Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Paparazzo Beating by Keith?

We are all well aware of the pap beating by Kidman's bodyguards in L.A. when she was "pregnant" with Sunday. That incident was actually caught on tape. And we were able to see it online for a short time. Why were no charges filed? Did she dismiss the bodyguards because of it, or did they quit? How much money changed hands? So many questions.

Then a story came out in August that Keith verbally attacked a pap and kicked and pounded on his car in Nashville as Kidman & Urban were leaving a restaurant in July. Supposedly Keith was going to be questioned, but apparently no charges were filed. Again. Did the Urbans shell out more money to keep him quiet?

Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/Paparazzo_Keith_Urban_Attacked_Me/255869

Yesterday, a story appeared on a website that Keith physically attacked a pap in L.A. on New Year's Eve, again leaving a restaurant with Kidman. This pap was supposedly treated in a hospital. Will charges be filed? They should be, if this story is true. Or, will the almighty dollar once again buy silence?

Story: http://thelegalady.com/2012/01/15/exclusive-keith-urban-allegedly-attacked-paparazzo/

In the two most recent incidents we have not seen the photos that were supposedly being taken of the couple. Why does Keith lose his temper with the paps sometimes, and at other times smiles and waves at them?  Let's discuss.


joy said...

"""Why does Keith lose his temper with the paps sometimes, and at other times smiles and waves at them? Let's discuss.""

OK let's discuss: maybe he has good days & bad days like the rest of us, maybe at times he feels like being social & at times he doesn't, maybe he was having a moment of electrolyte imbalance, maybe he just wants to go out with his wife (children) & (even though he is known the world over) not be treated like a specimen under a magnifying glass, OH WAIT "maybe" Keith is human & has flaws, SHOCKING. We don't know how we would react & we sure as HECK don't know what the paparazzi said or did. They can be very ugly & brutal for a "money shot". It's easy to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I THINK that Keith would be as kind to people as people are to him. But I wasn't there & apparently neither were you. It's a shame that people have to get torn to shreds because they are entertainers. I say live your life & let them live theirs. Did I become a fan of Keith Urban's music because he was perfect or for that matter imperfect---NO! I became a fan of Keith Urban's music because he's DARN talented & his music is GREAT! Whatever is going on in his world is HIS business. 'Nough said.

blue sky said...

"maybe he has good days & bad days like the rest of us"

I'm sorry, but speak for yourself as I don't go around punching people who irritate me on a bad day. Unless the photographer put him and/or his wife in danger, violence is never an excuse. The family (sans Faith again) sure cleaned up well for their photo op in New York. He can't have his cake and eat it too.

Hatti said...

Why do we believe that KU actually did this? The paps that said KU and the restaurant owner were kicking his car. But the only thing he could show was a foot print?? Give me a break.

Let's try this on for size. KU was not in Nash on July 27th and maybe Moosie girl didn't know where he was and he wasn't in the mood to say. So she hired a guy to say KU kicked his car when he was leaving the rest. But then the rest. owner said they hadn't been there in months. So all of a sudden the paps says the rest owner was also involved!!

The only money that changed hands was Moosie girl paying the guy to put that out.

So I'm going to say this. I think KU was not around on Ny's Eve and Moosie not happy about it hired another paps to put this out. Now why?? Why?? Maybe to let KU know that if he keeps playing games she will put out more in the media than just a paps getting beat up.

Is this why he was at the GG acting like a good boy? Although it was obvious he wasn't overly excited to be there.

I think it's disgusting that Moosie girl uses the media to control her employee. Is he an employee or an indentured servant??

maclen said...

Ha! Yes...possibly engaging in an "assault" can SURELY be defended away based simply on the orb "being in a bad mood! Seems your call for compassion and understanding and "charity" extends ONLY to the orb...and not some possibly unfortunate pap who got his face bashed in for trying to take a photo! Seems someone's demand for "privacy' trumps another's right not to be beat to a pulp on the street. Seems "vigilante" justice only applies to celebs who you feel have been maligned or in your words, "ugly and brutal" towards orb by what...calling him a name? You seem to champion physically assaulting anyone who is critical of a self promoting public figure...I champion my own right to criticize a "public figure" who time and time again places his "personal" life out there for people to mull over. Your arguments are "invalidated" completely in my mind...when I am now sure you would approve of the orb bashing MY face in for my criticizing him on this blog! So much for your words of compassion and understanding and charity...

maclen said...

