Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dear Keith,

I know this may be difficult for you to read but I’m leaving you.

You have changed musically and not in a good way. Over these long, long months, I have tried to get you to listen to your inner voice but someone always changes your focus. I have spent long hours working on those melodies that play over and over in your head but you won’t even pick up a pen or touch your guitar. I’m exhausted from fighting the demons that you carry and the new ones that find you everyday. I’m truly confused as to why you ignore me day after day.

We made such a good team, you and me. I was never too far away and you never hesitated to take my suggestions and build on them. Remember how I woke you up in the middle of the night with the melody for Days Go By? Remember when you couldn’t figure out that really complicated chord progression and you called me to help out? We created Somebody Like You, remember that? You were so receptive to me and I couldn’t wait to help you. All those melodies we hummed in the shower, pure genius! All those songs we worked on together became number ones, remember how good that felt? I do. We almost had it all, didn’t we baby.

It makes me sad to think you no longer have time for me but there is no use pretending any longer. Have you even noticed that I’m not around? I hope all the success didn’t scare you back to the level that I initially found you. I would hate to think you fell so far back…

I hope someday you need and want me to help you again. You know where to find me if you do. I’ll be waiting.

Your Muse

P.S. In case you are wondering, I am recovering from being shoved out of your life but I still have a rather nasty bruise on my behind from being kicked to the curb.


maclen said...

Yes, you are correct Urban Myths, urban is very content at being a confortably kept man. And being that he feels he can coast on the mediocre results of his last album shows there is no hope for his country music career....But... urban's remaining devoted country music fans still out there, take heart! For I just read a very fawning...(and ridicuous, btw) article of the opening duo show at, which proclaims that its now confirmed... urban is a now a full fledged ROCK STAR! (i guess because he did a few cover songs by AC/DC, Deep Purple and Van Halen... yeah he is so hip... 60s and 70s retreads.... hey, who does he think he is gonna be now? Lenny Kravitz ?) So urban's devoted country fans, you can be rest assured, and look forward to a urban cover album of songs by Foghat, Jethro Tull and Motley Crue!...Hooray for you!!

realitycheck said...

This blog just sums up the know-it-all mentality of the skeptics.

maclen said...

...oh yes...just a little afterthough, to add to the perspective on this specific situation... and to add some recent history, ( of which I'm sure urban will never learn from, he'll jsut continue to make the same laughable mistakes) And that is to recall what happened to garth brooks. Back in the 90s, he was the biggest performer in country music. He too was riding high on the wave of success... in country music. And then in 1999, he tried to expand into the "pop" scene... does anyone remember "Chris Gaines?" He too started doing pop song retreads from the 60s and 70s... and talked about a chris gaines movie. Then he just disappeared from the scene, until just recently, hes got another album out... 8 years later. Anyone confident enough urban could come back after just a few years?

notachance said...

A) Garth did not retreat from the scene due to the Chris Gaines thing. If he'd released a regular album next it would've just been a (baby) bump in the road - but he chose to stay home with the kids.

B) Garth was and still is far more popular than any other country artist out there. There's just NO comparison to Keith at all here. If Garth chose to tour nationwide now, it would most likely set touring records that no one could reach.

Tara said...

For those who know...
Garth based Chris Gaines on Keith Urban. There are a number of reasons why some felt Garth saw the potential in Keith to be a superstar and he wanted to derail that train before it got down the road. Others felt Garth was having some very significant family issues and didn't put the time into the Chris Gains character as this was supposed to be a movie. Either way the songs on that record aren't that bad and a lot better than anything Keith Urban has put out in the last two years.

KUsnob said...

Some of you girls might want to call over to UCLA and see if there's any room at the Inn. I'm sure Britney could use a roommate.

Chris Gaines based on Keith Urban, where'd ya read that? Urban Myth magazine? Good Lord, oh wait..he said that in his Garth Brooks interview on GAC, right. Oh, the one that aired about 5000 times over and over again for a month straight.

And McClen, If you'd listen to the Ranch you'd know he'd been a fan of rock as well as country just the same.

So all of you are just strictly fans of country music. None of you wore Aqua Net, and loved Bon Jovi? Please!

The Chris Gaines thing, has just sent me over though! I nearly caught my computer on fire!

Perspone said...

realitycheck said...
This blog just sums up the know-it-all mentality of the skeptics.

realitycheck I think the writer of the blog isn't being a know-it-all, they are simply trying to state a feeling that Keith has either lost his muse, or is failing to listen to that inner creative voice where the ideas for songs come from. Honestly, his last studio album was a less then stellar accomplishment. There have been no No. 1 hits because there really is nothing on the album capable of making it to number 1. With the track record Keith had with his previous two albums, Love Pain & Whole Crazy Thing has to be considered a failure. It hasn't even been able to sustain sales, causing Capitol to release the GH album in order to get some kind of return on their investment.

