Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 ACM Award Nominations - Where's Waldo?

Entertainer of the Year
Jason Aldean
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton
Taylor Swift

Male Vocalist of the Year
Jason Aldean
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton
Chris Young

Female Vocalist of the Year
Sara Evans
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

Vocal Duo of the Year
Love and Theft
Montgomery Gentry
Steel Magnolia
Thompson Square

Vocal Group of the Year
The Band Perry
Eli Young Band
Lady Antebellum
Rascal Flatts
Zac Brown Band

New Artist of the Year (Nominees on Jan. 30th)

Album of the year (Award to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company)

Chief – Eric Church (EMI-Nashville)
Produced by: Arturo Buenahora, Jr., Jay Joyce

Four The Record – Miranda Lambert (RCA)
Produced by: Chuck Ainlay, Frank Liddell, Glenn Worf

Hemingway’s Whiskey – Kenny Chesney (BNA)
Produced by: Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney

My Kinda Party – Jason Aldean (Broken Bow Records)
Produced by: Michael Knox

Own The Night – Lady Antebellum (Capitol Records Nashville)
Produced by: Lady Antebellum, Paul Worley

Single Record of the Year (Award to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company)

Crazy Girl – Eli Young Band (Republic Nashville)
Produced by: Mike Wrucke

Don’t You Wanna Stay – Jason Aldean With Kelly Clarkson (Broken Bow Records)
Produced by: Michael Knox

Red Solo Cup – Toby Keith (Show Dog-Universal Music)
Produced by: Toby Keith

Tomorrow – Chris Young (RCA)
Produced by: James Stroud

You And Tequila – Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter (BNA)
Produced by: Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney

Song of the Year (Award to Composer(s)/Publisher(s)/Artist(s))

Crazy Girl – Eli Young Band
Composers: Lee Brice, Liz Rose
Publishers: Cake Taker Music (BMI), Mike Curb Music (BMI), Sony/ATV Tree
Publishing (BMI), Sweet Hysteria Music (BMI)

Home – Dierks Bentley
Composers: Brett Beavers, Dierks Bentley, Dan Wilson
Publishers: Big White Tracks (ASCAP), Chestnut Barn Music (BMI), Chrysalis Music/BMG Rights (ASCAP), Chrysalis One Songs (BMI)

Just A Kiss – Lady Antebellum
Composers: Dallas Davidson, Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott
Publishers: Dwhaywood Music (BMI), EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI), EMI Foray Music (SESAC), Hillary Dawn Songs (SESAC), Radiobulletspublishing (BMI), String Stretcher Music (BMI) Warner-Tamberlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)

Threaten Me With Heaven – Vince Gill
Composers: Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Dillon O’Brian, Will Owsley
Publishers: Grant Girls Music (ASCAP), Vinny Mae Music (BMI), Willie-O Music (ASCAP)

You And Tequila – Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter
Composers: Matraca Berg, Deana Carter
Publishers: Deanaling Music (ASCAP), Hannaberg Music (BMI), Songs of Universal Inc., (BMI), WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Songwriter of the Year
Rhett Akins
Dallas Davidson
Ben Hayslip
Luke Laird
David Lee Murphy

Video of the Year (Award to Producer(s)/Director(s)/Artist(s))

Homeboy – Eric Church
Producer: Brandon Arolfo
Director: Peter Zavadil

Just A Kiss – Lady Antebellum
Producer: Don Lepore
Director: Shawn Silva

Mean – Taylor Swift
Producer: Oualid Mouaness
Director: Declan Whitebloom

Red Solo Cup – Toby Keith
Producer: Mark Kalbfeld
Director: Michael Salomon

Tattoos On This Town – Jason Aldean
Producer: John Burke
Director: Wes Edwards

Vocal Event of the Year (Award to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company)

Country Boy – Aaron Lewis Featuring George Jones & Charlie Daniels (R&J Records)
Produced by: Aaron Lewis, James Stroud

Don’t You Wanna Stay – Jason Aldean With Kelly Clarkson (Broken Bow Records)
Produced by: Michael Knox

Old Alabama – Brad Paisley Featuring Alabama (Arista Nashville)
Produced by: Frank Rogers

Remind Me – Brad Paisley Duet With Carrie Underwood (Arista Nashville)
Produced by: Frank Rogers

You And Tequila – Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter (BNA)
Produced by: Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney


maclen said...

Not surprising at all. For a little consistancy...let's look at the list of country acts I compared the orb to in youtube channel views and song sales in the previous thread...

chesney- 6 noms
aldean- 5 noms
paisley- 4 noms
lady ant- 4 noms
swift- 3 noms
shelton- 2 noms
lambert- 2 noms
r. flatts- 1 nom
underwood- 1 nom
orb- 0 noms

...and as Ive been pointing out...there comes a point when CURRENT lackluster cd and song sales will EVENTUALLY corrode any percieved success orb MAY have had 6 years ago! And any perceived "quality" of his work will not be considered...not even by the whims of the awards organizations...eventually.

Hatti said...

Where's Waldo...Heck he is headed for OZ!! ((giggles))))

Waldo will be flying here and there and everywhere till he comes down to earth and goes to work!!

Brand New Life...New earrings...New voice...New genre!!

Maybe everything will be NEW!! ((giggles)))))

hoosierlady said...

He tied his own noose and even kicked his own chair out from under himself.

What a dimwitted Keefus.

Hatti said...

(((hmmmm))) Well maybe he wanted to be just as it is. He can take his millions go home be with his family...His real family!! Let the Moose manage her own red carpets!! May be he will be able to get a real life.

You never know what lurks in the hearts and minds of men!!

Especially hogtied men!! ((giggles))

maclen said...

It's no coincidence, just as the orb scheduled a charity appearance the day before the Grammys...orb schedules his #1 song party the day before the ACM announcements. With NO nominations at the Grammys or ACMs...orb MUST manufacture photo ops to keep his name in the news. But that's all they are, photo ops. In his desperation that is simply the narcissist's NEED to NOT be left out...that does not MASK the fact that he is no longer successful enough to continue to be recognized by his peers, the fans or the industry!

Tara said...

He said last year that he knew the days of him being nominated were coming to an end. He knows the inferior gluck he is putting out.

I believe he has a comeback in him
but until things change for him its not going to happen

Maclen you are right about the Beatles.

hoosierlady said...

Everything was right about the Beatles.

Maybe since his bestest buddy is back he'll get a good song again.

Hope reigns eternal.

blue sky said...

Jan Jayne said...(on the other blog entry on here)

No, Keith Urban is not over, no matter how much you think that he is. You're preaching to your ever diminishing choir. Keith's crowd is still there, no matter how many words you post. When is it that you find any time at all for that eight year old niece?

Is this big enough of sign to you that he is over?

maclen said...

Well, overall point is not exactly specific to The Beatles, but that does happen to be a specific sore point for is orb's overindulgance in covers. Believing as I do that orb is so weak in the songwriting department...I see the covers as a manifestation of that weakness, thats all. Of course as is now known...orb not only used The Beatles "A day in the life"..and covered McCartney's "silly Love Songs" on his past summer tour...but also covered "Boondocks" by Little big town, "Are you sure hank don it this way" by Waylon jennings..."WIth or without you" by U2..."American girl" by Tom Petty and "It's a long way to the top" by AC/DC..."Jack and Diane" by John mellencamp. And that to me is trying to mask alot of personal weakness in his own set. Now other country acts ALSO do covers on their tours...BUT...and I did just check it...NOT to the degree that orb relies on. The closest is chesney with 3 covers to orbs 7 covers and the intro.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Maybe since his bestest buddy is back he'll get a good song again."
Hope reigns eternal."

Hoosier, are you talking about powell or marx? If it's marx...he could definately help orb write a good The Police...and the Greg Kihn Band...Eddie money!

maclen said...

blue sky said...
"Is this big enough of sign to you that he is over?"

Within the first month of the new is already a CERTAINTY that the orb WILL NOT receive any awards recognition within the first 4 months... for an album and songs that received zero awards recognition whatsoever the entire previous year it had been released. Surely, for the entire rest of the year, orb will be pinning his hopes on a new song coming out next month specifically written for a movie...just like swifty did last month. Well, based on the reaction to swifty's movie song...I would not be surprised if it was another awards contender. What of orb's movie song? That will have to wait till next month...orb's movie song is not yet been heard...and will not be heard no doubt till a few days before the film comes out. I would say that is not much confidence in the song!

Anonymous said...

blue sky, no this is not big enough for me to think he is over. It's just an overblown Dick Clark Las Vegas based show. If you think he's over because of this you're all very wrong. He just had a fantastic #1 party for his last single. He has written and recorded a song for the movie Act of Valor, he's about to spend a month on the Australian version of The Voice. He's scheduling the summer shows and festivals all the big country stars do every summer. He's hosting All for the Hall again and the tickets are selling like hotcakes. There will be a new album, a new tour to come. No, he's not over because he's not nominated for a Dick Clark Vegas television awards show. But, you guys just keep on thinking that he is. Just like you kept telling us he wouldn't still be married after all this time. Bahaha to you all. He'll still be making music, making millions, and happily married next year just like he is now. Of course you guys will still be here denying it all too, and mac will still be typing up her beloved stats to keep her warm at night.
Nope, it's not a sign to me at all, but apparently it's keeping you all warm at night. Chesney's been absent from the awards nominations lately and he's nominated again. Funny thing, he wasn't over for missing some nominations either.
As my parting thoughts, those are really lovely thoughts and words you posted there hoosierwoman, but we know who you are and they fit your persona like a glove.

Tara said...

What new record and summer tour?
He has what 6 dates scheduled for this summer. The only new record I heard is a live record and a possible Christmas one.
He is going to be a big TV star this year that and water bottle holding in Africa. Everyone has wonderful number 1 parties in Nashville. Its encouraged.
I agree about the Dick Clark country awards but those awards get big ratings and lots of people turn those performances into record and ticket sales not to have that platform as this "summer tour " starts could be quite telling. He is in danger of not being a headliner anymore and will probably have to go back to going on tour with a name to get the audiences.
But hey he can sing and play and he has to life he wants so who cares about the career?

hoosierlady said...

"As my parting thoughts, those are really lovely thoughts and words you posted there hoosierwoman, but we know who you are and they fit your persona like a glove".

How dare you. You have no idea who I am. You know nothing of me.

One word:


It will give you the meaning, and it even has a speaker icon. If you click on it, (left click) it will sound the word out for you.

blue sky said...

Yes, he has that in his schedule, but other performers are just as busy, but you don't pay attention to them as you obviously were not aware that Chesney took off a whole year, therefore he would not have nominations. Urban worked the entire year, so what's his excuse? Aldean wants to release his new album, but has too many lingering hits from the old one. Urban isn't having that kind of success any more. Not a good sign when he can't sell out a concert when everyone else is.

Hatti said...

((giggles))) Chesney can take off the rest of his life for all I care!! Personally I know him to be a gay blade he probably went to Broke Back to be with some buddies!! ((giggles))))

I have to say that I believe KU is exactly where he wants to be at this time. Has his stupid Ode to the Moose album hurt him?? Yes it did...but he knew it would!!!

He will do what he has to do not to be used by the PR hound!! I think he feels that if Chesney can take off and come back( no voice no nothing Chesney) then he surely can.

I just hope he comes back a Moose lighter and happier than he is now!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's a disgusting analogy you wrote hoosierwoman. How dare me what? Have a brain? Tara, do I have to spell it out for you? He is working on a new album now, when it comes out there will be a new tour to go with it. In the summer country artists often do outdoor concerts and festivals, sometimes they even slap a name on them, like the Summer Lovin' Tour.
The real tour I'm talking about will be to promote the new album when it comes out. Keep on thinking he'll get divorced and he's over in the music world if it makes you happy. I guess you have to have something to hold on to, have at it. You'll all be proved wrong, AGAIN.

maclen said...

Clearly the board over at E! are experiencing with the fansie "baiters"...Urban Myths ia also experiencing a recent rash of desperate screeching from the fansies! Evidently the non appearance of the orb at the Grammys...and now with another shut out at the's becoming "hair pulling" time for the monkeys and fansies. And this is the reason summation of orb's crashing career..

Be Here: 4 million in sales.

Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing: 2 million in sales

Defying Sales: 1 million in sales

GET LOSER! : 680, 000 in sales

Escape Together World Tour 2009
$42.7mil total gross, 11,255 avg tix, 675,278 total tix

Get Closer 2011 World Tour (2011)
$27.3 mil, 8,551 avg tix, 470,325 total tix

1 gold selling single

2 gold selling singles

0 gold selling singles

0 gold selling singles

0 platinum selling singles

0 Platinum selling singles

0 platinum selling singles

0 platinum selling singles

4 awards

3 awards

2 awards

0 far

...this is actual proof of orbs decline. The opinions of a few desperate fansies is pure desperation.

Tara said...

So he is recording a new record three weeks after being allowed to talk and start singing? Really in LA or Nashville because this week is the first time he has been in Nashville in months.

Lets just speculate.. not that I believe this....
What if this throat stuff was actually a ruse to get a failing career back on track? It wouldn't be unheard of it wouldn't be original but I was looking at Adele and Mayer both of whom have been off the scene for many weeks and Mayer still doesn't know if his voice will be okay. Keith gets this done on 11/22 and poof almost 2 months to the day he is singing and sounding as if he never was out. Kinda like getting all the attention that a not pregnant woman does when wearing a fake belly. Nobody has ever done that have they?

hoosierlady said...

maclen said..."Hoosier, are you talking about powell or marx? If it's marx...he could definately help orb write a good The Police...and the Greg Kihn Band...Eddie money!"

Ok, dude please explain. I took a pass on disco and pop during the 80's and 90's is Marx a one hit wonder? He is another writer that doesn't write? This is too funny for words, you know that, right?

maclen said...

Yeah, so this clearly confirms for me what I basically thought about these two "developments"...

Keith Urban Credits Nicole Kidman for Getting His Song on the ‘Act of Valor’ Soundtrack

"Prior to going in for vocal surgery, Keith Urban had a pretty good list going of things he had to knock out before the weeks of recovery. One of those top priority tasks included writing a song for the new ‘Act of Valor’ movie soundtrack.

“I knew that ‘Long Hot Summer’ wouldn’t have suited ‘Act of Valor,’ that’s for sure,” Urban tells Taste of Country with a laugh. “I’d never written for a particular thing before, and I was really nervous about it. I was about to do vocal surgery, and I just felt like, ‘I can’t do this.’... : We had written this song, and we were under such incredible time crunch to get it, done that for the first time in my life I actually booked a studio and the players before we had written the song. If there’s ever any pressure to get a song written it’s because the studio is booked and we had to have the song before [the session].”

