Wednesday, October 29, 2008

...Did you hear what I heard?

As an artist, I can’t imagine any greater pat on the back than winning the Entertainer of the Year award. While hoards of loyal fans watch on the television, all of the industry gathers to witness this top honor. How exciting it must be for the performer(s) that achieve this feather in their cap. The list of nominations for this award is rather impressive- Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Sugarland and Keith Urban. Each artist brings so much to the table with them that it must be rather difficult for the voting members to decide. The ACM website lists what is taken into account for this category and I would think that the CMA criterion is very close to this as well.

1. Success at radio
2. Sales of prerecorded music
3. Success of music videos
4. Live concert ticket sales
5. Artistic merit
6. Appearances on television
7. Appearances in films
8. Songwriting
9. Writing
10. Contributions to the country music industry

That’s a lot of information to consider when voting for the nominees. I wondered who I would vote for based on the above items, so I did a bit of research to see who did what in 2007-2008. It took me a while to get to some of the statistics but you gotta love the internet!

Album sales: depending on the site, the top album sales will very a little but overall they seem to have Carrie Underwood as the top seller. I realize that Carrie was not nominated for this award, but it is worth mentioning that, in fact, she had 2 albums in the top 10 by the end of last year. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Keith toured with her. Rascal Flatts had 2 in the top 10 as well by the end of the year. Rounding out the top 5 were Taylor Swift, troubled crooner Keith, and then Sugarland.

Concert ticket sales: Kenny, Tim & Faith, Martina, Rascal Flatts and Toby certainly did their part to make sure country music took a chunk of those dollars. Our spray-on-tan guitarist was not on this list NOR was he on the top touring acts list NOR the top earners list according to Forbes.

Sales of prerecorded music: look for some of the same top guns to pop out here. Again, minus the new baby daddy.

Songwriting and artistic merit: very interesting category, in my opinion. This area should include music that satisfies the artist and excites the fan base. The real fan base, not the “here today, gone tomorrow” types that vanish when the newest thing hits the airwaves. When an artist is interviewed saying that he’s not sure if the music on his new CD is exactly what he wanted to convey, but was talked into releasing it, one has to wonder who the CD is being released for - media outlets or the fans? I don’t mean an artist that wants to push the envelope and challenge themselves musically. Rather, the artist who was talked into releasing music that he knew was not his best effort. Yes, I’m referring to the “Pain” CD here.

Success at radio: according to Country Aircheck, Mr. Kidman was not in the top ten for the year, but Kenny, Carrie, Taylor, Brad and George were. Hey, and so was Gary Allan…imagine that.

Has the globe trotter shown the most overall success in the country music industry during the preceding calendar year? This is the bottom line question of the big night.

In this bloggers opinion, Keith doesn’t deserve the EOTY award this time around. Maybe that will give him time to remember that his fans, not his wife, make his career. He can’t behave like a “big star” and then expect anything from the “little people.” Has the man moved so far away from the musician that he has forgotten the lessons of the early days?

There is a quote that goes something like this (I am paraphrasing here)…if you forget the past, it is bound to be repeated…

Oh well, I digress, but I’ll be popping my popcorn and watching on November 12th.

How about you?


notachance said...

Good topic.

I would vote for Brad Paisley.

Just the thought of Kenny winning again makes me sick.

And I don't think Keith even deserved a nomination. He's got a long way to go for that to be deserving.

TexasCourtJester said...

Tim McGraw deserved a nomination more than KU and has for the past few years.

doublewide said...

wow, nice blog!

nope, keith (the orb) deserves notta in my book, but i'll be watching to see who wins....

not too crazy about another kenny round either

Choice said...

Interesting blog. Let this be a time for Keith to reflect and see how he can improve his career. Somebody is looking forward to Halloween, see here:

hoosierlady said...

Just heard a snippet of the new single, "Sweet Thing". Have you heard it?

I have an opinion, but I'll keep my I'll keep it to myself, (believe it or not) until I hear some of yours.

