Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nicole's Biggest Lie of All

When we last left off, we were reading about how Nicole pledged to give up her career or, at least, “slowly dwindle away” for her kids...oops...she meant if she found true love again...remember?

And she sure did try hard to find that lasting love didn’t she?:

Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman is the latest beauty to fall into the arms of Italian motor racing boss Flavio Briatore. The Stepford Wives star, who was married to Tom Cruise for ten years, set tongues wagging when she was spotted sharing an intimate rendezvous with Briatore over dinner last week.

Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman is secretly dating New Zealand multi-millionaire Eric Watson. According to reports, the pair have been on a string of dates after meeting in Los Angeles, where Kidman is shooting new movie Bewitched. They were spotted together at the Oscar De La Hoya v Bernard Hopkins boxing fight in Las Vegas last week

Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman has been linked with Elizabeth Hurley's ex-boyfriend Steve Bing by a British newspaper. Kidman and Bing have enjoyed a series of dinner dates in New York. Nicole Kidman and Elizabeth Hurley's ex-boyfriend Steve Bing have fuelled reports they're dating, by passionately kissing across a Los Angeles restaurant table. And now Kidman and billionaire film producer Bing - the father of Hurley's two-year-old baby Damian - have been spotted acting intimately at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills. "Everyone had candles on their tables, but they blew theirs out. It wasn't some little kiss - it was an open-mouthed lip-lock." Neighbors have also seen Bing's car parked outside the apartment Kidman's renting while she films new movie Bewitched.

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman has slammed reports she is dating millionaire Steve Bing, insisting she is a "single woman". When asked about her relationship with The Polar Express producer Bing, Kidman says, "We are friends."

March 2003 - Intimate Law and Kidman Pictures Published - A worker at the hotel reports, "Jude didn't care who was watching. He only had eyes for Nicole and flirted with her from the minute she arrived. They seemed oblivious to the party going on around them and grew increasingly intimate. They were touching hands, playing with each other's hair, and touching each other under the table."

Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman has re-ignited speculation she's poised to marry singer Lenny Kravitz - by sporting a huge diamond ring on her wedding finger. The Moulin Rouge star - who's reportedly been dating the rocker since the summer - wore her new accessory at a recent awards ceremony in Hollywood.

Of course, according to her, these are all fabrications made up by tabloids:

Actress Nicole Kidman has inadvertently rubbished reports she's on the verge of marrying rocker Lenny Kravitz, by declaring she's still on the look-out for someone to fall in love with. The Oscar winning beauty - who divorced Tom Cruise in 2001 - insists she's eager to experience marriage again, but hints stories she's in a close relationship with Kravitz are false, because she remains "a woman by myself".

Kidman Attacks Media's Romance Tales - Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman is sick and tired of reading about her supposed boyfriends in newspapers - because she's never actually dated any of them. But Kidman dismisses the gossip as lies, insisting her love life's non-existent in contrast to the character the media have created. She says, "I've been single forever. If I'd truly been with all those men I'd be exhausted.

Or are they?:

The blossoming romance between Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz has been accidentally confirmed - by her ex-husband Tom Cruise. He said, "I'm now with Penelope Cruz and she is with, erm, she is with another." King pressed him by asking, "Who's she with?" prompting Cruise to mumble, "She's with Lenny, Lenny Kravitz. He's a very talented musician."

Nicole Kidman has made it public she's less than pleased with Tom Cruise's loose tongue at the premiere of her new film Cold Mountain. And, when asked about the romance at her Friday night premiere, she insisted the relationship isn't supposed to be public knowledge. She said, "I don't talk about it. I wish he didn't, but he does."

Oops. Damn it Tom!


Ah, Tom Cruise. The love of her life. The man who devastated her by hitting her with divorce papers out of the blue, crushing her fairytale world to pieces. He must have been something:

“What does it matter? It was, I mean, hurt it? I had a life with him. I spent a decade of my life with him...and loved him, still, will always, you know, I mean when you spend that amount of time with someone...(clears throat) they are with you.”

“I've told Tom I will be there for him for the rest of his life, always!”


No wonder she was so hesitant to settle down with all those other men:

“But why would a man want to be with me? I can't help but question people's motives, particularly men's. So many men want a possession or they want to be in a newspaper. Maybe that's misrepresenting some of the men I meet, but a lot of them are like that. But that someone would need a lot of strength to endure the attention of the first few years, and the chances of actually connecting with someone are slim.. It was such an intense love that you go, "Oh, if I ever give that to somebody again, I'm going to be so very careful.”