So let's review...orb announced he would be having throat surgery on Nov 3rd of last year... at the end of that month...he had the surgery on Nov 25th. Orb is claiming AFTER that announcement he decided to "write" and record a song for a film. So, while awaiting "throat surgery" orb takes on writing and then recording the song BEFORE he has that surgery? Yeah, that's believable! He performed at the 2011 ASCAP Country Music Awards, twice at the CMA's and again at the CMA xmas telecast...and now apparently he also wrote and recorded a new song in the 3 weeks prior to having "throat surgery?" Orb obviously believes his fansies to be total idiots...or simply gullible sheep and will simply buy all of his nonsense. He is correct in some instances...but not on most! See his cd sales again! Now another issue, WHY the "crunch time?" Why the last minute rush to do a song for a film? This film is coming out in feb 2012...and orb "decided" to do the song only 3 month prior...and while he is supposedly on "voice rest" for a supposed "throat procedure?" It's pretty clear why it's was a last minute "job"...orb no doubt had heard it through the grapevine last november...that swift would be releasing a song for a movie in late Dec...and orb of course decided he too should do a movie song. That's why it turned out to be "crunch time" and last minute. Based on orb's "work" on his previous album...the one he had to also "rush" out to the marketplace when capnash ordered in Jan of 2010 that he get it done and released by Nov 2010...the cd that contained only 8 measly tracks... based on orb's talent for writing derivative drivel...I'm sure this new "rush job" song will be just as superficial and as mundane!

Anonymous said...

Tara, working on an album does not mean just recording it. There is all kinds of work to be done in making a new album. Please don't appear to be so ignorant about the process. Keith generally puts a new album out every two years. Nothing different is happening here now.

mac, you are the queen of inventing other people's schedules based on trolling the net. There is no rush for Keith to put out the next album. He will proceed on his schedule as he always has in doing so.

Comments are being allowed here now because the place looked like death valley without outside imput from the few of you holding court here. Just as at E, a one sided conversation doesn't hold much interest. If we get under your skin too badly I'm sure our comments will cease to be approved.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
maclen said..."Hoosier, are you talking about powell or marx? If it's marx...he could definately help orb write a good The Police...and the Greg Kihn Band...Eddie money!"

Ok, dude please explain. I took a pass on disco and pop during the 80's and 90's is Marx a one hit wonder? He is another writer that doesn't write? This is too funny for words, you know that, right?"

Yeah hoosier...clearly, as a "solo artist" marx is a hasbeen. That's why he would "co-write" with the likes of orb. With 3 career #1's, the last charting in 1989...and his last top 10 charting album also in 1989...marx is basically a "3 hit wonder"...and he's been one for the past 2 decades. And Ive commented extensively of the fact that "Long Hot SUmmer" is a conglomerate of The Police's "Dont stand so close to me"...the Greg Kihn band's "The Break up song" and Eddie Money's "Take me Home Tonight". Recall, hoosier...the orb HAS copped to that fact...

"Q-I hear other '80s pop influences on the CD, from The Police to Greg Kihn to your version of Santana's Winning. Are you a big fan of that era?

A-You're totally hitting the nail on the head. I loved all that stuff. And I was just in that place making this record. Those '80s influences appealed to me at this stage."

I do have a hunch, and marx's recent closeness to orb since last year...that for orb's next cd...whenever it comes out...he'll continue to "be in that place" to plunder from the past.

Urban Myths said...

Jan, you posted "If we get under your skin too badly I'm sure our comments will cease to be approved." That is not true... this is from our post of September 1, 2011...

It is and will continue to be the policy of this board to allow comments from both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. We continue to ask that courtesy towards other commenters is the first and foremost concern. Comments that personally attack other commenters or use "real" names will not be published.

Anonymous said...

Great I will continue to post and liven things up.

maclen said...

...psssstttt..... is it orb?

Keith Urban Talks 'Strange' Frustrations of Vocal Rest

"While the superstar is thrilled to have the operation behind him, he admits it was a bit more challenging than he anticipated to have to stay silent for so long.
"You have to [go] three weeks [with] no talking, no uttering a sound, and you can't cry, you can't sneeze, you can't cough, you can't clear your throat," he explains to Access Hollywood. "It was a strange three weeks,"

...or is this the truth?

Keith Urban Shares No. 1 Party With Two Internet Talent Discoveries

"Urban's voice sounded the same as always, an indication he has recovered fully from the November surgery on his vocal cords that rendered him speechless for three weeks.

"It wasn't that hard not to talk," he said in response to a question about his doctor-ordered silence."

...2 DIFFERENT answers! Is it he just doesnt recall what he may have said ONLY two day apart?! Is it he "taylors" his answers for different occasions? Perhaps those "frosted highlights" are beginning to fry his brain? This is WHY orb is a PR catastrophe...this is why his career is tanking...this is why his fans are abandoning him in droves! Just recall the sham of his Facebook album cover poll...even his former fans see that he is just a disingenuous hack.

maclen said... popular demand...the return of " Late night musings 2.0"... I previously mentioned it...I CANT wait...I am chomping at the bits...Jonesing to hear "orb's" new soundtrack song! So, first...notice in that article I just posted of orb talking about how "HE" wrote the song for the film...NO mention of co-writer powell...yeah...real classy orb!
Again, just cant wait to hear what "orb" came up with! No doubt he'll get his pickup truck and the truck's radio a shout out in the jingle... and it will have a VERY Kenny loggins "Danger Zone" vibe in there for good measure! HA! Hey, maybe even "Hot Summer Nights" by Miami Sound Machine! That soundtrack IS from 1986! Do you think orb writes his songs with his kid's crayons?

maclen said...

..."Late Night Musings 2.0" continued..., swift's song for the film "hunger Games" came out about 4 weeks ago...the official video on the "hunger games" youtube channel now has 3 million views.

Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars "Safe & Sound" (from The Hunger Games Soundtrack)

A week ago, orb released the official video for his current single, "You gonna fly" on his vevo channel... and after one week it only has 32,000.

Keith Urban - You Gonna Fly

A quick perusal on youtube...and a video of a cover version of swift's "Safe & Sound"...ALSO released a week has 132,000 views!

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe and Sound (Savannah Outen ft. Jake Coco Cover) on iTunes a fan video of a cover of a swift song...racks up MORE views on youtube than orb!
Lets see...this fan cover video of swift's song released also just a week ago... has 87,000 views...

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe and Sound (Madilyn Bailey acoustic cover) on iTunes is SUCH a wise move for orb to KEEP shadowing swift's PR moves...he just MATCHES up so favorably!

maclen said...

...a little "Insomniac Theater 3000" edition...

..HA! HA! Just had to add this little tidbit before I lay me down to sleep... check out the video of orb and marx singing with a couple of fans at the single party...

Keith Urban - Long Hot Summer (#1 Party Performance)

....listen closely to the fan, Patrick Woolam, taking the lead vocal...then listen closely when orb takes the lead vocal. Woolam does a BETTER orb than orb! Orb's voice is weak and first you cant even hear his voice. Noticed the same thing when orb was on the jimmy fallon show doing the Rolling Stones cover...orb's voice was being drowned out by his back up singers! Oh and check out orb at about the 3:38 mark...he's trying way TOO hard on that guitar...and what's with those "rockettes" kicks? What a flake! He looks like some teen kid playing air guitar and prancing around in his room.

Tara said...

Did anyone else read the bit on The boot where Keith talked about Kidman taking him to a dinner party while he was under the no talk order then telling him to bring his board to talk and that he couldn't keep up with the conversation? I guess having him be her escort is a lot more important than just helping her husband rest his voice. What a selfish bitch to humiliate him like that.
But he did tell the story.

maclen said...

So, I just read orb won an award in Oz at the 40th Country Music Awards of Australia.. Yeah, he got a "Golden Guitar" for "Best selling album of the year." Well, considering that according to the aria end of year charts...orb's album DOESNT even make it into the "End Of Year Charts - Top 100 Albums 2011"...and on the End Of Year Charts - Top 50 Country Albums 2011"...orb's album is #9. BUT, orb's lp wins Best selling album of the year?" So how much MORE embarrassing can that be for this awards show! By the way, the top country albums in OZ last year were...lady ant at #1...swifty at #2...lady ant at #3 and swifty at #4!

Hatti said...

Yes maclen...but Moosie needed a photo op so she greased some palms and here we go!!

Ku knows exactly what this is all about. I'm sure he said thank you to her publicly he always does when she pays!! Part of his job you know!!! ;)

Hatti said...

Oh maclen could you tell me.. how do you get a Gold record these days.

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Oh maclen could you tell me.. how do you get a Gold record these days."

Well, the RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America... certifies albums and singles with Gold, Platinum or multi Platinum certs. Gold is for 500k, and Platinum for 1mil sales. Apparently, according to wiki...the RIAA has it's own sources in determining how many albums and singles are sold..sources soundscan does not count. As I previously mentioned the orb's last gold single was in 2009. He's had 6 singles released since then. And orb has NEVER had a platinum selling single!

Hatti said...

Thanks maclen....I'm still a novice you know...apples to oranges are apples to this lemon!! ((giggles))

I am very interested as to how KU will fair with Voice. Sometimes stretching ones self gives way to another horizen.

I don't believe he will ever want to make this a career but it may help him in other areas...after all he does have his own label and plenty of money!!

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Thanks maclen....I'm still a novice you know...apples to oranges are apples to this lemon!! ((giggles))
I am very interested as to how KU will fair with Voice. Sometimes stretching ones self gives way to another horizen,"

I think orb doing the Oz version of the Voice is simply a reflection of his decline in he US. The Oz show, as the initial report that revealed he would be doing it and that he wants a hit song in OZ... it is to shore up some popularity in OZ. As I just mentioned his album's performance on the aussie charts...his album is about as popular over there as it is here. Shelton's appearence on the US show gives him exposure here in the states...which clearly explains why he has won the CMA male "Vocalist" the past two years...AND why it is also obvious shelton has taken over orb's usual spots at the Grammys and ACMs. Add to that shelton also co-host's the ACM awards...and whether or not you think he is very good at really does give extra exposure to the fact he has a "personality" beyond simply singing a song...which is something orb is CLEARLY lacking..."PERSONALITY"!

maclen said...

So, just to elaborate on my point further...let's take the recent Country Music Awards of Australia"...Where orb apparently picked up an award for "Best Selling Album"...when in the "ARIA Top 50 Australian Artist Album" orb's album in at #29...

Keith Urban, Beccy Cole reign at Australian Country Music Awards

...and a "Beccy Cole" also was the big winner that night...

"Cole, who beat nominees such as Kirsty Akers and Katrina Burgoyne in her category,...", Cole, Akers and Burgoyne MAY be big names in OZ...but they mean nothing here in the states.
NOw, as to the OZ version of The Voice, judges along side orb is Seal. Seal had only one gold selling album in the US back in 2003, is best known in the states now as being married to Heidi Klum and for wearing rather ridiculously elaborate costumes every Halloween...and now just recently for just having been dumped by klum. Seal had just one #1 song in the US, way back in 1994...and hasnt had a charting single since 2003. Another judge...joel madden, apparently a "punk drummer" known as being married to Nicole Ritchie...who hasnt been doing much herself lately. Then there is Delta Goodrem, an "aussie pop star"...who clearly has a huge career in oz...but I never heard of her before she was announced as a judge in did MANY people in the US. And I also doubt she will find this OZ show a "doorway" to US success! Now add orb to this motley crew...I dont see how he gets ANY buzz in the US for a show that MAY or MAY NOT find any success all the way over in OZ. This is orb NOT trying to "rebound" his career in the US... where the circumstances of the Country scene is looking totally insurmountable to him...but clearly finding a new career in OZ!

maclen said... scrounged..

...I am now finding the ARIA charts very interesting...AND revealing...what a big surprise.
So looking at the CURRENT ARIA Top 20 Country Chart, ending 30/01/2012...

...orb has an album at #12...BUT NOT his current cd...AND NOT his previous cd...but his "Greatest Hits" lp that came out back in 2007. It has sales of "platinum" OZ that is sales of 140k...and it's been on the chart for 207 weeks. Apparently the aussies ALSO like orb's "older" music MORE than his current stuff. Now look at who is at spot ABOVE orb...swifty...BUT with her CURRENT album...which ALSO has sales of "Platunum" x2...140k sold. BUT...swifty's cd has only been out for 65 weeks! And look who is at #8, Lady ant...who is "platinum" and their album has been out for 108 weeks. Now if you look, swifty ALSO has another album at #19...her previous album, Fearless...and it;s only been on the chart for 167 weeks...also well short of orb's 207 weeks...BUT...swifts previous album has sold "Platinum" x5...or 350k cds sold! As evidently, orb also DOES NOT have even a gold sellling single in OZ for 2011...

So again, orb lags WELL behind US country acts in he does in the US. So, is orb's gig on The View OZ REALLY going to do much for his sales in OZ? ORb NEEDS help EVERYWHERE!

Tara said...

He always was a non known person in Oz that is why he came here I also think that is why he married Kidman.
Don't doubt he wants to be famous in his homeland- more than simply being Mr. Nicole Kidman.

I also think he likes this whole mentoring concept- he has done this a bit over here. But don't mistake it its still about being on national TV every week for a month or so that is the draw.

Hatti said...

Well Tara he did have a popular album!! That's what paid for him to come over here. So lets see what kind of reception he gets there.

maclen said...

So, just noticed that tickets for the 3rd "BENEFIT FOR ORB" went on sale 3 days ago on Jan 27. Remember back in 2009 when the first vanity show took place...when the show was brand spanking shiny as a new penny...and the show sold out in minutes and grossed $500k? Back then, of course, swifty, paisley, aldean, lady ant and little big town were on the bill. Based on her popularity alone...swifty COULD have sold out the 14.000 max cap venue alone. A year later, new line up of performers slightly less stellar than the year before with a few "heroes" thrown in...and the show DID NOT sell out in minutes. In fact, the day of the show it was still not sold out. And considering that the show grossed $450k...$50k less...definately indicates NOT a sellout. So this will the "show" hold up? How much will they raise this year? Take note of the new poster lineup and promo material...gill now has EQUAL billing along side's now orb "AND Vince Gill" with friends. Perhaps THAT can help bring the shine back to the obvious "vanity" show...we shall see...

F.I.N.E said...

You know, what I found so disrespectful and questionable about the AFTH piece was why tickets were sold for so much LESS than he charged for his tour especially in that he gave a full performance. I know there wasn't the overhead but it was no less value for the consumer and the overage could have been donated. It just reeked of selfishness to me. Why didn't the Hall deserve the best that could have been received? What was the motivation for charging less? If anyone would like to enlighten with a different point of view... please feel free.

maclen said...

The reason ticket prices for this show are so low is for "PR" purposes. So that orb can say in promo pieces that the reason the tickets are only $25 is so that "anyone and everyone" can afford to get tickets. But of course, that is NOT the reality. As an investigative report revealed after the first show, a date was announced as to when tickets would go on sale, and BEFORE the date tickets went on sale to the public...over 90% of tickets were ALREADY sold. No doubt they were presold to ticket "agencies"... online or otherwise...who sold them for ALOT more than $25! The report also found that many tickets that had been allocated to orb's fawnsite...were later found to be scalped for hundreds of dollars. So clearly, orb's fawnsite was also involved in scalping tickets from this show. Meanwhile orb got MANY new paid memberships to his fawnsite, and he got alot of PR "buzz" for his good deed! So, once again, the reason for this "benefit" was not to maximize the money that could be gained for the "Hall"...but set up to get orb the best possible PR and personal gain... onstage and off!

