Friday, June 20, 2008

A Birthday Poem

It's 41 candles for the age fearing queen
and while its your birthday, I am going to be mean
you have bleached and stretched and botoxed any sign of your true age
the bitch about fame is that it never really pays

Dear Nicole, supposedly with child
she probably won't spend today getting wild
she has everything she wants, what more could she wish for
her life might actually be quite a bit of a bore

Force your husband to be at your call
what else would he do, he wants to avoid a brawl
and as for the child that is currently within
it, too, will become a prop just like your other kin
we hope for her sake you won't become obsessed
with photo ops and interviews , exclusive pictures and all the rest

So there are 41 candles on your birthday cake
enjoy it all now, for we all know you are a fake.


maclen said...

Ah, yes... another year of wrinkles and laugh lines she will be desperate to zap away once she dumps the kid...and continued hair receding and graying...of which no doubt she is at this very moment tearing out of her head. At least she may actually have a piece of cake which may at some point today be presented... by the staff... and she may also take a bite or two, or even a taste... at which point she will immediately head to the public gym, with the orb in work off any extra calories... for she of course needs to remain in "fighting' weight, for when this PR phase is over, she can immediately go back to her usual self centered, self agrandizing and self promoting for a career that has long been lost to staleness, dullness and redundancy.

realitycheck said...

Grand delusions in the form of a poem? How charming.

doublewide said...

hee hee hee

nice one your post, maclen

Tara said...

Oh RC what did you do to mark this day? Light an extra candle on your alter for Nicole?

CJ said...

It took so long for a defender to post! I figured they were at the birthday bash with Nic.

banbotox said...

Ahhhhh, great poetry! Thanks UM.

I wonder what age she claims to be this year?

cricket said...

Great poem. She doesn't look a day over 60. Hopefully someone was thoughtful enough to give her some Rogaine for her birthday And a nice box of plump juicy strawberries.

notachance said...

I saw this on Friday and didn't think it was all that great. Coming back to it on Monday morning and seeing only 7 comments tells me I was right.

Hope the anniversary poem is better!