Friday, October 31, 2008

Time to pull out Keith

The above photo does not have anything to do with the following blog. We at UM just wanted to scare the crap out of you on Halloween!!!!

I guess you could view that title a number of ways, couldn't you? What we are talking about today is more and more of the onslaught of Kidman in the media. Funny, isn't it, that while she talks about the epic, which she does, she, as usual in the last three years, shifts the interview to a review of her personal life. In Parade magazine she goes off the board in talking about how she had to dig deep inside to deal with Keith and his rehab.

Of course we all know (yes, I am assuming something that you know) that she really knows very little about addiction and Keith's in particular. But that doesn't stop Nicole, nope there she goes talking about his struggle as their struggle. In one interview she talks about Keith's desire for privacy and there she is talking about the most life threatening thing for him, his addictions. Leave that alone, Nicole, because that just stirs up a whole mess of ugly and I wonder if that is the motivating factor? She claims how much she loves him, yet she violates his privacy to shill her film.

Talking about Keith does serve a purpose, however, and that is so she is not asked about her career. Keep the talk on having a baby at 41, something that Lucille Ball also did but didn't run to the media about it, and the questions about what has happened to her career don't come up. Nicole Kidman has to have this film be a hit. No question about it, this must be successful or her leading lady days are over. So Kidman is doing anything to avoid that reality - talking about her presentable marriage. Her lack of a relationship with her other children is dismissed by her joy in birthing Sunday Rose. Hey, Nicole, how about a question about why you make poor movie choices? Why haven't any of the films that you have made in the last five years been successful? Those are questions that should be asked; not about Keith's rehab that was two years ago.

Another little article passed our desk this week. In an Italian magazine Kidman says that she will probably never live in Australia again. That when she and Keith and the little girl were there in August she decided that they couldn't have the privacy that she has in the United States. How many of you are like me and knew that when they went over there in April 2007, and all that talk about being home was the usual Kidman BS? Bought the cattle ranch for what? Nice for the tourist buck when the lead actress would rather live in the US than in the lovely Aussie outback. How long will it be until she says the same about Nashville? Kidman and Sunday will be L.A. bound and Keith will probably figure into the explanation of why. Keith Urban the man - best used as an excuse.


maclen said...

Yes...another round of Pr swilling... excruciatingly juvenile and sickenly morose tales of neurotic self doubt and self pitying...of another take on the back and forth changing attitude of her schizophrenic and just too "Personal life" to allow revealed...but... allow her to reveal it in a magazine piece to promote her next film! She has a fatal flaw in believing that her self analytical ramblings on the state of her emotional short comings, self doubt and insecurities are of any interest to the basic movie going public...or that they will have an interest in watching a 2 to 3 hour film about it. That is why all her films are failures...nobody is interested.

realitycheck said...

Leave it to Umyths to compare celebrity in 2008 with celebrity from the early 1950's. LMAO! That's apples and oranges. You couldn't even say the word pregnant on tv.

How has Nicole violated Keith's privacy in that interview? He's admitted to his addictions. She said nothing except that he's worked hard to deal with the addiction. It was a toll on their marriage (as it would be on anyone's) and that she thinks what he has done is amazing. So you tell me Umyths what details has she spilled? What amount of privacy has she violated? As I recall you all were upset that Nicole didn't speak more on what struggles Keith went through during that time...that she only said how it affected her. Well you got what you wanted and it's not enough. Nicole can never say the right thing in your eyes. And when she does its not "right enough". Seems to me that's what will happen with Keith's next album as well. No matter how good it is, it won't be "good enough" for the skepti-haters.

And that Italian article, that was in reference to not living in the city of Sydney anymore. Not that I give that story any credence because "Grazia" is the Italian equivalent of "New Idea" in Oz, another tab disguised as a legitimate magazine. Not one single real quote from Nicole. And this article coming across "your desk"? Yeah sure. More likely a look-see over at NKU.

hoosierlady said...

Wonderful Blog, great response, also.

It always amazes me that she gets a pass on difficult questions by saying, "I will not talk about that". I do think, however that this may be the first time I have read her use the word love when she describes Keith in an interview.

How did she violate his privacy? Let me count the ways, but more to the point, RC, by bringing him up in an interview that was supposed to be about a movie violates his privacy, but I am not his mother, so I don't help him with those decisions.