I vote for Brad Paisley too! The making of "Waiting On A Woman" was great, and I hope he wins best video, and I hope Andy is there to help him receive it. I might even watch if that might happen.

rememberwhen said...

If you ask me it sucks! I can't even understand what he is saying. I had to listen to it several times before it sounded like Keith. Either he has had something done to his voice or it is shot. I vote for shot. If this is the type of song that is going to be on the new CD then it will do worse than the Painful CD. To me it sounds like Keith is rushing through just to get a new CD out.

realitycheck said...

Big surprise, a blogger at Umyths thinks Keith doesn't deserve an EOTY nomination LOL

Well in this posters opinion Kenny has been doing the same thing for years and keeps getting rewarded for it. It's gotten to the point of absurdity. George Strait doesn't deserve it. The biggest part of being EOTY should be the ENTERTAINER part. And I'm sorry but standing there, holding on to a guitar you don't play, and singing does not merit even a nomination. King George might be the king of hits but he is not and never will be the king of the stage. Tim & Faith should have gotten a nomination for their Soul to Soul II tour last year. But them being left out is unfortunately to be expected. If Brad, Keith, or Sugarland win I'll be happy. Kenny does not deserve another trophy.

rememberwhen, Keith didn't alter his voice. The phone has a limited capacity to process music in a complete way to the listener. What we did hear is that this song is very Keith. Great groove, country but some pop added in, very catchy. He's not rushing. It's commonplace for artists to release the opening single off a new album 3 months in advance. And he's got the new DVD as well to build the momentum.

I say if you can't look at anything KU does anymore without the "I can't stand his wife!" glasses on, then you're wasting your time. Go find other artists that have a life you approve of completely.

Anonymous said...

"realitycheck said...
Big surprise, a blogger at Umyths thinks Keith doesn't deserve an EOTY nomination LOL"

RC - I'm not surprised at all. He/she/it/they just don't want to see him win because for sure he will have lots of nice things to say about his wife when he gets on stage to receive the award. He/she/it/they are still in the denial stage that Keith does love his wife.

hoosierlady said...

I think it sounds like stuff from earlier albums.

Maybe he does love his wife, who cares, I don't love his wife, just for the record.

The new song sounds like the old song, I just can't stick the title to it, I'll figure it out.

ShutUpAndSing said...

I actually want Keith to win but based on the criterion he really doesn't deserve it.

I so agree about Kenny and George. I went to a George concert, to see Dierks, and I was bored out of my mind when George came on.

To me..there is no one like Keith in concert. And I actally think he is trying to get back on track with his career.

As for the new song. I think I like it based on what we could hear but we shall wait and see when we get the full song. If it's available on Itunes on Monday I will buy it.

banbotox said...

Of the group, I'd vote for Sugarland. They are successful and put on a great show.

When Keith wants to be, he is the BEST in concert and it's an experience that is very difficult to top.

However, I don't think he'll be getting the nod this year.

notachance said...

"I have an opinion, but I'll keep my I'll keep it to myself, (believe it or not) until I hear some of yours."

Alright hoosierlady, I'll bite -

My first impression was that Keith was the new lead singer for Rascal Flatts.

notachance said...

"RC - I'm not surprised at all. He/she/it/they just don't want to see him win because for sure he will have lots of nice things to say about his wife when he gets on stage to receive the award. He/she/it/they are still in the denial stage that Keith does love his wife."

sonora - GET A GRIP girl! Even I, who tends to be at odds with the skeptics on a lot of things, doesn't think Keith deserves it this time around. It has nothing to do with his wife being mentioned if he were to win. He just hasn't stepped up to the plate to warrant a win. He's coasting in his career right now. His family life is more important to him and that's fine with me (one of my disagreements with the skeptics).

Perspone said...

