borrow uncle jake's mustang
It's his favorite car
So I can't stay long
Standin here feelin like a
Love-struck romeo"

Whoa, I bet Uncle jake must be soooo proud...

notachance said...

Sorry UM, not one of your better parodies.....losing your touch I think. Inevitable I would think, the longer they stay married the less likely it is that your heart is in this game.

maclen said...

So...well, wiki has the track list of the orbs "ode to kidman's face"...

1. "Kiss A Girl"
2. "If Ever I Could Love"
3. "Sweet Thing"
4. "Til Summer Comes Around"
5. "My Heart Is Open"
6. "Hit The Ground Runnin'"
7. "Only You Can Love Me This Way"
8. "Standing Right In Front Of You"
9. "Why's It Feel So Long"
10. "I'm In"
11. "Thank You"

..."Kiss a girl?"...and he'll like it!...(giving katy perry a run for her money huh?) So I quess being married to kidman has the orb fantasizing about his teen years. "If ever I could love?", seems the orb is trying to come to terms with his "conflicted emotions"...I wonder about what!? "Til summer comes around"...and he'll have all the time to hang out at the water hole, the malt shop and "rendevous" at the public library til the boring ol' new school year comes back around,...(giving the jonas bros a run for their money)... "My heart is open"..."and why didnt anyone even tell me... this is so embarrassing!" (Just "zipp" it orb)..."Hit the ground running'"...cos hitting it with my head, even unconsious, still leaves a welt when I dry up... "Only you can love me this way" but If I could have known a lucid sober healthy way a few years ago, I might have been "another" way..."Standing right in front of you"...but only when the "unauthorized" paparatz appear, but off to the vanity fair party, you can take lead... "I'm in"... so what more do you want?..."Thank you"...well, that one is pretty much self explainatory...

hoosierlady said...

Well, I have to admit that after that verbal deposit, Maclen, I gathered what was left of my weakened by laughter lungs into my desk chair, and immediately felt I should do something in a way of a "thanks" for the commentary.

The absolute, in your face absurdity of these two in public is beyond my comprhension. For the love of Pete, her dad is what, a phsychiatrist,? and her mom is a nurse, wear foundation garmets! I still get Harper's Bazaar every month, so I know this isn't something chic. I don't even want to start on him, I have things I must accomplish this evening, but if I where on a leash, I'd want to be displayed from the inside, so as to conceal the teather as much as I could.

I did not watch the awards, I never do, I did think about it, however, because of McCartney.

Thanks for the read, and the chuckle.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...

Well, I have to admit that after that verbal deposit, Maclen, I gathered what was left of my weakened by laughter lungs into my desk chair, and immediately felt I should do something in a way of a "thanks" for the commentary.

Well, your personally welcomed hoosier...glad it "ticked your fancy. For as I commented previously on this thread, you wont find a whit of whimsey"...any sense of mirth and (franken)sense of enlightenment...or wit, for that matter...from any of the tedium that is the kidman or orb fansies. In fact the level of commentary at the NKUser or monkeyland thread is not much above...."Gee, thanks for that wonderful article and pics!! Nicole looks stunning! (enter standard smiley or huggy emoticon or variation) or "Keith looked absolutely dreamy on the grammys!Grrrarrrr!"

Urban Myths said...

Actually, Maclen, our friend ShutUp&Sing came up with the secret meaning of the tracks on the CD:

My Heart Is Open. I would really like to Kiss A Girl, If Ever I Could Love such a Sweet Thing just Til Summer Comes Around then I would Hit The Ground Runnin'.

Only You Can Love Me This Way Standing Right In Front Of You. Why's It Feel So Long? I'm In, Thank You.

maclen said...

Yes, Urban Myths...that is very clever...actually it's genius! I do believe that shutup&sing has solved the hidden meaning of the album...Da Vinci code style...

CHOICE said...
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CHOICE said...

Urban Myths and Maclen
I've never heard of Taylor Swift but she has come out in praise of the down to earth approach of Gran and Keith. What do you make of it? Why hasn't she been on the reciving end of the Ice Queeh's tantrums? Why they would print this here in Oz when no-one has heard of her beats me:


CHOICE said...