“I certainly won't be going into a marriage of [such] magnitude, I could never withstand that again.”

"I don't think I will ever put myself up for scrutiny, in terms of a personal relationship, ever again. It's too delicate, too ephemeral, too painful when it fails. So to have it on display terrifies me.”

Makes sense doesn’t it? And who could blame her. But that’s not exactly what she meant:

“I'd just like to meet a normal guy who's not interested in those things at all. That would be lovely. Then you can slip into a more anonymous life.”

“I would love to be married again. I'm still a huge believer in marriage. I like being married and I like having a family. I think there's something lovely about raising a child together.”

“I would get married again if I felt I wanted to spend the rest of my life with that person.”

Not that she is looking for a husband, because:

“I'm not looking. I don't ask men out and I can't be set up with anyone because I can't bear the thought of letting anyone down. I'm certainly not out there looking but I'm waiting, put it that way.”

And then she gave Keith her contact information in January of 2005. And when he did not contact her, she made sure to get hooked up with him through friend Renee Zellweger - then married to Keith’s best friend, Kenny Chesney - and finally got him to go out with her in July of 2005. But of course, in true Kidman fashion:

31 July 2005 - Kidman Spotted Out with Urban
29 July 2005 -Kidman Insists She's "Just Friends" with Urban - While Kidman's day out with Urban has sparked talk of a romance, her representative insists, "They are friends, and no, they are not dating.”
Aug 2005 - “There is no one now. I have an aversion to the idea of dating though. I prefer something more casual.”
“I have not found someone yet.”
25 January 2006 - Kidman Denies Country Singer Romance - Hollywood star Nicole Kidman has laughed off reports she is engaged to country singer Keith Urban, insisting they are simply enjoying a "nice friendship".

So where’d you get that honking ring on your left hand Nicole?


Oh, I see, we had to deny it:

“I don't believe you glance around a room, see someone and say that is going to be your future great love. I've always been painfully shy and guarded so that could never work for me. I need to know the person first. I need to be drawn out and need to draw him out.”

"Unless I'm married again, I'm not discussing. So until I've gotten married to somebody I'm not gonna say anything. I don't mean to be all ridiculous and coy but... I have two kids and I just like to protect that part of my life now 'cause I was in a very public thing for so many years. I couldn't go through that again, put it that way.”

“That’s not something I want to talk about. If I get married, when I get married, then I will talk about it. Until then, you know, when you’re a mother, I think there’s a certain amount of quietness that’s important.”

Or at least until you HAVE to talk about it:

April 2006 - Kidman: "I Still Love Cruise"- Nicole Kidman has poured out her heart about her feelings for ex-husband Tom Cruise, admitting she still loves the movie superstar. The actress says, "He was huge; still is. To me, he was just Tom, this lovely man, but to everybody else, he is huge. But he was lovely to me. And I loved him. I still love him.”

Oops! Here, let me fix this:

May 2006 - Kidman Announces Engagement- Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman is engaged to country music star Keith Urban. Kidman hosted the 30th Anniversary gala for United Nations organization UNIFEM in New York City on Saturday, where she was accompanied by Urban. The Hours star confirmed the engagement to US publication People, admitting Urban was not just her boyfriend saying, "He's actually my fiancé. I wouldn't be bringing my boyfriend (to the event).”

Oh, but wait, wait, wait!!!!! It’s not what it looks like, it’s not!:

Kidman: "Wedding Rumors Complete Nonsense "Kidman's Australian publicist Wendy Day says, "Everything about that story is nonsense. I know of no wedding. I know of no wedding date. I know of no wedding plans.”

Because, we all know she pledged the following:

“I would wait a lifetime for the right man rather than settle.”

“My kids are never going to meet anybody I would be interested in falling in love with until I knew it was serious. And then they’d get to make the decision along with me. I’ve always told them if that person comes along, it’ll be up to the three of us to decide. He’s got to get through three people, not one.”

Really? That is very, very interesting isn’t it?

