Thursday, April 17, 2008

Coincidence or Co-dependence?

The fans on this blog speculate a lot about Nicole Kidman’s real reason for marrying Keith Urban. Many of the “skeptics” believe that it was simply a way to re-vamp a failing image and get herself back into the public eye. Other fans believe wholeheartedly that it is indeed true love. Both sides claim the other side is wrong.

So, if it isn’t true love and it isn’t a contract for money, fame & an image boost, then, what could it be?

Beginning in 1991, Nicole’s life became the stuff dreams are made of. Her marriage to A-Lister Tom Cruise made her one-half of one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. A marriage that was happy, successful, with two beautiful children. She was young, naturally beautiful, rich, powerful, part of Hollywood’s elite. She had hit after hit at the box office. She was consistently nominated for various awards, and even won a few. She became high in demand, as did the salaries she began commanding.

In 2001, Tom filed for divorce. Nicole was blindsided and devastated. Despite the couple’s problems in the years leading up to the divorce, Nicole loved Tom and her life with him and everything that encompassed. I am aware that some believe Nicole’s marriage to Tom was a contract. I don’t find this hard to believe…after all, contract marriages/relationships happen all of the time in Hollywood. But I do believe that no matter how or why Nicole & Tom hooked up, they did indeed fall deeply in love with each other.

In the years following the divorce, both Tom & Nicole dated, had a couple of long-term relationships and there were even rumored engagements… they appeared to be moving on with their lives quite well. Well, at least Tom was. Nicole was, well…

December 2002 - Kidman Still In Love With Tom Cruise

“What does it matter? It was, I mean, hurt it? I had a life with him. I spent a decade of my life with him...and loved him, still, will always, you know, I mean when you spend that amount of time with someone...(clears throat) they are with you.” “I've told Tom I will be there for him for the rest of his life, always!”

August 2004 - Cruise Says No To Nicole Reunion, But They’ll Always Be Close

May 2006 - "He was huge; still is. To me, he was just Tom, this lovely man, but to everybody else, he is huge. But he was lovely to me. And I loved him. I still love him.”

Now, Nicole actually met Keith at the G’Day LA event in January, 2005 but despite what the tabloids have said, they were not drawn to each other…they were introduced by Alexander Downer (Minister of Foreign Affairs), who btw, was quoted as saying “I can’t say I noticed any electricity when they met that night,…”. Supposedly, Nicole gave Keith her contact information. True or not, neither contacted the other and they did not hook up that night or any other after the G-Day LA event.

And then…

OUCH! Now, as much as I dislike Nicole, I have to admit, this sucks for her. This was the man she had loved, lived with and shared a life with for 10 years…it would certainly get my panties in a bunch for sure.

Enter Keith Urban (again). In June or July of 2005, Nicole and Keith actually did hook up (yup, 6 months later). Allegedly, it was courtesy of Nicole’s former co-star, Renee Zellweger, then wife of Keith’s best friend, Kenny Chesney. And this is where it gets interesting…because from that moment on, what started out as what could have been a mere coincidence with an identical first date on a motorcycle, became a fascinating pattern that at times, was a blatant, direct copycat of her ex-husband’s PR. I don’t have to go into any lengthy explanation here…and of course, I could list tons of examples but I’m sure you are all intelligent enough to see it in just these few:

November 11, 2005:
November 24, 2005:

Vanity Fair, October 2006:

Vanity Fair, October 2007:

And then, there’s Nicole’s own words…

Keith marriage rule: “We won’t go more than 12 days apart, ever.”

Tom marriage rule: “We had a thing where we couldn't be separated for more than two weeks.”

She & Tom were like “puppies”

She & Keith are like “otters”

But more what’s more striking to me are the differences:

On meeting Keith: “It wasn’t like the earth shook”

On meeting Tom: “He basically swept me off my feet. I fell madly, passionately in love."

