Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's not that you do, it's that you said you don't...

The gates have unlatched and all hell has broken loose; Nicole Urban is a smoker. Like we said in the last blog, we know that. The entire world now does and that's what makes this all so very delicious. For years now we have pointed out the contradictions that make Mrs. Urban the spectacular virtuous woman that she is; it’s nice to see the rest of the world has caught on.

However, there are a few who are jumping all over us and others who are there to highlight Mrs. Urban's contradictions. Unfortunately they are coming down on us because they feel we are not ones to point these things out. They are of the group that thinks ‘so what if she smokes, you just hate her because she is married to Keith Urban'… We don't hate Nicole Urban; we just don't like phony liars and Mrs. Urban has shown herself to be one for decades now. Nicole Urban has put herself out there to be scrutinized and judged because she has chosen to make statements about her life in the media. It is as simple as that. We simply see the mixed messages she has given us and we have this forum to point it out. Nicole has told the world she doesn't smoke, she doesn't use botox, she had a baby naturally and she likes her husband’s music. When we see with our own eyes that she has in fact contradicted herself by acting in opposite ways, what should we do? Accept the pabulum and say ‘more please’, or sayout loud that this woman manipulates the media and to speculate on why she does it? Big question to answer isn't it? We already have.

So chamber music lover Nicole was apparently at an AC/DC concert in Nashville this Saturday. That's what someone put in their gossip blog that is; but who knows unless there is a picture. There were a few sets of her on set in Rome right around the same time. It’s like hearing she doesn't smoke and seeing that she obviously does.

One more quick note, you may notice that I am using the name Nicole Urban in this blog instead of Nicole Kidman. Why? Because I heard that she corrects people who call her Mrs. Urban or Nicole Kidman Urban to instead address her as Ms. Kidman.


hoosierlady said...

What's in a name?

The poor, dear delusional thing probably thinks hers is still worth something.

maclen said...

It's fitting that this smoking story would once again emerge and conclude kidman's fall from her artificial career pinacle. Its was only months after she recieved the oscar that she was criticized for smoking in Cannes while promoting Dogville way back in 2003. Recall the reason the story and the video made the headlines was because director Von trier, while at a locally televised new conference noticed kidman tokin' up and begged kidman not to, that she "had Promised not to"...(obviously for a nicotine addict the urge was too overpowering to keep a promise...big surprise...eh orb?)... and of course the anti smoking groups also jumped on the story. And as you will also recall, kidman had already filmed another of her movies released later that nov...human stain, a film in which she smoked liked a crackhead or heroin addict...or more in the season of kidman's current failures...like a thanksgiving ham. So at the time kidman was "jonesing" for the cancer stick. I wouldnt be surprised after the current mod-retro role, and after the stress of the last couple of years of career and professional humiliation she isnt caught and bashed in the near future for sparkin' up...for despite the cries and whinies that she is being wrongly singled out for this...I have no doubt that as a total PR imbecile...kidman will surely continue to serve the detractors and naysayers with countless opportunity and ammo for criticism.

Lisa said...

So has the baby just disappeared or what?? LOL!!!

cricket said...

I can't wait until his name is no longer connected to this skank in any way. Instead of Urban or kidman I think think she should just be called by the name that suits her best. Bitch

Choice said...
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Choice said...

I was watching the footage of Granny smoking at Cannes in 2003 on YouTube. My lord, she really sucks the life out of that cigarette - a true sign of a regular smoker.
I've received some rotten posts since I included the latest snapshot of Nic smoking on my Blog. The fans are furious with me, and the language is too disgusting to publish. I better take the photo down. NOT! The truth really hurts these fans. I've also moved the 'Marie Claire statement of the year' to the top to remind those fans what a bizarre hypocrite she is. You gotta love the loyalty of her fans. How much does Gran pay the fan club members to stay in her club?

maclen said...

Lisa said...
"So has the baby just disappeared or what?? LOL!!!"

Kidman has put the kid in cold storage pending the release of her next movie Pr campaign next Nov. I'd look to the Italy premiere once again for little sunrey to make another appearence.

As for the smoking issue, choice, it's of course each persons decision whether they smoke or not...and the Cannes story is open for each persons opinion on where they stand on that issue. But of course, Pr imbecile kidman couldnt just leave it at that...but had to drag it into her phoney PR web of fabrications...ie; she keeps her face "wrinkle" free by NOT smoking...making this current story all about her lie to pathetically cover her botox and lip injections...ETC. But then kidman is either too dense, or simply too self dellusional to realize the apparent fact of it has made her the most recent face of overdone "facial enhancements" and the "butt" of paralyzed face ridicule.

maclen said...