Now everyone is entitled to create a bad album, no one is on all the time. That's why I am trying to reserve judgement on his music until I hear the new studio album, which should be out late this year or early next if he keeps to the same time table. I will not buy an album of covers, so Keith if you can't write due writer's block or to much going on in your personal life, then you need to find some kick ass songs for the next album.

maclen said...

As I've mentioned a few times before, as the saying goes... as cliched as it may be, it is always true... those who choose, or refuse to heed the mistakes of the past, are always doomed to repeat them. The ridiculous claim from that urban is a "full fledged rock star" because he plays ac/dc or van halen at a live show, shows a very unsophisticated view of the realities of the music biz. But I wouldnt put it above urban to read that nonsense and actually begin to believe he could cross over... (As he seems to be heading, what with the duet with nelly furtado hints at later this year) ... even from a weaker state that garth brooks, who had far more phenomenal success than obviously urban will ever be able to attain.

Tara said...

kusnob- you don't live up to your name..
everyone knows that Keith was Garth
Brooks man crush for years....
look at the liner notes for the Gaines record and the pr about Keith when his first solo CD came out

realitycheck said...

The Chris Gaines was based on KU rumor has been swirling around for years. I find it hilarious. "Chris Gaines" on his best day is no Keith Urban.

maclen said...

Well, tara, it may seem that the so called "rumors", and what your saying about brooks basing gaines on urban... may have been started by urban himself. From an old In Tune article, dated 11/22/99, quotes urban as saying, "I mean, what are the chances of Garth coming in with this character, who was born in 1967, raised in Brisbane, Australia, and is doing stuff that is really quite similar (to my music) -- and he's on the same label!"
Boy and to think i had no idea of that fact when i mentioned garth brooks and chris gaines. But you urbanites, you should really try to ignore the fact that chris gaines LP out sold urban's last cd, and only hope that history does not repeat itself.... and oh yes, garth brooks is now currently outselling urban as well.

banbotox said...

perspone, I took this blog exactly like you did. Keith's creative abilities have been silenced. Every artist cannot be "on" all the time and I think Keith's long term fans understand and are willing to wait this out for the next studio cd. I just hope he has been working on it with all the time off he has had.
Keith has said that the Pain cd did not turn out like he had wanted it too but the fact is he put it out there anyway so he is living with the results-and they haven't been very pretty.

wastedemotion said...

Keith the influence for Chris Gaines.....that had me laughing my butt off!!! Nice try, but way off! Did Garth think Keith was going to be huge sure, anyone who saw him back then thought the same's clear anything Garth touches (aside from Chris Gaines) is guaranteed to succeed....Keith will never ever ever be as successful as Garth. And no if Keith disappered from the scene right now, and tried to come back in 8 years, I dont think he'd make it.
As for the blog, I asked last week and nobody bothered to answer....I can only assume it's because they knew I was right, but....why bother reading this blog if it bothers you so much?! I mean really realitycheck did you ever bother to think maybe it's you that needs a realitycheck and that your obsession with Keith has you so blinded by the truth? He isnt perfect and you can think that and still enjoy him as a musician. I do....I didnt like LP&TWCT, and I thought Greatest Hits was an insult to fans (it's just a way to make a buck IMO) but I still love the older stuff, and as of yet havent been disappointed with a live show. That said, all your reading her is one persons opinion it doesnt make them a skeptic and doesnt make them a know-it-all wanna see know-it-all's go check over at monkeyville there are several that are worshiped over thre for their "knowledge."
The cover he and Carrie are doing as a duet IMO was a poor poor choice, there are far more recognizable songs they could have done together.....again it's just one choice of many I dont agree with.

KUsnob said...

I assume that all of you devoted Keith Urban music lovin' fans must have thought Be Here was the greatest CD of all time then? I mean the whole barefoot poet thing must have really tore at your heartstrings and he must have really been singing Making Memories right to you. (Of course, I thought that when Tracy Bryd sang it to me a couple of years PRIOR to Keith recording it, but I digress)

I could honestly say this not about Nicole or even Niki, but since Golden Road and have been let down. Be Here was no turning point. Was no great album. Was nothing but fillers on something that was suppose to skyrocket him beyond Golden Road but yet left me feeling empty and putting Be Here back on the shelf and leaving GR in the car.

Thankfully, though not always completely happy I enjoy the latest. And for those of you not familiar with the music business, Greatest Hits, are ususally called contract fillers. Means it's time for Capitol to renegotiate and for Keith and for those of you hatin' at home the Mrs. to make more money or take business elsewhere.

