Saturday, April 5, 2008

Do We Hate Nicole?

One of the comments on this blog recently asked why the skeptics hate Nicole Kidman so much. We are even called skeptihaters or some other stupid name. Frankly, this seems baffling to this writer because what we do with this blog is just point out some very obvious and interesting observations and opinions about the whole Kidman /Urban coupling.

I never really had any kind of issue with Kidman before she entered Keith Urban’s life and assassinated his career, image and personal life. I was aware of her, she was married to one of my favorite actors, her one true love. I saw a few of her movies; she was okay, not a great actress at all. She is no Streep or even a personality like Julia Roberts. She was just in a lot of magazines I read and she didn't matter. To this day she still doesn't matter except she has ruined the career and personal life and image of someone that actually put some time and effort into himself, that being Keith Urban.

She brought the cancer that is called fame into his life. I believe he thought it was a good thing at the time the whole mess started. I don't think he was unwilling to be a part of it. I think he lost control of it and it snowballed and started to be destructive -not just to his career but to his very being and for that I blame Nicole Kidman.

Kidman grew up in the spotlight, literally. She was in her teens when she used her ambition and her body to move up the stair steps of fame. Role to role, more and more successful boyfriends, until she got whammed by her one true love. I do believe that she actually had the ability to love and that was with that man. It's the belief that I have that she was capable of love and that when that particular man left her she died inside and fame became her lover.

What a lover fame is! It told her she was glamorous, desirable and talented. It told her she could have what ever man she wanted. That she was the best mother, sister and friend. Fame seduced and made Nicole Kidman addicted. Fame is a lie. It’s built on whimsy and make-believe. There is no substance nor sustenance to it. When it leaves, it’s worse than another rejecting you because there is no replacement for it. That is where Nicole Kidman is today. Her fame is leaving and she has nothing to replace it with. No life outside of being famous. Her current husband knows there is life outside of fame; that is where his angst is. He knows there is more and the internal struggle must be terrible.

To answer our commenter, do we hate Nicole Kidman? No. We pity her because while all of us have lives, hers consists of one photo op after another. Her existence is made of fluff.


Imahick said...

Interesting blog. I don't hate Nicole either. But I don't pity her. My opinion of NK is that she is the ultimate manipulator. She's a powerful woman and she uses her power and her sexuality to control things around her...and if she isn't in control, she has a tantrum. (as evidenced by her goons beating up the photographer or having the "panic attack" and being led out of a restaurant like a 3 yr old who is shy infront of strangers.)

Her goal, I believe, is fame and acknowledgement for her "special" status as an actor. I believe that is the most important thing to NK...maybe you're right, that it's an addiction for her. I think that her relationship with Tom was a contract. NK NEEDED Tom to become famous and Tom needed her to convince everyone that he was straight. Mission accomplished. I agree that NK had genuine affection for Tom, at least in the first few years of the marriage ... but I think the victim role she played after he left her was complete fabrication for the sake of image. She wanted to gain sympathy...she needed to improve her public image. She was seen as the Ice Queen... she wanted to warm that up. Mission accomplished (at least to some extent, although she continues to fight the ice queen's too natural to shake off altogether.) Since then, she's played the victim card over and over.

Morton said in his book that NK is one of the most manipulative people he's known. The candid conversation we've heard between Tom and NK was all I needed to confirm my opinion of her as a manipulative, yet needy control freak. She uses the people around her to get what she wants through mind games.

I think that she's using that tactic on Keith. As far as game playing and manipulation, he is not in her league.

I believe that he went into this union thinking he could handle it ... and now he's trapped ... somewhat weakened since treatment ... and unable to control much of the spin that NK's people put out continuously. He looks miserable in almost all the pictures of them together.

There is an appearance that NK calls ALL the shots in this relationship. GQ voted him the 14th most pussy whipped man in the world...that's not the skeptics,folks, that's GQ. He appears to be bending over backwards to accommodate her and her career...and she has done NOTHING to support him. And she continues to do NOTHING to support him.

Keith's career is not spiraling down...but it is slowly declining. If you doubt that, fine. I can give you many examples of why that statement is true. No #1's since 2005, declining ticket sales for his shows, slower CD sales, declining play of his songs and videos on radio & TV. Need I go on?