Tara said...

I think they are probably wanting a full house for the show- Keith didn't get that for his tour did he?

Hatti said...

No Tara..I think he had one maybe two full shows. I think you're right they want to have a full house. They will make just as much money lowering the price and having a full house than higher price less people.

I think AFTH should be VG and KU. Vince started it and if he is going to be with KU he should have top billing. That is my only problem with this.

I hope the older entertainers come out like they did last year. After all it is their memorabilia being seen and archived!!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand all the hate towards Keith Urban. If you were alive when the Beatles were still together, you must be closing in on 50 at least. Why are you older women so obsessed with this man and his lovely wife? They're just out doing their own thing and living their own lives and not hurting a soul. Isn't there something in your own life you could be enjoying? Life is short, ladies. xo

Hatti said...

Oh brother...I just choked on lovely!!! Give me a break! The woman doesn't have the morality of a toad!!

The Moose sits nude in a tub with a ten year old boy!!! Then when they meet for the media she says...he is a brave boy!! What the He11 is that suppose to mean??

Lovely is the last word I would ever use!!!!

Lets just say this I measure my own self esteem by the people I call lovely!!!!!!!

Hatti said...

Oh yes...what lovely person attacks another person!!! The man followed her to get some pics. He was far away but I'm sure very excited about seeing her remove her rubber belly!!

The MOOSE made sure the camera film was destroyed!! She kicked the man herself and took his very expensive camera.

Oh yes this very lovely MOOSE!!

The next day she sat in the car while her bodyguard beat the heck out of the paps that was following (more that 25 ft) behind her car. He pummeled the man in broad daylight with a camera running. She sat in her car and allowed it to happen!! ((lovely)))

Don't think for one min those bodyguards are not in her employee to this day b/c they are!!!

Boy now that is a lovely Moosie girl. Oh and should we talk about the fact that she dumped her first two children on her first husband for 150 mil!!! That's what you do I guess when you are just so wonderful!

I wonder how long before she dumps these two little acquired children on this acquired hubby!! It will be just so lovely to see!((NOT)) ((giggles)))

maclen said...

yep...I almost spit out my coffee onto my keyboard when I read the bit..

"living their own lives and not hurting a soul" would seem the voices of "tolerance" have a very selective memory...or simply ignorant of the issues addressed on this blog. And as I once again must point would seem that commenter "wondering?" has "NOTHING ELSE in his/her life to enjoy"... since he/she is taking that time posting on an opinion blog, right?

Anonymous said...

You're entitled to your opinions but they are just that. Opinions. She's lovely to me. She didn't dump her 2 kids at all. And if you're talking about the scene in Birth, Cameron Bright, the boy in the tub, said himself he was never naked and the two actors were never even in the same room during the filming of the bath scene apart from one camera shot, and when this shot happened both actors wore special clothes that were not visible to the camera. So she wasnt' nude in a tub with a 10 year old boy.

I get that some people rub other people the wrong way but to devote an entire blog about hating a star, especially at your age, seems a bit daft. And what does Keith Urban have to do with it? Why the hate towards him? He's no more responsible for the movies she did in the past as she is responsible for his past drug problems.

Don't you have children or grand children to focus on? Or friends? Or volunteer work in your community? There's so many good things in life to focus on.

F.I.N.E said...

She wouldn't need to dump these two kids unless Keith dumped her because they symbolize a "family" with him like her other ones did with Tom. She proved she had no use for the others as a single parent. From what I've read she only focused on her selfish needs after Tom dumped her. I have no respect for her as a mother.

F.I.N.E said...

It doesn't matter that the two actors never saw each other naked in real life because the people who watch the film are seeing a naked adult and a naked child sitting in a bathtub together. That how it was filmed to look and it has the "appearance of evil" to those watching it.

maclen said...

"Don't you have children or grand children to focus on? Or friends? Or volunteer work in your community? There's so many good things in life to focus on."

Don't you?

Hatti said...

There have been quite a few movies that she's made that has gone by the way of soft porn. Using kids to complete the message!

She left those kids with TC saying... you can't find a man when you have kids.

Now she hooked KU and she bought two kids lets see what happens when this ends. I'm sure she will try to find away to pawn them off on him.

It's her way of controlling the men in her life without being with them. TC is still paying her money for what reason I have no idea. Blackmail probably!! She will hang KU out to dry in some way!!

As far as I'm concerned it annoys me when a person like Moosie girl thinks she is smarter than everyione. I believe she thinks if she says it enough and shows it enough people will believe it.

You know like the politicians do. It's a proven fact that negative campaign adds are strategically set up like that.

So NO I won't believe her phoney baloney b/c I know it's not true. I resent her trying to dupe everyone else.

hoosierlady said...

Actually, for myself, I was alive when the Beatles were still together, but barely. These two were born in 1967 which makes them marginally younger than myself. What does that have to do with it?

You need to read the archives from this blog to see all the history. The PR tricks and "slights of hand" that are done, in the beginning amazingly interesting and now are disgusting in their ability to manipulate the uniformed to spend their money buying overpriced tickets and believe a completely ridiculous facade (I am not speaking of anyone's marriage or children).

I am sure that at least one of the posters will agree that that reason is enough to keep posting, it has little to do with jealousy on anyone's part of two plastic people pretending to be whatever the day/time/situation/money requires.

Tara said...

I see the hidden child has appeared. But if people truly buy into that body language stuff very happy together- not!

I quit trying to explain why places like this exist. It does we are here
there are reasons, in my case it is not because I am not a fan of Keith Urban, I actually am and still continue to see him, but when his career became entangled with his marriage and it all became a show then thats when the luster faded.

Hatti said...

Oh yes Tara if there is one thing Moosie girl can do well it's muddy anything she touches.

Look how much better TC is doing once he dumped her. Even though it was a major big price tag and he had to jump through hoops I'm sure to him it's worth it!!

She is a nemisis to all she holds captive!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

It's pretty obvious by the recent timing of the hyperventilating fans coming here to complain...and the infestation over at the E! Negative thread trying to disrupt the thread... that the fans of orb are also in the state of mind that I describe the orb...desperate. Orb will miss out on his "complimentary" Grammy and he was also shut out of an ACM nomination. It's not enough for them that orb has "rearranged" all his canceled gigs around the Grammys and ACM' as he will NOT get left out of the press attention. But I clearly sense the desperation in orb's fans of his continued "irrelevance." Despite the raves of his tour last summer by the I pointed out OVER and OVER, it was NOT much in demand. 8k per show is pretty paltry...and his cd was a dud. I'm not surprised his fansies are no doubt beginning to run around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

maclen said...

so, itunes now has a preview snippet of orb's song for the film, Act of Valor... are the lyrics of the selected clip...

"smoke and fire, I didn't feel a thing,
but suddenly I was rising higher
and I felt like i'd just made the biggest mistake
when I thought about my unborn child,
when I thought about my wife
and the answer rang out clear
from somewhere up above,
no greater gift has man
than to lay down his life for love
I wonder would I give my life
could I make that sacrifice
if it came down to it
could I take that bullet
I would yes I would for you I see the orb, and his mundane cookie cutter "tune smithing"...has come up with another typical "love song" to his wife. Oh yeah AND his "unborn" child...I guess his "born" children DONT make the cut for inspiration...and apparently...orb WOULDNT take a bullet for them. No doubt the "pro choicers" will lap that line up..."think about the hell with the already born...cut their school lunches!"
I have no doubt the orb fansies will also lap up this song...though NOT very will his "country purists" who knock swift for NOT being county but pop reconcile that one? They just will, unthinkingly!
I think this song is about as mundane as the film will be, and orb will no doubt hope that the "patriotic" theme will get him the accolades he DID NOT get the past year.

more lyrics...

Maybe you dont understand
I dont understand it all myself
There's a brother on my left
and a brother on my right
and in his pocket just like mine
he's got a photograph..."

...I'm still not impressed by orb's and his cowriters lyrics... it just has NO POETRY. Clearly NOT a classic in the making!

Hatti said...

(((maclen you slay me!!))))

Boy if it's bad here you know how bad it is over on the NT!! ((giggles)) Now for me?? I just love the weather in both places!!!

That's b/c I'm an old battle axe!! ;)

maclen said...

...past posted...

...oh yes...I also wanted to you listen to orb's song preview at itunes...that according to orb himself...he recorded this song AFTER he announced that he needed "throat surgery" and BEFORE he had that "throat surgery!" So, just imagine...HOW many vocal takes did he have to go over...and over...and get it right? How many or two weeks of vocals for this track? Did he limit his "vocal" performances to "one" a day or two? Yeah, that "procedure" was DEFINITELY a medical emergency!

maclen said...

...just noticed a mistake in a previous's NOT "pro-choicers"...I obiously meant the "right to lifers" who would find orb's lyric a veritable slogan...dont need a "hyperventilating" fansie posting over here SIMPLY for a mistaken description. But I caught dont bother...

Hatti said...
(((maclen you slay me!!))))

Boy if it's bad here you know how bad it is over on the NT!! ((giggles)) Now for me?? I just love the weather in both places!!!

That's b/c I'm an old battle axe!! ;)

...Ive always maintained hatti...that the fans who come here...and CLEARLY at the E! blog... their intentions are to try and remove the focus on orb and kidman...and focus on the COMMENTORS. I try to remain...except on a few instances...focused on my main points.

Hatti said...

Me too maclen..They come after me or my fellow posters and I hit Moosie girl twice as hard!! It's called scorch the eyeballs.

The pathetic part of that's not hard to do..there is so much out there that screams raunchy I don't even have to dig!! ((giggles))

maclen said...

So I see that the orb just played the first of the 2 rescheduled gigs for the Opry. Apparently he performed 3 songs and 1 encore... something he apparently COULDNT do last Nov when he announced he "needed" throat surgury for a polyp...caused by a "bleeding hemorrhage" while on tour. So, the two opry gigs in Nov and the "vanity show" in Jan were canceled due to orb "requiring" voice rest. BUT, orb COULD perform at the CMA awards and the CMA xmas special...both TELEVISED on national tv...AND orb could also record a song in Nov for a movie. I'm also getting a big kick over how all the articles are describing the Opry show on friday as orb's "first time on stage and performance since his throat surgery"...when it is a fact orb already performed twice in mid the Capnash party and at his own #1 party. But, of course...the hype READS better when they shill the Opry gig as the first. So, you will be LIED to if you buy what orb says...or simply take the hype by the industry shills who peddle his PR BS for him!

maclen said...

Just caught the couple of Super Bowl spots for the film, "Act of Valor." No big name actors...they looked EXACTLY like what they are...recruiting nameless and faceless propaganda. No doubt the film will be a perfect match for orb's rather cookie cutter song.

maclen said...

Well, remarkably...orb makes a very surprising appearance on a cd sales list! It's for country singles sales, posted over at the Pulse Music board. It's for the week ending Jan 29, 2012... here is orb's RARE appearance on this list of the top 74 selling country singles...

36 Keith Urban “You Gonna Fly” 11,914 / +17% / 72,841 released Oct 2011 in just over 3 months since its been released...orb's current single has sold ONLY 72,841 singles! That's 72 thousand. So let's look at a sample of OTHER singles released in the same 3 month period and how much they've sold...

03 Taylor Swift – “Ours” 44,699 / -10% / 679,601 (Gold)- released Nov 2011

04 Jake Owen – “Alone With You” 37,932 / -3% / 309,347- released Oct 2011

11 Tim McGraw – “Better Than I Used To Be” 24,509 / +95% / 126,152- released Dec 2011

15 Taylor Swift (featuring The Civil Wars) – “Safe & Sound” 20,895 / -28% / 468,569- released Dec 2011

34 Dierks Bentley – “Home” 12,311 / -9% / 160,557- released Oct 2011

...and so on. Now, if you look at the ENTIRE list of the top 74 country singles sales...orb makes NO other appearance...NOT one of his other singles is in this list...BUT, you will notice that swift has two OTHER singles on this list for a total of 4...owen has one other song on this list...mcgraw has another song on the has another one...lady ant has a total of 4 on the list...lambert has three...the flatts two...underwood two...and etc.
So, THIS is why I laugh at orb's two "#1 Billboard radio spin" based singles! Which is why orb's next song, which will be released on itunes later this month for a film's end credits...will also no doubt be another sales a film that will no doubt be a box office dud. NOw again, swifty's movie song...also released only about a month and a half the list shows has now sold 469,000 singles...and the film her song plays during the end anticipated...almost being proclaimed the next rabid follower's francise...the next "Twilight." So, orb's preemptive failure is already in the writing...or to quote the film, The Ten Commandments..."So let it be written, So let it be done!"

Hatti said...

maclen.. I heard that Act of Valor is casting real soldiers. So I don't believe there are many actors in this movie.

maclen said...

Well Hatti, take a look at the cast listing from IMDB...

Credited cast:

Alexander Asefa ...
Drea Castro
Jason Cottle
Aurelius DiBarsanti ...
Timothy Gibbs ...
J.C. Palmer
Carla Jimenez ...
Marc Margulies ...
Dimiter Marinov ...
Ailsa Marshall ...
Jackie Engel
Gonzalo Menendez ...
Emilio Rivera
Roselyn Sanchez
Nestor Serrano
Sonny Sison ...
Agbayani Magat
Alex Veadov

...ANY movie "stars" names jumping out at you? Clearly this film's fate at the box office will be settled partly by the "mood" of the movie going public in regard to a so called "realistic" view of the Navy seals. My take...after about 10 years...and counting...of wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan...with probably another charge into Iran by way of Isreal... I doubt if they'll be in the mood for this type of "escapist" entertainment! Sure, the fraction of gung ho Halo or Gears of War video gamers will lap it up for the sheer militaristic porn...but most will not be into it.

maclen said...

Ha! Well this pretty much says it all...


" But judging from the trailer for the show, at least one element from the Voice Down Under seems a direct rip-off of our deal—the formula for the four coaches. "Let’s see if this sounds familiar: One of them is an established country star, one of them is a bald R&B singer who’s crossed over to a number of other genres, one of them is a female pop star who’s been in the industry since she was a teenager, and one of them is a lead singer of a rock band who spent a lot of time on Top 40 radio. If you’re currently picturing Blake, Cee Lo, Xtina and Adam, you’d be exactly right—except you’d be one level too high in terms of fame and relevance. Instead, swap those names out for Keith Urban, Seal, Delta Goodrem, and Joel Maddon of Good Charlotte. Now you’re on the trolley..."is it kind of hilarious how slightly worse all four coaches are than their American analogues. When they have their big All Four Coaches Sing intro (a la “Crazy” from last year), what song from one of the four coaches are they gonna go with? “Kiss From a Rose”? “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”? “Tonight I Wanna Cry”? Some Delta Goodrem song that we’ve never heard of? We wait with baited breath for our readers from the Commonwealth to clue us in."

