Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Blind Item Reveals from Crazy Days & Nights

How would you like to be married to someone for a few years and have sex only a handful of times. Well, that is exactly the type of marriage a former A list movie actress and Academy Award winner/nominee has with her celebrity husband. They do always seem a little strained. Maybe a quickie would help.

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

When I tell you later about this couple having sex, your jaw will hit the floor. You just would not expect it in a million years. This happened in the very late 80's and very early 90's. This permanent A list actor who has not really done anything lately to continue to merit that status was dating three actresses at the same time. One actress became his wife. One was someone who would help him with his kinks, and our actor has a lot of them. The other was an actress who was just starting out at the time, but is now pretty close to A list and once actually was. Much like Hugh Hefner, our actor would rotate the three throughout the week, and often throughout the same 24 hours. Apparently he really liked the newcomer, but she thought he was way too old for her. So, she moved on and probably regrets who she moved on to almost everyday.

#1 - Warren Beatty
#2 - Annette Bening
#3 - Madonna
#4 - Nicole Kidman

Just had to add a few pics... haha!


Hatti said...

I would have to say that Moosie girl has helped quite a few old guys with their Kinky problems.

I can't believe there would be another reason for Uncle Rupie to give her free rein with his media.

But the Moosie girl would much rather have her own Kinks taken care of by Naomi!!! ((giggles))

And sex well I know that the contract has never called for one sexual act!!! Actually KU is very thankful about that. He would much rather sleep anywhere but near the Moose!!!

Hermie is not his life style!! (((giggles)))

Tara said...

Thank you Enty Lawyer for making my new year-
can you imagine the conversation between Keith and Beatty
-" you bagged her"
"Nope its not part of my contract"
"you are a lucky man"

Hatti said...

(((giggles)))) ;)

blue sky said...

The series of pictures of priceless UM! Look how Kidman stands in the background and looks awkward. Normally, she would be front and center with the big names in Hollywood while Urban stands behind her like her little boy. Beatty is domineering Urban with his hands all over him like that. Yep, pretty much saying I had your wife long before you did, and well, it doesn't appear to be too often now anyway, buddy! Look at the age difference - yuck - what a ho!

notbuyingit said...

I think that age doesn't matter, if you love someone. I have never found Beatty to be appealing. I'm pretty sure plenty in Hollywood had that. Keith looks happier talking to Beatty than he did earlier that evening sitting next to the ice queen.

Hatti said...

Well I think KU is saying to Beatty. You may have rolled around with my boss but I haven't. That's not in my job description!! Thank Heavens!!!!!!! And you did that for free?? YUCK !!!!((giggles))))

blue sky said...

Well I think back to when I was in my 20's, and there is no way I would have any similar interests, or anything in common for that matter, with a man in his 50's to form a romantic relationship. She was sleeping her way to the top.

Tara said...

I noticed when I was looking at some of the Keith fan sites that an awful lot of people have changed their avatars from Keith and nicole love shots to just Keith shots.

I am warm all over with that knowledge

Hatti said...

Well that is good. You know she was involved with a man at least fourteen years her senior when she was fourteen!! Her loving family just let her go shack up with the guy.

You know...the apple not falling far from the tree. What family lets a fourteen year old make a decision like that?

So I would say it was old hat at sleeping her way to the top by the time she was twenty. And then at twenty two she broke up TC's marriage. No shock there!!!!

Tara said...

so apparently the couple that don't have sex were at a hockey game in canada-

and his newest single has petered out on the charts

Hatti said...

Oh yea well they were suppose to be in LA?? Then of course we had those suppose to be NY pics?? Now there is the article that they were at a hockey game?