On speaking of her feelings for Keith: “…And I think it jinxes it in a way and that’s why I don’t go on about my enormous feelings for this man”

The always inscrutable Nicole Kidman says she's "deeply in love"but wouldn't describe the marriage as a happy one…

On speaking of her feelings for Tom: “But I love being married. I really love it. Sometimes I try to downplay it a bit because people are like, 'God you guys.'

Interesting, no? I think so, but you can do your own math.

IMO, Nicole’s current marriage was nothing more than a woman’s desperate attempt at proving that she, too, could move on with her life and love someone else.

You see, Tom had moved on and left her behind – something I don’t think she was ever able to do. She loved him, he dumped her, went on with his life never once looking back, he fell in love, had a child and planned to marry a (much younger) woman who he claimed to love more than anyone else in his life - and Nicole has never, ever gotten over it.

But Tom must never, ever know that. Tom must see that she too, can move on & leave him behind. She too, can find someone to fall deeply in love with, marry and have children with. She too, can still be half of a power couple.

Take that Tom! F-You too!


isitoveryet said...

If my ex-husband did that to me on the biggest talk show in the US, I'd research and look for the biggest, up and coming celebrity I could find to out-beat this. Nic did that, and unfortunately Keith has done a 180 in his career and sex appeal since being with her.

CJ said...

I don't remember where, but I remember hearing some media person saying that "Remarrying would do wonders for NK's career and image. She would reemerge softer, warmer, do away with the ice princess persona and improve her likability with fans and increase her bank ability with studios".

I think this was her goal from the outset. Improve her image and one up her ex TC. To beat him down the isle and not have a baby out of wedlock - she thought - would make her look even better than Tom. Keith probably thought as the new "Mr. Kidman" her fanatical Aussie fan base would immediately embrace him and his music and move him up in his career simply by being with her.

As we all know it backfired miserably for both of them. She's more of a joke now than ever and he's lost many of his long time fans and not replaced them with any of hers (or Carrie's). Her "A list Hollywood actress career" is over. She's over 40, had flop after flop, and is now considered by many to be box office poison. His career is also spiraling downward at a fast pace and will soon be over completely unless he makes major changes quickly and the next album (if there is one) has got to be amazing. Will he make the necessary changes? With "a baby on the way"? I don't think so. If he stays with her his career will be over and he'll be following her from film set to film set carrying her water bottle and raising "their" child mostly on his own while she continues to churn out the same poor performance movie after movie. (Keith, we the remaining few fans beg you: take your son or daughter and get both of you as far away from NK as possible. Come back to the states - I don't think she'll leave Oz and follow you back.)

Both would have been better off, personally and professionally, waiting for "the right love of their lives" to come along than settling for this match made in PR heaven but real life hell. Not only would they have been happier not together these past two years (my opinion) but they might have been able to find relationships that truly make them happy - if they are capable of allowing themselves to be happy.

divechick said...

I couldn't agree more with this blog...this is the thoughts I have had all along on the sham of a marriage. NK tried her best to one up Tom by marrying KU first (well, after she couldn't get Stephen Bing or Lenny Kravitz to marry KU was choice #3). Then when (after 4 mo into the marriage)KU went into rehab, it is like something took over his brain that made him have the opinion that "she saved him". NO........ he has to save himself. He cannot trade one addiction for another and basically that is what has happened. The brainwashing has got to stop. I have always been a big KU fan and still am...but I don't have my head buried in the sand and I can see that this is going to be the downfall for him and there may be no turning it around no matter how many of us still like him and are hoping he'll "wake up" and get rid of what has basically caused him his career. I am also a current member of his fan club, but I can honestly say I have not even been on the website in over 2 months. I am so sick and tired of reading those ass kissers replies and responses and if you don't kiss ass, your post is deleted. Quite simply THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH. I have done what the person said they were thinking about doing on his fan club site and just posted exactly how people were feeling. HA, it didn't stay on the board wasn't "playing nice" like they like to do in their make believe world. Sometimes reality does suck and the reality of it is that he is going to lose his fan base and he has no one to blame but himself and NK. She couldn't do these things if he didn't ALLOW it to happen. I hate it if he has gone along with this charade so long that now he is tied into the web of lies and feels like he has no choice but to "go with it" until she decides it is over. I don't put it past her type of person to do something like that...remember she is a master manipulater, she learned from one of the best, "her one true love". I mean if KU had any sense at all, some of the comments she has made since they have been together should have clued him into who she really loves and how she really is. She has succeeded in making herself and KU like one giant ass in most all of her interviews. PITY!!