Was the album country music radio friendly? Probably not. Was it what every Keith Urban fantasty filled dream where he rides off into the sunset with them? Probably not either, especially since he devoted it to her. But, get past it. Many times over, you spend so much time focused on her hate for her, that you've lost your desire for the music. And that my friends is your loss.

While, I agree with you that the music isn't the best she wasn't around when Be Here was made and that album will soon be on the discount shelf before long.

And that Chris Gaines stuff, stuff of legends Tara. Stuff of legends.

wastedemotion said...

I actually prefer The Ranch, the self titled aka blue album, and Golden Road to any of his other cds, with The Ranch being my all time favorite.
Be Here has two tracks on it I love...She's Gotta Be for the incredible guitar work, and Nobody Drinks Alone for personal reasons, the rest of the album is ok.
However I think there are more people who post on message boards and blogs that have blinders on and think any cd he puts out is better than the last.
As for the Greatest Hits, I again say it's an insult and just a way to make a few more bucks off fans. I'd rather put my own GH album together.

Perspone said...

Kusnob, I loved the Be Here album, not because I thought I was going to ride off into the sunset with Keith, but because the music made me feel good. The album was pleasant to listen too. My problem with LP&TWCT is that I know he can do better. Honestly, he could have dedicated the album to a goat, as long as the music's good, I'll be there. I am having the same problem with the live shows, I know he can do better. If Keith is just going to show up and go through the motions, then I'll spend my money elsewhere and that's what I have been doing. My cities is one of the cities added to the tour schedule for Keith and Carrie, but I won't be going. That being said, should he put out another album of good music, then I'll probably spend my money to see him on tour again, though I will never, ever travel again just to see him.

maclen said...

wastedemotion, your question about why these urbanites continue to come back to this blog, you know all outraged and in hyperventilating overdrive,.. ( and dont I get a huge kick out of tweaking their outrage!)... it's pretty obvious they are not satisfied with the thought stifling and opinion snuffing of their heroes fansites. Also, they are conflicted with the obvious slide there little "rock star" has taken and no doubt find comfort in defending his honor here in this "make believe, fantasy blog", where we make up quotes and make up our own opinions that no one would possibly believe... yet they will make the effort to dispute it all. Again, its understandable why they would rather be here than at the reality based monkeyland... they surely will give it to them straight, right?

biteme said...

wastedemotion- OMG you just said how I feel almost exactly.

The people that post on his message board are posting that stuff because you are not allowed to have a negative opinion. That is why you see the garbage that you do. Same with NKs site.

I absolutely love Golden Road. It was the one that got me into Keith. I also loved Be Here. That tour brings alot a of great memories for me. The LP&TWCT album to me was not country but was okay. Some fans are annoyed because it is not country enough for them. That is an opinion. No one can be 100% on the mark. Not everyone make an excellent album each time.

I will keep going to his shows as long as the famewhore is not there.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I noticed that the results of that "pregnancy poll" you conducted is no longer shown on the main page!

Why? You didn't like to see the results - that over 50% of the votes were cast for Nicole being actually pregnant.

Perspone said...

Sonora_Melody said...
Ha! I noticed that the results of that "pregnancy poll" you conducted is no longer shown on the main page!

Why? You didn't like to see the results - that over 50% of the votes were cast for Nicole being actually pregnant.

Actually, we knew that would be the quickest way to get people from MV and NK's website to look at our blog. All you lemmings live for polls, we knew if we posted polls, it would eventually attract the bunnies who have nothing better to do all day but clear their cookies and vote incessantly in any poll which involves KU and NK. We welcome debate and people who state dissenting opinions, this is the reason for this blog, because dissenting opinions are not welcome on the Fansites. What we do not welcome are the personal attacks made on the posters, just because their views don't match those of the fans who chose to believe all the PR they are fed.

maclen said...

yes, perspone, you can clearly spot the monkeys and goats. And if you notice, most of the monkeys are not exactly too happy about how things are going with urban, and some still have hope. But it seems this is the one place they can voice their dissatisfaction... as for the kidman goats... they are just so hopeless....

banbotox said...

maclen said...the kidman goats

I just had to clean the soda off of my keyboard maclen..that was hysterical!

Since this blog allows for dissenting opinions that is probably why the bunnies return with their one sentence comments. No swiffering done here but too bad the personal attacks continue. It takes away from any shred of a point they were attempting to make.

I think the poll had ended-that's why it was removed sonora. Not because of the outcome.

Anonymous said...

banbotox - "I think the poll had ended-that's why it was removed sonora. Not because of the outcome"


You guys continue to diplay the
"Since Isabella and Connor call Katie "Mom", what should they call Nicole? results LONG after the poll was over.

Admit it, you guys did not get the results you wanted!!

realitycheck said...

Agreed sonora. I was wondering how long they would allow the results to be seen and poof! they're gone. Not hard to figure out why.