For a guy that is not suppose to fly for three months he sees to be globe trotting!!!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

The orb evidently "elected" to have throat surgery at the end of Nov...which he announced on Nov week after his first gig at the Opry on Oct 23 he would have a "public" excuse to cancel his next two scheduled gigs at the Opry...on in mid Nov and late Nov. And also evidently, so he could cancel the "Benefit for orb" which was to take place on Jan 18 2012. As is now known, the Grammy noms were announced on Nov 30, 2011...and NOT very surprising to me...and I'm pretty sure NOT too surprising to orb's hacks unless they are bigger morons than even I suspected...the orb DID NOT receive his usual Grammy nod. Also, the "elected" throat surgery helped get the already announced "Benefit for orb" rescheduled. Now, just a few days ago, the orb announced his FIRST gig since his "elective" throat surgery...and it's for the noble work to benefit the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation. That gig will take place on Feb 11, 2012...the DAY before the Grammys, which will be held on Feb 12, 2012. Nothing like a little "CALCULATED" goodwill PR like a charity show... instead of appearing at a self indulgent and aggrandizing award show like the Grammys, right? But then, orb is probably NOT going to attend or certainly NOT going to perform at the Grammys anyways...NOT because he has a nobler call to do good at a charity benefit...but because HE WAS NOT nominated for a grammy! I have no doubt IF orb HAD been nominated..orb would be attending the Grammys on Feb 12th...AND NOT doing a benefit appearance at a charity function on NOv 11th instead! Well, I would certainly say the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation is pretty lucky orb DIDNT get nominated for a Grammy...because otherwise orb WOULD NOT be doing their benefit...he'd no doubt be at the Grammys! Also, what PAST history or connection does orb have with a "fatal neurodegenerative disorder" in children and with this foundation? I'd wager there IS NO past history or participation...orb simply chose to do it because of the date of the falling the day before the Grammys...orb hopes to steal a little "goodwill" pr buzz from the Country grammy also being his FIRST live appearance since his seemingly NEEDED surgery! The same excuse would seemingly also explain the cancellation of the "benefit for orb in mid Jan. Why waste the "goodwill PR" of that charity gig on the Grammys...when orb is NOT even nominated? Just postpone it to another time when it will be to orb's most potent "PR" advantage! I of course wouldnt be surprised...IF...orb actually does reschedule will no doubt be moved back to mid Oct and a few weeks before the CMAs once again. I gather orb will NOT have much going for him at the 2012 country awards...seeing how his cd is such a weak seller.

maclen said...

Hatti said...
Oh yea well they were suppose to be in LA?? Then of course we had those suppose to be NY pics?? Now there is the article that they were at a hockey game?

For a guy that is not suppose to fly for three months he sees to be globe trotting!!!! ((giggles)))

WEll, I guess I should point out that it has ONLY been 6 weeks since orb supposedly had his throat surgery. If he is flying across the country already...orb would have no doubt been well enough to do the "Benefit for orb" on the 18th. That is almost 2 weeks from today. Surely, 8 weeks of recovery is more than enough. But, as I suspect and pointed out in my previous comment...orb did not want to waste the "PR" of the benefit on the he most hopefully expected last Oct when he announced that date that he would be nominated...but of course was not. Hence the postponement or the cancellation of the benefit. I would figure this year, orb will be having enough trouble simply trying to keep his career viable in the states and .to get out an album that will sell... to perhaps be concerned with having the added work of the benefit. But we shall see.

Hatti said...

It seems he is doing the direct opposite of what you suggest maclen. Instead of a new album or doing something in the states he is going to OZ and has committed to Voice.

I don't know maclen I feel we are missing something.

Lets see if what is missing will help him in some way.

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"It seems he is doing the direct opposite of what you suggest maclen. Instead of a new album or doing something in the states he is going to OZ and has committed to Voice.
I don't know maclen I feel we are missing something.
Lets see if what is missing will help him in some way."

Well Hatti, as I've mentioned before, orb is simply reduced to trying to be a big fish in a small pond. In the states, it's becoming very clear orb is now a small fish. I only say I believe orb WILL NOT put out another cd in the states this year is because to do so will further show how much of a weak seller his music has become. And if the initial report that revealed orb was committed to do the show in OZ also revealed orb was also interested in getting a # 1 in OZ...AND as this interview suggests...wanted to work with AUSSIE talent to flesh out his next album...

"Urban is devoting most of next year to writing for a new album and said he was keen to work with a raft of Australasian artists including Neil Finn, who is rumoured to be joining him as a mentor on The Voice." my suspicion orb may release an album in OZ and NOT the US this year. Orb obviously sees not much promise in the states right now.