White Trash said...

Wow, I'm dumbfounded on the amount of time and effort it took you to research this current diatribe! Simply amazing you have that much time on your hands.

On another note....

Tom's an ass, Keith isn't!

isitoveryet said...

"Tom's an ass, Keith isn't!"

You obviously haven't seen the pics of Mr. Kidman in the pimp suit the other night.

divechick - I believe you are new here - at least I haven't read one of your posts before. Welcome, and that was one helluva good post!

doublewide said...

Tom's an ass, Keith isn't

that's completely beside the point of the blog......

bravo to the blogger!!!!

and welcome divechick! very good post

doublewide said...


realitycheck said...

I cant believe Umyths that you would bother to post this. Did you really need a new blog entry that badly? Its a rehash of a rehash of a rehash of Nicole's life with your opinions inserted to make it twice as long. Not only was this a rerun snoozefest, but where is that pesky little thing called the truth. You know that thing you promised us? I havent seen one relevant piece of actual information backing up your beliefs about KUNK. This blog is becoming more and more of a joke.

maclen said...

yes... good to see you here divechick, as I've mentioned before, great to have another voice of the enlightened.
It is obvious that kidman was once in the reverse position... dependent on cruise, just as urban is now dependent on kidman. See, like in any other business, it's all about seniority. Kidman has been clinging to her past life with cruise for years after getting the boot. The engagement, marriage and now of course, having a kid is the most recent examples... but it does not just encompass her personal life, but her movie career... Her biggest failures and an awards dissapointment occured when she saw some sort of connection to cruise...bewitched...The Invasion, Cold Mountain respectivly. And she certainly rode the cruise divorce like a horse for a pity oscar. And it funny this blog comes out today... fittingly Lainey has a piece on kidman and the orb at a hockey game... hockey? And looking at these photos...

...does it remind you of anyone previously mentioned? a certain soccer players match?..or at a spice girls reunion concert? Again kidman and the orb at a hockey game? At least the tomkat had the excuse of being newly bbf with the beckhams for their photo ops... it seems kidman only has tomkat to copykat.

Carolyn said...

So, this is the latest explanation for Keith's and Nicole's marriage? The truth, that they both have feelings for each other and want to be together as man and wife, regardless of their past relationships, is too dull and too painful. The other ones have fallen to pieces since it is quickly becoming very obvious that Keith is truly committed to his marriage, family, and his pregnant wife), is that Nicole is secretly still in love with the cult fanatic, couch-jumping Tom.

Look, they are both 40 years old. Both have had personal disappointments and heart-aches, and both were hoping to find someone new to fall in love with and to commit themselves to. Maybe it wasn't an immediate passion, but in many cases those marriages turn out to be more stable, and much more lasting.

Nicole probably doesn't like this new Tom Cruise, the Scientology fanatic who is now dedicating his life to a dangerous and destructive cult that wants to control every aspect of their members' lives.

That is not the Tom she fell in love with. He wasn't like that when they met. He has changed incredibly, and for the worse. He is now totally consumed by the Scientology cult. Nicole never was. She refused to live that way. She would not do it for Tom. Even though she loved Tom she would never compromise herself.

Keith represents a new beginning for her, a chance to be happy with someone who is not brainwashed and controlled by others, someone who is strong enough and man enough to live his own life and make his own decisions.