The orb HAS CHOSEN to be a "public figure." If he had preferred to not be overly scrutinized by the press and paps...he would have chosen a private profession. If he doesnt want people to pry into his personal life...perhaps he should stop doing magazine and radio interviews where he reveals tidbits of his personal life. If he didnt want his "music" to be intertangled with his "personal life"...perhaps he should have kept his personal life OUT of the music. And unfortunately for orb...he CANNOT pick and choose what will get put out there. And I have NO COMPASSION for his ever whining about it or maybe even beating a papparatz who simply caught him "at a bad time." Just because a fansie believes he should be able to reveal only what he wants to...that is not the reality...there are those who want to uncover more.
Obviously, IT WAS proven on film that kidman's bodyguard physically assaulted a paparatz for simply taking her picture...and since NO charges were ever filed nor a lawsuit put forward...it is obvious that kidman simply payed off the paparatz...or as some suggested...offered the paparatz a few "exclusives." And believing that the orb is simply the other side of the coin to kidman...he no doubt would offer a payoff as well to any assault or lawbreaking. This world is FULL of such corruption...and if it is true that the orb has assaulted two paparatz and simply bought his way out of any responsibility or consequences...AT LEAST I have the undeniable proof in my mind that his career is headed into the gutter...at least I have that!

joy said...

When you show me actual proof that he hit the person in the face well then I may believe it. Remember this is all heresay. If it really happened & was as bad as it sounds then why no police. Money can't buy everyone off. Also I do NOT condone violence of anyone. I would never "cheer" on an act of violence. I believe there is WAY more to this story that needs to be brought to light. As I said before we were not there & IF it did happen the person who was punched has the right to press charges & seek justice. Famous or not no one can just go around punching people for any reason without consequences. A lot of things "reported" are for PUBLICITY. There are people who spread rumors for resons unknown to us. I say again, I say live your life & let them live theirs. God bless & hopefully this will all be set straight for both sides ASAP.

Tara said...

CDAN Enty Lawyer said there is a history with Keith and his lack of understanding with the paps.
So what could have set him off?
He and Kidman were not in the most loved up demeanor - we know Kidman has thrown fits in public and I am sure Keith has been on the end of those but considering the are in LA where the Paps breed- probably not a great time to conduct your disagreements in public. Was the public child with them or perhaps the hidden child?
This isn't true at all and either Keith needed to be brought back under control
or Kidman needed some kind of special press because even though she may have looked great she was not going to get the attention that she would have in years past.
But why is it always about Keith being angry? Does he have a temper that no one ever sees? Or is there a behavior being established for future use by Kidman.

Never doubt these two and their motives. Kidman especially
It was just so much easier when it was only about his music but it hasn't been about that for almost 6 years now.

F.I.N.E said...

This is not someone spreading rumors, Joy. This is the "reported act" of a photographer who has secured an attorney in order to seek damages for his client's injuries.

The journalist that has reported this matter is well known and she also specializes in this type of reporting.

Yes, of course, there is more to this story; that is a no brainer, but if Urbs attorneys chose to settle this suit out of the court system then he would rather pay the damages upfront rather than have it open to the public.

Like it has been stated, the chances of it being prosecuted in the criminal system are weak.

The photographer's attorney might have encouraged his client to go the civil route for this reason.

If OJ can walk away from criminal prosecution after murdering his wife and likewise Casey Anthony after murdering her little girl then it has been proven it's sometimes difficult for the prosecutors to prove all elements of a crime.

Just curious, Joy, would it be allowed by your standards for Urban to slap his girls (gag) up and down for having vocal issues or a bad year of sales or does that just pertain to photographers?

F.I.N.E said...

Was the public child with them or perhaps the hidden child?