July 2005 - Began dating Keith
October 2005 - Became engaged to Keith
December 2005 - Keith meets Isabella and Connor for the first time
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, - Nicole with Keith - no kids
February 2006 - Nicole moves in with Keith in Nashville
February school break, Easter, April school break - Nicole with Keith - no kids
June 2006 - marries Keith - Isabella and Connor meet Keith for the second time

But she tried, she really did. In fact, she wanted to spend so much more time with her children...really, she did. She was just so busy. Why she hardly had any time at all what with her busy schedule filming Fur and The invasion back to back, fitting in time for dates with Keith in Nashville, Washington & Connecticut. And when her films finally wrapped up shooting, Keith was on tour and she HAD TO accompany him. Then there was the James Taylor tribute, the Grammy’s, the Oscars. Setting up home in Nashville, acquiring her salon appointments, shopping for blankets at Bed, Bath & Beyond (“It’s my favorite store. It’s so middle-Tennessee!”), finding Yoga classes, riding horses on their ranch (huh?), and, of course, there was that wedding to plan.

“In terms of your life, if you start to exploit it, then what’s real and what’s not? What’s yours and what isn’t?” - Nicole Kidman

That’s a very good question Nicole.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

Anonymous said...

Great Work! I couldn't stop reading. Bravo to the writer!

Anonymous said...

yeeeeeehawwwwww! i believe you flat out nailed the woman!

Anonymous said...

Spot on!
Great Job!

Anonymous said...

She's the ultimate manipulator. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

You really have to feel sorry for old Nicole . . . NOT! Lies, lies, and more lies - what an extraordinary, earthy woman she is! Thanks for putting all of this in black and white for us!

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT, simply brilliant...I'm speechless.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

I just wish People.com would publish this instead of the insipid pics she pays them to post...

GoAwayPlease said...

Two completely self-supporting adults, have, of course, the absolute right to do what they like within the law; but I commend you for pointing out what these two and their Press Cohorts are in complete denial of:
1. those two poor adopted children have a case at the Human Rights commission

2. That woman has no need to make 3 pictures per year every year - what is she trying to prove

3. despite her father being a psychiatrist. he is obviously no help in guiding her choice of partner. This one has as many problems as the last.

Your blog could link very neatly to onlineopinionaustralia.com Forum thread #2912 the Why I Hate Nicole Kidman essay by Adriana Maxwell.


Anonymous said...

You can't argue with this, that's for sure! This is my main peeve with her and why hasn't anyone asked her this question directly? I'd love to know why she isn't following through with what she said unless she thinks hanging around with Keith on his tour bus for a couple of shows constitutes giving up her acting career. she doesn't need to work - Ever (we should be so lucky!) so why is it she's willing to forego her new marriage and more importantly, her children to make more D-list movies? I just don't get it!!!

Anonymous said...

Geez, and I thought there was going to be some big breaking news when you said "stay tuned for the biggest lie of all", like you had INSIDE info about something. This is all known information.

Urban Myths said...

Goawayplease (love the name by the way), there is already a link to the Aussie blog on the main page (under links)... Thanks for posting here!

Anonymous said...

So now you UM skeptics are posting new blogs and then responding to them yourself!!! Is it because that is the only positive response you will get? You girls are psychotic!

Anonymous said...

If I may be so bold as to say...

I don't always agree with what's written on this blog, but I do know this writer or writer's are good at what they do, even if it gets us in an uproar at times. Having said that I must post that there is nothing in this recent blog that I can argue with.


Anonymous said...

I think that neither Keith or Nicole have any clue what they want out of life other than to be famous. That's why their answers contradict each other. They answer the questions based on what mood they're in that particular day and when you add them all up, this is what it sounds like. They are both just a couple of selfish celebrities, nothing special about either of them. I'm sure deep down they both have good, honest, humble intentions but hunger for fame and money can blow those intentions all to h***.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for some inside info here. Oh well. Still enjoyed it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think it is interesting that even they themselves don't cover for each other. Nicole was recently "afraid" that the paps were going to cause her death, like Princess Diana, stating that they wouldn't leave her alone while she was overseas. However, Keith, in a recent interview said they are "Absolutely" able to go out alone in Sydney and that the paps leave them alone to do what they want. I am sure his wrist will be slapped for that mistake!

NotBuyingItInNashville said...

I applaud you for all the research you had to go through to find these quotes.

She ties the noose around her OWN neck with her fabrications.