F.I.N.E said...

Yep, if I were him I'd tuck my tail in and go back home out of sheer embarrassment for being so overconfident and miscalculating of the public's interest in all things Nicole. His wife continues to produce bombs as though someone's interested in her, lets see if he does the same.

Tara said...

I think we will see something from him this year- be it a DVD concert film or some kind of live record
or the rumored christmas CD.

So Kidman and Keith are sponsors of the Aussie Ski team? If true not surprised by that at all.

maclen said...

Yeah..."a DVD concert film or some kind of live record
or the rumored christmas CD" IS very likely. Orb DEFINITELY has to have extra income coming in from SOMEWHERE...his "man scent" is the first example. I've surmissed a live cd since that is what orb mentioned he always wanted to do during promo for his current cd last year. I also surmise based on his 80's retro rock covers on tour last summer that he may go "retro rock" on his next cd...and that would be the "something different" that he was rumored to be claiming for his next album. But... the country music scene has become very hostile towards the orb the past year. End of year counts of course shows his cd and tour both underperformed his previous numbers on those counts...NO SURPRISE to me. But other, shall I say "stakes to orb's heart" developments in the business do not bode well to his future. First, the change to the Grammy categories no doubt ensure orb will NO LONGER have that apparently "obligatory" statue as his awards dwindled to zero for the past orb received a Grammy the past 3 out of 4 years. And of course, orb WILL NOT get a Grammy this year. Another stake to his career's heart is the expected change to Billboard's country song chart. The change from just "airplay" to airplay... PLUS "digital sales and social media" surely ensures orb will lag behind in singles "hits" just as he lags in cd sales...tour attendance...single and Vevo channel views...Facebook "likes"...etc. I predict with orb's next album release...and it's subsequent sales performance...orb will simply PROVE he is just is a hasbeen!

Tara said...

I thought this year I could enjoy the awards shows- and I will probably do with the Oscars- she is supposedly filming then but ruin the Golden Globes with her stupid mug- ugh
So the HBO thing that was supposed to be on in November then pushed to Feb is now pushed to May- do people watch a lot of TV in May?

The Paperboy is going to be released in November- more red carpets- Maybe Keith will go back to work by then?

Hatti said...

It sure looks like he has an uphill battle both ways maclen.

Now does he really care about even trying? Or will he just go along to get along. This will be the proof of the pudding. What he is really made of pudding.

It will be interesting to see just what maneuverability the old boy's got under his silly ski hat. :)

Tara said...

I think the scruffy long shore man look is cute- and its a a big middle finger to Kidman's put together casual look.

I actually think he has it in him
to have a come back
however will he want to
that is the question

Hatti said...

Well Tara if he can do it without Moosie grabbing every ounce of spotight or demanding he be one place instead of where he should be. Or promoting her like she was a can of tuna!!((giggles))) He may just have a chance.

I think he should dump the broad and get on with fixing his career!!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

Ha! Yes...this should have been predictible... hot off the recent news swifty released a song for an upcoming film...there's this...

Keith Urban records song for SEAL film

"BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan. 10 (UPI) -- Country music star Keith Urban has co-written and recorded a song to appear in the end credits of the U.S. Navy SEAL film "Act of Valor," Relativity Media said.

The collaboration with songwriter Monty Powell is the first song Urban has written and recorded specifically for a motion picture."

So, obviously...orb heard it through the "grapevine" swifty was writing a song specifically for a film...and so he had to ALSO write one! But of course, orb is TOO "johnny come lately! Now...the only question is....which song AND film will get the most attention....and be the MORE successful! HA!