(good question, tara)

Nick had a yellow soft duck looking thing in her hand so it is possible the hidden child WAS with them.

maclen said...

joy said...
"When you show me actual proof that he hit the person in the face well then I may believe it. Remember this is all heresay. If it really happened & was as bad as it sounds then why no police."

I agree that unless there is ANY more about this accusation of an assault on the pap...we clearly cannot be sure whether it actually happened or not. Then, it's simply a question of whether you believe it happened or not. BUT...that is NOT what you ONLY commented on joy. You made "hypothetical" excuses for the orb possibly beating a pap. You commented...

"maybe he has good days & bad days like the rest of us, maybe at times he feels like being social & at times he doesn't, maybe he was having a moment of electrolyte imbalance, maybe he just wants to go out with his wife (children) & (even though he is known the world over) not be treated like a specimen under a magnifying glass"

...you are claiming here that IF orb HAD beat a pap...he is excused in your eyes because he is only being "human." And nowhere in your original comment do you say IF the assault happened, then it is wrong and orb should be held accountable. It is YOU who originally brought up the "what if he did it" and why he should be excused. Only in your response to my and blue sky's replies to your comment do you then say, it is wrong if he did it. But I suspect your original reaction of orb is "excused for these reasons"... are your true feelings.
As to your "then why no police"...well it seems you fail to acknowledge the kidman pap beating incident...which DID have video proof of a beating...yet NO charges were ever filed by the police. So joy, why do you think there were NO charges by the police in that "proven" case of a pap beating?

music said...

It doesn't seem like there's been very much coverage of this story. However the latest incident if true, does give some recent Kidman PR a new spin:

'I like the privacy of my life and I protect it quite vigilantly.'


blue sky said...

If Kidman protects her privacy, then why isn't she blocking Sunday from the camera? Would it be okay for Keith to punch a stranger invading their lunch for a picture for their Twitter account?

Tara said...

I am wondering if the hidden child was with them and he really blew up
about it?

joy said...

"""Just curious, Joy, would it be allowed by your standards for Urban to slap his girls (gag) up and down for having vocal issues or a bad year of sales or does that just pertain to photographers?"""

NO it would DEFINITLEY NOT be allowed by my standards.
I don't honestly believe Keith Urban would slap anybody. Y'all are again making a mountain out of a molehill. A police report is public record & when you all can provide one of this incident I will be more than happy to believe Keith did this. But just to let you know my world doesn't revolve around the outcome of this issue.

YOUR question was """"""""Why does Keith lose his temper with the paps sometimes, and at other times smiles and waves at them? Let's discuss.""

I was responding to LOSING HIS TEMPER. I was NOT responding to him POSSIBLY hitting anyone in the face. There is a difference. A person can lose their temper with words, with gestures, etc. but it doesn't mean they put their hands on another person. I'm entitled to my opinion as well as any here & I just happen to feel that Keith may have been upset but that he would NOT have punched someone in the face once much less numerous times. Again my world does not revolve around the putcome of this incident.

I am a fan of his music and just that. If it appears differently by my words here, sorry.

Hatti said...

Oh yes a lunch?? Broad daylight and no pics?? No cel phone cameras going. No one saw anything?? No one saw anything in Nash either?? ((gee))) it seems to me people are walking around oblivious to their surroundings? Yea just too many drugs out here in the world today. Nobody sees anything they are all in a fog. Yea right!! ((giggles))

Hatti said...

Well it's almost a month since the alleged attack on Wolf happened.

No media anything..no police report noted..I guess Moosie's message was clear to KU.. he went to the GG and behaved himself!! So it all went away just the way it started. Moosie girl pays dearly for her fabrications!!

Well she has so much money what is a million here and there if it does the job!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

So, for lack of anything noteworthy on the decline of orb's career...I'll go ahead and post this anyway.
So, in an obvious attempt to keep his name in the news...apparently orb's hacks had a few country sites regurgitate this from last year. I guess in keeping somewhat with the theme of the new video for his current single, which is basically live performing clips of his concert tour this past summer....BECAUSE his past tour was SUCH a smashing success! Let's see...it grossed $15.4 mil LESS than the previous...and attracted 205k LESS people!
Now, comes the touting of orb's songwriting "prowess!"...