Job well done! I really enjoy reading this site.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen ladies who enjoy patting themselves on the back as much as the skeptics do!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about them not covering for each other. I am trying to recall, but I seem to remember there was another faux pas at one time.

Does anyone else remember what it was?

Thanks for this blog, I enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

"Interesting point about them not covering for each other. I am trying to recall, but I seem to remember there was another faux pas at one time.

Does anyone else remember what it was?"

Hmmm, might it have been when she said that Keith was her "fiance" because she wouldn't take her "boyfriend" to the Unifem dinner, yet Keith didn't even know they were engaged? LMAO!

I can think of so many, actually.

Anonymous said...

"I have never seen ladies who enjoy patting themselves on the back as much as the skeptics do!!

April 25, 2007 5:56 PM "

Great way to start my day - thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

we enjoy patting ourselves on the back because we are always spot on! ha!

is that all you have to say? how about challenging some of the info in the blog?

Anonymous said...

Yeah you seem to be quiet this time around. Have you noticed that the skeptics aren't backing down or going anywhere so your wasting your time.

Great blog. I love that the information here is backed up with what the hypocrites are saying. I wish they'd get their stories straight. You would have thought that would have been in the contract.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint the skeptics, but maybe the rest of us had actual lives to live and that's what kept us from being able to trade never-ending barbs....

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! You guys love a good fight. So why are you here now? Go on and live that wonderful life of yours.

Anonymous said...

Challenge what? Everything you have written is probably true but nobody cares except the skeptics. The point is, none of this is an original idea. We already knew all of this. I thought the UM skeptics decided this time to only respond with gratitude for the writer of the blog. What happen? Getting bored amongst yourselves?

Anonymous said...

"Sorry to disappoint the skeptics, but maybe the rest of us had actual lives to live and that's what kept us from being able to trade never-ending barbs...."

Now that was good for a laugh! As if.

smellycat said...

Getting bored? No way!

notachance said...

It appears that everyone is starting to feel that these blogs are no different than beating a dead horse. Is there nothing else controversial about Keith besides NK?

justme said...

"It appears that everyone is starting to feel that these blogs are no different than beating a dead horse. Is there nothing else controversial about Keith besides NK?"

April 27, 2007 10:14 AM

Everyone? From the looks of it only you. Yeah, there's lots controversial about Keith but unfortunately Nickers seems to be at the root of most of it. And the only one flogging a dead horse at the moment is Keith...

Whitetrashcheeto said...

"Yeah you seem to be quiet this time around. Have you noticed that the skeptics aren't backing down or going anywhere so your wasting your time."

Just trying to figure out why you can't handle having anonymous posts on this blog. Like actually using a username is going to make a difference? You think I'll be using my UM username. Get real!!

notachance said...

I'm not sure why they won't allow anonymous posts now either. Are our screen names a secret window into our souls???

So, I still see that not that many skeptics have signed in. What? Out of "Thanks, Great Work, Bravo, can I kiss your ass even more" today?

FairytalesRneverTrue said...

anyone seen the latest?..now she and keith are begging tom to be able to see the kids more..

yeah right..what a load of crap..

and just when would that be exactly? 6 month epic..then 3 more movies..and the rights to a classic she's promptly going to ruin...just when is she planning on playing mommy dearest?

wildangel said...

Mommy Dearest would be her greatest role ever. She wouldn't have to research the part at all. She'd be extraordinary!

smellycat said...

"So, I still see that not that many skeptics have signed in. What? Out of "Thanks, Great Work, Bravo, can I kiss your ass even more" today?"

Yep, pretty much. Today we are going with, "You are pathetic; You Need to get a Life; You are a bitter shrew"
How's that for diversity?

TooLittleTooLate said...

You wanna fight with the skeptics....let me know what you wanna argue about and I'll be there. You seem to be bored when we don't argue with you, so we'll give you what you want.

You name one thing that is good about this marriage and we'll debate that.

This is a SKEPTICS blog...therefore it will have blogs written about SKEPTICAL things. The #1 skeptical thing in Keith's life is Nicole, whether you want to admit it or not. Obviously that will be the main focus on here. I'm sure there are other blogs that only talk about the music or only talk about the tour or only talk about what is his favorite color is or what kind of cookie he would be. If that's what you want, perhaps you should move on to one of those.