Orb has been in decline the past 5 years...since the release and subsequent weaker sales of his whole crazy cd released in 2006. Everything he's released since then has been the same themes hashed and rehashed...there is NOT a growing audience for orb's brand of "domesticated bliss." I asked in early 2010...what ELSE does orb have to sing about OTHER than his marriage or kids? And as his subsequent cd, "GET LOSER!" revealed...NOTHING. And the cd undersold. This summer, he "revealed" a NEW concert production...which was actually in fact "hashed and rehashed" gimmicks from his 2009 tour...the satellite stages...the catchphrase "who's got the best seats now"... the guitar giveaway...the audience singalong onstage. So again, the question is...WHAT can orb do now that's "different"...or for that matter...considering the news I just posted...ORIGINAL....that will get back those 3.4mil customers orb has lost since 2006?

maclen said... scripture... just for some personal fun...and it's quite obvious the orb CANNOT help emulating swifty's pr techniques...let's do a side by side comparison of swifty's film song and film to the orb's....because I love to mock the lameness of the pathetic orb...

Swift film: Humger Games - Budget: $100 million

Orb film: Act of Valor- Budget: $15-$18 million

Swift film: Cast:
Jennifer Lawrence
Josh Hutcherson
Liam Hemsworth
Woody Harrelson
Elizabeth Banks
Lenny Kravitz
Stanley Tucci
Donald Sutherland
Willow Shields

Orb film: cast:
Roselyn Sanchez
Emilio Rivera
Timothy Gibbs
Nestor Serrano
Gonzalo Menendez
Alex Veadov
Jason Cottle
Drea Castro
Carla Jimenez

(anyone heard of any of these actors in orb's film? Oh wait, major star of film, sanchez I on some tv show)

...swifty's film is from a new studio called Color Force, but is based on a popular teen novel trilogy...expected to be the next "Twilight" francise. Will have to wait and see if it is.

orb's film is from Relativity Media...that recently released the box office clunker, "Cowboys and Aliens."
So again, orb's OBVIOUS emulation of swifty is pathetic and pale in comparison!

Tara said...

Does anyone else remember he acting deal just before the big motorcycle ride through the woods and it all but vanished. He has wanted to get into Hollywood- we know he isn't getting into a certain actress (oh I just had to say that) so why not write a new song? He used Monty Powell who has been the most successful of his collaborators. I don't really see the emulation of Tay Tay as much as someone doing something that is a new venture. Will it work? Probably not since the movie doesn't sound that terrific and its being released in Feb - the dead time for movie releases. But Keith is staying active.

Hatti said...

Yes I remember part of the on going contract was a screen test for Blossom as an Aussie adventurer or something of the like. But that went by the wayside when Moosie girl changed the game plan.

maclen said...

So, just a few more observations on the obvious "head to head" the orb is again, obviously, engaging in with swift by having a song for a film coming out.
When I first read that swift had released a song on twitter and then itunes for the film, "Hunger Games"...and the buzz of how it was the "top trending topic and was later that same day the #1 digital downloaded song on itunes. I further learned that the song was co-written with NEW collaborators The Civil Wars and film music producer T Bone burnett. I mentioned when I first commented on the song that if I hadnt already known that it was by swift I probably wouldnt have recognized it as swift. The song is elegantly simple and by the reaction of some of the 1.4mil viewer's comments of the song posted on YOutube some 3 weeks is surprising in that it is very UN-swift like...and no doubt is a preview of a more "mature" sound for swift. Now, the orb's new song for a future written with LONGTIME orb co-writer powell...and LONGTIME orb producer huff...I would surely expect another stale and pale orb jingle. A superficial " put you in a song" or the powell co written "Kiss a girl!" Another ode to "catchy...and you can dance to it" present to his monkeys that will no doubt be touted as a song..."that will sound great live on a stage!" And considering the film...a "military propaganda training film"...I expect it to be just as bland and superficial!

Tara said...

I also noticed all these articles about what a great songwriter Keith is..

maclen said...

Oh..apparently in...another awards show tonight...the "people's choice" awards. Well, firstly...another awards show....ANOTHER awards LOSS for orb.