Keith Urban Offers Songwriting Advice in New Video Clip

...songwriting advice? From orb? Let's take a look into that. So, in the 21 years since orb released his first album...going back to 1991's "Keith Urban" album...NOT to be mistaken for his 1999 album "Keith Urban"...or even the 1997 album after the fact "renamed" "Keith Urban in The Ranch" album...( I never give orb credit for originality or creativity, recall)...the orb has written a total of about 18 songs all by himself! That is without a co-writer... or two...or even 3 co writers! And not too surprising...of his 13 #1 singles...NOT one was written by orb solo! So again, orb's "prowess" as a songwritten is at best...REALLY lacking. More than likely...this is orb "advertising" for songs. So along with the boatload of co-songwriters and covers orb MUST employ to even simply release a paltry 8 track album..."GET LOSER!"...orb is clearly now begging for songs! As the article quotes the video of orb discussing "songwriting"...

"I think that collaborative process is very good, too, for getting to learn more about your craft but also getting to meet other writers. And that helps start networking, and you meet more people and before you know it you’re pitching me a song.”

You know, an interesting change for orb may be just that...why not write an entire album on his own! You know, he could shill it by saying "This is all me!"...JUST LIKE swifty! Orb is trying to be "just like swift." The only problem with that of course...the orb is INCAPABLE of doing that. So, what hodgepodge of an album will trickle out of orb next?

Hatti said...

Well maclen...I see that our conversation blogs and boards seem to be drying up. There is nothing note worthy with these two.

They say at the GGs they were shunned ( well they being Moosie and the Murdochs). KU has never been of interest to anyone in the film industry TV or Movies.

Moosie's days are over if she don't get this African film she will be totally over. This would be the first film in years that she hasn't produced to be the lead in.

They say the budget is fifty mil. Well you know that is so over the top for Moosie it's like a fairytale and it may be!! We haven't heard anything for awhile now.

KU is going to go to Oz and tape the Voice.. he will do his other things.. but unless he puts together a really great album this year and does something with his life so his fans feel he is real and truthful he will not go anywhere.

Certainly she can see this is not helping her career (the glimpse it is) to be half of the odd couple of HW!!! ((giggles))

Tara said...

Watch this entire Heidi Klume Seal thing play out
Just before Christmas there was a picture of them very happy together
then come the rumors that he is fooling around then the nonstory story that they are divorcing
then they aren't not yet
look for some of this same thing when our favorite couple finally decided to part.

As for the video- yeah its another performance video- this is his 4th or 5th one and thats nice for the bunnies and to show in Oz and he will have another one for the soundtrack song - keeps him in the Country eye. But the video isn't great nor noteworthy.

interesting Seal is also a judge on the Voice in OZ.

maclen said...

Clearly Hatti, kidman's number one problem is she is just too "one dimensional." A few years ago, when she tried light comedy with Bewitched, she flopped...when she tried a suspense thriller with The Invasion...she massively flopped...when she tried adventure/fantasy with The Golden Compass...she disappointed...when she tried epic romance with Australlia...she bombed. All she has now are these low budget indie flicks...or as I describe them...her "weepy and dreary" indie flicks...where she plays emotionally detached, cold or shady characters. There is not much appeal to them. Alas...orb is now suffering the same effect. As Ive just described orb...he is just too unoriginal and not very creative. And I would still be surprised if orb was to release a new album this year. I dont believe he has anything specically unique or inspired to put in it that will not simply cause his sales to continue to drop. That would NOT be a wise move...revealing just HOW much he has declined. Reminds me of that saying..."Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." If orb releases another album, and as I surely suspect... it sells even less that this current one has sold...orb will remove all doubt he is in decline. And if he does...then I also believe it helps me make my point!

Hatti said...

Yes maclen...I would say the one dimensional is called no talent!!! ((giggles)))

Well lets see what happens with this Voice thing and how good KU's voice is now.