...yes...with these 4 OZ coaches.... YOU WOULD be going "one tier" lower in the level "of fame and relevance!" My thoughts EXACTLY! And once again, WHO in the states is going to take notice? And again, for orb it is NOT about the relevancy in the's about finding and developing a viable career in OZ...since he sees his option here are clearly dismal!


maclen said...

Over at Roughstock, they are now posting singles sales, and orb makes the list, surprisingly...but lets take a look at their sales numbers. The same performers I posted earlier...

3 Taylor Swift Ours 44,000 729,000

4 Jake Owen Alone With you 37,000 347,000

12 Tim McGraw Better Than I Used To Be 24,000 150,000

22 Taylor Swift/Civil Wars Safe & Sound 17,000 485,000

16 Dierks Bentley Home 20,000 187,000

26 orb You Gonna Fly 15,000 115,000

..these are the singles that were released at about the same time as orb's singles. The other country performers have these sales...

7 The Band PerryAll Your Life 29,000 2,173,000

8 Lady Antebellum Just A Kiss28,000 2,201,000

9 Miranda Lambert Over You 28,000 120,000

10 Eric Church Drink In My Hand 27,000 594,000

11 The Band Perry If I Die Young 25,000 3,853,000

12 Tim McGraw Better Than I Used To Be 24,000 150,000

13 Blake Shelton God Gave Me You 23,000 1,325,000

14 Jason Aldean Dirt Road Anthem 22,000 2,760,000

15 Scotty McCreery The Trouble With Girls 21,000 506,000

...and if you look at the ENTIRE list...orb TRAILS everyone on this list with only 115,000! The closest to orb in sales is miranda lambert with 120,000...BUT...her single was ONLY released 1 month ago. It WOULD be interesting to know what orb's other singles off his current album are selling...but since they immediately fall off the list it's not known. So it is NOT a big surprise why orb wants to do a tv show over in Oz.

maclen said...

Yes..this is EXACTLY what I'd expect from the wishy washy, non thought provoking, non committal and apparently jingoistic orb...

""It was just a lot of talking about philosophies. How do we feel philosophically about the film and the broader conversation about war. . . . That can get very polarizing. It’s a very passionate subject," Keith told on the red carpet of a Nashville screening of the movie Tuesday night (Feb. 7). Keith, though, wants to get past that conversation and into one about sacrifice." "The impetus for the song is really about little ol' me the movie watcher. What am I willing to give my all for? Even metaphorically, am I willing to give my all to something? What do I believe in?" he said.

Well,'s pretty rich of orb to be speaking about "sacrifice" in regard to a film about a branch of the military...considering he obviously DID NOT "believe" enough to make that sacrifice himself! So naturally the uninspired and non creative orb tries to make it simply a "generalization"...a "place your own meaning here"...I JUST want to honor THEIR sacrifice and NOT take my own stand or offer my opinion.
This IS simply a "recruitment film" for the Navy...there's not much thought expected...and orb fits in PERFECT on that "score"...(pun intended)...IT IS just military jingoism...and orb is the perfect practitioner of "country music jingoism!" And again, orb is a PERFECT match to the be "public" face for the music of this film. Orb is just a vapid and superficial as this film of "non actor" true navy seals cast...with a gang of "B actors" thrown in to pad it out...since orb is NOW married to a "B actor!"

maclen said...

So in this edition of "Insomniac Theater 3000"...

...just a little dash of humorous's 2 why not?!

So I noticed this little proclamation over at the orb POSITIVE THREAD over at E!. You know, those "self proclaimed truthsayers"...the defenders of the faith. So "chickpea" states in a posting...

"You know it's coming...that the gossip machines will be pitting Tom against Nicole because he's presenting at the Oscars and she isn't.
After Brian Grazer took over from Bret Ratner he put everyone on notice that he was not allowing anyone who presented at the Golden Globes to also present at his Oscars. I can't wait to see how the press will spin it. I am assuming he is still sticking to that but what for? Who wouldn't watch the Oscars because some stars presented at both ceremonies. Ego getting in the way possibly. If the Urbans are still in town they may be attending an Oscar event on the night, probably the HBO bash."

...well a simple and quick check of google reveals this...

2012 Golden Globes presenters list:

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt,Bradley Cooper,Jessica Alba, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Channing Tatum,Seth Rogen, Queen Latifah, Dustin Hoffman,
Paula Patton Julianne Moore,Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Downey Jr., Jimmy Fallon,Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Adam Levine,Rob Lowe,
 Katharine McPhee, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mark Wahlberg, Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Freida Pinto, Clive Owen, Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek.

2012 Oscar presenters list (so far):

Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Tom Hanks Angelina Jolie Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy
Halle Berry Rose Byrne Ellie Kemper, Jennifer Lopez, Wendi McLendon-Covery Maya Rudolph,
Kristen Wiig. highlighted, on the short and no doubt incomplete Oscars presenters list...angelina jolie and melissa mccarthy will present at this year's Oscars...AFTER...having presented at the 2012 Golden Globes awards. And no doubt MORE celebs will present at the Oscars who presented at the GGs. So I guess Grazer IS allowing GG presenters to present at this year's Oscars. And I guess, just as orb WAS NOT going to have "returning" country performers to each of his "vanity show" for the Hall each year... it seems lady ant, who performed in 2009...and alison krauss and miranda lambert who performed in 2010..WILL be performing in the 2012 orb "vanity show."
So, is this "chickpea" a mutt and jeff "insider"...someone "in the know"...who provides all us "gossipers" with the facts and truth?! HA!

Hatti said...

Oh yes maclen..Definitely in the know!! ((giggles))) If TC is presenting you can bet your bippy that Moosie girl will pass on this one.

The embarrassment alone about the lawsuit. ((giggles)) Pretty bad when the company needed to hire someone to buy a nomination for the Moose (((ONE nomination!!)) boy is that sick. She can't even get one nomination for her acting abilities!!! That tells all!!!

Everyone in HW knows what happened TC has never gotten an Oscar but I'm sure he has never had to have a nom bought for him even in his worse day !!!

I don't think PT has their finger on the pulse if you ask me. If they did really know the truth there wouldn't be a PT!! ((giggles))

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Oh yes maclen..Definitely in the know!! ((giggles))) If TC is presenting you can bet your bippy that Moosie girl will pass on this one."

Surely, it's one thing to admit when were speculating or dealing in conjecture, as I readily do all the is just IMPOSSIBLE to make a claim of ALWAYS stating the facts or the truth! They simply look that much more foolish!

Hatti said...

Yes maclen...That is sooo true!! I have to say when I get on my high horse I too my become a bit verbose!! ((giggles))

All my basic material is truth but as in all of it...some comes from my own wishful thinking!! ;)

maclen said...

Ha! So last night was the grammys...the awards were passed out..the performances...the death of whitney houston overshadowing alot of the presentation. And clearly orb's COUNTER ploy for not getting a Grammy nom and more important a chance to perform... a gig at a rodeo and a charity a night and the night BEFORE the Grammys was a COMPLETE failure. While all the Grammy buzz is getting endless play on the ticker tape...orb's two gigs so far this morning have each gotten ONLY one story on that ticker tape! So, it is howlingly humourous to see that evidently orb has another trick up his sleeve to get a little press play out of this past weekend's festivities...AND...this is it...

It’s Keith Urban’s Tattoo!

"Keith Urban has a number of tattoos, four of which are visible if you look closely at this picture. There’s the thunderbird on his left forearm, two on his right arm (one reads “Love Conquers All”), and a phoenix emerging from behind his black shirt. There is also one of an eagle on his right shoulder that Urban says he gifted himself when he turned 24-years-old. The others are for Nicole Kidman’s eyes only." article at relays the FASCINATING story that orb has a few tattoos! Crikey...not only is orb desperate...but also VERY pathetic!

maclen said...

So, I just read a comment over at the E! Negative thread describing the closing number on the Grammys by Macca/Springsteen/Walsh and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighers last night as "smacking of Geezer rock." Well, let me make a correction on's not called "geezer rock" it's "Classic Rock." And it's not "geezer rock circa 1973"'s, again, "Classic Rock circa 1969." The "Golden Slumbers melody" appears on the Beatles album "Abbey Road' which came out in '69. And the original album version rocks as energetic as the live version last night. That "geezer rock" statement ranks along side these "gems" of twitter comments...posted by these obvious "music scholars"...

Who is Paul McCartney?! Guess how many Twitter users don't know

...and the comments in response to these tweeters is MORE hilarious than the next!
You know what makes me laugh hysterically? When fansie's describe orb as "country rock!"

maclen said...

So I notice orb has dragged his plastic personality to Oz already to begin filming the aussie version of The Voice. Clearly orb is there to scope out new material for his next album and to raise his status in Oz. And once again, I must point does a show in Oz help orb in the states? Who, besides orb's constantly dwindling fans, are going to search out ANY video clips or online feeds of this show here in the states? It helps orb NOT one iota or comes close to the buzz shelton is getting on the US show. And again on the upcoming ACMs...shelton will be here in the states vying for an award...while orb will be in Oz hoping "collaborations" with upcoming singers will help him pad out his next album! Or he hopes he can hook up with a few fresh co-writers. Either way, I still expect orb's next cd to be the same old same old.
I also read that at the charity gig this past weekend, the day before the grammys...orb walked out into his "satellite stages" and on his way back to the stage through the crowd...he signed his guitar and gave it away to a I say..the same old same old!

Hatti said...

Well maclen...I would say that although I personally enjoy the oldies but goodies P Mc was not on his mark. He is getting older and I would say the more lively tunes would be better for him now.

I am getting a little weary with GC now. I know people say awe poor guy hes got Alzheimers. I believe if he's drug induced. There are alot of people out here that were never druggies that have that terrible disease. It is a shame but to me enough already!!!

I'm a bit tired of the award shows but it was refreshing not to be subjected to Moosie girl's face!!

maclen said...

So again, how relevant is it that orb would jet off for
Oz the day AFTER the Grammys? No doubt the tactic to play the charity gig the day BEFORE the Grammys was to ensure he would ALSO get press coverage over the Grammy weekend. Fat lot of good it did for previously mentioned...he got only ONE story on the innertubes! And therefore, leaving the day AFTER the Grammys is to give the IMPRESSION that orb had something...anything to do with the Grammy festivities! Orb's transparency and evident tactics show you just WHY orb is...and will continue to struggle!

Tara said...

I just adore how the dog and pony show has hit OZ. The waving from a limo on the way to their million dollar penthouse.
Here is how this translates to Keith doing well in the US. By doing an international version of the Voice
Keith is garnering some homeland face time. I am sure every damn episode will be on youtube and Keith will be admired by the bunny faction but what this does is makes him appear to not only be busy with this show but popular when we don't know if it really is. Thus Keith Urban can come back here and say he is an international star.

maclen said...

Clearly Hatti, Macca's voice is beginning to show it's wear and tear. Being on the scene for the past 50 years will do that. But to say that the closing song at the Grammys...along side springsteen, walsh and grohl is "geezer rock" simply shows laughable ignorance...just as those "Who is Paul McCartney?" tweeters are revealing. And my reaction is the same as the responding tweets and online reactions...and that is just unimaginable derision.

maclen said...

So, while orb has zipped off to Oz to play "mentor" to a bunch of amateur singers he hopes will give him "inspiration"...the music biz goes on...

Grammy Gains: 20 Albums Shoot Up Billboard 200

"Kelly Clarkson, who performed with Jason Aldean during the festivities, is up a slot to No. 12 with "Stronger" (31,000; up 51%). Meanwhile, her duet partner Aldean rallies 25-16 with "My Kinda Party" (26,000; up 60%)."...The Band Perry, who performed as part of the show's Glen Campbell tribute and was nominated for best new artist, skips 37-24 with its self titled set (20,000; up 60%)."..."Performer and nominee Taylor Swift -- a friend to the Civil Wars -- tip-toes 49-42 with "Speak Now" (13,000; up 41%)"...Blake Shelton, who payed tribute to Glen Campbell with a rendition of "Southern Nights," ascends 72-48 with "Red River Blue" (12,000; up 72%)."

...considering orb's cd has already flatlined...I did point out last year after the Grammys...where orb WAS nominated AND did recieve a grammy...

Posted on February 23, 2011

"So, it seems the orb DID get a grammy bump. Let's see, his last reported sales were at lets look at the numbers"...

75 Keith Urban 8,087

"..orb got a "bump" of sales of 3,000 cds! So another main point I want to highlight a little more is... "staying power"

...orb is having LESS ansd LESS opportunities to gain any momentun here in the states. A bump of 3000 cd sold in a Grammy nom'd and win last year...his bump this year is most assuredly non existent! No nom for the upcoming what bump could he get for a simple performance for an album that is already petered out on the charts? And if as I clearly suspect...if orb CANT get another album out THIS upcoming year...that is probably another year of ABSOLUTELY no awards recognition...and pinning his hopes on one movie song is one LONG shot... AND would also clearly show just how orb's opportunities are drying up! It would bury orb's rep here in the states up to his neck. Orb's awards recogniton...along with his cd and singles sales...his tour grosses and attendance...will ALL be declining. And that is NOT what keeps the fansies enthusiasm up and interested. Now, the LAST bastion for orb...the ONLY positive point the fansies have for orb's career... the only thing they have to celebrate...his Billboard Country singles chart...decided by "radio airplay"...if the reported changes to their country chart DOES impact orb's singles "hits"...that will be in my opinion...the last nail in the coffin of orb's career!

maclen said...

Just noticed this...

Rascal Flatts "Change" Tracklist and Cover Art

"Country music supergroup Rascal Flatts excited their millions of fans last month when they announced that their highly anticipated eighth studio album entitled CHANGED will be released on April 3, 2012." the flatts will have a new album out in 2 months. What's relevant of course is that they released their previous album the SAME day as orb...on Nov 16, 2010. Like orb, flatts also toured in 2011...which also lasted about 4 months time. BUT...flatts are now all ready to release a new album...and orb IS NOT. The flatts, just as orb...did not measure up in grosses to their own past tour totals...flatts grossing $22mil to orb's $27mil. So, why are flatts set to release a new album while orb is not? Well, this weeks album top 200 sales are out...courtesy of Pulse Music Board...

Billboard Top 200
16 * ALDEAN*JASON MY KINDA PARTY 25722 60 16077 2359127
17 * LADY ANTEBELLUM OWN THE NIGHT 24917 46 17022 1310727
20 MCGRAW*TIM EMOTIONAL TRAFFIC 22275 -22 28632 118517
24 * BAND PERRY*THE BAND PERRY 19531 60 12236 1144742
42 * SWIFT*TAYLOR SPEAK NOW 12815 41 9090 3984133
48 * SHELTON*BLAKE RED RIVER BLUE 12055 72 6994 551453
51 * CHURCH*ERIC CHIEF 11544 14 10160 599275
56 * LAMBERT*MIRANDA FOUR THE RECORD 10949 23 8915 419831

Top Catalog Albums
15 LADY ANTEBELLUM NEED YOU NOW 5241 13 4628 3817052
33 SWIFT*TAYLOR FEARLESS 3933 10 3589 6498106
47 STRAIT*GEORGE BEST OF/20TH CENTURY 3380 -8 3660 1402171
57 RASCAL FLATTS GREATEST HITS V1 3233 8 2997 1178668
3 SWIFT*TAYLOR TAYLOR SWIFT 2727 7 2555 5163833
85 LAMBERT*MIRANDA REVOLUTION 2675 3 2587 1480563
91 MCGRAW*TIM GREATEST HITS 2611 25 2088 6179812
138 UNDERWOOD*CARRIE SOME HEARTS 2152 19 1806 7168142
139 ALDEAN*JASON WIDE OPEN 2147 14 1886 1511721
166 MCGRAW*TIM VOL. 2-GREATEST HITS 1971 7 1841 2420398

-to be continued...

maclen said...