Is he a great performer...YES. But that isn't enough on it's own. There are 100 new artists out there who are vying for his position. And they're willing to work for it. They care about their career. Keith seems to be willing to let his career coast. He puts on a great show...but it's the same show night after night. He doesn't rehearse with his band, or put effort into making the show fresh and new. And that, in the end, will bring him down.

Just because he's married and has a baby on the way does not mean he has to give up his creativity. If he spent some time actually working on his career, it would not mean he is not in love (not that I believe he is) with his wife. My husband still does a hell of a job at his work (as do I) and we're happily married with two kids.

Keith talks about the balance he has...but he doesn't appear to be balanced at all, to me. Just my opinion. But he looks unhappy almost all the time, except when he's on stage or doing something related to his music. He seems uncomfortable and out of place. He seems irritated as hell with the paparazzi.

Prior to NK, he was in relationships that didn't mean he couldn't also enjoy his career. They didn't interfere with it...he took time off and had vacations and we didn't see pictures of him on the beach with his girlfriends. He was private. But his shows sizzled and he looked on top of the world. Each night was a new adventure on that stage.

Now ... we know when he takes his BBP out for lunch, dinner, and for sushi. We know when they're on the yacht or at a rock concert or at the Easter Show. We know when they're on the beach, even if he's fully dressed and she's barefoot in a short white virginal dress. It's so contrived, it shocks me how people believe these are unplanned candid shots. There is no joy in Keith's face during their candid get togethers. And instead of being spontaneous during his shows, he is repetitive and predictable. He's still great...but it's just not the same.

And why do I think this transition has taken place? I think it's because NK and he have entered into a contractual marriage. He screwed up early on and now, it is part of the contract that he pay penance. It's completely up to him to fix the impression that the public had that NK married a drug addicted drunken womanizer. He has to show that he worships her and is devoted to her, to heal HER image. And he's doing just that...

White Trash said...

"One of the comments on this blog recently asked why the skeptics hate Nicole Kidman so much. We are even called skeptihaters or some other stupid name. Frankly, this seems baffling to this writer because what we do with this blog is just point out some very obvious and interesting observations and opinions about the whole Kidman /Urban coupling."

Okay, I a non-skeptic was agreeing with everything you said here and than you start contradiciting yourself in every paragraph going forward....

If that isn't hate than what do you call it? It's certainly not pity if you spend 3 lengthy paragraphs blasting criticisms and blaming her for Keith's so called "demise"?

doublewide said...

i STRONGLY DISLIKE the woman.....and i believe she is to blame for keith's situation at the moment.

ditto to everything imahick said....right on the money

she is the master manipulator. i believe she will reap what she has sown...

i've never said i HATE her, but i can't stand what she's done to keith, and i hate the fact that he has allowed himself to be caught up in her life of deceit.

i believe she studied him, and then she played him to achieve her own selfish goals. and he bit, makes me sick.

yawn said...

Seems you skeptihaters need to have a look at the definition of "hate" according to Webster’s.

HATE (verb):
1: to feel extreme enmity toward

2 : to have a strong aversion to : find very distasteful

intransitive verb
1: to express or feel extreme enmity or active hostility

Hate (noun):
1a. intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury

1b. extreme dislike or antipathy : LOATHING object of hatred

BTW of all the columns you have written, this one actually made me laugh out loud. Thanks for your April 5th joke and for proving the ‘antiskeptihater’s’ point better than anything we could have written.


doublewide said...

all you "antiskeptihaters" are saying to me is you don't give a rip about a man's life or career and you actually support a woman of her character.....tells me all i need to know about you guys....

i don't need an English lesson either......but maybe you could pick up some feelings somewhere along the way.

how you can think that man is happy or NK is actually capable of caring for anybody but herself is beyond me. talk about us being sick. NK is playing her fans for a bunch of fools.

banbotox said...

I don't think much of her either-never have-and I am very glad that I won't ever get the chance to know her personally. I believe she would be a real disappointment as a friend.

What I do hate is how she uses Keith to promote herself and how she continues to pretend she is something more than she really is.

I do pity the fact she cannot accept that she is a 40 year old woman and not a 20 year old vixen.

I think Tom was her soul mate, the one she was able to be a real person around. Too bad that relationship turned on her. I think it sent her back into her shallow, self-centered world from which she will never venture out again-she is not mentally stable enough to do so. If you have heard her talk or read any interview she has given, she sounds like a child.