...just a few other observations that just struck me...concerning the recent shoot in Rome and the Oscars. So, either kidman simply filmed for only 2 days... perhaps signaling her very very small role in this flick, or as I wondered before in a past comment... did kidman cut short the JJ and GG photo ops after the "smoking shots" got out and spoiled her little publicity campaign? And I also think the Oscars will be a good indicator about whether, as kidman has been hinting on and off, she in fact "has no desire to make another film" or whether she intents to continue to churn out the flops. As I figure it, if she appears at the oscars, she is in fact continuing her career of movie flops...and if she does not appear...especially with jackman hosting and if the bazz is in fact under constuction of a garrish and bloated production piece of noise and overkicking showgirls for a ultra sequined jackman to prance around... kidman would then not be in the mood to torture the movie going public with another kidman starring debacle...so we shall see...

Choice said...

I think GF would like to continue making flops, Maclen. It keeps her in work, which beats hanging down at the farm watching the dandelions grow. I mean what else will she do when Keith is away on the road? There is only so much of daytime soaps that any of us can stand. She also shot scenes for Nine in London a few months ago too. But basically her role should be wrapped up by now. Back to Nashville now.

notachance said...

There are an awful lot of Hollyweirders that smoke in private. They all want their "public" persona to be a controlled image, which is just ridiculous IMO. Just be who you are and people will decide on those merits, not the fake ones.

maclen said...

Choice said...
"I think GF would like to continue making flops, Maclen. It keeps her in work, which beats hanging down at the farm watching the dandelions grow."

Yeah, choice, as Ive mentioned constantly, she loves the movie sets. And if she has in fact finished shooting already...where ever she high tailed it to, she did it very, very quietly. And if you'll also notice, do an online news search and you'll notice that a rash of rehashed stories about the aussie stamps seem to have made a reappearence... and oddly from websites in India. It initially had me wondering why...until I noticed that People.com have also posted it again...


It's last months news...but no doubt with kidman's failed PR shoot in Rome over the smoking...inept team kidman called into their People.com insider and had them litter the nets with this tired and pretty meaningless fluff piece for a little good will PR for kidman.

Choice said...

Maclen, the Indians seem to love Granny. They Indian Times cover her stints alot. Maybe it's because her skin is so white, they've never seen anything like it. I heard Gran was originally up to play the slumdog in SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. But she was unable to answer the questions.

The stamps were such boring news eh. I was in the local post office yesterday and saw them on the counter for sale. I asked them if they were selling well. She admitted they weren't. I offered to send them all to NicoleKidmanUnited. Or shall I send them all to Nashville?

realitycheck said...

You can't like classical music AND AC/DC? I do.

If she wanted to be addressed as Mrs. Urban she would have changed her last name. And who the heck called her Nicole Kidman Urban? Are they living under a rock? More fantasy hauled out to make a blog entry.

Until I see her lighting a cigarette IRL, not on a film set in between takes where the characters smoke, will I believe she is the chain smoker you want us to think she is.

Keep trying though UMyths. I know you will.

stillhopefull said...

Boy RC...are you on Mrs. Urban's payroll? It looked pretty clear to me that she was smoking. There have been other sightings as well, I am just suprised that you need to have it proven to you to believe it. I guess your one that believe everything she says, even though most of the time she says anything not scripted, she puts her foot in her mouth with the lies. Anyway, I will come back and apologized should I be wrong, but with the backlash of smoking so prevelent there is very little of it done on screen anymore.

maclen said...

Choice said...
"The stamps were such boring news eh. I was in the local post office yesterday and saw them on the counter for sale. I asked them if they were selling well. She admitted they weren't. I offered to send them all to NicoleKidmanUnited. Or shall I send them all to Nashville?"

Actually, its about as impressive to me as old UK actors and rockers...mccartney...elton john etc...getting knighted by their fraken queen...teen idols used to get put on lunch boxes!
So it seems kidman did high tail very quietly out of rome...and is now back in hiding in her undisclosed location. Seems jennifer aniston is pretty much moving into kidman's role of jilted, forever suffering ex, leaving kidman without a niche to promote her bland and dull personality.

Choice said...
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maclen said...

So I noticed yesterday that perez hilton and this morning lainey gossip are also recyling the kidman OZ stamp story...I guess with kidman back in hiding after her weekend Rome shoot photo ops went "up in smoke"...they are relegated to re posting that very redundant story... no doubt prodded by kidman mouthpiece website People.com. So is kidman using this downtime to give her face an extra tuneup... will she appear at the oscars? Will the announcement of her next film role come out soon?