...continued- can be seen in the Top 200 and Catalog (backlog) album sales list...many country acts current cds have either sold more cds...or will probably reach and pass orb's cd sales eventually. The Top 200 Catalog cd sales of past albums of many of the country acts...are STILL selling cds...while orb IS NOT! Orb's current and Catalog albums dont sell in the top 200. Orb's previous cd....Defying Sales was released 3 years ago next month, March... and it is no doubt ONLY at that "platinum" status...and I still bet it has NOT actually reached 1mil in sales. It certainly will not be seen in the top 200 Catalog cd sales list...while other country acts ARE still on the list. Orb's current cd IS NOT selling...and his backlog albums are also NOT selling! No doubt that was a participating reason Capnash choose NOT to renew his recording contract..and simply settled to "distribute" his current album. They probably didnt profit anymore with the lackluster sales of his backlog cds...and it clearly is NOT a worthwhile investment for them to have bankrolled orb's current cd. So there are clearly MANY reasons why orb may not have an album ready...or even willing to get an album ready to come out this year. But we shall see. Either way, I have a great topic...IF he does release one this year...I can always thoroughly analyze it's sure mediocre performance!

Tara said...

I just think its going to be a live recording. Those are easy he has hundreds of performances packed away
Live recordings are really just promos for touring. If the hollywood songwriting stuff doesn't pan out (ask Bon Jovi about this) then touring becomes essential unless he wants to live off his previous earnings and succumb to the eurotrash lifestyle of his wife.

maclen said...

Yeah, a 'live album" would be a much expected move when considering orb's current situation. It was one of my considerations back when orb mentioned always "wanting" to release a live album back when he was doing promo for his just released album in 2010. It's basically getting something of a paycheck...whatever it would sell..for recyled material. His 'greatest hits" cd released back in 2007 sold 500k. How much would a "GH" cd sell today considering his current album has ONLY sold 680-690k cds? The issue I have with orb releasing another cd THIS year is the fact of his declining sales. As many of his fans no doubt believe...he MAY be able to make a comeback with that "perfect" album. But the conundrum orb has can he "make that comeback" if he is constantly throwing stuff out there that falls short? It will only cement the notion of his decline. And as I pointed out in 2010, orb was rushed that year to release his album...and orb is clearly NOT prolific...and he released a subpar album...and in my opinion NOT just in a paltry amount of tracks...but in quality or of subject matter. Orb himself stated there was NO theme until the cd was recorded and he simply came up with the "theme" after the fact. And we all know how that turned out for him!
Orb has stated the decision to do the Oz tv show, clearly a part of the reason... was to glean new material for his next cd...and I beleive it. His stuff is very stale and repetitive.

maclen said...

So, does this reveal the "status" of orb's next album?

Keith Urban Guitar Player Helps Out On New David St. Germain Album

"The new David St.Germain album got a little help from Keith Urban’s guitar player Brian Nutter."

Orb's guitar player "moonlighting" on someone else's album may be due to the "less" than stellar sales of orb's own music...just as the "downsizing" of orb's live band a few years ago... which was CLEARLY reflected in the reduced grosses of his last live tour...may have forced orb's guitarist to look for a few outside gigs. Another point in my belief that orb may not release an album this year...despite the PR pieces specifically saying that orb is hard at work on an to recall that orb is NOT obligated to put out an album under a "recording contract" with Capnash. Now, orb MAY release another cd this year..and I hope he does...I wouldnt mind being proven right again about it's sales sooner rather than later...but I wouldnt be surprised, based on the performance last year of his album and tour. If he intends to "rush" again through another album, aimless and themeless...I'm confident I will be proven right.

Tara said...

maybe it wasn't a good idea to start taking the hidden child out and about. It's leading to a lot of questions about prop babies and different look alikes etc.

The Voice may just be another mistake on Keith's part when the big scandal that is already being hinted at on CDAN and now the Sydney Morning Herald comes to light. Keith Urban will be an afterthought in that mess.

Hatti said...

Well Tara she always creates a mystery at everyone's expense. If you are talking about the two sets of pics a few days apart let me clarify.

The first set were taken a few months back. She put them out b/c KU was not where she wanted him to be. So she just put them out arbitrarily. B/c we are stupid don't you know.

The second batch KU was there and the pics showed Maggie to be older..her skin clearer and her hair thicker.

So she really didn't do herself any favors. But that's the way she is. She has to have it her way no matter what!! Jerk !!!!

maclen said...

Yeah, so this is no doubt a sign of the "precision"...and the level of "competence" this like mickey mouse show will be handled...

First day of filming The Voice at Sydney's Fox Studios marred when audience members turned away

...but then what do you expect when all they could sign up for the show are a bunch of washed up D-list celebs...and one aussie pop singer!

Tara said...

So Kidman is heading back to the US for the Oscars- she isn't presenting
so why come back
what happened to that 3 day rule
oh yeah thats only for Keith cuz he has the leash on

Hatti said...

I think she wanted to get out of town while her buddy has to talk to the Feds!! ((giggles))

So she got her face in with real actors so nothing else of any importance there. So she brings her little props back to the US.

The only thing she has to push is the HBO thing. You know with the guy that is taller than she is?? Oh yes Clive. ;)

I wonder if this guy is married?? After all she's been pretty stagnant for the past six years!! ((giggles)))

Tara said...

I think her trip down under was more about judging the film thing than supporting her husband. Her appearance on the first episode of the Voice was just a PR thing so that it looked as if she were supportive when in fact she simply was there to be seen and now she can come back to California (where she now lives) and resume her private life. Promotion for a movie that is 3 months away?? That seem a tad bit suspect for me.

maclen said...

So, after a rash of propaganda and obviously planted "reviews" over at the film's IMDB profile...where MOST of the "reviews" are overwhelmingly positive...TRUE film reviews begin to barely trickle in over at with only 3 days till it opens in theaters...

Act of Valor (2012)
Average Rating: N/A
Critic Reviews: 3
Fresh: 0 | Rotten: 3

"There's something old-fashioned and a little refreshing about a movie that unabashedly represents its protagonists as heroes, but it gets in the way of seeing the SEALs in Act of Valor as real people." -James Berardinelli ReelViews
Top Critic

"The villains come across as individuals rather more compellingly than do the film's ostensible heroes, mostly mouthpieces for warrior credo recited in voiceover." - Nick Pinkerton Village Voice
Top Critic

"Despite the hype and claim to "realness," this is a disappointingly messy and disjointed action war picture." - Emanuel Levy EmanuelLevy.Com

...this is clearly simply an overblown "recruiting" film. And again, the propaganda is set to HIGH. I'm NOT a bit surprised orb would attach himself to this bag of empty platitudes... orb is truly full of them himself!
Again, whether this film is successful or a flop at the box office...I feel...will depend on how the movie goers are feeling these days with the state of our military presence across the world right now. Another factor will be whether or not the video gamers can make the first weekend a success or this thing looks to be aim precisely at that demographic. And HOW many of them are actually going to be "convinced" to join the military based on simply seeing this film is pretty sketchy.

Hatti said...

Yes Tara you are so right. She went there for many reasons none of which were to support her employee escort!! Now she will pick up her little props and go back to LA. Where she has lived and will always live.

Now she will pressure big time her expensive manager to get her the African movie. If she has to put 20 mil to it she she has always done...she will buy her part.

There is nothing of interest for her in Oz. She don't care about her family or her escort. She only cares about herself period!!!

Tara said...

I have heard of several people who say this film is nothing more that a recruitment film for the US military.

Oh Teddy C what could you mean
that Marky and cruella are hiding something and Marky is cleverest of them all?

Hatti said...

Well Tara Moosie girl doesn't care what the film is suppose to be. It is a big money film (fifty mil) a much larger budget than she has been involved with for years.

Since she would be in the leading role it is so important to her she will not take no for an answer.

Now I heard it is about a woman that goes out into the wilds of Africa and lives among the animals. I can't remember her name off hand. I can see Moosie being very excited about a role like this.

As far as Ted C...well I believe Marky to be very clever...yes. He may have been overwhelmed when all this started. But one thing about him he is a quick study. So by this time I believe he is more manipulating than Moosie.

Would you ever think she would be going to the Oscars alone? Now she hired her escort for that very reason never to go on any red carpet by herself. But of course Clive will be who knows!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

So, I noticed the video for orb's movie song, For You, was just released on orb's vevo channel.

Keith Urban - For You

...the video is orb and his band playing and lip syncing out in the dessert with scenes from the movie interchanging with orb and his band...pretty much JUST like his video for Long Hot Summer...where orb and his band are playing and lip syncing on a beach with scenes of a girl and guy hooking up. Yeah, just what I'd expect from the unimaginative hack like orb... and his "cookie cutter" videos! At least his shills DIDNT have to come up with a story...they just drop the military "recruiting" footage from the film.
And so, about the film...on the eve of it's release in theaters tommorrow...

Act of Valor (2012)
Average Rating: 4/10
Reviews Counted: 18
Fresh: 3 | Rotten: 15

...only at's rotten to the "corp"..HA! The quality of the film is obviously on par with orb's lackluster music...and that lackluster "cookie cutter" video of orb's. I said it before...they are both filled to the brim with "empty platitudes!"

maclen said...

So, as it seems orb has clearly learned how to pick out the worst box office stinker to attach his failing career to...back to his mediocre cd sales. In this week's cd sales lists...

...orb makes an uncommon appearance. On the latest Billboard Top 200 cd sales...orb of course DOESNT make the list...once again... while swift still has 3 albums on the Top 200...lady ant has 3...mcgraw has 2...and band perry, bently...shelton, aldean and paisley are still on the list. Now, an orb album DOES make it onto the Catalog (backlog) album sales list. But, it is NOT his previous album, Defying Sales...or his Whole Crazy album...BUT his "Greatest Hits" cd. And this past week, orb's "Greatest Hits" cd sold a mere 598 cds...for a total this year of only 76,152!
Orb doesnt sell cds...and that will HURT him alot in the future.

Tara said...

Well one of Keith's best protectors
Mike Dugan is leaving Cap Nash to head Universal Nash- wonder where that puts Keith?

maclen said...

Tara said...
"Well one of Keith's best protectors
Mike Dugan is leaving Cap Nash to head Universal Nash- wonder where that puts Keith?'

I read about that last night. I figure orb's distribution deal with Capnash is album to album. If true, it would be interesting to note, as I'm doubtful orb will have an album ready for this year...if this affects that in any way. As I always note...orb's album is tapped out already...he doesnt sell many backlog copies...what's the incentive for capnash to stay with orb and his subpar material? With Lady ant, capnash has an act that has 2 albums still selling in the Top 200 with a total of about 4 million cds in sales and 2 singles with about 2.5mil in sales. Sticking with orb is simply hanging onto dead weight!

Tara said...

Thank god Keith is down under and Kidman is over here. I bet she is so pissed that a movie that he is associated with opened at #1. Has she ever done that?

maclen said...

So the theme, again, for this week's cd sales over at Roughstock are the Grammy's "bumps"...

Weekly SoundScan Chart News For Week Of 2-22-2012: Lady Antebellum Back at Number One

"The Grammy Awards were the most-watched Grammy Awards program since 1984. Adele’s 21 sold 730,000 albums while Lady Antebellum rode the Grammy Wave back to #1 with Own The Night.
Thanks to The Grammy Awards, Lady Antebellum and many other country music fans are able to see major sales increases this week. Lady Antebellum’s platinum album Own The Night sold 37,000 more copies to take over the top slot from last week’s top debut, Dierks Bentley’s Home."..."Jason Aldean’s My Kinda Party remained steady on the charts with sales briskly heading towards 2.4 million copies"..."The Band Perry rode the Grammy Wave with 24k sold "..."Taylor Swift’s Speak Now sold 20,000 copies officially bring the album to 4x platinum status while Speak Now: World Tour Live sold 4,000 copies to give that CD/DVD/Bluray 276,000 copies sold." Grammy winners Lady ant, The Civil wars and swift were able to gain on account of the Grammys. That orb DID NOT even get nominated at all surely is not a good sign...but I would submit that in orb's case it WOULD NOT have make a huge difference anyways. As I've pointed out previously on MANY occasions, orb in fact DID win a Grammy LAST YEAR. But note, when orb released his abum in Nov of 2010, it immediately sold 500k in ONLY two months by the end of Jan 2011...because that IS basically his core fanbase right now. By the time the orb had won his Grammy in Feb of 2011...the orb has only sold between 160k to 190k cds. Again, that is maybe only 190k cds sold in AN ENTIRE YEAR! Orb clearly did not get a meaningful Grammy bump last year. But clealy, lady ant, the civil wars and swifty have...which simply shows that the country music buying public respond to the country acts that excite them and attract their country music listening ears. And as I always maintain, the orb IS NOT exciting or attracting the music listening and buying public! I also maintain, it does not matter what kind...or style or type of music orb puts it soggy odes to his "marital domestic bliss"...or his rehashed 80's versions as "country Jambalaya"...or an outsider's view of "patriotic platitudes"...orb will just NOT sell!

maclen said...

Now...back to the "head to head" of movies songs between orb and swifty.. how does that compare? Swift movie credits song...Safe and sound was released back in late Dec...and in two months time the single has already sold "Gold"...sales of 500k. Orb's movie credit song was released on itunes a few days ago. I will be interesed, of course if it's sales will be noted in any of the singles sales numbers next week?
Swift's movie song was posted on Youtube at the "Hunger Games" channel late last december... and in 2 months time it now has 4.8mil views. The video for swift's movie song was only posted a week ago on her Vevo channel on Youtube...and already it has 2.5 mil views. In comparison, orb's movie song was posted on his Vevo channel 3 days ago, only about 4 days later than swift's video...but orb's video ONLY has 55k views. By the time it reaches that same week period..I DOUBT it will come close to swift's 2.5 mil! As I mentioned, orb DOES NOT excite the level of music listeners as swift...or for that matter...most of the other elite country acts. He lags WAY behind. And again, despite what gimmicks or themes or tactics he tries...I doubt if it will work.

maclen said...

...past posted... while perusing a few forums...I noticed that carrie underwood just released her new single, "Good Girl" yesterday...the 24th.. on itunes. And the single apparently was "shooting" up the itunes chart. So I just jaunted over to the top 100 song downloads at iTunes. And sure enough, in only one day...underwoods single is already at #2. Perusing the rest of the iTunes chart...I see a few other country acts have songs on the list. Let's take a look at the rest..