Most of us on this blog that are "skeptics" have been following Keith for years, have seen him multiple times and we would have NEVER thought his life would've turned out this way. Yes, he is a grown man and he makes his own decisions and we don't dispute that but judging by the way things go, ANYTHING wrong with his life, leads back to the She-Devil. That's when this roller coaster started.

Just like there are many different levels of "bunnies" there are many different levels of "skeptics". Grouping everyone into one category is ridiculous. This goes both ways.

If you don't like what you read, dispute it with facts, don't bash the blogger or the posters. All that does is make you look childish. God doesn't like ugly! Remember that...it might help you in the future.

TameTheShrew said...

"God doesn't like ugly! Remember that...it might help you in the future."

I sure hope Nicole is reading. That's a powerful lesson!

doublewide said...

nice post toolittletoolate

Whitetrashcheeto said...

"Most of us on this blog that are "skeptics" have been following Keith for years, have seen him multiple times and we would have NEVER thought his life would've turned out this way. Yes, he is a grown man and he makes his own decisions and we don't dispute that but judging by the way things go, ANYTHING wrong with his life, leads back to the She-Devil. That's when this roller coaster started."

From your post and your username I'm left to question why you're still following him then or even spending the time to post about him?

You want a new topic to argue, her you go....

Why can you no longer post anonymously? Seems kinda ridiculous.

smellycat said...

"From your post and your username I'm left to question why you're still following him then or even spending the time to post about him?

You want a new topic to argue, her you go....

Why can you no longer post anonymously? Seems kinda ridiculous"

I can't speak for this poster personally, but the majority of us here, still want the music. Without the sideshow. We have supported him for years and just aren't willing to give up just yet.

We want to go to shows and have him fully engaged with us and the music. We don't want to hear how she would be there if she could. Or how the tour is dedicated to her. It's over the top and unnecessary.

And it isn't us that feels the constant need to argue at point.

I for one, like having the usernames. It makes it much easier to quote a specific poster.

TooLittleTooLate said...

Are we not still anonymous?

1 : not named or identified (an anonymous author) (they wish to remain anonymous)
Do you know me, do I know you? I agree that it helps when quoting. If you want to, just keep your username as Anonymous#1.

Thank you Smellycat for the response. You took the words right out of my mouth.

I do not hate Keith and I still respect his talent very much. I have tickets to several shows this year and I'll be one of the the ones jumping up and down and screaming. I won't deny that. Who he's married to isn't going to keep me away from his shows until THAT part of his life starts to interfere with his performance. THEN I will have to rethink where I spend my money.

From what I've seen and heard, his personality and charisma "on stage" when nic isn't there, hasn't changed, Yet.

The people who will give up on him BECAUSE of his personal life decisions, when it doesn't effect his talent, well....they aren't really true fans to begin with, in my opinion.

Sure... you should respect the "person" as well as the "artist" But... should you not attend a hell of a show, if that is what he has to offer, and enjoy yourself, JUST BECAUSE he's married to a self-involved skank and he acts like a dumb-ass Off the Stage. It's up to you, but I know I won't miss it.

I don't like the sideshow marriage because I worry that the longer it goes on, the more he'll lose himself in the "folds of fame" and he'll forget the stuff that makes him so special as an artist. The man has an insurmountable amount of talent and I'll miss that if he lets it get lost in the tabloids. I think we all will.

I'm not angry that he married her, I think he honestly loves her and she loves her name in the paper. I'm sad because it's slowly turning him into an "object" and not an "Inspiration"

Whitetrashcheeto said...

Anyone hear Keith cancelled his Manchester show because of throat problems? Hope it's just a cold and nothing serious.

notachance said...

please don't tell me the "throat" is acting up again. That's not a good omen.....

Urban Myths said...

Where is the offcial statement, Keith? This is so wrong...

FairytalesRneverTrue said...


posts 7 and 8...

he's gone back to Oz..and the band seems once again to be the last to know...

yepaskeptic said...

I find it interesting that not once Nicole Kidman has been seen actively smooching or even ENJOYING the touch od Keith Urban...yes, a little peck on the cheek now and then and she looks like she tolerates it. Barely. Frankly her body language speaks volumes!
Excellent research UM!! Your timelines are very telling.

Whitetrashcheeto said...

