Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Britney & Nicole - Viva la Difference?

Is it so far fetched to compare these two famewhores? Let's look at the obvious facts, in no particular order.

Both dropped out of school.
Both got famous at an early age.
Both had men marry them for money and fame.
Both seem to need to go to the plastic surgeon from time to time.
Both have two children.
Both have dabbled in unorthodox religions.
Both are addicted to fame.
Both have the paparazzi on speed dial.
Both have strained relationships with their mothers.
Both have close almost too close relationships with their sisters.
Both have careers that are failing and/or faulty.
Britney listened to Keith Urban music while in rehab.
Nicole was responsible for ruining Keith Urban's music and driving him to rehab.
Both say very questionable things to the media that lead to questions about their stability.
Both have children that are being raised by their fathers.

and it goes on and on

Yes there is a vast age difference, Kidman is now over 40 and Spears is only 25, but both in this writers opinion, are two train wrecks we can't help but watch.

Did I mention they both have cellulite?


yawn said...

Very interesting urbanmyths.

I did my own comparison list:

“How do you and your peeps compare to stalkers”

Wow the similarity is really cool - NOT.

Narcissistic … yes
Obsessive and compulsive … bingo
Manipulative … ditto …
Needs to have control over others … wow - big yes ..
Unable to take "no" for an answer … yes ...
Deceptive … wow … very much so
Often switches between rage and "love" … eek … even BIGGER yes here …
Sense of entitlement ("You owe me...") … oh yes …
Difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and reality … again yes … boy this isn’t funny anymore
Unable to cope with rejection ...

… ok this is just depressing …

doublewide said...

is that all ya got yawn? name calling us skeptics doesn't make NK any less of a tramp. i find you presumptuous and somewhat boring (yawn)....

maclen said...

You are correct doublewide, yawn is just an annoying little pest... yes we get it already, yawn...and her/his ilk, cannot defend this washed up, flailing, attention starved, insecure utterly talentless celeb, so they torture us with their truly bizzare and incoherant comments... what the hell are you trying to express? Try to make sense of the babble of your comments, clean up the message that wavers uncontrollably through the chicken scratch, as your poor little fingers cannot seem to keep up with the thoughts that are apparently racing through your little head.
I am not looking forward to your next little scribe when it appears again... in a month or two...or as long as it takes you to organize another illiterate posting.

realitycheck said...

How about i make it a little clearer for ya?

The skeptics who claim Nicole has Keith Urban's balls in a jar are the very same people who want to control every aspect of his life. They've criticized his choice of spouse,where he will or will not be living, hair, wardrobe, how he tours, the songs on the tour, what songs he chooses to record, the fact he's been nominated for awards since he got married (which makes no sense), his rehab and sobriety, and even his relationship with a higher power. Yes, some of the skeptics...and i find thats too nice of a term...have gone so far as to question his spiritual beliefs which is totally inappropriate.

Talk about a delusional sense of entitlement. Keith Urban doesn't owe any of us a damn thing. And he isnt obligated to listen to a disgruntled bunch of whiners who want to take ownership of his life and career. Before he married Nic, should he have gotten together all his fans and taken a vote? Majority rules or would it have to be all or nothing...a unanimous decision. Better yet why doesnt he post a poll on Monkeyville each weekend so we can all tell him what to do for the following week.

The skeptics want more than just Nicole to go away. Many want Keith all to themselves. I'm not talking about Keith as a boyfriend or husband...Im talking about a Keith that is the way they have them pictured in their head. No growth as a human being, no sharing his life with someone, no outside focus other than music. They want him exactly how they found him. Whether it was from The Ranch or the Golden Road days they want him stuck somewhere before January 2005.

So when i read skeptics thoughts i think they are very self-centered. And what yawn posted fits as well. I truly believe that even though they complain that Keith's career is going down the tubes they want Keith, as he is now, to fail. They are waiting with bated breath. The voracity with which they are posting when Keith is doing so well is unbelievable. The visciousness of their posts about not only Nicole but Keith as well makes you wonder how they sleep at all. Anything is better than Keith. Anything. One blogger even went so far as to say she felt Mel Gibson, who professed anti-semitic hate, was a great person. But Nicole and Keith...oh yeah...they are just scum.