#38 Safe and sound- Swift
#40 I Don't Want This Night to End-Luke Bryan
#43 Over You Miranda lamber
#47 Ours Taylor swift
#49 Somethin' 'Bout a Truck-Kip Moore
#50 Alone with you- Jake Owen
#51 Drink on it Blake shelton
#57 Dancin' Away With My Heart-Lady Antebellum
#65 Mean -Taylor swift
#67 If I die young- the band perry
#70 God gave me you- Blake shelton
#75 Fly over states-jason aldean
#76 Just a Kiss- lady antebellum
#77 All your life- the band perry
#79 Banjo- Rascal Flatts
#80 Dirt road anthem- jason aldean
#81 Springteen- Eric church
#82 The trouble with girls- Scotty McCreery
#84 You Chris young
#85 Country girl Luke Bryan
#88 Drink in my hand-Eric church
#92 Home Dierks Bentley

....AND...wait for it...

#94 For you- orb

...WHY am I NOT surprised? orb is the LAST country act on the top 100 itunes download list at #94. In only one day, underwood is 4 days orb can manage ONLY #94? I rest my case!

...well, not really. Heres an update. Film Act of Valor...28% ROTTEN at Rottentomatoes. 23 fresh reviews...58 rotten! There IS a consensus...

"It's undeniably reverent of the real-life heroes in its cast, but Act of Valor lets them down with a clich├ęd script, stilted acting, and a jingoistic attitude that ignores the complexities of war."

...also exactly describes the orb to a T!

Tara said...

congrats on your Razzie nom Nicole!

maclen said...

So, some initial cd sales numbers over at Hits Daily Double for the past week...

...shows that the Act of Valor soundtrack album sold ALL of 10,567 cds in it's first week! 10K? Perhaps IF they had spent a little of that $30+mil promo budget for the film on the album it would have sold a decent amount of cds. But clearly, IF they had put forth Lady ant as front and forward on the promo of this cd...INSTEAD of the commercial and sales dud that is would surely have sold alot better! But their stuck with orb's vapid single as the struggling single for the soundtrack....and their also stuck with a mediocre selling cd!

maclen said...

So, three days ago I posted the youtube video views for orb's and swifty's movie songs. Orb's video had 55k views and swifty's had 2.5mil views. Now an update look 3 days later...swifty's video is now up to 3.1mil...a gain of 600,000 new views. Orb's song is now up to 164k view...a gain of 109,000 views. In only 3 days swift gains 500,000 MORE video views than orb's video...ALMOST as many people who bought orb's last album! And now hopefully orb's single can muster ENOUGH sales to be included in the top 200 cd sales...and I can once again note JUST how anemic his sales continue to be! Which IS why swift has now sold 4 mil cds to orb's 600 or 700k!

maclen said...

This just off the presses... continuing on the topic of swifty...

Who Will Taylor Swift Duet With At Her Australian Concerts?

"Taylor Swift is known for her bringing amazing artists on stage at her concerts. During her 2011 Speak Now tour she performed with artists like Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Usher, T.I. and heaps more massive names.,,"..."Taylor's Australian tour kicks off in Perth this Friday, and of course we can't wait to see if she brings anyone famous up for a duet."

...last year among swifty's announced aussie tour in March of 2012...and orb's announced gig on the oz Voice show...due to having NO info on just when exactly orb would be in Oz shooting the show...I speculated that perhaps orb was perhaps trying to "finagle" a special appearance at one of swifty's aussie gigs. Well, it would seem it is NOT to be. Swift's oz tour begins friday March 2nd...and it appears due to another mutt and jeff stale airport photo op...orb is headed back to the US. So unfortunately for the appearance on swift's "reknown" special guest performance appearances. Well, perhaps swift will steal some of orb's Oz Voice thunder by maybe having fellow Oz Voice judge Delta obviously MORE popular aussie performer than is the orb in a "special guest?" Look at this...swift plays at the Acer Arena in Sydney on March 9th...AND...what aussie perfromer is from Sydney? That's right, Goodrem is from Sydney. That would be simply hilarious if that were to occur! HA!

maclen said...

The digital song sales are out over at Billboard's Hot 200 Digital tracks, courtesy of forums... how is orb's new movie single doing?

1 167 URBAN*KEITH FOR YOU 12453 0 12453 it's first week, orb's movie single has sold a whopping 12k singles! It's at #167 on the top 200 list. And once again, in comparison to underwood's newly released single...

1 11 UNDERWOOD*CARRIE GOOD GIRL 107642 0 107642

...107k sold in 5 days...and orb can ONLY sell 12k in 8 days? Orb's single over at itunes is also NOT doing so well. 5 days ago I noted that the song was at #95...the next day it actually rose to #85...then it reached #80...then up to #69 yesterday. And how about today? It falls back down to #80!
And that reminds me, HOW is orb's new #1 song know, his 3rd #1 song in a MUST be a MONSTER selling single by now right?

5 166 193 148 URBAN*KEITH YOU GONNA FLY 13735 -2 13950 128470

...well no...released 4 months ago, orb's song has only sold a paltry 128k singles! And the rest?




(look...even orb's opening act is outselling orb)







...and there are more...performers with higher sales and MULTIPLE songs still on this list. And just a an added FYI...orb is NOT on the "Catalog" singles sales list. So...ANYONE...remind me WHY Capnash is still dealing with the orb...when he doesnt sell many albums and clearly CANT sell his singles!

maclen said..., just a quick update...yesterday orb's film soundtrack single...having fallen back down to #80 from it's high point of #69...and only ONE WEEK after it's release...has now FALLEN OFF the top 100 itunes downloads!

maclen said...

So late last december, swift revealed that she had specifically written and recorded a song with the Civil Wars that was to play during the end credits of the upcoming film, The Hunger Games. About a month later, orb revealed that he also had specifically co written and recorded a song for the end credits of the just released film, Act of Valor. Orb's film, basically just being a "recruiting film" on steroids...with a purported filming budget of only $ no doubt ALOT of "gratis" help on the film from the US Navy to shill out the one sided propraganda...and a massive PR budget of over $30 mil...grossed an average $24.5mil it's first weekend. Now, of course, the film swift co-wrote her song for, The Hunger Games will be released later this month...and is being expected to be a massive blockbuster...we shall see about that later this month. But...actually before that...swift does orb ONE better...swift has another film she is involved in that is coming out tommorrow. She adds her voice to the animated film, The Lorax. Early box office predictions are that The Lorax is expected to gross about $40mil in its first weekend...again, we shall see. But again, no doubt it WILL be more successful than orb's participated film. So clearly, just as in country music...and in cross over appeal...where the orb is vastly middling....swift will once again wipe the floor with orb's pathetic attempts to mirror her success in all things show biz!

maclen said...

So, an update on swift's live gigs in OZ...on her first gig last night in Perth au..sold out 16,000 in attendance. Recall orb's Oz tour in April of 2011. I was able to find the Billboard boxscores for orb's gigs in Oz last year...

3 Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Brisbane, Australia
April 15-16, 2011
14,334 / 15,099
2 / 0

40 Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum Sydney Entertainment Centre
Sydney, Australia
April 14, 2011
8,886 / 10,128
1 / 0

76 Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre
Tamworth, Australia
April 12, 2011
4,911 / 5,115
1 / 0

110 Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Adelaide, Australia
April 8, 2011
3,775 / 5,527
1 / 0

3 Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Brisbane, Australia
April 15-16, 2011
14,334 / 15,099
2 / 0

8 Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum Rod Laver Arena
Melbourne, Australia
April 9, 2011
9,392 / 10,796
1 / 0

...8 shows...NO sellouts. Only 3k in Adelaide...4k in Tamworth. Pretty shabby. And another update on swift's film..The Lorax...

"Another Dr. Seuss classic gets the CGI treatment when Zac Efron and Taylor Swift team up in the family-friendly The Lorax. Box Office Mojo predicts strong opening weekend gross revenues of $53.4 million."

...and again...Act of Valor first weekend...$24.5mil. Could it gross TWICE as much? We shall see!

maclen said...

So in the continuing head to head between orb and swift...because as you are all aware...the orb HIMSELF keeps arming me with this ammo to make these comparisons...time after time after time...initial numbers for Swift's The Lorax...

"On Theodor Geisel's 108th birthday, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax took first place at the box office with an estimated $17.4 million."... The Lorax's opening was noticeably higher than Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! ($13.3 million), though it was less than Despicable Me's $21.3 million. Still, based on the track-record of previous March animated movies The Lorax should top Despicable Me's $56.4 million weekend opening."

"Last weekend's winner Act of Valor plummeted 58 percent to an estimated $3.8 million. The action flick, starring active-duty Navy SEALs, has made $35.3 million through its first eight days.", in only 3 days, swift's film will outgross orb's film which will have been out 10 days. So about $56mil to maybe $60mil in 3 days to orb's $35mil to maybe 40 mil in 10 days. That pretty much MIRRORS the results of swift's and orb's music sales, doesnt it?

Swift's Safe and sound sold 136,000 downloads in it's first 2 days ...

orb's For You sold 12,453 downloads in it's first ENTIRE week!

This past week, as orb's movie song sold a paltry 12,000 in its first week out...swift's 2 month old movie song sold 48,000 downloads.

In the past 2 and a half months...swift's movie song has now sold a total of 853,000 downloads. And in one of my favorite statistical orb's movie song sales rate...orb should sell 853,000 downloads in 71 weeks...or 497 days... or a year and half! And just for comparison...orb's current single...You Gonna Fly, in the past 6 months has sold a measly 160k...(# per roughstock.)
And then ALL this doesnt even take into consideration...YET...of the release in only a few weeks of The Hunger Games...and the no doubt "bumps" that will give swift's movie song. And also, if that was NOT enough...swift DOESNT only have ONE song on the film soundtrack...but TWO songs. No doubt when the film is set to be released, the promo for that song will ramp up. So, no matter what orb does to try and keep up, PR wise, with swifty,..he will constantly fall WAY short!

maclen said...

So, what was this ridiculous nonsense?

Keith Urban Surprises His Record Label With Marching Band Performance

"Keith Urban’s latest single, “You Gonna Fly,” is his 14th No. 1 and while he was Down Under taping episodes of the Australian version of The Voice where he’s serving as a coach, he made sure to come up with a creative way to thank the staff at his record label, Capitol Nashville, for their support of the song. He arranged for their perfectly normal workday to be interrupted by a marching band!"

...creative way? A marching band? Was a singing telegram...or a barbershop quartet NOT available!? This is one surely LAME gesture for the desperate orb to engage in. But clearly orb is worried...what with the possible change to the leadership and the possible "shuffling" over at Capnash with the merger with Universal nash...the orb is no doubt afraid he MAY be out an album distributor! His weak cd sales backed up by just as weak singles sales would have anyone thinking they'd be on the chopping block at ANY business! Again, orb IS the dead weight over there.

maclen said...

So, in the latest development...

Brandon Green, 'Love Lovin' You' (Featuring Keith Urban) - Exclusive Song Premiere

"If Keith Urban quits his day job, he could have a second career in talent scouting. The country superstar handpicked Mississippi native Brandon Green as the winner of Guitar Center's Your Next Record contest, and judging by Brandon's first single, he has a Keith Urban-like career ahead of him. orb is a talent scout? Well that remains to be seen, doesnt it. As to this Green possibly having an "orb-like" career ahead of him...THAT IS perhaps fortunate...considering that orb IS NO longer having a successful one himself lately! As to the newbie's new EP coming out on itunes'll be interesting to note how it sells...considering orb's "contribution" to it...I'll SURLY have my eyes on it!
I also noticed from a few comments over at the E! threads that orb is recording with John Fogerty apparently on a track on Fogerty's upcoming album which will feature "guest performers". Seems like a natural progression for the declining orb..."guest appearing" on others album...considering how his own albums are not selling too well. That "guest appearance" at a swifty sold out gig is always something for orb to look forward to someday!

Hatti said...

Well maclen...I did say that KU was probably going this route since he has his own label. And I do believe Voice may give some new talent an opportunity.

I do think all of this will add up to a career mostly in the background of other performers. I think he would be very happy with that.

Of course we see that Moosie girl is definitely trying on an old pair of shoes.. meaning trainers and sweaty parts!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

Well Hatti, seeing as I believe orb HAD to start his own label when capnash clearly was not going to give him a deal to stay...being that orb is as of yet the only "artist" on his label it will thrive or fail on HIS merit. And seeing as the purpose of his doing the OZ Voice is to raise his profile in Oz...AND to perhaps "scout" out new talent will only help him in Oz...and NOT in the US. That I do believe IS the intent.

So, it seems orb is very early in his "criticism" averting PR mode...


"Beginning on Friday, March 9, 2012 all membership purchases and renewals through April 9, 2012 will benefit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The Country Music Hall of Fame is an organization Keith feels very strongly about and supports in any way he can."'ll recall that the FIRST "BENEFIT FOR ORB" in 2009... the new "memberships" fees the site gained due to the monkeysite offering "deals" to members for benefit tickets WERE NOT given to the Hall. I WAS very vocal over here about orb CLEARLY shilling for new paying members to his monkeysite AND hawking his fawnsite merchandise OFF THE BACK of the benefit concert. Not to mention the usual TicketMaster scalping scheme to gouge even the monkeymembers out of paying HUNDREDS of dollars for tickets when they were UNABLE to get their promised tickets at the monkeysite. Well, NOT very surprising to me...the NEXT year...for the 2010 BENEFIT FOR was announced at the monkeysite...that proceeds made from NEW PAID MEMBERSHIPs to the site during the BENEFIT FOR ORB would all be donated to the Hall! Clearly, monkeyland SAW the shoddiness of that practice of taking personal gain off of the so called "BENEFIT FOR THE HALL"...when it was clearly I constantly point out.. for the BENEFIT OF ORB! You will also recall that the second benefit...orb DID NOT video feed the concert at his monkeysite as he had done the previous year! So clearly, I believe ALL the negative points I point out about this "BENEFIT FOR ORB IS having a negative effect on the show. The ticket scalping...the price gouging... the second year DID NOT raise as much money as the WAS NOT a sellout like the first show. NOw this year...orb IS NOT getting sole massive and hugely larger billing on the show posters. Vince Gill gets equal billing as the orb. Surly it is all an attempt to try and regain a little popularity and goodwill that was no doubt lost by orb's prima donna behavior at the first...and I would say...will be the MOST successful of these shows...and that is the first one! But again, we shall see. What will be the result of this upcoming...3rd "BENEFIT FOR ORB" be...better or worse than the last?

Tara said...

I can't see him not being in front of people. He loves to perform while he may never do a big tour again I just can't see him not going out and doing a few shows.

Keith knows he can control the bunny world they will give if he asks
apparently he needs to ask for this.
He takes advantage of his audience when the time comes no, maybe better than saying he takes advantage is that he manipulates his audience. But he has never cared for his fans except those that pay for seats and go see him and buy his records

maclen said...

So, in this weeks singles sales report...

