Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"My concert is our concert"?

The Nicole Kidman PR tour for the epic continues with Kidman on the cover of the Aussie version of In Style magazine. Nothing new really except giving birth changed her in such a profound way; and she insinuates that because she was older she experienced something that a younger woman couldn't. Beyond the hired help both to give birth and for the after birth care, I doubt Kidman knew at all what she was talking about. She is doing her ‘we are all female and thus one in the same’ spiel again, and quite frankly I am bemused more than angered by it. She has no clue how everyday women struggle and cope with what they have to do in terms of motherhood, even though she does have TWO adopted children. Many women, myself included, could care less about her struggles and thoughts. Sorry Nic, I can't relate to you never being able to wear skin tight dresses again.

One other thing that she said in this interview, in fact the only time she mentioned Keith Urban, was about how he would journey to the set (or was that when he was summoned?). That's because they are ‘each others half’ and so that ‘her movies are our movies and his concerts are our concerts’. Oh no, they aren't Yoko. I choose not to go to your movies because you aren't a good actress; I do choose to go to his concerts because he is a great performer. Do not lie to the public, Nicole, you are not wanted on the road nor does any success he may have be on account of you. Sweetheart, he did that on his own and you wouldn't have been sniffing around him if he hadn't been a success on his own. Think about the other side of that coin, too. Does that mean the cloak of failure that she covers all she encounters with falls on him? Well, isn't that true by looking at his career since they met.

If you want to see how different it all became I would recommend viewing his concert film, Living Right Now. It was Keith as he was coming into being a star and it’s a good concert. If you want to see where he is now, go to WalMart and buy Love Pain and the Whole Crazy World Tour. You will see the changes. Look particularly at the 11 songs that are featured in both films and spot the differences. I won't be buying the DVD because I really don't need to keep an artifact of the Kidman era in Keith Urban's career. It makes me too depressed for what might have been.


realitycheck said...

Don't backpeddle Umyths. Most skeptics here have said that KU's concerts aren't as good, that he's going downhill and not worth spending money on. Now that Nicole says "My film is our film", "His concert is our concert", you all want to act like he is worth something to you??? I shouldn't be surprised and yet I still find it sickening.

"Many women, myself included, could care less about her struggles and thoughts."

And here you are writing a blog entry about her. LOL

Anonymous said...

"Urban Myths said...
UM is a "she"... hmmmm, so presumptive of you...
October 18, 2008 8:08 PM"

"Many women, myself included .....
Posted by Urban Myths October 21, 2008 at 9:38 PM"

Have YOU sorted out your gender yet?

Imahick said...

Don't lump all skeptics into the same pile. There are lots of skeptics who still enjoy Keith's concerts ... and especially do not want his career further overshadowed by Kidman.

Please stop assuming you understand any of us. We are all individuals ... different genders ... a variety of opinions on the subject of Keith Urban ... a fairly standard opinion of Kidman (I won't go there).

Personally, the last thing I wanted was to read that they are connecting their work lives. I thought NK had said that she wanted to keep their work lives separate from their personal lives. Now ... they're intertwined.

Which is it, NK? I guess it's really a matter of what will serve her purposes optimally. Right now, she wants to sell her movie, so somehow connecting Keith to it, in her mind, is to her advantage. Whatever.

I don't for a moment connect her with his music. She has always looked bored out of her mind at his shows. At least the times I've seen her awake at them. When she was asleep at his concerts, she looked more ... well, unconscious.

Anonymous said...

"imahick said ...
I don't for a moment connect her with his music."

lol... what have the skeptics and haters been doing here for almost two years now bashing her for his last CD and world tour, if you don't connect her with his music? LMAO!

maclen said...

Certainly this is simply another PR prop for kidman...in another mundane, frivolous and painfully repetitive magazine piece. Yes, she insists... the orb is into her roles...and she is into his concerts... although not very "physically" and actually is she at many of them. It may have been a wiser ploy when she originally hooked onto the orb, when he was vastly more sucessful and popular...now it just rings of an old and tired plan... but she no doubt will ring every last PR she can from a washed up and boring couple.

maclen said...

As for the state of kidman's next film... I find the fact that there is a dearth of anything new or at the least bit interesting out there right now... but for old rehashed stories about sharon osbourne's flat screen comment... her "evolved love" comments....and that ridiculous "cattle ranch" purchase as a pretty lame tie in to the film... with only a month till the release of her film, there's not much anticipated buzz for it. I find the comments at this sun herald article posted by choice in the previous thread...


...to be about right...about 90% of the comments negative against the film, kidman's botox and lip injection abusing, and the feeling that the film will be a overlong, pretensious and boring film. And the movie grosses predictions are about at what most would expect, and what the reality will certainly show for a kidman movie... mediocre.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

SM and RC, I dont understand why you salivate to verbally abuse ppl that dont share your opinions?

What do you call the rest of the world that doesnt agree with you on a day-to-day basis when it has nothing to do with NK or KU?

You sum up skeptics as if they were ppl that violate boundaries that have nothing to do with them, but most of the time you 2 ppl seem to need an electric collar and a muzzle.

What gets you 2 through your hypocrisy?

Lisa said...

I think the only importance the both of you share with NK is that one of you scrapes the gum off the bottom of her chairs and the other empties her garbage can.