Keith had very serious problems with addictions and alcohol, and seems to be on the road to recovery from that, and that takes inner strength and fortitude. Soon he will become a father.

Keith has everything to look forward to, and he is not prepared to let go of that, and neither is Nicole. She wants a normal family life with a normal man, not with someone who is absorbed by a cult.

Nicole is not someone who takes a betrayal lightly. She is sensitive and she is careful not to become vulnerable again too soon. As soon as she truly trusts Keith and knows that she can depend on him completely, she will dare love him just like she loved Tom. Tom is a bittersweet memory and part of the past.

This story is as good as yours. In reality, no one knows what's going on but Keith and Nicole themselves. As he himself says..."Me and my wife know what's going on, that's what matters".

CJ said...

"Both were hoping to find someone new to fall in love with and to commit themselves to."

Nope, NK said in interviews she would never get married again.

Revision: That is not the Nicole he fell in love with. She wasn't like that when they met. She has changed incredibly, and for the worse. She is now totally consumed by the fame whore cult.

"Even though she loved Tom she would never compromise herself."

THAT was the best laugh I've had in days, thanks.

"Keith represents a new beginning for her, a chance to be happy with someone who is not brainwashed and controlled by others, someone who is strong enough and man enough to live his own life and make his own decisions."

LMFAO - really, stop it. I'm about to laugh myself out of my chair.

"She wants a normal family life with a normal man."

1. Both being "stars" they will never have that. 2. She's too much of a fame whore to stay out of the spotlight or camera light. 3. If she wanted that she wouldn't have 6-7 or more film projects lined up and waiting in the wings for right after the baby is born. IF she is due in July Keith has 3 shows in July and 4 the rest of the year. (Another reason I think she is only 4 months along. His last concert is in Sept. Makes sense she might be due in Oct.) Keith is just too stubborn (a famous Scorpio trait) to walk away.

"She is sensitive and she is careful not to become vulnerable again too soon. As soon as she truly trusts Keith and knows that she can depend on him completely, she will dare love him just like she loved Tom."

Shouldn't that happen before the wedding? Or even agreeing to get married for that matter. (Except if you're trying to beat your ex down the aisle.) NK said herself she doesn't "know Keith". Then shame on her for marrying him before she did.

"Tom is a bittersweet memory and part of the past."

That she still talks about in every magazine interview she gives.

biteme said...

I have saying the same thing about Nicole since they have been dating. Everytime Tommy does something publicly, she would try to one-up him. Otherwise, why rush into a new marriage.

I think Tom is a jerk and Keith is not. KUNK have a contract marriage. They both wanted children (apparently for different reasons), so they got together. This is not a romantic relationship.

Tara said...

"Look, they are both 40 years old. Both have had personal disappointments and heart-aches, and both were hoping to find someone new to fall in love with and to commit themselves to. Maybe it wasn't an immediate passion, but in many cases those marriages turn out to be more stable, and much more lasting."

Boy do you get paid by the word??
I believe Keith was seriously involved with someone when he and Kidman met and during the entire courtship. Also didn't Amanda, a woman that was a f buddy to Keith during this time, mention that Keith said it was all for PR it wasn't serious??

"Keith represents a new beginning for her, a chance to be happy with someone who is not brainwashed and controlled by others,"

Excluding Kidman of course

and what was that about Kidman not trusting Keith?? They have been together for around 3 years now
s%%t or get off the pot

we all believe what we want in terms of our faith but I want someone to tell me Tom Cruise is a bad father? I don't think so.
Even those in Hollyweird who fault him for the COS still say he is very involved with his children.
I hope Keith is as active.

I don't know who is writing your script but unless you know Kidman and Keith personally how can you know what they are like, what they have gone through and what they are thinking?

ShutUpAndSing said...

Nicole is not someone who takes a betrayal lightly. She is sensitive and she is careful not to become vulnerable again too soon. As soon as she truly trusts Keith and knows that she can depend on him completely, she will dare love him just like she loved Tom. Tom is a bittersweet memory and part of the past

Do you know this for fact or are you just making assumptions?