Always fun to hear some After party gossip.

maclen said...

CHOICE said...
"Urban Myths and Maclen
I've never heard of Taylor Swift but she has come out in praise of the down to earth approach of Gran and Keith. What do you make of it?"

Well, choice, taylor swift is opening for the orb on his tour this summmer...so she's ramping up the PR machine, plain and simple... it's all about publicity. Swift is a 19 yr old country singer, just recently got her big break on American Idol, and actually at the moment is far more popular and successful than the orb...and should actually have the orb opening for her...but like I mentioned, she's young and still naive, so she's opening for that 41 year old "teeny bopper" orb, who is competing for that teen and tween demographic being ruled right now by the jonas brother. How much do you wanna bet the orb sings a duet with 19 yr old swift...probaby orbs ode to teen angst, sweet thing. I also wouldnt be surpised if the orb ends up recording a duet with swift, hes very very desperate for a new set of fans...recall last year a duet by the orb and nelly furtado was release, but went nowhere.

maclen said...


just a side bar post...

+++Another Obvious Fake Rug report+++


...oh so "golden" and frizzy grey haired free...and completely sporting the dreaded "helment head"...but working hard to try and make murdoch a profit, at least...

maclen said...


...on further examination of said fake rug report...possible complex hair extension "comb over!"

Photo exibit A:


realitycheck said...

Choice, she's touring Australia this year that is why. I'm sure the interviewer asked her about them because its an obvious connection and probably the only one she's had to Oz so far. She had nothing to do with American Idol like you seem to think.
And you may not have heard of her but apparently she's sold a few records in your country.

I can tell you are unaware but there is a touring heirarchy in Nashville. There is no way Keith would ever open for Taylor. Yes she can do her own headlinging show but Keith wouldn't be opening. But by your estimation other comparable acts like Brad and Kenny should be opening for Taylor since she is the hot tamale of the moment. Again, that's not going to happen. Either she can open for him or possibly co-tour. However, you can really only get away with that if you are someone like Carrie Underwood who has been out longer than Taylor.

CHOICE said...

Reality Check, I didn't even know she was from American Idol. I had never heard of her full stop - but thanks for clarifying her position out there. I knew I could count on you to do that.

In the meantime, anyone feel like some Sushi?

maclen said...

So, it seems another round of "baby bump watch" has begun when kidman appeared at the oscars and then when she appeared at the premiere in Japan. Of course, kidman constantly holding her stomach has that expected result. At this point, I just say whatever keeps kidman off another movie set, more power to it. Her tarnished rep for being a box office flopper did help, thankfully...I was totally into the Plame outing story when it broke, now I can look forward to watching the film, now that it is sans kidman. So is kidman shilling another Pr kid? I wouldnt be surprised if kidman were in fact having another kid, she'll need to up the ante...one kid is so passe in lalaland these days...and so is twins, so perhaps she'll arrange for triplets. Or perhaps she was so envious of that "octomom" and her 8 kids getting promo time...she'll go for 9. Right now is a very opportune time for the pr opportunist kidman, actually, if she does begin now she can have 9 kids in 9 months...just in time for the release of her next film Nine coming out in Nov! But wait...there's a glitch... has kidman been back to oz to swim in the "aussie fertility water?"

kiki said...

Just to clarify a few things about Taylor Swift.

1) That quote is MONTHS old. She said it before the holidays, I'm sure. Maybe even last summer.

2) She is only opening a few shows for Keith on his tour. He is having several different opening acts this time around. Taylor will do some shows, Sugarland will do some shows, and there are others that I don't feel like naming.

3) Taylor will be headlining her own tour this year with Kellie Pickler as her opening act.

4) Taylor wasn't on American Idol. Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood were.

Just wanted to get some facts straight. I only know these things because I listen to Taylor's music and follow her career.

Carry on... :)

xKellyPassionx said...

You're a tool. Keith Urban is amazing.