Dont sell what you find on Ebay, k?

Lisa said...

Does Keith get PROUD when he's called P Whipped? Does he counterattack those comments with "It's Nicole Kidman, you would be too." I mean, what gets this man THROUGH losing his identity?

Ppl have said that she had this baby against his wishes, but I cant help but see a man that wants to be a WOMAN/MOTHER instead of a MAN/HUSBAND/DADDY

WTF is going on with him?? If he ends up recreating another image of himself, I dont ever want to hear anyone else say he had nothing to do with Chris Gaines. He makes up a new image for himself for every woman/man he uses as a step in the ladder of success.

He's been a sell out for a long time. And I dont mean the kind that fills seats for a show.

the captain said...

"Oh no, they aren't Yoko." For the win!!

Bobble-headed botox bride looks like a fella in the photos that accompany the interview.

The "i long for 10 more kiddies i can abandon" line made me ill, the bit about Bella "showing her maternal side" made me laugh out loud. Yoko is making sure she perpetuates the mother-myth she wants us to believe. Leave the teenager out of nikkers - she's gonna have enough trouble in casa cruise without your twisted take on what it means to be a woman.

Lisa said...

I'm starting to wonder if keith may be getting some hospitalization. A kinda "rejuvination", if you will without the entire REHAB banner.

Nicole is only pictured by herself. And she is being seen eating out by herself or with 'friends'. We all know what happd the last time this occured.

We all know the way Keith was looking. We all started to worry about him at the same time.

We know the way NK has been looking lately. Maybe there has been another meltdown and her hands arent the worst of it.

What's the need for the call for Keith preference to privacy, all of a sudden? He never cared before to keep anything about NK or what he has WITH NK private.

'In the Studio' would make a good coverup, along with her PR while he is away, but since when has Keith required this? It's never been this way since July 2005- the beginning of the end. (We can only hope he got a nut and put his foot down on insisting for some privacy to spit out some new songs for a new album though. Remember his tantrum the LAST time he tried this?)

Good on Keith for getting it, if he needs it, but they need to make up their minds where they stand. Stay Private on the relationship front. Dont declare it and act like we're stupid.

Sue said...

I'm waiting for the new DVD. I've got "Livin' Right Now" and it's a great one. I've seen Keith live in concert before NK in 2005 and after his marriage, in 2007, and I must say HE is "as good as he once was" but his songs aren't. The songs from LPATWCT are, mostly, crap I think. I hope the new cd his working on right now will be better.

onlykeith said...

I love Keith,he is a very talented man but hes being suppressd by a no talent whos career is on the skids.The only good part of the movie Australia will be the scenery and Hugh Jackman.NK butt out of Keiths career and let him get on with it for his sake and his fans!!

ShutUpAndSing said...

Sobora and RC

As imahick said.. please stop lumpimg all skeptics together. We all have our own opinions. I think probably the one thing we can all agree on is.. Nicole is an idiot!

Although "his concert is our concert" is yet another lame ass comment by Nic.. I don't look at it that way. I go there and enjoy Keith and don't even think about skankypants until he insist on bringing her up in the dedication IMO..He is the best live concert. And yes I have tried others but they don't compare. I didn't dislike LPATWCT like some other skeptics did. I will buy the DVD. But I am hoping like hell that the new CD isn't a continuation of "the sound of their marriage" Even though I didn't mind Love Pain and actually enjoyed most of the songs.. We know he is capable of so much more.

hoosierlady said...

I am so bummed.

I can't get this magazine, and I can't zoom in on the article on line, (it won't clarify it for reading), so I can't see what it says! You guys are speaking of an interview that I have no point of reference for.

I'm out of the loop. I'd love it if someone could post a link!


Imahick said...

"I don't for a moment connect her with his music." I stand by that comment ... ME...IMAHICK. That doesn't mean that other skeptics do. That's their option to express their opinion.

I DO relate his career decline to her, though. And with that is his loss of creativity.

But please...and I repeat, PLEASE do not lump us (skeptics) all together. We are all independent thinkers.

And stop calling US haters. The tone of the posts from SonoraMelody and RC is more "hateful" toward the skeptics than most of the posts toward by the skeptics toward NK.

Pot...black. That's all I'm saying.

notachance said...

'I'm starting to wonder if keith may be getting some hospitalization. A kinda "rejuvination", if you will without the entire REHAB banner. '

How about maybe he's just plain ole' living his life without benefit of paparazzi hounding him day in & out? That right there is probably rejuvinating in its' own right.

Casse Role said...

Imahick said...
But please...and I repeat, PLEASE do not lump us (skeptics) all together. We are all independent thinkers.

I have said that before, they don't listen and don't care. We know how each and everyone of us feels. No one is going to put words in our mouths. I still am waiting to hear back from RC about her board for NK. I'd like to see how far the Queen is ranked.

RC and Sonador must stay up late watching for the newest blog so they can be right on top of posting. Makes you really wonder what sort of KU fan they are. I don't want to speculate, because I don't know either one of them... but they are here more then I am. lol

I still love Keith's music and hope his next cd is a good one.

ElleMurph said...

Get ready for some newcomers


Batten down the hatches, my darling!

Urban Myths said...

Thanks, Elle! Hee!