Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Sneak Peek into Urban's Greatest Hits

We at Urban Myths are happy to give all of you a sneak peak into Keith Urban's Greatest Hits. We have learned that Keith got his beautiful, beautiful princess in the studio to record a remake of the Barbra Streisand/ Neil Diamond hit You Don't Bring Me Flowers. The lyrics have been changed to reflect the happy couple’s current relationship. Since we could get into big trouble if we had an actual link to the song… we have to settle for the lyrics.

Here is a guide to the vocal parts...
K = Keith Urban
BBP = Keith's contractual wife

BBP - You don't bring me flowers
K - But I sing you stupid love songs
BBP - You hardly talk to me anymore when you come through the door after your 17 hour flight.
K - You never tell anyone you love me just that you can't live without a child
BBP - Now after we have done some photo ops - when its good for you
even if we fight- you walk out and get on that damn motorbike
K - Well you expect me to hang at your work day and night
BBP - You never send me flowers anymore

K - It used to be so natural to talk about you being my savior
but used to be’s don't count anymore when you talk about your
first husband and never mention me

BBP - Baby just remember all the things I taught you. I taught you
how to smile when you’re very depressed, I showed you how to lie because it was the best. I even made you go to rehab when all you needed was a rest.

K - Well you know someday I will tell you goodbye
BBP - No you know I will tell you when its time to tell me goodbye
BBP - You never send me flowers anymore

K + BBP - Yes we can't wait til we can say goodbye

K - You never really needed me
BBP - You seem to just want my money

K+BBP - We don't really care about flowers, it’s just for show

I can't wait for the video - can you???


maclen said...

Yes, that fits them to a tee... but it gave me terrible flashbacks to her duet with robbie williams a few years ago, aptly called, Something Stupid. But lets recount the recent abominations... they made a recent appearence together in NY, for her next movie, which is making its 3rd movie festival showing, and its sinking faster than kidmans left breast... her awards chances are falling faster than urbans CD on the charts... and no doubt she's hopped the jet to germany to spend more time on her beloved movie set, leaving urban to record, perhaps, and other recreations... will see in the next update of this so called union...

realitycheck said...

You must really have alot of time on your hands to come up with that tripe.

maclen said...

...and you must not have enough brains to come up with any more than one simple sentence...

banbotox said...

Maybe that will be the CMA Single and Song of the Year!

I can't wait to hear how the 4 new songs on this cd will reflect where Keith is in his balanced life now.

maclen-you made me laugh outloud!

doublewide said...

maclen-you made me laugh outloud!

me, too! love the left breast comment....

i have seen that insipid video with NK and about a puker

and realitycheck....our bloggers don't need much time....they're simply brilliant!

maclen said...

Yeah, her recent "cleavage" unveiling is extra ridiculous, and not only because of the quotes from interviews where she says she will never have that kind of surgery..."What you see is what you get"... but she has absolutely no other explaination for it. While other stars have becoming pregnant as an excuse, its very apparent she doesnt... and its not like she would gain any weight to explain it. So she just looks desperate, and, no pun intended, manipulative.

doublewide said...

lol maclen....

i can't believe she can't SEE how desperate she looks...i saw an article not long ago, and everything she said was a lie. it was all about plastic surgery and botox....and how she would NEVER do it. she's a piece of work i tell ya

Anna said...

I love this song! You need to get it recorded.
Maclen you are a crack up! It's nice to see other people clearly seeing past how obvious the manipulative lying is that Nicole does in the press. She learnt it from the best in the business, such a shame she's polluting Keith with it now,i.e "the accident that never was"

cricket said...

Great song.Totally fits them.I guess she was too cheap to get both breasts done?Is there some logical reason the right one looks like an overinflated ballon and the left one seems to have flown the coop.I think her botox is leaking out of her right armpit and causing that yellow stain in the NYC pictures.

maclen said...

Hey Anna, yes she's definately the hollywood chameleon, adapting to whatever the latest trends to try and stay at the center of all the action. Shes decided to get that paris/lindsey/britney-itis...denial of anything that even hints at bad press... or that its not as bad as reported, it's blown out of proportion. Yet when asked how it actually was, she'll say "oh thats too personal!" Well, too personal unless its for vanity fair, and she needs a career lift...

Anonymous said...

"adapting to whatever the latest trends to try and stay at the center of all the action"

You must BE JOKING! Is that why she has been in Australia practically the whole time this year, heads-down with her filming, and came back to the U.S. a couple of weekends ago to help with a fundraiser and promoting 2 of her films.