But she learned well from Tom and has used all her tricks to manipulate and she will continue to do so as long as she gets away with it.

maclen said...

Urban Myths said...
"Fame seduced and made Nicole Kidman addicted. Fame is a lie. It’s built on whimsy and make-believe. There is no substance nor sustenance to it. When it leaves, it’s worse than another rejecting you because there is no replacement for it. That is where Nicole Kidman is today."

I agree this is the most descriptive comment on kidman yet. When she hooked up with cruise, that was her ultimate ticket into the party...and while married to cruise she followed his example, basically making one film a year, probably because she was content in her new found status... but when cruise dumped her, she was absolutely horrified, she was devastated... but more so because of what it could mean to her career... to para- phrase, she thought when cruise filed for divorce she was terrifed that she would be "shunned" by the hollywood elite...become an instant outsider. Hence she started playing the sympathy card...the droning on... for years... about how the split had devasted her... how she was so depressed... how she didnt want to get out of bed in the she cried in the fetal postion "for days" till he mummy came... how she proclaimed, yearly, how she stilled "loved" cruise...even when obviously basically "engaged" to the orb... Well, the truth is, after about 7 yrs of this dribble, even the sympathetic industry pundits and critics who had sustained her are no longer listening to it... while the public basically ignored her films. Yes, sympathy will only get you so far, and last so long, but true respect, admiration and feeling of true empathy, in the long run, will be given to those who they deem deserving... and I believe that more and more, people are beginning to notice that the only thing kidman loves is her career... and she places that above her husband, her obvious former kids... and certainly above her upcoming photo op prop... certainly, there's not much to "like" about kidman.

realitycheck said...

Umyths you say you dont hate Nicole but your blog says otherwise. I'm not going to go into detail as to why. Those who want to see it will.

"Fame is a lie. It’s built on whimsy and make-believe. There is no substance nor sustenance to it. When it leaves, it’s worse than another rejecting you because there is no replacement for it."

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here? Time and time again the skepti-haters claim that Nicole took away Keith's chance to be #1 in the country music world. Fame is a big part of that. Kenny is at the top of the heap but i dont think its due to talent. Its marketing, radio being wrapped around your finger, more flash than actual music at the shows. Havent you noticed the most popular artists arent the most talented, the most inventive, the most creative?

The skeptihaters wanted Keith to have the level of fame Nicole has...just without Nicole.

Imahick said...

Please stop telling everyone what they want or think. I know what I want for Keith. I don't know what you want for him, Realitycheck. That's yours to express and you're free to do so.

In fact, I'd like to hear an opinion of yours about Keith rather than your repetitive bashing of other posters.

doublewide said...

The skeptihaters wanted Keith to have the level of fame Nicole has...just without Nicole.

not true.....her level of so called fame is ridiculous. no. 1 in the country world is nowhere near it.

Awakenings said...

From my point of view I do not blame her for anything with regards to Keith, because at the end of the day he has made his own choices and in the end he is the one who has to take full responsibility for his own life.

At some level Keith wanted what was offered by her, do I think he realised what he was getting into ? No I don't think so for now he is still in this union.

Do I pity Nicole Kidman? No because again she has made her own bed.Would I like there life? No because I think it would cost too much and I don't mean financially, Under their conditions it would cause me to give up me, my authentic self.

The irony in all this is Keith loves to say 'be true to yourself'.

banbotox said...

realitycheck, you have NO idea what I think and please stop acting like you do.
If it bothers you that we don't agree with your thought process go back to NKU-I'm sure they love you over there.

undecided said...

Yawn, you have broken Humpty's Law of the internet!

When someone uses a dictionary to tell someone else what they really meant, all meaningful discussion ceases, to be replaced with arguments over whether the definition is correct.

Keith could have been big on his own, now she has to overshadow each of his accomplishments with cheap tricks like see through wardrobe. I don't hate her, but I'm wise to her.

maclen said...