Tara said...

I was always under the impression that Kidman and Sean Penn had an affair when they worked together..
apparently they aren't pals now from the article Lainey ran..
makes me wonder about those Clooney rumors?

hoosierlady said...


You know I hold you in the highest of esteem, but I must take issue with you lumping my Paul into the heap of adolescent idols.

I would like you, if you could, to find a copy of McCartney, (you know, the one that has the cherries on the front?, open it, take a good, long look at it, and tell me he isn't beautiful.

To all of us here at UM, and I do hope the author(s)of this blog do not mind if I use the inclusive, and don't let this go to your fingertips, but:

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Re: Can Kidman Deliver Australia to Keith?
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> > > > cheyenne - I'm here only to watch the crash &
> > burn
> > > > happen too.
> > > >
> > > > Don't forget - we have also been called
> trolls!
> > >
> > >
> > > How much time are you willing to invest in this
> > > watching and waiting? If they're still married
> > after
> > > two years, how much time will you have wasted
> > trying
> > > in vain to run other people's lives?
> >
> > And here you are trying to run an anonymous
> poster's
> > life. Why do you care what posters on a gossip
> board
> > do with their time, when you're here doing the
> exact
> > same thing, plus you're on CMT, The Rope, and
> every
> > other board around that talks about KU? How much
> time
> > have you wasted already posting on all these
> boards
> > just stirring the pot?
> Mimosa - don't waste your breath on a certain poster
> on here. You are correct she posts everywhere,
> including numerous threads on E alone.

*Everywhere*? Prove I've ever posted on Monkeyville or any other Keith fan board other than CMT. I'm not even registered on that hilarious umyths blogspot.

I have more
> evidence to back this up - shall we compare number of
> posts and registration dates on here?
Since some of you have multiple IDs, that doesn't prove anything.

> What happens when they are married for more than two
> years - trust me, this is a short-term marriage!
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> nomorefan

So how long *is* the "contract"?


ain't life grand!

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
You know I hold you in the highest of esteem, but I must take issue with you lumping my Paul into the heap of adolescent idols."

Actually, hoosier, I Am a hardcore Beatles fan going back almost 30 yrs to when john lennon was killed back in 1980...and I have every Beatles LP...john, paul george and ringo solo lp in my iPod, and yes, including PM's "McCartney". I was only knocking the whole "royal" nighthoods of a old outdated totalitarian era...and I certainly dont lump the Beatles with the later flash in the pan "teen idols" of the 70's who got put on "lunchboxes." So, oh no, mcartney is "fab" in my eyes...

..and the rabid kidman defenders...that is my take, why bother anymore? I'm bored by them...

maclen said...

Tara said...
"I was always under the impression that Kidman and Sean Penn had an affair when they worked together..
apparently they aren't pals now from the article Lainey ran..
makes me wonder about those Clooney rumors?"

Well the fact is, tara, even in hollywood, failure is looked down on more than anything and that's why kidman is the largest target right now. I think the inportant word in Penn's criticism is "resent"...and that is because kidman keeps getting "big budget" movies and always fails...and she kept getting them...cold mountain in 2003...stepford wives in 2004...bewitched in 2005...Invasion AND Compass in 2007... then finally, Australia in 2008. I think the attitude and consensus about kidman by everyone, not just anti kidman bloggers...but the attutude by pundits, columnists and apparently by some actors...is enough already! Dont forget that kidman BFF russell crowe also looks down on actors who do commercials...and the fact is kidman couldnt start simply and straightforward with a regular commercial for chanel...but a overblown, pompous and self important "mini movie" directed by none other than no doubt garrish enabler bazz and fellow pretensious shoveler of the ridiculous. I suspect penn was annoyed because it was surely for more than one day of shooting kidman left the set for. And after kidman's self important speech after receiving the oscar...rubbish about how "what she does IS art..and art IS important" and they DO deserve the awards...penn was probably not too impressed by her important perfume ad and is now calling her out on it...

Penn: "Just let me know if you mean it. I want to know your're trying to write the great american novel every time. Fail all you want, but f***king try."

Yes kidman fails all the time and it IS noticable she isnt f-ing trying!

maclen said...


...just had to mention...looking at the picures of penn and kidman from the movie Interpreter at the bottom of the post...kidman wears not one...but two wigs in that movie...the straighter bleached blonde wig and that other fuller more colorful blonde wig in the indoor scenes...