Another unrelated observation on these "People's Choice" awards. Just noticed the big winner of these awards is katie perry. You know, perry... who's in the news recently for her divorce...who in a little drama, in the last minute cancels her appearance at these awards due to the "trauma" of the split...BUT in a noticeable "happentance" turns out to be the big winner! Yeah..."peoples choice" my eye!

maclen said... apocalyptically... to continue my rant on the "UN-people's choice awards" in a little insomniac flair...just for a little "back up" to my hypothesis on the obvious and dubious award show 'sham" that is these awards...exhibit 2:

The People's Choice awards show was broadcast on the CBS network...and was hosted by Kaley Cuoco, a star on the show, The Big Bang Theory which is broadcast on CBS. The show I read started with the entire cast of CBS show The Big Bang Theory. Now, there are 12 categories for Network tv awards on the show...and of those 12...CBS won a total of 5 awards...ABC only won 2 awards, as did the CW network and Fox...while NBC only won 1 award. So, apparently, along with giving the current tabloid sensation and divorce "victim" katie perry EVERY award she was nominated in...5...they also get to chose the host from their own network...and obviously can also "rustle up" the most awards to their NETWORK...CBS They also quite blatantly pre arrange to inform the "winners" prior to the broadcast so that 99.9% of them can be in attendance to accept the awards...and arrange their live makes for "better" tv! Just another reminder of just how the entertainment industry "works!" It's the world of "make believe"...never never land...where things are certanly NOT as they appear to be. Oh...did I mention orb DID NOT win Favorite Country Artist? Well, actually...that IS a case of something being as it definitely appears to be!

maclen said...

So, the orb will be back at the Opry...

Keith Urban returning to stage after vocal surgery

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Keith Urban will return to the stage for the first time since vocal surgery on the Feb. 3 Grand Ole Opry. the orb's level of desperation is so high over NOT getting a Grammy nod...a charity appearance the day before the Grammys is NOT enough for orb's PR grab! He evidently also NEEDS to reschedule an Opry show a week prior to the Grammys as well. Well, that...and the "cynical" opinion around here that orb "childishly" wanted to cancel them out of sheer spite for NOT getting an invite to the Opry may have been a factor... seeing how the "monkey and fansie" online support for the orb is at a ridiculously MINIMAL level! Of course it is my opinion the orb WOULD NOT be doing the charity gig at all IF orb had gotten a grammy nod...he would be at the Grammys. And orb's "scheduling" tactics are so transparent and it any wonder his career is in constant decline. Will these "strategically" scheduled appearances make a difference in that declining career? HARDLY! Trying to also mimic swift will not help his sagging career. But that transparent opportunism he so ineptly fails at over and of great folly for me...over and over again!

hoosierlady said...

Snort. . . .

Hatti said...

I guess he learned something from Moosie girl. You know make sure you have a PR move when you don't have anything else.

You would think he would do what Moosie girl does try to take the presenting road to obscurity!!! ((giggles)))

Well lets hope Voice is better than this stupid stuff!!!

Tara said...

Have they even been in Nashville this year?

Here is how you present at the GG
you either
are invited
invites yourself like angelina has this year
your PR people get you a presenting gig
I am wondering if those who bought her a nomination last year are up to their old tricks

and what is with her and the flase eyelashes- is she trying to look Adele? Gawd do something original Nicold.

maclen said...

Well, Hatti as is the case with wont help the orb out much either. They can market the hell out of the original bondi blue imacs that no longer serve a purpose...but I doubt if you'll get many paying customers. Now, you MAY be able to sell a few ingenious customers those obsolete imacs to convert into fish aquariums...but you'll have to sell them at WAY reduced pricing and your customer base will be only a fraction of brand new imacs. That is the position the orb is in right now... obsolete product and reduced customer demand! But as Ive previously described the orb's future a "big fish" in a smaller Oz...he may just be in the market for one of those "bondi blue imac aquarium conversions!" As to the MAY help out the orb...a little...but it will ONLY be in Oz!

maclen said...

So, hiliariously...I noticed this perusing Getty Images...

...orb bff...the napalm...ratty blue jeans and a tan leather jacket...looking very unkempt...stumbling into the W Magazine golden globe pre party looking like he just scored a hit around the back alley. Apparently the orb's support and backup...a few country awards appearances...a few co-appearances with the orb himself and an invite to the orb vanity charity promo show "BENEFIT FOR ORB" hasnt seemed to have done much for the napalm's self esteem or confident, does it? But it seems the orb doesnt have much standards or very keen judgment on who he associates with. That's probably part of the reason his once rising star is now falling faster than it took to get up there.

Hatti said...

