Sunday, April 20, 2008

Urban Myths Music Festival - Encore

Since so many of you have hung around til the end, here's an encore by special request...

Got It Right This Time

She believed in fame like I'd been trying to do
She showed me things I'd never seen before
Ever since you came into my life....I've been a stupid man

Run run running I am running scared
Always looking for a chance to leave
Couldn't seem to find where I belonged
Then she took over my life

We can't make this work out baby,
I don't want to
I picture myself with a brunette or two
I thought I had it right.....I'm wrong

Oh Yeah

All of my life I've been looking for someone
Who believes in love the way I do
But I know I made a really big mistake
When I marry you.

We can't make this work out baby
I don't want to
I picture myself with a brunette or two
I thought I had it right.......I'm wrong

True famewhores always find each other
Now here we are
You are always out there waiting on me
For me to find my way....find my way to the photo op.

Oh Yeah

We can't make this work out baby
I don't want to
I picture myself with a brunette or two
I thought I had it right....I'm Wrong

Yeah after all the crazy days
You've put me though
I'm picturing myself with anyone but you

I thought I had it right....I'm wrong

Oh yeah...


Lyrics by: BBP, Inc.


doublewide said...

this is one of my favs!

maclen said...

Yes, i would say our little orb music festival is precisely as the orb himself is more and more percieved...and as homer simpson would say, "It's funny because it's true!" And being that this festival is of far more quality and reality than the "just going through the motions" gigs of the orb, I'd say we do have one common denominator, they both lack kidman herself... but then urban has already been tarnished by her fatal influence... but ours is just so much more fun.

Awakenings said...

very funny and clever, now i can enjoy this tune a little more now that he lyrics have been adapted truthfully

ShutUpAndSing said...

Oh yes..singing these lyrics actually make the song fun to sing along me, I've done it many

woriedmonkey said...

LMFAO..... and then I cried !

Rotomahana said...

Yes, definitely my favourite...glad I stayed to the end...was work it. Best line of the festival "I picture myself with a brunette or two". Now that is some stellar songwriting. Surely award worthy.

Have you guys seen this... (he he)§ionname=slideshow&subsectionid=76727&subsectionname=iftheywerentfamous

(apologies if I'm not meant to post links)

Rotomahana said...§ionname=slideshow&subsectionid=

(just in case i am allowed to post links and the last one got cut off)

Casse Role said...

Did you see my lighter moving from side to side? lol
I have to come back more often.
Maybe next time you can select bloggers from the crowd to come up and sing along? :)

doublewide said...

LMFAO..... and then I cried !

gee, do i ever know that feeling.....

thanks UM for a great festival! kudos to the songwriters

maclen said...

Yeah, I commend the lyicist.... or should I say satirist...urban has certainly turned into a charature of his former self. But it seems after the CMTs and that last day jaunt to the hockey game... (a hockey game?) kidman has disapeared again... is she still in tennessee? Is she on tour with the orb? Did she hightail it back to OZ?

Urban Myths said...

They went to another game, maclen. Keith has four more shows this week, then he's done for a month.

maclen said...

Well I guess, urban myths, that kidman figures a couple of hockey matches will answer our ongoing questions of whether shes a full fledged native of tennessee. Sure, for her its actually better than having to mingle with the locals...get onto the sports sites...that'll prove it.

cricket said...

Great,those lyrics actually make me like that song for the first time. I never thought that would happen. That's the very first Keith Urban song I ever hated. Singing these lyrics along with it makes it much more enjoyable.

banbotox said...

cricket I agree with you. This is the first Keith song I have hated right from the very start. Tried to listen to it-thought it would grow on me but no way.
At least with these lyrics, I can stomach the song..wonder what the dedication is for this version...

Stacy said...

Keith wrote a beautiful and touching song, so why wreck it?

ShutUpAndSing said...

We don't think we wrecked it! He wrecked by having to dedicate it to his extraordinary wife very freakin show! They are many other artist who love their wife's and most probably more than Keith "loves" Nicole. But they don't feel the need to shove it down our throats just to prove to us how in "love" they are.

We have just made the song more tolerable for us. :)