I'm still banking on a real good album maybe he will write songs about his Brand New Life (if he doesn't have them all hidden under his mattress) now that would be a plus!!! ((giggles)))

Anonymous said...

You removed all doubt from my mind long ago mac and hattie.

maclen said...

Finally...after having released their initial top grossing tours report for 2011 for only the Top 25 tours, pollstar has released their complete Top 200 tours of 2011...with a few updates...


...and there are a few changes. In this updated report, orb drops from #25 to #27. Also of note, jason aldean jumps ahead of orb to #24 with a gross of $28.3 mil. This new report also reveals that toby keith lands at #29 with $25.5mil....tim mcgraw is at #31 with $23.9mil...Sugarland is at #33 with $22.7...rascal flatts at #37 with $22.0mil... brad paisley at #42 with $20.6mil. Now, of course the differing amount of shows per act could explain why they didnt gross as much as orb...but of course an interesting stat that I find most relevant is amount of people per show and total of people to their tours. So, here is the ranking for highest tickets per show..

1. swift- 23,146
2. chesney- 22,788
3. paisley- 13,926
4. t. keith- 13,654
5. aldean- 13,181
6. r. flatts- 12,783
7. mcgraw- 10,854
8. sugarland- 8,905
9. orb- 8,551

...and orb is last in that top group. Now, how about total tickets sold?

1. swift- 1.4mil
2. chesney-1.2mil
3. aldean- 817k
4. t. keith- 642k
5. mcgraw- 554k
6. flatts- 537k
7. paisley- 487k
8. sugarland- 481k
9. orb- 470k

...and again, orb is dead last in this category as well. Again, because of the differing total shows...differing ticket prices and etc...orb MAY have grossed more in total gross than keith or mcgraw etc...it is clear that orb is the LEAST popular in the amount of his people...his fanbase... that are willing to go out and pay to see him live.Now that is NOT a stat that will bode well for orb and his future. With only 8.5k per show..and 470k total attencance, orb would need to perform at least 130 shows in a year to reach the levels of attendance of swift or chesney.

maclen said...

Jan Jayne said...
"You removed all doubt from my mind long ago mac and hattie."

Whoa...how clever! You actually took time to submit THAT comment? Unfortunately for you, by commenting, you've also submitted to that saying... of revealing YOURSELF! But also unfortunately for the orb fansies...that is about as substantive as they will get around here these days. With ALL the longtime fansie's having tucked tail and disappeared from the scene... it takes a "newbie" to come take a timid swipe at the AVALANCE of data and stats that reveal the tanking and decline of orb's career. But plainly, YOUR love for the orb is hardly a valid "argument" in the question of the decline of orb's career. Is that all you have in your arsenal? I MAY be a fool...I MAY be an over-bloviating and infuriatingly unrelenting cynic...but it is not I who decides who sells the most cds or attend which concerts...the people who buy the cds and the concert tickets do. And orb IS not selling many of either! That IS a valid argument that orb is now a hasbeen. And which acts get the awards...or the country song #1's are decided most clearly by the awards committees and Billboard! As to the question of whether orb's STRONGEST point is his "awesome" live shows...as revealed by my previous comment...even LESS people paid to see orb live...407,000...than bought his last cd...about 680,000. So in actuality, orb's live shows are even less successful than his cd! So go ahead, adore the orb...but make no MISTAKE...you are in a vastly dwindling crowd....

Anonymous said...

Your crowd seems to be dwindling faster to me mac.

maclen said...

...post bloviating...

...it IS worth taking note for the fans of orb. All these relevant stats and the data that cut through all the PR and BS that get's thrown out there...as I warned in my previous comment...as you are busy worshipping at your shrine to the orb...there IS a possibility that due to these stats and data...orb MAY not release a new cd this year...he may not even release one a year later. I would say due to these numbers that is surely a possibility. And if not even then... maybe even eventually. At some point it will NOT be worth it for orb to release one.
Now, the new data has me inspired! I'm "jonesing" for the stat fix! So considering that it was about a year...or maybe even 2 years ago that I did a Youtube viewing comparison between the country act youtube channels. And seeing how Billboard MAY be changing the County singles song chart to include digital downloads AND social media in it's listing of #1s...VERY bad news for orb if that change does take effect soon. So, again, another Youtube channel ranking of country acts comparison. Here are the results. A total of channel view and total video views for each country act...