Well that is true maclen....If he had good judgement he wouldn't have listened to Ansel and got himself bought a paid for by Moosie girl the original BOP!! ((giggles))

Now I don't know if it's true but I read that KU went off on a paps...for real this time...and the guy went to the hosp. I guess this Wolf person is ready to sue cause you know that is a sure way to get money.

Of course if it's just another Moosie news release...well then there will be no pics.

The last one was to knock KU back in line.

Tara said...

I wouldn't be surprised looking at their body language last night at the golden globes that something was brewing. Perhaps Keith has been living his own life a little too openly.

Mayer has lost whatever people liked him for.

The globes were interesting because I didn't see too many people rushing over to talk to Kidman at her table- and the swipe at Woody Allen - of course he did fire her from a movie- but the swipe was a fueled snap from someone who had problems with any off the cuff comments

Tara said...

Well it looks like all for the Hall will be on April 10th
I believe that is during the period
he is also filming the Voice
Nice line up too

maclen said...

Tara said...
"Well it looks like all for the Hall will be on April 10th
I believe that is during the period
he is also filming the Voice
Nice line up too."

Well obviously the orb now considers the Oz tv show to be a bigger priority than the CMAs. Although at this point I also wouldnt be surprised if orb DID NOT even release an album this year and with the semi touring of the "country fair and festival" circuit that didnt even register orb in the top 50 grossing tours of 2010..he will no doubt get another nom for CMA Entertainer. But I have a feeling even orb believes it's pointless at this point to even hope for actually getting the CMA Entertainer award. The "BENEFIT FOR ORB" of 2009 and 2010 COULDNT get him the trophy...and his hopes for the vanity show being a boost for this year's grammys were dashed by the category I'm sure it's better for buzz as he does the Oz show.
And as to the new "Papparatz beating" may be right Hatti...if it's simply an initial report...with no follow up... just not from the media...but anything from any law enforcement of any notice...who is to say it happened or not? At some becomes exactly like "reports" of bigfoot or flying saucer sightings in my mind!

maclen said...

So, as I see the scheduled performers for the the 3rd "BENEFIT FOR ORB" interesting point...

"...feature performances by Vince Gill, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Alabama, Alison Krauss & Union Station, The Band Perry, Little Big Town, Blue Sky Riders, Diamond Rio, Exile, The Oak Ridge Boys, Pistol Annies and Thompson Square."

...when I read back in 2010 the scheduled performers for the 2nd "BENEFIT FOR ORB"...I noted how there were NO returning acts from the 1st "BENEFIT FOR ORB." I then went on to explain that there were no returning acts BECAUSE of the orb behavior in the first "BENEFIT FOR ORB." I had pointed out that the orb AND his band played the entire first FULL HOUR of that first show. Orb also "live streamed" the entire show on his fansiesite on the same page he attempted to hawk his fansiesite crap...mugs...t-shirts and of course his new cd. Not to mention the usual Ticketmaster scalping scheme even for the so called "benefit" concert. Well, of course I implied all this had to do with top performers of the first show NOT interested in doing the show again the following year. Then a fansie kept commenting that it was NOT as I insisted...orb's "diva" behavior that turned then off to the "BENEFIT FOR ORB"...BUT...that orb had INTENDED that the performing acts for the shows WOULD BE DIFFERENT...and not the same performers. But of course, this year's new line up features a few returning acts...specifically...Allison klaus, lady ant and lamcert. So surely it is NOT realistic to claim that the scheduled performers for all these shows will be different...there aint that many top headlining country acts to do that. And of course another point I made...that the top headlining act of 2009, which raised $500k...with the "lesser" country acts of 2010 would no doubt cause there to be a "lessening" of funds to the so called cause. AND...that was the case...the second show raised $50k LESS than the first. So now, how will the 3rd show do? Orb as Ive been pointing out time after time...has a habit of either selling LESS, or grossing LESS on tour...and perhaps in this "BENEFIT FOR ORB"...raising LESS than the previous show. I'm of course, betting on orb's little vanity show...and the callousness of how that affects people's feeling for this whole PR BS by the orb...raising even LESS than the 2nd show. We shall see...