I think all of you are letting that green slime called ENVY clog your brain cells. That's why you can't think and behave rationally.

notachance said...

I, too, was wondering what happened with her boobs. She clearly wanted everyone to see the right one and was very proud of it. Even before this though, I thought that she'd had implants. She used to have tiny boobs (like nubs) when her and Tommy first got together, and after the divorce she developed a chest.

Perspone said...

Sonora melody, we must be envious because we don't believe everything NK and her PR people try to drive down our throats. Obviously, your disturbed by anyone who thinks for themselves, who choses to look at everything and make their own conclusions instead of believing the BS that is fed to us by NK. Honestly, I don't want NK's life because I know it's not a bed of roses. She lives in fear that her fraud of a career is going to disappear and she will be nothing.

Anonymous said...

"She lives in fear that her fraud of a career is going to disappear and she will be nothing."

Even if she's to stop making movies NOW, she'll still be sitting on a net worth of over US$200M. That's more than enough to live in luxury for a lifetime.

Life is grand, isn't it? She has all these million$$$, a hunky husband, a loving family, and pretty soon a dream home on a farm in Tennessee. She and her hubby must be singing "Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me" everyday!

And all you NK-haters can just go on exile to the fantasy land of cheetos and sodas, and balloon to doublewide proportion.

Perspone said...

Sonora what you forget is that it's not about the money for her, it's about the limelight. The money is secondary to her, she lives for the attention. If she's no longer making movies, then that will limit the amount of coverage she gets, because she won't be getting the bad press for making really bad movies.

doublewide said...

Life is grand, isn't it? She has all these million$$$, a hunky husband, a loving family, and pretty soon a dream home on a farm in Tennessee. She and her hubby must be singing "Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me" everyday!

yeah, she's happy go lucky alright. money doesn't make you happy, and her hunky hubby is hired. she hates nashville, and doesn't even like to visit, much less live there on a farm! good lord, do you people have a brain?

and as for your last comment, the cheeto and soda comments are inside wouldn't get em

ShutUpAndSing said...


Yes she has $220 million of which I believe $90 million of it is Tom's. Yes, she is a high paid actress BUT her bombs are catching up with her. And it's not just the skeptics who are taking notice. It was only a matter of time.

Envious of Nicole..I really don't like so. Yes she has the money, yes, sometimes she has the "perfect look" that's all thanks to the money. Most the time when she isn't dress up and airbrushed she just looks like an old crazy hag. Yes she has a "contracted husband" and even though it is Keith, I wouldn't want him that way. And if you think that she will actually live in Nashville, I think your wrong. It's just another good sound wanting a baby.

btw..just cause you have $220 doesn't mean you are happy or a good person.

I think Nicole is just an actress playing the part of someone called Nicole Kidman.

So..I Wouldn't Want To Be Her!

Anonymous said...

Who cares if they actually live in Nashville?

There are a lot of nice places to live. Let's see, with their millions$$$, they can spend a couple of months in Tennessee, spend months in Sydney, perhaps have a beach house in Tahiti, or buy a chateau in France. Gosh, they can even buy a castle like Jane Seymour and Shania Twain.

The further away they can get from the lot of you, the better!

ShutUpAndSing said...

I don't care if she lives in Nashville. I and a few people I have meet in Nashville that have had to wait on her would prefer that she didn't.

I was just pointing out one of her many lies.

Imahick said...

NK is twisted. She is lost without a script. She is a controlling, self centered, arrogant, fake who is so afraid that she is going to lose her standing in Hollywood and subsequently lose her identity, that she takes on every project that comes her way. Thus the flops. She is the actress...not the person, Nicole Kidman.

If she cared about being the person Nicole Kidman she'd spend some time with her kids...she'd have bought a house in LA and spent months there each year so she could be a factor in her kid's lives.

Instead she mourned losing Tom, and then picked herself up and decided that she was free to do whatever she wanted for her career. The kids didn't even factor in her career choices.

Now she whines about wanting to be a mother...and it's a slap in the face to her two existing children. She should be ashamed.

Loved the song by the way. Too bad the CMA nominations are closed for 2007!!

music said...

"Who cares if they actually live in Nashville?"

Apparently Nicole cares. Enough to try and fabricate an image of herself as living in Nashville and embracing a simple routine here. When in fact she has no home in TN and has only been in Nashville once in the past year. Maybe you missed her comments from one of her NYC press conferences:

"I miss my home. I live in Tennessee now, so I miss that - seeing the friends and people that we've sort of accumulated in Tennessee," she said. "I miss being able to just go out to our local restaurants and stuff, you know, in Nashville. There's just something about that routine that's very comforting."