1. swift- 137million combined views
2. flatts- 80 million views
3. underwood- 77 million views
4. shelton- 65 million views
5. paisley- 49 million views
6. lady ant- 47 million views
7. chesney- 38. million views
8. lambert- 14 million
9. orb- 12 mill
10. aldean- 1.8 million views

...orb once again at the bottom end of the list. As for aldean...at least his cd sales arent as bad as orbs!
Now, in the rankings of youtube channel subscribers...

1 swift- 675k subscribers
2. underwood- 129k
3. shelton- 107k
4. lady ant- 63k
5. paisley- 56k
6. r. flatts- 55k
7. chesney- 37k
8. orb - 27k
9. lambert 23k
10. aldean- 3k

... again, near the botton of the listing. As to aldean again...as far as singles go...aldean has 3 platinum selling singles off his current album...to orb's singles NOT even reaching gold yet. So actually, the changes to the country song chart will actually HELP aldean! I see nothing but slime days ahead for orb!

maclen said...

Jan Jayne said...
"Your crowd seems to be dwindling faster to me mac."

Ive had FAR more challenging debates with my 8 year old niece...moving on...

...a recheck of orb's solo penned songs in his 20 years of recording...seems it is actually only 17 songs...not the 18 I earlier quoted that orb has scribbled out. So for a little visual perusal...here they are...

1. Why's it feel so long
2. I told you so
3. I wont let you down
4. Faster car
5. Got it right this time
6. God's been good to me
7. You're not alone tonight
8. Song for dad
9. One chord song
10. I wanna be your man (Forever)
11. If you wanna stay
12. Dont shut me out
13. Without you
14. Future plans
15. Love we got again
16. The river
17 I never work on sunday

...not exactly any country "classics' in that group, is there? Not even in orb's own body of work are these stand outs! And as I mentioned previously...NOT ONE of these is an orb single. Listening to a few of them last night as I compiled the list off of wiki...they're pretty unremarkable. What struck me most about his songs is how they are "structurally" awkward. The phrasing of his lyrics are not very appealing...he seems to cram in a phrase whether it fits into the melody or not... and the songs simply dont grab you or draw you into them. So it doesnt surprise me that these songs by orb are simply the "throwaways" or just album filler. A song that is so profoundly touching or well written will just stream into your consciousness without effort or thought. Orb apparently needs a "boatload" of co-writers to simply pound out a song that will get your toe tapping or serve as a skeleton for orb to crank on the guitar on stage..."Put you in a song" anyone?. But as I just pointed out...orb "on tour" aint exactly a what it used to be!

hoosierlady said...

Because I do not comment doesn't mean I do not read.

I'm still with you Maclen.

Why am I not suprised none of the "hits" were penned by KUNKY.

Hatti said...

Well maclen...I believe the reason for the decline is...The duo are boring..boring..boring. Fake phoney just goes so far. But when you got one person with no talent ie; (((Moosie girl))) and one that lost his creativity and spark being stuck with no talent...I guess there's not much to talk about!!! ((giggles)))

So Moosie girl has KU beating up paps and still nothing to really discuss. Why?? Phoney that's why!! Just another phoney story.

And why was Moosie and Rupie shunned at the GGs??? oh yes... cause they are both heavy handed self absorbed arses!!! :D

I could go on forever but you are the last one I want to bore maclen!! ;)

maclen as always your clarity is right on the mark!! :D

Tara said...

Lets face it he isn't sexy anymore.
Thats what they played with to get the women. The barefoot poet waiting for you in the bedroom... that sold the records it brought people to the shows and then when you got to the shows you were sold on the entire package.
When Kidman came along he lost his sex appeal. I mean the most pussy whipped man in America according to Esquire Magazine. The caca that came out of his mouth about Kidman and then you see them together and he starts dressing like a banker with no chemistry between he and his wife it just nulled him.