What i find the most amusing about this whole thing is that there are certain skeptics who keep bringing up their own faith. These are the most mean-spirited, cruel posters...spending hours on the boards trying to convert fans away from the evil couple. They are true Christians and because Keith or Nicoles views dont mesh with theirs well...they are liars and whores and skanks. They are so high and mighty you just have to laugh. Because if you dont the reality of their hate is mighty scary.

But i do take solace in one fact. Keith will always be linked to Nicole. I wish them nothing but the best in their marriage. But if they did divorce the skeptics wont be able to escape her. She'll still be interviewed, her name in articles about Keith. He'll move on with his life and they'll be spouting the same garbage...stuck in the past.

Tara said...

Oh my this really hit a nerve didn't it? Well I am skeptic. I have seen what has happened since Nicole Kidman entered Keith Urban's life. You can't deny it. It hasn't been a positive thing. As much as you want to say oh he is so happy, his music is at the best place it can be, the future looks bright the evidence says nope.
As for wanting to see him fail no way its just the opposite I want to see him reach all that he can - he isn't doing that. As for Kidman, when she leaves this roller coaster who the hell cares what happens to her. She becomes what she really is to the rest of the world insignificant. And Britney and Nicole should work together...

doublewide said...

reality check, don't you dare presume to know me. i would love for keith to have a family and kids if he wants them.....take time off, but please don't lie about it. he, and this marriage are one big lie. and i know it. since NK came into his life, he has lied and contradicted himself time after time. NK is a user. she is using him for her own gain, and i can't figure out how you people can't see this. i don't want to know about his personal life. never did. if i thought these 2 truly loved each other i could accept it. but keith needs to be up front with alot of what is going on. nothing positive has happened to his career since hooking up with her, i can tell you that. if his new cd had been up to his previous standards, then great! but it just isn't. when it comes to his talent he has no peer. it's very hard for some of us to see him compromise and squander that. but you know? maybe he just doesn't give a damn anymore about his career. i'm pretty much done with him anyway. i had an experience as a fan, where i was treated like crap, and yes, an artis does OWE his fans at least the truth.....i'm sick of you people spouting off about "entitlement". i am entitled to the freakin truth from the man after all of the hard earned dollars i've spent. and you accuse us of not wanting him to evolve and change. that's bullcrap. every artist does that. but they don't all marry the queen of the famewhores and live a whole freaking life of deceit.

where the heck is jacqueline? she's the only one of you guys that makes any sense. every one of you, except her, is just plain tiresome.

Perspone said...

Doublewide, I wonder what yawn and realitycheck will do when the fairytale that KU and NK's PR teams have been pumping down their throats comes crashing in.

I have always been a fan of Keith's talent and ability to connect with the crowd. There was a group of fans who traveled to Red Rocks to see Keith perform and that night was magical. I know what the man is capable of and to see him just kick back and give half assed performances and make an album that frankly lacked any inspiration (that's right NK inspired it), makes me sad for him. Now he has to put out this greatest hits album because his last album underperformed so much that his lable is demanding he do something to make up the difference in profits. It's not even necessary for most Keith fans to purchase this album because most American Keith fans purchased the "Days Go By" European Release so that Keith would chart in Europe. Not to mention the fact that most Keith fans already own all his albums and have made their own compiliations. I would say GH is a bit redundant, but I guess the label is counting on the lemmings at Monkeyville to buy enough of the album for the one new song (which is actually a cover) to make up for the dissapointing sales of Keith's last studio album.

Due to Keith's enormous talent I cannot totally abandon him, but I will not reward laziness or accept mediocrity.

banbotox said...

Great comparison!!
So obvious...but who came first? My guess is the wife-since she is so much older. Too bad Brit's publisher didn't have a coat to cover her up too.

Won't even comment on the yawn and realitycheck psychobabble-not worth my time.

doublewide said...

Won't even comment on the yawn and realitycheck psychobabble-not worth my time.

good time i'll take it

T said...

Hey yawn, here's the major personality traits of cult members. Sound like a group of people you know? Hippity hop now y'all...

dependency - an intense desire to belong, stemming from a lack of self-confidence

unassertiveness - a reluctance to say no or question authority

gullibility - a tendency to believe what someone says without really thinking about it

naive idealism - a blind belief that everyone is good

desire for spiritual meaning - a need to believe that life has a "higher purpose"

maclen said...