1 1 Carrie Underwood Good Girl 119,000 108,000 227,000

28 29 Keith Urban You Gonna Fly 15,000 15,000 175,000

34 30 Keith Urban For You 15,000 12,000
27,000 this week orb's new song sold 15k...a rise of 3k from last week...BUT underwood sold 119k..a rise of 11k from last week. His current single, You Gonna Fly has now sold 175k. Released back on Oct 2011, about 4-1/2 months ago...or 18 weeks. That means that You Gonna Fly has sold an average of only 9,722 singles a week. THAT is why orb is due for a HUGE crash pretty soon. The album orb is "reportedly" working on...when it is eventually released...whether it comes out this year or next...will no doubt SELL LESS than his last album...which is his LOWEST selling cd in the past 11 years...offically his first platinum selling cd was back in 1999...or his previous album, Defying Sales...which offically was certified by the RIAA as platnum as albums sold AND shipped...but clearly did not sell a mill.
With orb's paltry sales...there will come a point when it will not be worth it for capnash to continue to even distribute his album. Just as they surely decided not to re-up his recording contract. That was why orb sent that "marching band" to Capnash keep himself in the "minds" of the label!
So IF orb does release another album later THIS YEAR...AND waits another 6 months later to start his concert tour...then I would say that both his album and his tour will once again sell and gross less than he did last year. It is SUPPOSED to be a 1-2 combination...and either a "popular" album can help even a lackluster concert tour...or a "popular" tour can help the "lackluster" album. If they are a FULL year orb's were...they do NOTHING for each other. But clearly, orb HAS NO choice...he just does not have the resources...or the cash flow... or the full back up of a label....that a swift may have with her MASSIVE success... to plan out his release or tour start dates any longer. Everything he does is just middling.

maclen said...

So with a MASSIVE dearth of any new news on the orb provided on a google'll find only a handful of anything new for the past 4 to 5 days...a search does reveal a richard marx story. Seems marx is headed to vacaville. But it got me to thinking, or rethinking actually... that marx IS the future orb has to look forward to! Back in Nov, marx released a 5 track xmas ep...

"November 1, 2011 saw the release of The Christmas EP, a five song collection of Christmas tunes. "Christmas Spirit" was written by Marx and Fee Waybill and was the first song released for radio play. Marx intends to record an additional seven songs to this collection to have a full scale release for Christmas 2012. after this 5 track xmas ep...marx's next to record 7 more xmas tracks to ADD to THIS xmas ep he released last he can then have a "full scale" release this upcoming Xmas 2012? Way to shoot for the stratosphere there marx! Again, in a few years, you can simply substitute orb's name for marx's in this pathetic scenario!
Well, this then got me to thinking of orb's other BFF...the napalm...he seems to be on the comeback trail lately...also from recent "throat surgery"...but MORE from self inflicted "hoof in mouth disease"...only the "jackass" variety. A google search turned this nugget up...

John Mayer, Cowboy?: 6 WTF Moments Of Musical Reinvention

"Oh, you hadn't heard?
At some point between his extended hiatus from singing and the recording of his newly announced album, Shadow Days, ol' big-mouth Mayer seems to have stumbled on some old Willie Nelson CDs and raided the nearest Cavender's in a transformation Rocks Off can only assume as being "cowboy chic."

...and again, orb is in excellent company here. Whether it is underwhelming insignificant hobby time...or pathetic attempts at "reinventing" oneself...I see orb trying this one out himself!

maclen said... scribed...

...blimey...cant these hacks simply stay away from other's music?

Track Review:

"Shadow Days" (3:53)
Producers: Don Was and John Mayer
Writers: John Mayer

"But even more striking (by Mayer's design, we're sure) is the tune itself, a gentle and shimmering confluence of mellow Southern rock (think the Allman Brothers Band's "Melissa") with a guitar hook and solo that nods to "All Things Must Pass"-era George Harrison."

...orb, marx and napalm..clearly NOTHING without past templates to rip off of!

Hatti said...

Tara I know how you feel. Seeing him in front of his audience he certainly seems to be having a good time.

He has been working since he was six. You know that is a life time.

I believe his hook up with Moosie has changed his view of people. I think he could be ready for the background and let someone else be in the fore front.

You know he took his own career down for a reason. I believe it was to shake Moosie loose. If I'm right he will not give her the opportunity to reap from his promotions or red carpets any longer.

We see her regressing back to the trainer...sweaty boob..see through dress..Paris all by herself.

And of course lets not forget she has much younger men dropping condoms at her feet! ((giggles)) Think about the reputation she really has in HW !!! ;)

maclen said...

So, just perusing the music threads over at Pulse music Board...when I saw this comment...that for sure gave me the BIGGEST laugh this year in regard to the orb. In the "ACM Awards - April 1st, 2012" thread in the Country section...

...a "justme60" commented...

"I am still upset that there a no nominations for Keith Urban! His tour had great reviews and it was an awesome tour! Politics and popularity have taken over."

...HA! You said a mouthful, sis!

Tara said...

The only reason Kidman went to Paris was not for Fashion week but tothe get the contract to whore out Tods bags- just like Gwynie and the others Kidman wants to sell purses.

Did you also notice that the same assistant who traveled with Keith to Nashville traveled with her this time - I wonder if they have had to downsize on their staff?

hoosierlady said...

with a guitar hook and solo that nods to "All Things Must Pass"-era George Harrison."


Not George. OK? Just not George.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"with a guitar hook and solo that nods to "All Things Must Pass"-era George Harrison."


Not George. OK? Just not George."

Well hoosier, in their desperation the floundering are reduced to this sort of defamation and derivative tactics! That was the opinion of the reviewer...I did not listen enough to the napalm's song to get that vibe myself, by the way. So orb butchers The Beatles and Macca...and with marx makes a "country gumbo" out of 80's hits...the napalm joins the ranks of the pathetic.
Speaking of the napalm...the concert "scene" must be heaving a sigh of relief...

John Mayer cancels tour indefinitely

...surely, the "cynic" in me is not content to take the "explanation" at face value. Whether is was the apparent past excuses of "exhaustion" and "dehydration" the new "black" of a few recent acts of "throat problems" will be interesting to note the performance of napalm's recently released new single from his upcoming album. I cant find much info on how it's doing...but that lack of notable fanfare or buzz could be the true reason. If that is the case, just put a fork in the napalm's career...for it' know...

maclen said...

While checking out this week's Billboard Boxscores...I see brad paisley is back out on tour. Last year, paisley toured 32 gigs. On the 2011 Pollstar end of year results, paisley grossed $20.6mil from 32 shows. Back in 2009, I noticed that despite lower tickets prices than orb, paisley was in fact selling more tickets than orb. And last year was no different. Where orb averaged 8,551 tickets per gig last year...paisley averaged 13,926. Where orb was grossing $495,678 avg gross...paisley was averaging $588,569. And whereas orb played ALMOST twice as many shows...57 for orb to paisley's 35...orb only grossed $7mill more than paisley.
Well, paisley is back out on tour...doing a 20 gig stint. And according to Billboard's Boxscore, paisley seems to be doing rather well...

Feb. 24-March 3
i wireless Center, Moline, Ill. (1/1)
JQH Arena, Springfield, Mo. (1/1)
1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore (1/1)
Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tenn. (1/1)
Rupp Arena, Lexington, Ky. (1/1)
60,342 (60,342)

...5 shows...5 sellouts...averaging 12,068 tickets per show...averaging $605,338 a show. No doubt, orb is falling...paisley seems to be remaining steady. I see paisley and orb as pretty much equal in cd sales and tour gross. Orb's CERTAIN decline in cd sales have put him on paisley's sales level. On the touring scene, paisley levels equal his show total to orb's...he would NO DOUBT out gross orb's in the previous year IF he had tour longer. And I have no doubt, based on paisley's current touring numbers...he will outgross orb's total even with less shows...Paisley's 32 from last year...the 20 this year...a total of 52 orb's 57 last year...paisley will NO DOUBT outgross orb's numbers. Paisley clearly has a "faithful" fanbase to sell to than the orb's shrinking fanbase!

hoosierlady said...

I read that napalm's throat was still, well, "on ice". That lead my mind immediately to the infamous quote,

"Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus".


maclen said...

Well, hoosier...either his throat was "on ice"...or it's simply a case of "cold feet!" I have a feeling either his single isnt doing well, or ticket sales were not so groovy! HIs tour WAS to have started only a few days from now, on the 15th.
So, I read on a forum orb played the Opry last friday night. It is VERY indicative of the attention orb now gets from the media. This is the only coverage I even noticed on the innertubes news feed...

'Grand Ole Opry' turns up the star power in March

"On Friday and Saturday artists including Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan and Charlie Daniels came out to play the famed radio show."

...only a blurb along with other's who are appearing on the Opry in March. Is it ACTUALLY gonna take almost half a week to get any press for that show? Is orb THAT insignificant as of late? I most certainly believe so. He's currently filming a tv show...IN OZ...means very little in the states. And I notice in the video on the Opry youtube channel of orb's perfromance last Friday...

Keith Urban - "Kiss A Girl" Live at the Grand Ole Opry

...orb did "Kiss a Girl"...and right in the middle of the song...wait for it...he pulls up a woman...a little gir...and a dude...yes a dude... to engage in a singing contest...JUST as he did at EVERY show on his tour last year! Yeah, I bet even the fansie's are beginning to roll their eyes over that tired bit! Orb HAS NO creativity or imagination. I bet he does the exact same bit on his few live shows this year as well. Ideas and new concepts JUST dont come to readily for the orb... or his just as dense team!

maclen said...

Hey, look...there's a NEW featured article on the orb...just off a google news search...

Urban makes list of top 40 Money Makers

...which is the first "featured" article in the past 3 days...and in the past 3 days there have been but 13 stories added to a search where orb is but a blurb. And what you should also noticed...this NEW article on from an AUUSIE website. Soon, the ONLY press orb will no doubt get WILL ONLY come from Oz sources... as orb is doing an aussie tv show. Interest in the orb...whether it's in cd and singles sales...awards recognition...and apparently in news buzz is VERY noticeably WANING in the states!

maclen said...

...past posted...

...and speaking of that "Music's Top 40 Money Makers 2012" from Billboard...

...orb came in at #27 for earnings from 2011 with a total of $6.5mil. Which is earnings derived from album and singles sales and concert tour grosses. Recall in 2011 orb had a newly released album and a "world tour". Now, in the previous top 40 earners list in 2011 which represended earnings from 2010...orb DID NOT make the list...because orb did not have a new album until late that year, GET LOSER! came out in nov 2010...and orb only toured the "county fair and festival" circuit. Now, orb DID make the top earners list of 2010...again which was for earnings from 2009. That year orb released his previous album, Defying Sales and about a month later he began his concert tour. And in that years Top 40 money makers...

...orb was at #28 with earnings of $14.0mil. So, orb earned about $8mil LESS in 2011 than he did in 2009. Naturally, THAT WOULD be the likely result. Orbs latest cd sold LESS than Defying sales...about 200 to 300k less...and his tour last year grossed $15mil LESS than his tour in 2009. And recall, in 2009 orb STILL had a recording contract with 2011 he did not have the full backup of the label...simply an album distributing deal.
According to the info on the two articles...2009's Defying sales sold 723k cds...and GET LOSER! only sold 330k cds in 2011. And again, all these numbers and totals...ALL DECLINING in orb's case....IS NO surprise to me!

maclen said...

...onward..., an update on the "battle of the movie songs!"

I noticed that tonight was the premiere of The Hunger Games. So how are the dueling movies doing for orb and swift?

Swift movie song:
Sales of 90,000 singles the past two weeks. (600k far)

orb movie song:
Sales of 27,000 singles the past two weeks

Swift movie song video:
5.2mil views in 3 weeks

orb movie song video:
426k views in 2 weeks

swift IS in a film right now that has now grossed $121mil in 10 days

orb's film has grossed $56mil in 17 days.

And on top of that, swift ALSO has another song from the Hunger games soundtrack that is just now being previewed. So, while orb's movie song continues to flounder limply on the sales charts...barely selling 150k to 200k the time this PR push is done...swifty will probably have 2 more platinum selling singles.
Orb is DEFINATELY making himself look foolish attempting to place himself side by side with swifty in the "PR" department!

maclen said...

Well, courtesy of the E! positive orb thread...the lastest orb fansie "Urban Developments"...

Urban Developments: Episode 116: The Opry and Updates which orb talks of his recent opry appearance...going back to Oz to finish the tv show. BUT perhaps most telling is the update where orb reveals that he is currently in the studio...

..."working on a bit of "For You" today, we're doing a different version." orb's working on a DIFFERENT version of the song just released from the movie soundtrack? So, nothing about NEW material for the next album? Nothing on when it may come out? It's pretty typical of orb to simply be rehashing an already finished and released song. I wouldn't be surprised if he's simply trying to "redress" the song in order to release it as a single...seeing how the movie version IS NOT selling very well. As I've maintained over and over...creativity and originality does NOT come to orb very often...IF at all. Interested to learn how that "next" album is coming...

maclen said...

So as the digital singles report over at Roughstock reveals...

Taylor Swift/Civil Wars Safe and Sound 38,000 42,000 694,000

...swift's movie song will now reach the 700k sales level..while...orb's movie song has now fallen off the top 30 list of singles sales. Meanwhile orbs other current single...

Keith Urban You Gonna Fly 4,000 15,000 189,000

...after 4 and a half months time it is 11,000 AWAY from a very paltry 200k in sales. It would also seem the opinion of an orb fansie over at the country chart talk forum...upon hearing that orb is currently in the studio..."re-recording" For also of the opinion that orb may intend to release it as a single...and that perhaps orb is "countrifying" the song for the "country chart." It's highly likely. Again, based on the sale of the version released ONLY a few weeks ago...I guess the fansie's WERE not very impressed with orb's willingness to "die for his loved one" and not very taken with the over the top "patriotic" platitudes". Or as I would maintain...not convinced by orb's " calculated" and "sudden" conversion to the "flag, the Navy seals or online video gamers!"

maclen said...

I almost neglected to update the sales totals of orb's and carrie underwoods songs. I made the comparison a while back...seeing how orb's movie song was released on itunes on Feb 23...and underwood's was released a day later on itunes...Feb 24...

Carrie Underwood Good Girl 66,000 119,000 293,000 in simply the past 3 weeks, underwood's song has sold a total of 293k...while a generous guess...maybe 40k. Also notice that NOT ONLY has underwood's song outsold orb's recent release on itunes...but in ONLY 3 weeks, underwood's release has ALREADY surpassed orb's previous 4-1/2 month single of only 189k! There seems to be a plethera of country acts who seem to excite their fanbase at a FAR larger extent that the orb seems to excite HIS fansbase! Now a few fansie's at the music forums I mentioned earlier seem to have a "rationale" that orb's weak sales overall is due to orb being "oldschool" that "newer" artists have a younger demographic audience and are more new media savvy. Well, that IS true. But then that HAS been a part of my criticism of the orb. He hasnt updated his PR practices. And he HASNT kept up with the times. The orb is obsolete...and therefore will not last much longer. His sales, as Ive been maintaining for years now...will CONTINUE to fall...and will the value of releasing new music. If people dont buy his stuff...there is NO point in putting it out!

maclen said...