Yeah, and did you see the person on the board who was PO'd blaming Keith for not taking care of his voice? Yeah, it's upsetting to spend money getting to a show, making hotel and airfare arrangements...I know, it happened to me when he had his vocal cord issue, but that's the chance you take. Being pissed at the situation is one thing, but imagine how pissed Keith is. Not only does he have some kind of throat issue which could possibly interfere with his tour down the road (sore throat or more), but he's losing money and knows he's disappointing his fans as well. I would think he's probably not real happy at this point.

It gets me how self-absorbed people are to post crap like that. It's one thing to be disappointed in Keith's actions for the last couple of years, but deliberatly blaming him for his throat issue is assanine.

Imnohick said...

If Keith had a vocal cord issue or an acute infection that resulted in the cancellation of the show, it is obviously beyond his control. However, there should be an official statement issued. That is the least that he and his PR people could do. It would clarify the situation and reduce speculation.

At this time, people are wondering what has happened. Keith has cancelled shows for vocal reasons and, last fall, for rehab. If he has another vocal cord injury it is not a good sign for his long term career, let alone the existing tour schedule. Flying back and forth to Oz will compound that problem. If I thought he had injured his cords again, I might think twice about booking flights or planning to attend a show away from home, because I don't want to spend a lot of money and then have the show cancelled at the last minute.

If it is related to his addictions, wow...that would be very bad news also.

If it's an acute infection, well, that would be something that would have less of an impact on the remainder of the tour.

I don't doubt that it is a legitimate reason ... but in the end, they need to come clean and let the fans know the circumstances. Because he has cancelled several shows and engagements in the last 18 months, people are getting a bit antsy regarding his reliability. He needs to show the fans that he is thinking of them and is sorry for the inconvenience.

Whitetrashcheeto said...

I agree about making an official announcement on his cancellation but it's possible the delay is because he's overseas and it happened late Friday over there, which is really Saturday here. Not making excuses, and I do recall I don't think there's ever been an official statement on any of his cancelled shows. It also might be too soon to determine what's really wrong. Just trying to throw possible reasonings out there, but I had heard a few fans saw him in starbucks. He was kind enough to sign autographs, but said he could barely talk.

FairytalesRneverTrue said...

HELLOOOOOOOOOO people(not everyone,just those that don't GET IT!)i am not a member of the Monkey board..my "passport" expired 2 years ago..and that was before i became a "true skeptic"..his fan club sucked..plain and simple and i didn't re-new...and it has obviously..STUILL DOES!!!..

but good god..it seems to me that INTELLIGENT people are missing the point!!

the voacal chords are an instrument....like any intrument..those indtruments need work and re-hearsal....way more so than a good guitar lick..

in the last 18 months..except for maybe a day here and there Keith hasn't exersized those vocal chords..he hasn't hd a session with a vocal coach..he hasn't "rehearsed"!!and this is a man with KNOWN vacal chord problems..he has himself admitted to it..

WTF..you take 2 years off and you can't committ to 10 weeks (at least) of rehersals for the band..and YOUR VOICE???..if he really "lost" that instrument..it's because he himself let it go to shit..

oh give me a flippin break!!..I don't care WHAT genre he calls himself these days..(my best guess would be pop) he didn't prepare..because he ws too busy with being NK's waterboy..he has NOT rehearsed..He HAS NOT practiced..and people want to have a pity party for him???

Wake up folks..he's responsible for this..

and this is coming from a person that went through 6 shows where his voice was "shot" because he'd snorted so much coke..the audience had to fill in for him..but ya know what..he still put on a hell of a show..and even IF the audience had to sing "most" of the songs..we loved him anyway..

botton line is..wake up and smell the coffee..he is no longer the Keith Urban he SOLD you...he's not only full of Monkey shit..but he's Nic's flippin' lackey!!
how can anyone posibly find anything to respect about that?

bottom line..HE"S A PUSSY!!!!!!!

smellycat said...

Thank you for saying what so many of us are feeling. And saying it so well!

southern star said...


"Anyone who doesn't believe it needs only to think about his recent lack of success in country music. NO #1 single since late 2005; no award NOMINATIONS at the CMT's let alone wins; lagging ticket sales. The contrast between the 2005 ETOY and Keith Kidman is remarkable."



And when his story is written, it will tell how he wasted what was a promising career, all for what? Being wealthy and in the paper?

That won't make him happy, it won't help him establish a solid family with the kind of values he was raised with, and it won't bring him the satisfaction he once had -- of being good at what he does.

Too bad.