Judging by their posts, yawn and realitycheck are about as attention starved as the target of this blogs derision. And just as kidman courts negative reviews by releasing terrible movies, and mocking comments about her increasingly bizzare and freakish face, they cant help but comment here and invite mocking and negative blowback. Their either as big an attention monger as kidman, or just as clueless as urban... either way, they are a perfect fit.
But the reality is, either way, they have nothing to be proud or uplifting concerning these two, kidman is coming off a major movie flop and headed into another insignicant one...urban is coming off a poorly selling CD, and into another insignificant "greatest hits" CD... perspone said it best...why would fans want a GH cd with songs from cds released just a few years ago, that they probably already have?
Id say yawn and realitycheck are about as desperate and hysterical as kidban is...

cricket said...

I don't think anyone wants Keith Urban to fail,except for maybe Nicole Kidman because then he is tied to her for good without his own career to fall back on.Keith was engaged before to Laura and Niki Taylor and I don't remember anyone upset or talking trash about Laura or Niki.It's not that everyone wants him for themselves,most of us just hate to see him waste himself on a narcissistic,manipulative,plastic piece of trash like Kidman.We hate to see him being dragged down to her level.He deserves so much better than her.She might be considered A-list according to Hollywood but when it comes to being a caring decent person she is below the Z list.

notachance said...

WOW - I don't thing I would've ever made the leap of comparing NK to Britney. There may be similar traits in that all people that pursue a public life have, but other than that it would be like comparing apples & bananas (lol)

Britney is a self-made trainwreck, whereas NK is not a trainwreck. NK is cold & calculating in everything she does. No comparison whatsoever in my mind.

Imahick said...

I find it sad to read the responses from the likes of Yawn & Realitycheck. They obviously have nothing to add to the topic, so have to attack the blogger and others with like opinion. Either state an opinion ON TOPIC or go away...stop attacking other people for their opinions.

As far as the "skeptics" wanting to see him fail, it's ridiculous to think all skeptics feel this way. I don't speak for all the "skeptics" because my experience is that there are as many opinions amongst the "skeptics" of what's going on, as there are amongst the 'bunnies / monkeys'. To imply that we all believe the same thing is ludicrous and short sighted.

I personally think Keith is one of the most talented people in music...not just country music. But is there any people who are long time fans who can honestly say that his career is heading in the direction that they thought it would after winning CMA ETOY in 2005? He had 2 big #1 hits in 05 (MMOU & BL), he had won many awards including ACM album of the year, both ACM&CMA MV, as well as an RMA award and the international artist of the year ... a Grammy in Feb 06. He toured extensively and sold out most venues ... played Live 8...participated in charity events and his fan club ... he was on top of the world. And then, there was NK...and the rest is history.

No #1's since then, limited touring, increasing distance between Keith & fans, a few awards but far fewer, poor participation in award shows and Nashville events ... little presence in country music... little participation in charities... poor CD sales, less than stellar ticket sales for his shows...and the final for 90 days after 4 months of wedded bliss to NK.

He's had lots of tabloid attention...and most of it is either derogatory toward Keith or a tribute to his savior, NK. What has Keith gotten out of it from a career perspective? If the article mentions his music, it's a bonus!

I am not saying that his career is crashing. His shows are still great...I have been to 3 in the last few months. But there is a general decline in his success and if you deny it, you are fooling yourself.

Maybe Keith is OK with this. Maybe he's happy to be NK's husband and give up his career success for her. She is not making sacrifices for him, that's obvious. Recently, he has looked weak and p-whipped. NK appears to be in charge of him...and that doesn't bode well for his future.

I want Keith to be successful. I think, ultimately, he will regret letting the momentum he had in 2005 slip away. I think he will become resentful toward his beautiful beautiful princess, when he has to make more concessions in his tour or recording schedule because of her career choices. But until then, I will sadly watch from the sidelines while he make sacrifices that negatively impact his career, for the relationship, while she does nothing in return.

Just an opinion...