I have to agree if you use the criterion listed Keith doesn't belong in the mix for EOTY. I will agree that when Keith decides to "bring it" during a concert, he's the best entertainer around, unfortunately he's been completely inconsistant, whether that's because of the schedule he choses to keep flying back and forth to be with his wife, or if it's because he is coasting and taking his fan base for granted, I don't know. All I do know is that Keith has to figure out how he is going to balance his personal life and his career. Since he hadn't figured it out before the birth of his Sunday Rose, I don't see him figuring it out in the near future since he now has one more thing added to his juggling act. I didn't listen to the new single on the telephone for the reason stated above, I wouldn't be able to form a true opinion regarding the song, as the song snippet would be distorted. I'll wait to hear a decent recording of the new single and then form my opinion.

hoosierlady said...

"Better Life"

That's what it reminded me of.

hoosierlady said...

I also have never understood the George Strait thing. Does he know how to play the guitar? Does he write his own music? I know he has a large fan base, but for the life of me. . . .?

cricket said...

I agree hoosier. George has some great songs and I like him on the radio or on a cd but seeing him live is almost as boring as a Kidman movie. He stands there and doesn't move.It's like he's glued to one spot on the stage. He is an expert at picking songs to record though. After the painful cd Keith might want to take some advice from George on song selection.

Tara said...

I don't know but I think he does deserve the nominations. He won the Grammy, he gets a lot of press and his concerts motivate a lot of people.

ElleMurph said...

because he's George Strait and that's all he ever has to be. He is like other Texans. Take him for what he is and if you dont like it fuck off.

He's not flashy, he's not fake, you know what you're getting and you're going to get it.

He's consistant and he has NATURALY what so many artists cant seem to find.

realitycheck said...

sonora, I was being sarcastic with my opening comment. But I do agree. He/she/it/they don't want to see Keith thank Nicole...the wife they wish he would dump, or Sunday...the child they don't want to be his. Which is ironic because if Brad were to win, him thanking Kim, Huck and even their one on the way would be sweet, adorable and oh so perfect.

He/she/it/they...heehee...I'm still not convinced this blog is written by more than one person!

ElleMurph said...

Well, NOW we know what the hell Keiths prob has been...

Niki Taylor Pregnant!
Thursday October 30, 2008

Buzz up!Model Niki Taylor and her race car driver husband Burney Lamar are expecting their first child together in March, her rep confirmed to on Thursday.

The couple met at a charity event in January 2005. Taylor told Us: "I looked at Burney and said to myself, 'This is the guy I'm going to marry.'"

They tied the knot at the Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, California on December 27, 2006.

Taylor is already mom to 13-year-old twin boys Jake and Hunter from her previous marriage to former football player Matt Martinez.

Cmon' out of mommy's skirt...errr. whereever you are hiding and be a &^%$ MAN ALREADY!!

Niki moved on from you. She recognized her "choices"

Casse Role said...

realitycheck said...
He/she/it/they...heehee...I'm still not convinced this blog is written by more than one person.

Gee RC, we/us/they ARE convinced you are more then one person here. lol...

Choice said...

I was wondering when Nic would talk about the times Keith was on the bottle. Finally I can sleep at night:

hoosierlady said...

RC, one more time. Read carefully.

We don't like his wife. But, we don't like the fact that his music has gone to the dogs much more than we don't like his wife. Take his wife from the equation, and his music doesn't improve, then we still don't like the music, and we are still uber disappointed in him.

I don't like John McCain, I don't like Sarah Palin. Take Sarah Palin away from the equation, and I still don't like John McCain. Get it?

Are you being paid to drive us crazy, or are you just hormonal and come here to vent?

I didn't know Kim was expecting again.

How Sweet !!!!!

wastedemotion said...

You're wasting your breath and time with RC, she cant explain why she continues to torture herself by coming her, we can only surmise she loves us!!!
As for ETOY he doesnt deserve it plain and simple. He's great in concert but that isnt what the award is for.

realitycheck said...

Gee RC, we/us/they ARE convinced you are more then one person here. lol...

Just one more thing the skeptics have got all wrong.

ElleMurph said...


AWWW RC. I dont like you that way. Care to move on?