Basically, urban was well on his way of finding his own and perhaps a unique identity... but when he hooked up with kidman, he was just swallowed up by her disingenous, fabricated and shallow shilling of her personal baggage for professional gain... and as she has proven over and over, it is not working for her... and urban's career is suffering, plain and simple. Now, if urban is totally fine with that, and can live around her "schedule"... he is then fine with a dwindling career and the opportunity of a unique identity that he will never be able to get back once it that opportunity is completly distinguished. Hooking up with kidman certainly hasnt help his creativity... touring for underwood hasnt helped his cd sales...the news of kidman expecting his kid hasnt helped his disposition or his apparent mishandling of the now and always kidman contacting of the paparatz... so at this point, there is seeing no upside to this whole union for the orb but only inevitable obscurity.

SarahSue said...

Well, I actually do hate her. For about a dozen or so reasons. And I have no problem telling people that.

doublewide said...

welcome SarahSue! to be honest when i say i can't stand's pretty close to hate

glad you posted

isitoveryet said...

I never thought Kidman was the A-list star that she was promoted to be. Her acting is horrible. I watched Practical Magic today - it was on satelite and a rainy day - good day to watch a movie. I LOVE Sandra Bullock. She can act, and she is cute as Hell! Kidman can't pull off any role. She was trying to act like she was in pain when the old dead boyfriend's spirit was going in her, and during the exorcizim (spelling?), I think my dog could have played the role better. She use to be good-looking - not as good as Sandra. There was nothing special to her face, and maybe that's why she feels the need for all the procedures to her face now. Sandra's face has character.

I guess you could say I hate Kidman. Through all of this mess, I see the PR game she plays. I have never paid attention to another celebrity since she hooked up with Keith. It is really sick what she does and says to get that "correct image" out there of herself. If you follow along with all of her interviews, you read one lie after another - one contradiction after another. She lives in a different world than you and I do, and I don't mean just monetarily. Her world is not real. She is fake, and I'll say it, I hate fake people. Does that make me a bad person - I'm telling the truth? I don't accept her just because she married Keith and can excuse her past because of that. I'll say it like it is!

cricket said...

I guess I hate her too.I always disliked her but until she infected Keith's life like a soul killing virus I never gave her a second thought. She's a horrible actress and a very ugly person outside and especially inside.She used Tom Cruise to start her career and she's using Keith now.Once Keith gets himself out of this arrangment I'll be right back to never noticing her again except to make sure I don't wander in to a movie she's ruining by mistake.

maclen said...

Just wanted to reiterate my shout outs to doublewide and banbotox for their thanks in the previous thread... which I missed... so, your very welcome for the country chart action updates... as I just wrote in the prev blog... "the charts are a very real and tangible indication of urban's doomed career" due to the ill advised influence of kidman... that's more than enough reason, especially for the orbs prev. and currently disapointed fans... who can only hope he will be even able to record another cd before he gets dumped by his record label... for soon you may have to look for and buy his next cd from out the back of his touring bus... or have to catch him at kidmans film set to even ask if he intends to release another cd.

SarahSue said...

Thanks for the welcome, doublewide. As far as Kidman goes, I heard on TV the other day when one of the entertainment shows was doing a piece on Katie Holmes, this being said by the reporter: "What do Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman have in common, besides getting a free pass to the top of the A-list when they married Tom Cruise?"

That's how they started the piece on Katie. Everybody knows Nicole married Tom Cruise for a career. And that's exactly what she got. She is a no-talent, ugly witch. She can't act. When you see Nicole on screen, that's what you see. Nicole Kidman. She is definitely the most over-rated actress in Hollywood.

maclen said...

Hey sarahsue... also welcome to the boards. Your right about kidman... when she married cruise, she was given a movie career. When cruise divorced her, she was given acclaim. But that was 7 yrs ago, and now that she has to stand on her own since then, she has not done very well, for all the reasons youve mentioned. Now she has basically destroyed urban's career because she is not popular, not a very talented actress and as you wrote, totally overrated. Is it not very surprising to us that urban was not going to find any inspiration, creative or personal, in kidman.

banbotox said...

sarahsue said: She is a no-talent, ugly witch. She can't act. When you see Nicole on screen, that's what you see. Nicole Kidman. She is definitely the most over-rated actress in Hollywood.

Couldn't agree with you more and welcome to our little blog.

getaholdofurself said...

one need only glance at a few posts to answer that question. i understand the reasoning behind the claim that you're merely making observations; however, much of what's said here quite simply doesn't back that up. keith urban is given a free pass because of some perceived manipulation. it's very bunnyesque of the skeptics.