I do not know, but from what I have witnessed so far we will see and hear this moronic brat prattle about anything that enters her mouth, (I just can't call it a brain), from now until the epic is either a success or a failure, or just a run of the mill movie. So, until then, when she says, or does, something stupid, she'll say she was joking, or make up something else to cover whatever it is she botched. We've seen it time and time again.

Now, you haven't seen it because you are wearing Nicole lover glasses. If you take them off long enough you will begin to notice strange things.

You are mean spirited, you know that? It's like you are ready for attack. Going from blog to blog just waiting for a spot to come in and bad mouth one of us, or the blogger him/herself. Why are you so angry with us? You know, it's really not Nicole we dislike, we don't even know her. I think it's the disingenuous nature. The article from Parade Magazine saying Keith flew back to spend 6 hours with her, and telling her it isn't a have to, it's because I want to, is so sweet, but I don't believe it for a minute, because of all the bullshit she has spewed forth in the past. I think that's what as a group we find so distasteful, and if you can't understand that, at least show us the courtesy of leaving us alone.

We just want the illusion of the sweet, country guy who writes great songs, and is so good looking and sexy when he performs them back. I don't think that is too much to ask.

Back off.

ElleMurph said...

How has Nicole violated Keith's privacy in that interview?"""


ElleMurph said...

He's trying to be known for his MUSIC and all she does is make these statements about what it is that almost killed everything in his life. She is killing off what progress he is trying to make. How can you recover from your buried demons if you have a witch that refuses to walk with you without her shovel??!!

I SWEAR, every interview she gives always comes across as if she is GETTING BACK at someone. She did it to Tom and she's doing it to HIM now. She would be NOTHING without her scorned victimised bullshit.

ElleMurph said...

And... I happen to think she shot herself in the foot when she mentioned Keith saying "Learning to Want What You Have" It came across as if he was saying it to her out of desperation to find his spot in her life. However, everyone that is familiar with KU knows this was always a problem for HIM. He always wants to venture out once he's landed a prospect. That's his total history.

If she is still throwing her retarded tantrums and if she really has been bruised from punching something, it BETTER be from cleaning house on her "ppl" that keep approving this bullshit she gets released for print.

Tara said...

I always believe wanting to be more about ambition ...

RC you sure were quick to know what kind of magazine Grazie is..
makes one wonder since the title wasn't even mentioned in the blog..

I don't see in these interviews anything more than Kidman reminding the world that Keith was nothing until he met her..
and I can't wait til Bella Cruise writes her book

hoosierlady said...

You know, I hate the disingenuous nature, but when I think about it, she really does make me ill. The constant Tom flutterings, (when she's got that piece of eye candy hanging on her every word), the dressing alike, the weirdo comments and pregorexicism, the "anything Tom can do I can do better", all of it. She's just too weird. I try sometimes to give her the benefit of the doubt, you know, because you know she's got to be whacked from living with him for 10 years, (think about it), but she probably married him for her career, or a least to live on easy street to begin with. No, it's her, or her public side that I just flat out despise.

There, I'm clean. I have officially admitted I'm a bitch.

I'm ashamed of myself, but unrepentant.

banbotox said...

God...just more inane psychobabble...

Does she really think this will draw people into see her long ass movie? Get a clue honey...this rubbish is not going to make people line up outside the theater.

Such a waste of resources-all those trees that were cut down to print this too. Tsk, tsk Nicky-not very green of you.

realitycheck said...

tara, I read NKU. There aren't many Italian mags besides Grazia and Vogue that would have that kind of article. The choice was pretty obvious. What's interesting is that UMyths usually leaves out the magazine name when mentioning quotes. Probably so that commenters like me have a harder time trying to find the real source and the real context.

hoosier and elle, she did not violate his privacy. She's his wife and his going through rehab and recovery is part of her story too. It would be a completely different situation if he never discussed it, never mentioned it, never sang about, said to the public & press it is none of your business. But he has been talking about addiction for years, long before Nicole came along.

Most people see Keith and realize although he has been through rehab more than once, that he's stumbled, the most important thing is he keeps fighting. He is an example to never give up. Nicole praises him for that and she gets slammed for it here. That makes absolutely no sense.

It is obvious Keith is someone who needs to learn to want what he has. He has always been restless and that has gotten him into trouble. Never being satisfied with your life is only workable up to a point. If you can never rest, never be at peace, never enjoy anything you are in for a bumpy ride. And I think we've seen some of those bumpy years from Keith. Why on earth the skeptics are upset for him wanting to want all that he has in life is just messed up. I wish there was a better way of putting it but that's how I feel.

