Saturday, April 19, 2008

Urban Myths Music Festival - Day Two

We are so lucky that while Keith was at the hockey game we snuck into the mansion aka Urbanville and found a notebook. Imagine our delight when we discovered the words for three new songs. To continue with a full lineup for the festival on Saturday, we wanted to be the first to break these to you. So here they are:

Its My Child Too

The nanny clings to the baby
like a moth clings to a flame
the baby looks so restless
like she is the prize in a game
well let me tell you something
I am gonna tell the world
that that little baby
is also my little girl

yes she is my child
so pretty and smart and wild
yes she is my child
that is legally on file

I go to her room at night
after her staff is gone
I know her petri dish conception was right
while many said it was wrong
so there my little daughter
lying in your crib
you're my actual child
my little Adam's rib
uh huh


Don't Get Caught in Her Snatch

She is called the worlds beauty
She called the paragon of class
She is considered a goddess
but she threw me on my ass
she played my like a card game
she called my greatest bluff
she worked me over and over
and it was very rough

oh yeah the world is fooled
and I am her biggest tool
they said she was a great catch
but I got caught in her snatch

She is vicious as viper
as cunning as a sniper
I was in her view
there was little I could do
and now I am her prisoner
I am the man in chains
I wish there was a rescuer
to relieve me of my pain


The $15,000 A Night Nightmare

I never had many nickels
rarely had a dime
all I had was my singing
and a lot of time
I made a deal with the devil
it sounded good I can't lie
but I am in a living hell forever
and I'll die in a shrine
yeah I am living the good life
yeah that’s what everybody says
flying all over
and I never have to pay
but I have no one who loves me
I have no one to call a friend
even my mum is embarrassed
because she knows it won't end
yeah I am sitting on bed with 10 million thread sheets
and I'll never have a worry
about getting food to eat
but you know I made a mistake
on that certain summer day
if I knew what was going to happen
I would have got on my bike by myself and rode away

Lyrics by: Used To Be A Man Publishing, Inc.


cricket said...

Great songs.Keith might want to think about hiring you to co-write on his next CD

doublewide said...

man, i wish he had gotten on that bike....

great job to the blogger

Shannon said...

Those are great! I'm so glad I found this blog. I've really enjoyed reading it.

maclen said...

Yes, very excellent songs, Urban Myths. I especially like "It's My Child Too"... my favorite line is "yes she is my child
that is legally on file"... hilarious. Just make sure you register or trademark these songs... or they may end up on urbans next album.. if there is a next album... or the struggling urban might just take credit for writing them!

doublewide said...

"It's My Child Too"... my favorite line is "yes she is my child
that is legally on file"...

i agree line of the song. welcome to shannon!

Casse Role said...

Will these songs be available anytime soon on cd? LOL!
Having fun at the Festival!

Lisa said...

he's copied worse...yes get them copyrighted LOL!!

isitoveryet said...

Dayam, I used my cigarette lighter so much last night saluting the performance, it ran out. Anybody got one to spare?

Welcome shannon and casse role (great name by the way)! Pull up a chair and stay awhile. Care for some Cheetohs?

Casse Role said...

Thanks for the welcome. I sure will pull up a chair. (Would prefer M&M's over the Cheetohs though) :)

lightsourceyoga said...

Doublewide, I couldn't agree with you more, what would it be like if he had rode off in the night on that bike.......
I did put the first post I put on here on MV, surprisingly it stayed up about 2 days, then diasppeared. I received many many comments from people who agreed but all said they were "afraid" to make a comment about how they really felt!! Isn't there something about free speech in this country? I guess they forgot to put in the exception to the rule: nothing negative about NK or anyone or thing related to her.

banbotox said...

WOW lightsource your post stayed on MV that long-good for you!

Love the songs-I just keep singing them!!