As far as NK and Britanny...I see some similarities. Their like addictions to attention I think is startling. And they are both great mothers...Just ask Isadora and Cletus what a great Mummy NK is.

White said...

God, I haven't read this blog for months and out of boredom scrolled over here. Looks like the same nasty fast-assed bitches complaining about Keith and his wife because they're jealous and wish they could look like Nicole and have Keith too.

Go back to sticking your head in a the cheeto bag and stop watching and reading the tabloids.

hesaweiner said...

Looks like the same nasty fast-assed bitches complaining about Keith and his wife because they're jealous and wish they could look like Nicole and have Keith too.

Honestly, what kind of retarded dumbass are you to think anyone would possibly want to look like that troll?! Why would people be jealous even?

I can live with a guilt free conscience knowing I don't have to spew lies to make myself feel better. And I actually have a relationship with my kids.

I'm just watching the careers crash so I can sit and laugh for them thinking people are stupid enough to believe their crap. You know, a bit of karmic entertainment for myself.

doublewide said...

God, I haven't read this blog for months and out of boredom scrolled over here. Looks like the same nasty fast-assed bitches complaining about Keith and his wife because they're jealous and wish they could look like Nicole and have Keith too.

Go back to sticking your head in a the cheeto bag and stop watching and reading the tabloids.

hey white! do you just copy and paste this same idiotic response on all of the blogs??? i just read this same one on the blog right above this least change it up a bit, geez

White said...

NO, No I don't but as in this case my response fit both rants appropriately. Now carry on with your cheeto eating!

banbotox said...

White...anger management honey.

doublewide said...

White...anger management honey

LOL, and you seem to be fixated on cheetos.....go out and buy a bag, and leave us alone

cricket said...

White you have to be joking!I doubt anyone wants to look like Nicole Kidman unless they are dressing up for Halloween.Kidman doesn't even want to look like herself,why do you think she has all the plastic surgery done?Cheek implants,chin implants,lip injections,botox injections,face lift that moved her hairline back an inch resulting in her giant shiny forehead.Does this sound like a woman who likes the way she looks? Oops forgot her new nose and one boob implant.Yeah everyone is just dying to have her beige and gray straw like hair.She's just stuuning,such a natural beauty! BAHA

Imahick said...

White said: "God, I haven't read this blog for months and out of boredom scrolled over here. Looks like the same nasty fast-assed bitches complaining about Keith and his wife because they're jealous and wish they could look like Nicole and have Keith too.

Go back to sticking your head in a the cheeto bag and stop watching and reading the tabloids."

Well, that was certainly an adult way to post. If you have an opinion on the blog, why not state it instead of stating an opinion on other posters... You should be embarrassed, but I'm sure you aren't...

My assumption, because you chose not to post an opinion on the subject is that you clearly see that NK and Brittany have many similarities. Well, we at least agree on something.

White said...

Just picturing all you fast-ass trailer trash pigs sitting on your termite infested plaid sofas, eating hords of junk food while reading the tabloids... instead of actually being productive in society.

don't believe the lies said...

White, apparently your not very active in society either if you keep coming here to fight a battle that you'll never win. Please go back to you I HEART NICOLE boards and leave this place alone. It's obviously not the place for you.

Nicole is a has been that never would have been without Tom. She thinks she's still young and carefree but she's old and washed up. The sooner she realizes this and retires the better off we'll all be.

doublewide said...

Just picturing all you fast-ass trailer trash pigs sitting on your termite infested plaid sofas, eating hords of junk food while reading the tabloids... instead of actually being productive in society.

you really have no idea how ridiculous you sound, do ya? or how in error you are about the skeptics....go ahead and name call, it doesn't change the fact that NK is ruining a man's life and career for her own betterment.

maclen said...

Boy, this white "trash" cheeto seems to be very familar with what "fast-ass trailer trash pigs" do all day...there "sitting on your termite infested plaid sofas, eating hords of junk food while reading the tabloids..."( hey, what happended to cheetos?) White cheeto seems to know from experience and is here in some kind of striking out in exasperation, almost a cry for help maybe? THis is an opinion blog, we engage in thoughts and ideas, not emotional and mental therapy, white cheeto. Go and get proffessional help before the you hurt someone, huh.