And to those that think I am mean spirited you are way off base. The only thing that's mean spirited is the way Keith, Nicole and even their baby have been treated by this blog and most of the posters here. You all aren't living in reality if you think what you read in these blogs here is true. And if you think I'm ruining your fun of bashing a family then so be it. I really don't care.

ElleMurph said...

"hoosier and elle, she did not violate his privacy. She's his wife and his going through rehab and recovery is part of her story too. It would be a completely different situation if he never discussed it, never mentioned it, never sang about, said to the public & press it is none of your business. But he has been talking about addiction for years, long before Nicole came along."

She is using his rehab as a crutch for more vicitimised BS. Why else would it have her raw hurt emotions so tied into it?? She advertised her "trauma" withTom and she's doing it with keith now.... with keith's private Pain.

Whether you like it or not, things keith has said in the past about his own demons and recovery didnt automaticaly become an obligated vehicle for her to use whenever it's conveinent. it's a little thing called respect for your husband and apparently she's fine with the ghosts she is bringing in her home life because there is NO way you can live in Peace with these artcles and interviews she is printing out. No matter how many robots she has coming to places like this to disagree with every truth you see typed out.

RC- you are labeling Keith to be everything wrong in this world. Let me guess, as long as NK doesnt ADMIT to infidelity, drugs, etc that means it NEVER happd!! Ya know, just because someone has a smile on their face when they look at you and they say something in a friendly tone, that doesnt mean you dont have to pay attention to the words or watch out for a knife in your back. You are as ignorant as they come!

PRAISING?! You call it Praising?? Sweetheart, when you PRAISE your husband, you say you admire his strength, you cannot beleive Fate GRACED you with an individual that knows survival and how much you Thank God everyday you wake to see his beautiful eyes every.damn.morning. KEITH HAS BEEN TO HELL AND BACK!!! NK has USED what he has been through to talk about how tough it's been for HER...and NOT as a supportive wife. As a pained victim. When KEITH said on his video that he was thankful for a supportive wife, that was because he was in a load of trouble for 'making her look bad and bringing negativity to her name'. The truth is, she doesnt care WHAT he sticks himself in, as long as it's not publicised so as to not embarrass HER. He let her have her 'playthings' and she lets him have HIS.

Call me crazy. I see something is up when ppl of importance wont touch her with a 10 ft pole and the only ppl she has are an ignorant public of what she sees as commoners that hang on her every word because she has ppl write her lies and bullshit like a hypocritical Hallmark card.

ElleMurph said...

Big coincedence, we get a Google alert with an updated article of how much she 'loves' him.


Too little too late. I know, RC, you're gonna come here and say she cant win for losing but stop trying to be NK in attempting to turn the sequence of events to convienence the coverup.

That's all anything ever is with NK- coverup. Her problem is, they will never make a bottle the size she needs.

hoosierlady said...

RC look around you, go back in time on your computer, open your eyes. The chick is whacked. He can stay married to her until the end of time, and they can have a sweet idyllic family, but he can't do it alone. She has to want to have it also.

I'm not saying he doesn't have his own problems, we know he does, just for heaven's sake please realistically look at her. When you start to really look at her you will see why we are so livid and disgusted with everything we read and see. For me, I found this blog at the end of some research, not the other way around. I had been looking for something, I don't even remember what, and I started noticing that she was repeating things she said about Tom the same quotes exactly about Keith, and then I really started looking. I am absolutely blown away by all that I found.

I'm sorry I called you mean spirited, but sometimes you sound really mean when you are writing to us. We sound really mean when we are writing about NK because we are really angry because she really misrepresents herself. If she was just honest, even if there's nothing to say. . . .

notachance said...

"We just want the illusion of the sweet, country guy who writes great songs, and is so good looking and sexy when he performs them back. I don't think that is too much to ask"

hoosierlady - I think that's the problem. Y'all want an illusion, and what you're getting is reality from Keith these days. Keith living a real life, Keith having a marriage and now a child. You can't cope with that because it shatters your illusion of him. Y'all praise Brad Paisley and his Hollywood wife, but there's no illusion there because he's been lucky enough to be what he is all along - that he & Kim "keep it real". It took Keith 39 yrs to find out who he was - and now he's "keeping it real" on his terms.

btw - I saw the new AJ movie last, pretty good but if you want to talk about lip close-ups.... they did have the OZ trailer and it made me want to see it. That movie is going to be good, whether the skeptics like it or not. And it won't all be Hugh's shoulders.

rememberwhen said...