So, as some would recall in the past when fansie's would come here to try to counter my endless comments on the importance of cd sales...and how orb's "softening" on sales was a clear indication of his decline. One of their counterpoints was to tout all of orb's #1 HIT" songs on the Billboard Song Chart. I explained how the BB chart was determined by most "airplay" at a designated number of country radio stations. And I also preached that this "airplay" has been...and IS...surely manipulated by "outside sources."
Well, it seems that issue has come up over at the Pulse Music Board message board...ironically, brought up by an orb fan...a "jhomes87"...

"I don't really know how to explain it either. But it happens a lot. All I can say is--and this is just what I think, not what I know for a fact--that country radio is completely willing to go along with the "stopping and starting" strategy that labels will use at the end of a song's chart run."

...then another commenter posted this comment...

zaclord said...

"There are people who work for record labels that all they do is call up radio stations and push for their songs to be played. I got a chance to hear the radio promotion team from Black River Entertainment (Craig Morgan, Glen Campbell) speak and they said that they have "team members" who are assigned different areas of the country and are responsible for getting their artist's songs played on those stations. They go on radio tours with the artists, and strike up relationships with the PDs at the reporting radio stations so that when they ask the PDs to play their artist's songs, they do because they know the radio promo team. The thing I don't know is how they decide who to play if, for example, both Jake and Taylor's teams were pushing their songs hardcore this week."

...and so again, how the acts "songs" do on the charts...have SOME effect on their performance on said how HARD the labe pushes their songs. This IS NOT new. I've brought up the "Payola" scandal of the late 50's...that unfortunately brought down the career of the late great Alen Freed. JUST because there were "investigations" into music chart manipulation and graft over 50 years ago...surely does not mean that it STILL does not happen today!
What, of course, is most interesting to me in this case over at The Pulse Music again, that it was brought up by an orb fansie...BECAUSE swift had a song that was seeming headed to #1 on the BB chart! And this orb fansie was "aghast" at the notion that swift's label may be using "questionable" tactics to get swift to #1! So, again, when I say that a "radio airplay" hit song is pretty meaningless in regard to how "popular" a music act is...I would still wager that cd sales are a far more reliable source for that info. Sure, people try to "manipulate" the orb fansie's also reveal at these message buying "multiple" copies...the amount and the size of fansie's doing that is TOO insignificant to make a meaningful difference. Clearly, ALL the orb fansie's left CANNOT multiple buy orb's last cd to get it to platinum sales!

maclen said...

So...I see the "THUNDER!....from down under" continues. Orb is back in Oz to continue shooting his tv show...and there is this...

"Keith Urban Wins Video of the Year and International Artist of the Year at CMC Music Awards" orb is clapped out on even noms at the Grammys and AMA's...but I'm sure orb is VERY content with a few aussie awards! That's how orb's past few years have gone. Not AS shrewd as shelton to take on The Voice in the US in the first place...which HAS raised shelton's profile in the US country music scene AND has taken over the Male Vocalist win at the CMAs the past two years. The LAST time orb won a Male Voc at the CMAs was back in 2005...going on 6 years now! So orb is CONTENT to do the Oz version of The Voice now. Not shrewd enough to try and do a song for a doubt till swift was doing one...and could only land a "propaganda" military training film and ode to online gamers...while swift is part of an oncoming film blockbuster and powerful franchise...along with a voice role in an already animated blockbuster. As I once stated...orb is not a "leader"...he's a follower. And because of that... he is beginning to noticeably fall WAY behind the pack!

maclen said...

...just because it's past midnight and I'm bored...

a quick "youtube video boxscore"...

...swift's 1 month old video for the soundtrack song to The Hunger games:

Safe & Sound: 5.7mill- one month

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound (The Hunger Games) surpasses the views to swift's 2 month old posted "song" at the Hungergames youtube channel video...

Safe & Sound (audio): 5.6mil views- 2 months

Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars "Safe & Sound" (from The Hunger Games Soundtrack)

...meanwhile, orb's videos...

For you: 508k views- 3 weeks

Keith Urban - For You

...orb's lastest single...

You Gonna Fly: 452k views- 1 month

Keith Urban - You Gonna Fly

...just for a little perspective...the video for carrie underwood's newly released video for her latest single...

Good Girl: 584k views- 1 week

Carrie Underwood - Good Girl just 1 week has already surpassed BOTH of orb's videos! And having just checked out JUST a little of swift's, orb's and underwood's videos...I of course notice that the "thoughts and concepts and production values" of the videos ARE vastly different! While clear thought has gone into the concepts of underwood's and swift's videos to give them a "distinct" image to the their respective performers. While swift's movie song video portrays swift wandering alone in a desolate forest... no doubt forewarns of the ghastly images to come in the film it represents...orb SIMPLY lipsyncs along with his band to the song in a desert.. with clips of the film thrown in for filler...JUST as he did in the video for "Long HOt Summer!" Orb's video for You Gonna fly is SIMPLY a mishmash of clips from orb's live on tour...boy that must have taken an intern an ENTIRE afternoon splicing together! Meanwhile underwood's new video certainly showcases some very alluring and seductive shots of underwood.
I realize that orb BELIEVES the so called "guitar hero"
persona he is obviously trying to put forward with these rather straightforward videos is a plus for him...but in fact what it really puts forward is that he...and his lackluster team...surely lack...say it with me..."creativity or imagination!"

Tara said...

wow Kidman and Watts had lunch together in London- big news apparently- why? Why does anyone care that they flew over to Oz?
Perhaps if they didn't pay the papas to follow them it would be realized that no one does care.

Tara said...

Oops they had lunch in Sydney.

and now the Kurbans are anti mining activists - why because of what mining does to the environment? No
these two are as green as the color of a dandelion- nope they are worried that the value of their mansion will go down- because with these two any place they own today is eventually on the market

maclen said...

Well, with orb back in Oz to shoot the aussie show...this past week Promo for this "celeb"... has been pretty chintzy. Between the superfluous prearranged photo ops and the as I keep mentioning... OZ specific promo stories...and the rather IGNORED appearance at the Opry that didnt bring much notice for half a week...there is nothing clearly of note or interest!
As I've been mentioning the past few weeks...the head to head between orb's 1 film and 1 movie song vs. swifty's 2 FILMS...first The Lorax and upcoming Hunger games ..orb is "drowning in the shallows"...while swift is "soaring into the stratosphere!" While swift is just through conquering OZ with her just finished aussie tour...she of course is getting perhaps 5 times the US press that orb is getting in the states...working hard in a Oz studio...for a show that will ultimately be seen in Oz. And as previously mentioned, while orb's barely 3 weeks movie song is tumbling down the sales chart...swifty's movie song continues to sell 3 times as many. And of course, as swift's first movie falls on the box office grossing list...another film she is attached to seemingly set to explode at the box office this upcoming weekend. Not to mention the newly released and current story...the second song off that film's soundtrack by swift.
Upcoming as well, is the ACM awards. Orb has NO therefore will have NO win. I recall orb has something going on in Vegas the night of the a "meeting" with orb or something...he'll fly in...shake your hand for the camera's then fly out... because he of course wants to be at least NEAR the buzz of the awards show...the fact that he is NOT involved in the show in any official a huge negative! It simply highlights orb's tumble from the top tiered acts.
And again, I GOTTA get back to this ultimate point. Orb sweating out this Oz tv show...the press...all the MEANS NOTHING here in the states. It does nothing for his cd or singles sales. As to that upcoming "BENEFIT FOR ORB" month...anyone heard any info on it? Is it sold out yet? I have no idea...not much coming out over that bit of self promoting and self aggrandinzing vanity grab! I dont see much payback for orb PR wise lately!

maclen said...

So, to follow up...the soundtrack to the Hunger Games was released today on itunes...and already, Eyes Open, the second song by swifty is #2 on the Top 100 downloads...

...the first single off of the soundtrack by swift, Safe & sound released back in Dec is currently at #44...while the soundtrack version of Safe & Sound released today sits at #56. Two other songs off the soundtrack have also made it onto the Top 100 list. Swifty's current single, Ours, release last at #64.
And meanwhile, orb's recent single, You Gonna Fly, has fallen off the Top 100 has his only 3 weeks old soundtrack single, For You, from the film, "Act of Valor." BUT...there is this from orb...

Keith Urban Shares Amazing Video of Kids Covering ‘For You’

...a "cover" or his movie song, For You. When you do a youtube covers search on orb's song...

...IT IS VERY RARE! I can find ONLY about 3 covers of orb's 3 week old song. Meanwhile, a youtube search of swifty's ONLY a few days old new single, Eyes Open...

...already reveals about 3 20 videos per page...about 60 to 70 covers videos for swifty's song. And that right there folks...mirrors EXACTLY what I have been documenting here on orb's lackluster cd sales. It all corresponds to EACH OTHER! And I expect the exact same results when and IF orb releases his next album...this year or next...a VERY lackluster response!

Tara said...

I always find it amazing how fast Keith's singles fall down the charts.

maclen said...

Tara said...
"I always find it amazing how fast Keith's singles fall down the charts."

Well, in this weeks Hot Digital Tracks Top 200 list...

URBAN*KEITH YOU GONNA FLY 10829 -15 12780 166479

...166k...and I think the last report from Roughstock had it at 189k...either total...orb is NOWHERE near even gold sales. And again, orb's 3 weeks released movie song is NOT on the top 200 list. Underwood's recent 3 week released single, Good Girl is now at 363k singles sold. And a quick look at the "Catalog" top 200 digital downloads list...orb DOES NOT have even one song on that list...while Z brown, lady ant, aldean, chesney, flatts, lambert, swift, underwood and shelton either have at least one...and most of them have multiple songs on that list.
There is clearly a problem with orb's "BASE"...clearly a problem with his "foundation." And the problem is that is it TOTALLY infects almost EVERY aspect of orb's and singles sales, it just hit his concert tour...his awards is clearly seen in his "social media" outlets for press. The ONLY part that has NOT been affected is in radio play and radio based charts. But as is most CERTAINLY obvious from the talkback forums over at the country section of the pulse music board I clearly WAS aware...the spins and charts are manipulated and "finessed" by OUTSIDE the record labels. So of course, orb would naturally do well...IF NOT even better than alot of country acts. It is as if they are played to "spread" around the radio hits for basically PR purposes. Radio stations are like Entertainment tonight or People magazine...or the MTV and CMT awards...simply existing to "PROMOTE" the acts that will show up to help the sites or tv ratings! Orb JUST got 3 #1 radio hits off his lackluster selling cd...where those 3 singles were NOWHERE even near selling GOLD. And that "rot in the foundation" will no doubt cause an eventual collapse!

Tara said...

Announced today Keith Urban will be a performer at the AMCs on April 1st.

maclen said...

Tara said...
"Announced today Keith Urban will be a performer at the AMCs on April 1st."

With orb's lastest single, You Gonna Fly, having just played out on the Country singles chart... my guess orb will perform the "re-recorded" movie song, For You. As previously mentioned, the soundtrack version of the song having been released almost a month ago...and speculating that it has only sold about 25k to 30k...that cant be verified since it's ALREADY fallen off the top 200 digital singles sales list...ALL orb has left in my opinion is a rehashed and refried "country" version. What else does orb have? ANOTHER song from the lackluster album that IS NO LONGER selling? Swift released a NEW song from a movie last sept...has sold 735k...just this week another NEW song debuted on itunes...reaching as high as #2...and ALL orb has is a "refried" mediocre soundtrack song that will now be retrofitted for the country radio charts? Hasnt this song ALREADY proven that despite the gung ho patriotic theme...the song is not popular. But as I continue to point out, ALL orb has left is country radio!
Yeah, that WOULD be my guess from the lackluster orb! We shall see.

Tiny said...

Was "For You" released as a single? I don't think that it was since I haven't heard it on the radio.

(I'm just a lurker)

Tara said...

He has rerecorded For you- more than likely to make it country radio ready
if he performs it at the ACMs we will know
However- he performed Luxury of Knowing at the Opry a few weeks ago
and generally when he starts performing something it may become a single- which I hope Luxury of Knowing does- its a beautiful song and he sings the hell our of it.

maclen said...

Tiny said...
"Was "For You" released as a single? I don't think that it was since I haven't heard it on the radio.
(I'm just a lurker)"

Well, you seem a very "right lurker" Tiny! (just a quote from a Hard day's Night!)
Orb's For You was released for download on itunes on Feb 21. As far as I am aware, it is not yet been released as an official single. The news that the orb reveals that he's "working on a bit of "For You" today, we're doing a different version."...does cause me to believe that he will ultimately release it as a single soon...and released to radio. As Ive explained extensively...orb still has success with country radio. And surely, IF he performs the song on the upcoming ACM awards...that would be the expectation.

maclen said...

So, with The Hunger Games released over this's time to update on the Battle of the movie songs: orb vs. swifty! First, the head to head of the films themselves.

Act of Valor: $24mil opening gross-$65mil domestic in in 4 weeks- $2.4mil foreign for a world wide total of 67.4milgross.

The Hunger Games: $155mil opening weekend gross- $59mil foreign for a world wide total of $214mil.

And not to mention swifty's voice work on another film...

The Lorax: $70mil opening gross- $177mil domestic gross in 3 weeks- $21mil foreign gross for a total of $198mil gross. orb...EVEN with an "insider" from lalaland...swift STILL wipes him off floor in the movie biz!

So, now onto the movie songs and videos..

For You video: 602,092 views in one month

Safe & Sound video: 6.8mil views in one month.

Eyes Open audio video: 748,596 views in one week.

For You song sales: 30k-70k??? in 4 weeks.

Safe & Sound song sales: 735k in 13 weeks. in only one week, swift's second song audio video has already surpassed orb's 4 week video views. And also, a fan phone video of swift performing Safe and Sound with the Civil Wars posted on Youtube 2 months ago, now has 545,767 views...and will no doubt soon surpass orb's views. Of course, all this was rather easily predictable. swifty is far more popular than orb...sells more cds...grosses more on Tour...and gets massively more "social media" attention. And my main point here is NOT shrewd of orb to continue to "emulate" swift...because she writes a song for the end credits of a film...DOESNT mean orb should also do just makes him look so ridiculously "penny ante" in comparison...and shows he is just not up to her level!

maclen said...

So, more numbers in the Battle of the movie songs: orb vs. swifty...

Act of Valor soundtrack: 1st week sales- 10,567

The Hunger Games soundtrack: 1st week sales-175,000

For You song sales: 30k-70k??? in 4 weeks.

Eyes open song sales: 176,000 in 1st week.

...and to orb's appearance at this upcoming ACM awards. Orb is set to perform, and all likelihood is he will perform his next single? My guess again is a "rehashed" and "country-fied" version of For You? Orb performing on the show and NOT doing an upcoming single...seems rather pointless. If he does do a song...simply for the sake of performing surely tells that orb has NOT much going on right now...besides taping a show for OZ consumption.