BTW.. I'd never seen the video. That was just weird and scary.

But than again so it the forehead butt KUNK does to prove to us how in love they

Great Blog!

doublewide said...

please ignore my post that says testing

i've had a crap day....

isitoveryet said...

"She is sensitive and she is careful not to become vulnerable again too soon. As soon as she truly trusts Keith and knows that she can depend on him completely, she will dare love him just like she loved Tom."

So let me get this straight. It only took her three months to no longer feel vulnerable and have complete trust in Keith?

Really? It sounds like Kidman was hard up to me!

wastedemotion said...

white trash said "Tom is an ass, Keith is not!"
For once I agree with you, Keith isn't an ass.... Nicole's PR team just makes him look like one.

maclen said...

So, as I see on the clock on the wall...and to cleanse the pallet of the board, which has once again been freshly "kontaminated" by a "kidman kreepy krawler"... its once again "urban country chart action watch"... well, urban g-hits cd actually moved up a couple of spots...from #24 last week to #20 this week...yet hold on, unsurprisingly, the orb failed to usurp my prediction that he would be in the 20s on the chart when he returned from valet duty in OZ. Is this at least a positive indication to the desperate orban faithful? Well just recall urban has been "off" the underwood touring trail since last sun... the 12th... he returns to flapping his gums on the 17th... and regretfully for the orb's few remaining fans, you know what that means... the more he tours, the worst his sales... oh yeah, underwood's CR cd is holding steady at #5 from last week... and her previous cd Some Hearts has actually moved back into the top 10 from #11 last week, yet again having two cds in the top ten. Boy, it must not be good to be the orb this week.

banbotox said...

Carolyn after reading your post, twice, I must say you are writing one heck of a fictional story about the kidmans. And honestly I don't think Keith has a clue what is going on in his marriage.

Welcome divechick, great first post.

maclen said...

Hey, just read that tommorow is little suri cruise's 2nd birthday. So it got me to thinking. In her precarious and unstable career position this you'll recall at the same time last year she was still in hog heaven gearing up on filming the aussie vanity piece Australia, and The Invasion was still 4 months from stinking up the theaters... (must have been all that projectile vomiting) ...will we just happen to catch a little morsel of info... maybe something leaked to marital and family friendly People mag. in which we'll learn that from the recently "with child" and the suddenly "empathetic" kidman has sent little suri a "special" gift and sent a very loving message to the parents? Again in her state of desperate machinations, will kidman be able to resist getting in on the suri action?

doublewide said...

maclen, that's just brilliant!

we could very well be in store for a tidbit....and of course it will be People Mag

love the phrase "hog heaven" i grew up on it....

CJ said...

I don't know maclen... She was just in People online Wed. The LA house purchase is still going strong and now "Nicole has morning sickness!" is everywhere. Dare she add to the media circulation for fear the cycle may come to an abrupt halt? I think she'll do something to get attention away from Suri rather than say something nice about Suri to the media. She might talk about Tom - again - though.

maclen said...

doublewide said...
"love the phrase "hog heaven" i grew up on it...."

Is that so doublewide... is that anywhere near cloud nine? Well, in kidmans case, this year she has been in "job heaven"... she cant afford gaining any weight on that anorexic frame... the movie set beckons already. As for the People stories... well I think that since those stories may have been planted and originated on other sites... People is due for a straight leak.

CJ said...

You were right maclen, a 4 page PR spread, I mean article, in Oz's Who magazine posted by Anna on Forehead. Per Anna, "For those stateside, WHO is actually PEOPLE magazine, long story short there was an old titty magazine in Australia called People so when the US version wanted to launch in OZ they called it WHO." Same old lines, lies, and "look at me!" as ever.

maclen said...

Well, Aussie people for now i guess cj... same connection for kidman probably... but i still think a US people blurb is still a possiblility, of course . We'll see.