ElleMurph said... "She is using his rehab as a crutch for more vicitimised BS. Why else would it have her raw hurt emotions so tied into it?? She advertised her "trauma" withTom and she's doing it with keith now.... with keith's private Pain."

Yea she was so hurt and went through so much trauma when Keith went into rehab that she went out to the movies, to a bar, shopping, and left him alone at the holidays and made him fly halfway around the world. She didn't care at all that Keith was in rehab. If she did, she would have never took those pictures while he was in rehab.

banbotox said...

Keith's rehab was a golden photo op for kidman. I bet she couldn't have been happier to play the victim once again and without a lot of work on her part. All she had to do was call her pap friends and then show up-how simple for her.

hoosierlady said...

hoosierlady - I think that's the problem. Y'all want an illusion, and what you're getting is reality from Keith these days. Keith living a real life, Keith having a marriage and now a child. You can't cope with that because it shatters your illusion of him.

OK, I'll go along with this until the can't cope part. I've watched many, many, many, musicians and actors that where the objects of my lust move on to marriages, kids, and still lusted right through it, even when the wives were great! I know how to lust. I know how to fantasize, and I know where the line between reality and fiction is. I, and I have mentioned this on more than one occasion, am not a big fan of KU music, it's way too happy for me, I was, however, a BIG fan of KU for the other reason. Now, the thing that I have trouble with is when the other half of the dynamic duo came into play, the thing I loved about KU went into a steady nosedive, (kind of like the economy, if you will). Now, I find this troubling, because I thought I paid for the persona of the KU Doll, (for lack of a better description), do you see? So, my frustration, right or wrong, and I believe at least partly right, has been turned on his beautiful, blushing bride, because of all the things that have been discussed in this open forum, and all the things that will continue to be discussed in this open forum. Does that make sense to anyone other than me? Go gently, please, as I received 2 rejection letters today.

hoosierlady said...

Wait! I'm not through!!!!!

That guy can play his guitar.

ElleMurph said...

It's funny when ppl make fun of the KU fans that lusted after him when, for so many years, HE was the one lusting after THEM!!

He'd screw anything that would stand still long enough and he suddenly wanted to be respected with privacy and beleived on every word he said and taken seriously with everymove he made...the OPPOSITE direction that he walked for so many years??

THAT is what is so hard to believe. THAT is why it's difficult for these women to move on. That is why their cant hide from their hearts being broken. Yes, they know reality but he whored his way into their hearts and they feel cheated like the rest of his peers say they always were.

It sounds personal because HE made it personal. He is a very intimate person that will win you over with lies and a false image.

HE wanted to be more than a person that entertained you on a stage. He wanted each and every one of those women (and some of the men) to try to carry him home with them. NOW is not the time to get mad at ppl for saying "WTF, when did you get sophisticated all of a sudden?!"

RC, you're gonna have a hard time at this blog because you want ppl to believe something that has been against the grain of his being for so long.

hoosierlady said...

Are you telling me that prick set me up?

You are saying that the sexy was the show? I mean, I knew the sexy was the show, but I didn't know he was actually a slut?!

I mean it, too! I really thought, honest, to Pete, I thought he went from Laura to Nikki to Grans with just your usual amount of fast and slimy between the two. We all have those fast and slimys. But you say he's a real live SLUT?

Is she telling the truth? McClen?, Doublewide? Tell me true!

KU4ever said...


First time on site on any site - have read comments for awhile and today thought I would add my own. I cannot understand my when I log on to KU web all I get is NK news -I want to hear about KU not NK. KU is a fantastic performer,songwriter, etc. but I guess I am getting tired of hearing about NK news when it should be KU news. I guess she is a bit self-centered to say the least. thanks xxx

realitycheck said...

I think that's the problem. Y'all want an illusion, and what you're getting is reality from Keith these days.

notachance, I couldn't have said it better myself. That's all this is in a nutshell. The skeptics have been wanting to hold on to this illusion they've created for themselves long before Keith ever met Nicole. He was an addict, but that was okay...back then. His level of fame goes up because of his rising career in Nashville and the marriage to an A-lister and he has to deal with his addiction with alot more people watching. And now you all want to whine and complain that KUNK ruined the allusion for you??? Sorry but that's your own fault for creating it in the first place. It was your decision to stay fans so many years ago when you first found out he was an addict. It was your decision to shell out money for all those concerts and cds. It was your brain that talked you into seeing Keith as something he isn't, never was and never will be, instead of a REAL PERSON. The skeptics don't want reality, they want their dream image, and that's never been more evident than in the discussion about a new artist on the E! board. The talk from the former KU fans is identical to what the skeptics diss the so-called "bunnies" for saying. I read a few pages and it was hypocrisy left and right. This new guy is practically perfect in every way. God help him. If he steps out of line he'll have 5 new threads dedicated to his every imperfection.

The hard-core skeptics can keep saying they will never spend any money on anything Keith or Nicole related. That's fine. But by continually posting about them, you are giving away something much more valuable. And that's your time.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Is she telling the truth? McClen?, Doublewide? Tell me true!" ponder that the orb, a "simple" and "down home" country boy crooner could be, in actual fact... a whiskey swilling... heroin shooting...or cocaine snortin', groupie orgy indulging and womanizing adulterer... boy, who could have ever imagined...or gosh darn, could have ever "thunk" it? But then again, you dont usually enter rehab for overdoing M&Ms...or "sodie" pop!

Choice said...

I hate to be the one to tell any Americans here, but you have once again missed out on Nicole being on one of your leading magazine covers. I did not take my own advice today and avoid my local newsagency in the land of Oz. Check this out:

abc said...

I am now finally convinced that 'Reality Check' is Keith Urban himself. In Nicole's diary in OK she describes Keith at the computer. There is no doubt in my mind that he found Urban Myths and has been along for the ride. This last post is what convinces me. hello Keith! must be tough with all this going on and you can't just come right out and have your say! Must be tough showing one thing to the world and feeling quite another behind the 'smoke screen'. About a year ago I 'outed' you on Topix [under a different username then] and you gave me a 'hint' that I was 'right' about identifying you!

Anonymous said...

"In Nicole's diary in OK she describes Keith at the computer."

You're clearly mistaken. OK did not publish Nicole's diary.

hoosierlady said...

I thought we paid for the illusion.

Oh well, I guess it's time to move on.

Imahick said...

Stop lumping the skeptics together. I never bought the illusion. I bought the talented man who was committed to his career. I spent money on a man who said his music was like breathing for him.

Since Kidman, his music became a hobby. I still think he has talent, but the last CD obviously wasn't his best work, because his focus was just not there. He glides into town the day of his shows and glides out right after...and if he's late, so be it. It shows such disrespect to his fans. No new music on the GH albums. Having to release a six yr old song to get some radio play. No appreciation to his fans on his website. A fan club that shows little fan interest and still hasn't addressed the pre-sale issue.

I have to say that the consistency of his performances did improve before the end of his last tour. He is showing some commitment to his music right now, by being in Nashville and recording, instead of chasing NK around the world to hold her purse on her movie sets. I'm hopeful that the days of catering to Kidman at the disadvantage of his career are over.

Other artists can find the balance between personal life and career. Keith talks about a balance, but there has been no balance. It's been all about NK.

ElleMurph said...

Keith isnt smart enough for any of this. He would have got lost in his druggie fog a long time ago.

realitycheck said...

Now I'm KU himself! Another dead wrong conspiracy theory rears its head at UMyths. What a shocker LOL

abc said...

OK Sonora_melody; so it was Hello! not OK. The content and comment remain the same.

abc said...

RC ... then you work for him. or her.

stillhopefull said...

this really does look better than what the reality of today is. sad as it is....

abc said...

i just realised why nicole has been going on about all the 'pain' in her life, around her relationships, her baby etc; it is because she is an imitator [which of course is what an actress is] ... however, she takes this over into her private life ... the whole 'pain' idea is stolen from keith's 'love, PAIN and TWCT' concept ... to me she is a leech and she gains kudos from those she works with and parasites on; because on her own, she is pretty much nothing ... it is also why she is leeching right into Baz's psyche now ['creative soul-mate': move aside Catherine!], copying Tom ... etc etc. I had a friend like that ... who would come back with the very words and ideas I had expressed to her in prior conversations [she also had the same fluffy girly act that nicole has]. It bugged the hell out of me and I can now see that this is what bugs the hell out of me about Nicole. she is getting enormous credit for stuff that is not her own. It is why she is an actress and why she can't let it go.